5 Importance of Data Catalog as a Digital Marketing Tool

   By: Marketer Rakib

Data catalogs are able to quickly become the core component of modern data management. Organizations that have successful data catalog implementations witness remarkable changes in the quality and speed of data analysis.

It also has managed to increase the enthusiasm and engagement of people who require to perform data analysis. But there are also some organizations with no data catalogs, often encounter several questions.

What is the importance of a data catalog as a digital marketing tool? And many more. All these questions are important and also a logical way to start your data cataloging journey. Before digging into the benefits, let’s gather some basic knowledge.

What Is Data Catalog?

The collection of metadata that is combined with search tools and data management is considered a data catalog. It helps analysts along with other data users in finding the pieces of data that they require.

For intended uses, the data catalog also offers information in order to evaluate fitness data. So, in simple terms, it works as the inventory of available pieces of data. This definition brief also represents several points about our discussed topic data catalog.

And those points are

But the interesting fact is that all of these depend on the central capability for providing a collection of metadata. In this generation of self-service analytics and big data, data catalogs have managed to become the very standard for metadata.

The type of metadata that we require in the present day is more extensive than the types of metadata of the BI era. The first focus of a data catalog is on the datasets, which is also known as the inventory of the available pieces of data.

In addition to this, the data catalog also focuses on connecting those datasets with rich information for informing those people who are working with data. Here are the typical metadata subjects which are present in a dataset.

  • People.
  • Search.
  • Processing.
  • Suppliers.

5 Importance of Data Catalog as a Digital Marketing Tool

So, now is the perfect time to gather as much knowledge as you can about the benefits of a data catalog. I will discuss the 5 importances of data catalog as a digital marketing tool.


The data catalog approach allows all the data consumers on-demand in order to query the tool for materializing all the specific data lineage mappings.


In the data catalog, from the most current data the data lineage is rendered. For the same purpose, you also need to go through all the characteristics of the data catalog along with data lineage. The importance of this can not be ignored at any cost.


With the increasing number of data assets that are documented in the data catalog, accordingly the scope of the matertializeable lineage also widens.

With all the corporate data assets that are cataloged, any of them or all of the data lineage mappings also can be generated on the basis of demand.

Maintainability and Sustainability

The data lineage mapping is not at all managed as distinct artifacts. So, there are simply no extra requirements for maintenance.

You just need to keep the data catalog up-to-date so that the data lineage mappings also can be materialized.

Semantic Visibility

Apart from envisioning the physical movement of data across any enterprise, the data catalog approach lets the data steward associate data models, data element definitions, business glossary terms, and also other semantic details along with the different mappings.

The additional visualization methods have the ability to demonstrate the instances where the business terms are used. The scenario is also the same in the case of how they all are mapped to various data elements in various systems, along with the relationships between all these various usage points.


With project management oversight, one will be able to impose additional data governance controls. In terms of the project life cycle, like production, test, or development, it also lets you designate data lineage mappings. Apart from all these data catalog benefits, for accumulating the information for specific data lineage, this approach also lets you decrease the use of manual efforts.

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