Top 16 Best Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

   By: Marketer Rakib
Best Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

Some business owners feel that they are behind the competition in the digital presence, then it might be because of bad content marketing strategies.

Content is the king of any platform and if it is effective, it could help the website to appear at the top of the search engine, as a result, higher ranking on SERPs means more traffic and conversions.

Many of the business websites usually lead the race due to their content and this might be the reason for the increase in their sales and leads.

Small business owners don't usually have the budget to hire digital marketers or a team of writers to meet their needs, hence the lack in the competition and after few years disappear from the digital market.

Most of them, usually go on to become the one-man army for their marketing. Although, it is not impossible to become an author for their website because they only need a few tricks to write good valuable content for their website.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips for improving content marketing that can be implemented by anyone for digital marketing purposes.

Here are the top 16 best content marketing tips for small business:

Top 16  content marketing tips for Small Business

1) Consistent posting

Most of the experts recommend consistently post new content, not only the search engine, but all platforms love consistent posting. Consistent posting helps the viewer engage with the brand and get updates on a regular basis from it.

Customers repeat due to the consistent updates on content, these customers can further spread the content through word of the mouth.

For an instance, if a customer looks at the benefits of a product and decides to purchase, the product claims what was said in the content, certainly, the customer will spread the content through word of the mouth. Therefore consistent posting helps to retain old and new customers.

You can consistently scheduling automotive posts on Social Media using SocialPilot. Also if you want to start scheduling post on Facebook then there are a lot of Facebook Auto poster tools available. 

Social Media Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

Famous marketers view content as the "attention economy," and in that sense, more content would generate more attention.

2) Publish comparison posts like “X vs. Y”

Comparison posts like “X vs.Y” are as such:

“Vivo vs. Oppo”

“Ethereum vs. Litecoin”

“Payoneer vs. Paypal”

These X vs Y comparison posts are a great way to get more traffic.

X Vs Y Business Comparison

But why?

There are two reasons:

a) X vs. Y keywords don’t have a high SEO competition.

b) Users who are looking for X vs. Y key phrases are advanced level users.

An example:

If a person is searching for “Hemingway vs. Grammarly” means he/she already knows how to write SEO content, but he/she is looking for the best tool.  

On top of it, users would love to read it as it’s showing both perspective points, not to forget these types of contents are good to convert those viewers into customers.

3) Publish Epic posts

The digital marketer should publish epic posts, well there is no secret to epic post, but few leading experts have examined that epic posts are those posts which people love to read and share across different social channels, hence create a curiosity in the digital world.

As a result that post suddenly becomes the buzzing headline of the internet. These epic posts are few in numbers but creating one takes a lot of hard work and time in it.

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  • 4) Try to enhance the PBC formula in the content

    To promote content, a digital marketer should think like a viewer, and for that he/she should bring value to the content.

    Whenever a user is searching for a query, the user reads an article which brings real value to him in the very beginning of the article, according to leading experts introduction plays a very crucial role in restricting the user to stick to content. Hence they try to enhance the PBC formula in their content.

    PBC is basically a short form of Preview, Benefits, and Call-to-Action.

    PBC Formula For Content Marketing

    To give an example:

    In the intro part of the content, the writer should summarize theses three influencers like

    Preview- It means to create a connection to co-relate the content and the user what he/ she will get from this content.

    Benefits- It means the writer should summarize the benefits or the outcomes of what will the user gain from following the content.

    Call to Action- It’s an action described in words of showing the reader to make a flow, for example, “come let’s dive into it”.     

    5) Create engaging content

    It is a great Content marketing tip for small business. The key to turning the visitor into the customer is engaging content. Remember that a single customer is much more advantageous than 100 visitors.

    Because the visitor is only an impression, but the customer is the revenue and lessor.

    Engaging content is content that offers a new perspective, never known before by users and it suddenly grabs the attention of users to learn about the content more, like adding some humor to it or emotions along with the business product.

    For example:

    Many brands are creating funny images along with the importance of their products in the same image. 

    Engaging Content example

    6) Write longer headings

    If anyone is looking to get more social shares from their content, hence they should use long heading in their content.

    It’s hard to exaggerate the importance of headlines, but it’s the headline that attracts a user to read, and share, in most cases it has been examined that it’s the headline that is being shared in place of the article itself.

    According to BuzzSumo “Headings with longer phrases are linked to higher social engagements.”

    For example:

    If a writer writes a headline such as “Benefits of CBD” it will be less engaging than that of “Top 5 benefits of CBD that are human skin-friendly.”

    Longer Heading example

    7) Use emotional titles

    In a recent study, it has been examined that “Emotional titles which include positive or negative sentiment can improve the CTR of a website”

    But be careful don’t over exaggerate as too emotional titles can also decrease the clicks of a website.

    For example:

    “How to perform a squat press: The ultimate beginner’s guide”

    It sounds emotional but not too “Clickbaity”. 

    Emotional Titles Example

    8) Use Headline analyzer

    A Headline analyzer is an effective way to make the headlines sound better, more tempting, and more user friendly.

    By using a headline analyzer it will help the webmaster or the author to craft a beautiful headline that scores high from an SEO perspective point and human readability metrics.

    There are numerous online tools that can assist in writing a user engaging headline few major ones are like CoSchedule, Sharethrough and etc.

    These headline analyzers will not only analyze the headlines but also help in generating new ideas for a website blog.

    9) Write about trending topics

    Writing 20 articles on a topic that is not really tempting with the targeted audience will not only waste time and effort but also make it hard to rank it high on SERPs, Instead of it writing only 4 articles that the targeted audience is already searching for it is way more beneficial than those 20 articles.

    Trending topics are basically the popular topics people are searching online for and it consists of less competition. 

    Write Trending Topics

    Now to know what are the trending topics people are searching online for, experts widely use different tools to get the trending topics for their audience such as Google Trends, BuzzSumo, etc.

    These tools will keep ahead the business owner to not only write content that is trending but also create a variety of content relevant to the topic and his/her products.

    10) Paraphrase the old content

    Whether a digital marketer is about to launch a new website or has already published content on his/her website, rewriting can be very handful in their content writing.

    However, a digital marketer can use  paraphrase online tool to make the content look more creative and unique.

    Paraphrasing tool example

    Hence it will change the words by its synonym, making the content look more amazing and flourishing.

    11) Include native content

    Share content on social media was once a good content marketing tip for small business, but not anymore.

    Nowadays the social media algorithms are updated, so once they see content taking their users off their platform they simply bury the posts, which is just a waste of time.

    Include Native Content

    Hence digital marketers should try to write native content to go along with the post.

    Now this does not mean to write the whole content but it means to write a short paragraph of the same content on the social media channels, this will send a good signal to the social media channels, as a result, these social media channels will also support and share the content.   

    In very simple words these short paragraphs should be amazing and tempting to grab the attention of the user, which will push them to learn more about it, then to read more the users will turn to the content.

    12) Follow the content format according to the social channel

    Writing content according to the social media platforms format will help the marketers to reach more audiences and create engaging content.

    This sends out a signal to the audience that the person or brand working behind the scenes knows his work as well as to the social media algorithms that his/her content is optimized to the channel's standards.

    For example, if a person is looking to promote his/her content on Instagram, he/ she should create content that is in high-quality pictures and would be very beneficial if they use hashtags, tell visual stories.  

    Similarly, if anyone is looking to promote his brand or product on YouTube, they should upload content in amazing video format, rather than simply putting text in a video.  


    13) Analyze the content

    Analyzing the content is the best way to improve performance, and there are several ways to review content and its standard.

    When a person starts a campaign in terms of content such as a blog, informative articles, or interviews, and analysis is mandatory.

    The analysis helps to measure how well the content works and how marketers can save on their expenses. Here are some of the measures that are included in the analysis.

    • The analysis helps you measure what kind of audience is normally interested in the content
    • A marketer can know which part is more interesting and get impressions/clicks
    • The analysis includes the effect of reading the content from the viewer’s point of view

    If the content is effective, then the marketer can expect to get more opportunities to get the backlinks and rate his/her site.

    Digital marketers can analyze their content through online tools like Expresso

    Metrics of Editing

    This will allow them to analyze how the content sounds?

    Hence they can improve their writing which will ultimately allow them to create more engaging content and sound perfectly in front of their audience.

    14) Create video content with more cuts

    People usually create videos quite natural, but the optimal way is to create videos that have more cuts in it.

    Also, people love to watch videos that are more beautifully crafted and move faster especially in lengthy videos.

    Adding more cuts to the video will make the video move faster, as well as make it look more professionally edited. Similar to a movie, Movies are lengthy but along with stories, actions, and romance well all of them are merged in more cuts which makes it look eye-catching and interesting.

    15) Enhance relatable stories in YouTube videos

    As we all know YouTube is a very personal medium, YouTubers have to keep in their mind that they have to deliver their message visually unlike a blog post where no one bothers what he looks like and how the message is being delivered.

    Therefore a YouTuber can insert relatable stories at the beginning of his video, something like he/ she was struggling in the initial days or about the transformation of his past to his present in the relevant topic.

    This will show the viewers that You Tuber is just like anyone who struggled on his way to becoming an expert.

    This will certainly be appreciated by the audience and create a personal bond between You Tuber and the audience.   

    16) Contributions to other websites

    To place the content at the top of the search engine results page, marketers should have made their content known by introducing it to other websites.

    This is done by guest posting. If a person posts a guest posting on several other sites, he/she can insert the link into the content to get some redirected traffic.

    In this way, a digital marketer can also mention their author's biography to let others know what their website is all about.

    Final verdict

    Without an effective content marketing strategy, digital marketers can never rank or increase their sales for business.

    However, if they write amazing content, more people get involved to read, share, and certainly, he/she can get the opportunities to promote their content and increase traffic to their website.

    But to convert this traffic into customers, digital marketers should emphasize writing according to their audience and SEO guidelines. By the way, if you have any the best content marketing tips for small business let me know.

    Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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