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10 Best eCommerce Scraper API and Tools for 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated March 26, 2024
Best eCommerce Scraper

Best eCommerce Scrapers API and Tools

Are you looking for the best eCommerce Scrapers API? If the answer is “YES” then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of eCommerce scraping tools and APIs available. But all are not good for every data extraction project. Don’t worry. I’m going to share the best eCommerce scrapers API.

Note: We use affiliate links. They let us sustain ourselves at no cost to you.

Best eCommerce Scrapers 2024

BrightData Proxy Servers in New York City

Bright Data: The speed king of e-commerce scrapers, renowned for its advanced anti-detection capabilities.

Oxylabs Proxy Servers in New York City

Oxylabs: Offers a powerful parser, ideal for extracting data from any online store with efficiency.

NimbleWay Proxy Servers in New York City

Nimbleway: A versatile scraper that blends speed with simplicity, perfect for agile e-commerce operations.

More E-Commerce Web Scrapers 

crawlbase Review

Crawlbase: Known for its deep crawling abilities, making no e-commerce site too complex to handle.


Scrapingdog: Tailored for those seeking straightforward e-commerce data extraction with minimal setup.


ScraperAPI: Specializes in Amazon scraping, offering tailored solutions for the e-commerce giant.

ScrapingBee Review

ScrapingBee: Combines user-friendliness with powerful scraping capabilities, ideal for e-commerce research.

Apify eCommerce Scraper Review

Apify : Transforms websites into APIs, making it a flexible choice for e-commerce data collection.


Octoparse: Offers a no-code scraping solution, making e-commerce data accessible to non-technical users.


SmartProxy: Delivers quality e-commerce data scraping with an emphasis on reliable proxy services.

What is the Best eCommerce Scraper ?

Here are the top picks for the best eCommerce Scraper Tools.

Perfect for: Up-to-date your eCommerce inventory

Bright Data Logo

Bright Data Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Discover trends and track consumers

Price:  Starts from $10 month

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

Bright Data is one of the leading web scrapers for developers. It is also well-known in the industry for its excellent eCommerce scraper tools

So I recommend Bright Data as your eCommerce growing partner.

Bright Data eCommerce Scraping Option

Can I Scrape eCommerce Data Instantly?

Yes. With Bright Data, you can instantly scrape best-seller data, product data, reviews, etc. So you can continuously update your inventory accordingly, which boosts your sales.

Besides, you can discover popular trends and products to update your store regularly. Bright Data also offers you to track your customers and competitors. 

So you can grow excellent brand awareness and step ahead of your competitors.

Purchase eCommerce Datasets from Bright Data

Moreover, Bright Data is an excellent choice for beginners. It is easy to use and provides all eCommerce scraping tools in one platform. 

You can also pre-made web scraper templates and ready-made functions,

Ecommerce Data Collection

So you can start and grow your eCommerce business from one place. Read Bright Data Review details here. 

Special Key Features

  • Web Scraper: General-purpose
  • Locations: Global with city & country targeting 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests 
  • Data parsing: No

Plans and Pricing 

Bright Data offers four different premium web scraping plans. However you can get almost every feature in every plan, but you have several limitations using the tool. 

Let’s explore the crucial points.

  • Pay As You Go $0/month & $10/month
  • Business $500/month & $3.08 CPM: 250,000 Pages
  • Premium $1000/month & $2.56 CPM: 670,000 Pages
  • Enterprise Custom Price: Unlimited

You can also enjoy up to 100 records and a few others feature in the free trial plan.

So what are you waiting for?

Try the free plan to enjoy the amazing eCommerce scraper tool.

2. Oxylabs - (Free Trail)

Perfect for: Scraping any eCommerce website from anywhere.


Oxylabs Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Accurate and real-time product data scraping

Price: Starts from $49

Annual Discount:  10%

Promotion: 7days Free trial

Why Does Oxylabs is the Best eCommerce Scraper?

Wondering why Oxylabs is hailed as the top pick for scraping eCommerce websites? Let's dive into the reasons that make it your go-to choice.

  • Trusted Expertise: Oxylabs is highly recommended for scraping any e-commerce site.
  • Wide Coverage: Access real-time data from over 50 marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.
  • Comprehensive Data: Extract everything from best-selling products to FAQs and reviews.
  • Global Reach: Target specific countries or postal codes, with data collection from 195 countries.
  • Market Insights: Stay updated with the latest on your competitors and market trends.

Oxylabs simplifies accessing vital e-commerce data, making it easier to stay ahead in the market.

Does It Scrape eCommerce Site Automatically ?

Besides, you can enjoy a free scheduler feature to automate the scraping process. As a result, you can save time and resources that help to reinvest in growing your eCommerce business.

To scrape accurate eCommerce data from heavy JavaScript websites, this powerful eCommerce scraper API provides the ready-to-use infrastructure in JSON format.

Oxylabs provides proxy management, bulk scraping, in-depth tutorials, etc, exclusive features at an affordable price. It also offers to enjoy 5K scraping results in the 1-week free trial without using credit cards.

Special Key Features

  • Web scraper: Specialized
  • E-commerce websites: 50 
  • Locations: 195 with country-level targeting. 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests. 
  • Data parsing: Yes

Plans and Pricing

Starts at $49 for 17,500 requests ($2.80/1,000 requests). 7 days free trial available.

Oxylabs offers four different premium plans. You can choose one that suits your business.

However, you can enjoy all the premium features on every plan. But the only difference is the number of results and requests. Read Oxylabs Review here. 

Let’s explore a few crucial details of the packages.

  • Micro $49/month: 17,500K results and 10 requests/s
  • Starter $99/month: 38,000k and 15 requests/s
  • Advanced $249/month: 104,000K and 30 requests/s
  • Custom $1000/month: 10 Million+ and Unlimited requests/s

Still confused about the benefits of using Oxylabs?

Try the 1-week free trial and enjoy 5K scraping results and five requests.

Check out the tool for yourself.

Perfect for: Scraping any eCommerce website from anywhere.


Nimbleway Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Instant product data, reviews, and pricing scraping

Price:  Starts from $600

Annual Discount:  15%

Promotion: Free demo account

Nimbleway makes eCommerce product data extraction quicker and easier. 

Its eCommerce API is designed to collect all data from any website. You can also compare product data with your competitor.

So you can give value to your audiences and grow your eCommerce business faster than ever.

Does Nimbleway Scrape Real-Time eCommerce Data?

Yes. With Nimbleway, you can not only collect accurate and real-time product data and reviews, but you can also monitor the product’s updated price.

So you can step ahead of your competitors.

Monitor Product Price Change Over Time using Nimbleway API

Besides, you can scrape unlimited data automatically using Nimble eCommerce API. As a result, you can focus on your other essential issues and improve your business growth.

Unlimited Data for eCommerce Scraping on Nimbleway

So grow your eCommerce business with Nimbleway eCommerce API. Read Nimbleway Details Review here. 

Special Key Features

  • Accurate and real-time data
  • Automate and effortless scraping
  • Unlimited data extraction

Plans and Pricing 

Nimbleway offers eCommerce API in four different premium plans. You can also get SERP scraper and Web scraper API in every plan for your business.

However, every premium plan offers almost the same features. But the only difference is the number of requests, JS rendering, and a few others parameters. 

Let’s explore the eCommerce API differences between the packages.

  • Free Trial 100Credits
  • Essential $600/month: 600Credits/ $8 /GB / $2.2/CPM 
  • Advanced $1,600/month: 1600Credits/ $6.5/GB / $1.9/CPM
  • Professional $3,600/month: 3600Credits/ $4.8/GB/ $1.6/CPM

Want to enjoy annual plans?

You can get a 15% discount on yearly subscriptions.

So what are you waiting for? Check out its amazing eCommerce scraper tools.

Perfect for: Budget users


Crawlbase Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Amazon data scraping

Price:  Starts from $29

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

Crawlbase is another top-notch scraper API tool for eCommerce businesses.

This eCommerce scraping API tool is developed with advanced AI data extraction and an anti-blocking system. 

So it is a very productive scraper for developers.

Cralbase offers unlimited bandwidth to scrape eCommerce data. Therefore, you can extract a bulk amount of web pages.

Crawlbase Unlimited Bandwiidth for eCommerce Scraping

Does Crawlbase Scrape Amazon Data Faster?

With Crawlbase, you can start scraping Amazon data in less than five minutes. It is easy to use for everyone.

So I put this quick scraping tool in this best eCommerce scraper API list.

Easy to use eCommerce Scraper API on Crawlbase on

You can easily find your business's product data, reviews, and other essential data. It also offers a ready-made Amazon scraper that makes it easier to extract Amazon product data.

Amazon Scrapers on Crawlbase

Besides, Crawlbase scraper API is much cheaper than other scraping tools. So it’d be a perfect choice for new eCommerce businesses. Read Crawlbase review here. 

Special Key Features

  • Quick scraping
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy to use scraper API

Plans and Pricing 

Crawlbase offers three different premium scraper API plans. Each upgraded plan gives you various advanced feature access and several usage limitations.

Let’s explore some crucial parameters.

  • Starter $29/month: 50K and 10 Concurrency

  • Advanced $79/month: 200K and 20 Concurrency

  • Professional $149/month: 1000K and 30 Concurrency

You can choose one according to your business size. 

You can start with its free trial plan if you are still confused.

Don’t worry! You don’t need a credit card.

So let’s explore the CrawlBase.

Perfect for: Fast and reliable eCommerce data scraping.


Scrapingdog Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Scraping without getting blocked.

Price:  Starts from $40 Month

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

Does ScrapingDog Scrape eCommerce Product Data Safely?

Yes. ScrapingDog allows users to extract data from any website without getting blocked. In other words, you can safely scrape eCommerce product data from any platform.

That’s why I’ve included Scrapingdog Proxy API in this list.

Why use Scrapingdog?

With the regular web scraper, you can also get a dedicated Linkedin and Google search scraping API. So you can extract data from everywhere and research your competitors one step ahead.

However, you have to learn coding to use most scrapers. But don’t worry! You can use Scrapingdog to extract eCommerce data even if you aren’t from a technical background.

No Code Solutions e-commerce Scraper of Scrapingdog

It provides a pro plugin that automates the scraping process. So you can extract eCommerce data without writing a single line of code. Read Scrapingdog review here. 


Special Key Features

  • Fastest Web Scraping API
  • 40 million+ IPs
  • Multiple scraping API
  • No more getting blocked

Plans and Pricing 

Scrapingdog offers four affordable premium scraper API plans. However, every plan offers the same features. But the only difference is the number of requests.

Let’s explore the details.

  • Lite $30/month: Max 5 Concurrency and 200000 requests credits
  • Standard $90/month:  Max 50 Concurrency and 1000000 requests credits
  • Pro $200/month:  Max 100 Concurrency and 3000000 requests credits
  • Enterprise $500/month: Max 200+ Concurrency and 8000000+ requests credit

You can choose one according to your budget, business size, and requirements.

Still confused? You can enjoy 1000 free API calls and up to 5 concurrent requests in 30 days of the free trial plan.

You also don't need a credit card.

So let’s get started.

Perfect for: Quick and reliable eCommerce data scraping


Scraper API Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Dealing with proxies and uncountable IP addresses rotating

Price:  Starts from $49

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

ScraperAPI is designed to provide fast and reliable data extraction. You can also get unlimited bandwidth to scrape eCommerce product data

So ScraperAPI makes it easier for eCommerce businesses to access the data they need with up to 100Mb/s speeds. 

Scrape Fast and Reliable data from ecommerce site

ScraperApi erases your worries about getting blocked. Anti-bot detection and bypassing built into API make it possible to keep your requests safe and unblocked. 

So you just need not get tensed about the requests. Thus, ScraperApi has become much popular for eCommerce data scraping among consumers.

Never Get Blocked using ScraperAPI

Does ScraperAPI be developers friendly ?

Yes. Developers can also customize ScraperAPI as per their needs. Besides, the Integration process of this software is so smooth. 

Moreover, you are free from the hassle of dealing with lots of IP addresses rotating and proxies. ScraperAPI will handle all of these on your behalf of you.

All in all, you will find ScraperAPI so dynamic and one of the best easy-to-use software for eCommerce business. Read ScraperAPI Review Details here. 


Special Key Features

  • Dynamic software
  • Easily customizable
  • Determine the scale as per need
  • Keep the requests safe and unblocked

Plans and Pricing 

ScraperAPI allows you to start scraping within a minute without having paid for it. Besides, you can start up to 5000 API credits free for a week. 

There will be no risk and no obligation, as well as credit cards.

Let’s read more details about it.

  • Hobby $49/month: 100,000 API credits and 20 Concurrent threads.
  • Startup $149/month: 1000,000 API credits and 50 Concurrent threads.
  • Business $299/month: 3000,000 API credits and 100 Concurrent threads. 
  • Professional $999/monthly: 14000,000  API credits and 400 Concurrent threads.
  • Enterprise Custom: Above 14000,000 API credits with all special features and support.

The Business category is the most popular among all the pricing and plan criteria. You can take any of them as per your need and budget. 

So, what are you thinking for? Just go for it, undoubtedly.

Perfect for: Web scraping tasks


ScrapingBee Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Handling thousands of headless browsers and proxies.

Price:  Starts from $49

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

If you are exhausted from getting blocked, then the ScrapingBee web scraping API is the best option for the eCommerce business. It takes all the responsibilities of browsing and rotating proxies while scraping the web.

ScrapingBee uses the latest Chrome version to handle thousands of headless instances. It extracts the data as per your need avoiding dealing with inefficient headless browsers.

Moreover, ScrapingBee has a large proxy pool. As a result, you can bypass the rate-limiting while scraping web pages. Also, you can reduce the chances of being blocked. It renders Javascript so that you can scrape any web page.

There are several ways to use ScrapingBee web scraping API. You will be more specific after knowing the ways. So, let’s get into it-

ScrapingBee does all the general web scraping, such as real estate scraping, price-monitoring, and extracting reviews.

ScrapingBee web scraping feature

ScrapingBee has some simple extracting data rules that enable you to get data as needed with one simple API call.

ScrapingBee Data Extraction feature

Does ScrapingBee Offer JavaScript Scenario ?

Yes. ScrapingBee offers a JavaScript scenario feature that will guide you when you need to click, scroll or want to scrape JavaScript code on the website.

Scraping Bee JavaScript Scenario feature

You can take full-page or partial screenshots according to your need. Moreover, if you need a screenshot of the website but not HTML, this feature fulfills your need very smoothly. Also , it helps to scrape Instagram Data

ScrapingBee screenshots feature

Along with the above-mentioned features, ScrapingBee has a Google search API tool. It removes all the difficulties of scraping search engine result pages.

All these features of ScrapingBee will erase all the problems you have faced in the eCommerce business web scraping so far. Read Scrapingbee Review Details here. 

Special Key Features

  • Manages headless browsers and rotates proxies.
  • Extracts the data as per need
  • Offers JavaScript parameter to scrape any web page
  • Does all general web scraping tasks

Plans and Pricing 

ScrapingBee offers very simple and transparent plans & price categories to choose from. You can cancel any of the plans anytime you want without being asked. 

However, plans and pricing are demonstrated below -

  • Freelancer $49/ month: 150,000 API credits and five concurrent requests
  • Startup $99/ month: 1,000,000 API credits and 50 concurrent requests.
  • Business $249 / month: 3,000,000 API credits and 100 concurrent requests.
  • Business+ $599+/ month : 9,000,000+ API credits and 200+ concurrent requests.

Among all the plans, Business pricing and plans are highly recommended. You can choose any of them as per your need and budget.

More than 500 customers worldwide use ScrapingBee to accomplish their web scraping needs. So why not become one of them!

Perfect for: Quick and reliable eCommerce data scraping

Apify eCommerce Scraper Review

Apify Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Set up reliable web scrapers in haste.

Price:  Starts from $49/ month

Annual Discount:  20%

Promotion: Free Trial

Apify is an amazing place to build, deploy and monitor web scraping. Also, it offers you to browse automation tools. Whether you do headless browsing, infrastructure scaling, sophisticated blocking, or anything else, Apify makes things easy.

Apify works with Python as well as JavaScript. Hence, it allows you to choose the tool you want to work with. It has a vast collection such as scrapy, selenium, playwright, or puppeteer.

Use your favorite libraries on Apify

For deploying to the cloud, config is not mandatory. Apify makes it more simple. You just need to use a single CLI command or build directly from GitHub.

Deploy to the cloud on Apify

Apify erases your worries about getting blocked. It’s a large pool of datacenter and residential proxies that saves from getting blocked. You just need to use them. Also, keep dependent on IP address rotation with human-like browser fingerprints.

Never Get blocked on Apify

Apify enables you to keep an eye on the activities of all the actors. Their logs, runtime costs, and whether they properly run all these can be inspected through Apify.

Monitor Performance over time on apify

In this Apify Platform, you can connect with hundreds of apps at a glance using built-in integrations. Besides, webhooks and API also allow you to set up your own.

Integrations Everywhere

Above all, there are thousands of developers’ apps in the Apify store where you can join and earn money. Apify is undoubtedly an extraordinary platform for your eCommerce business. Read Apify Review Details here. 


Special Key Features

  • Works with both Python and JavaScript.
  • Actors are easy to deploy, share, run, and integrate.
  • Able to connect hundreds of apps at a time.
  • Allows to plug the actors into any workflow.

Plans and Pricing 

Apify offers some budget-friendly pricing categories. Actually, the pricing of Apify is as flexible as its platform. It also allows you to use it at no cost forever but within limits.

Let’s check all the plans and prices-

  • Free $0/ month: $5 platform credits, 20 share datacenter proxies, 4GB max actor RAM, etc.
  • Personal $49 / month: $49 platform credits, 30 share data center proxies, 32 GB max actor RAM, etc.
  • Team $499 / month: $499 platform credits, 100 share data center proxies, 128GB max actor RAM, etc.
  • Custom: Everything is unlimited.

The free option is the easiest way to start with Apify. Whereas, Personal option is best for freelancers, developers, and students. You need to pay as early as you start with this personal plan. Besides, the Team option is a highly recommended plan in Apify. It is effective for small teams to work together on projects. Need to pay as you start with this plan.

So, without any delay, just go for Apify and build up your eCommerce business stronger.

Octoparse provides e-Commerce and Retail data service for the eCommerce business. It converts uncountable e-Commerce sites into actionable insights to trigger more sales.

Octoparse helps you to get data without any hassle. Moreover, major e-Commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba can be scraped to online retail stores such as Target, Walmart, or Flipkart. 

It enables you to operate several websites at a time with ease.

Besides, Octoparse plays an important role in the eCommerce business to elevate your product sales in many ways. Such as-It researches the price from millions of sites, partners, and channels simultaneously. 

No matter if the price is high or low, it ensures the increase of product sales by optimizing the price.

eCommerce price Scraping using Octoparse

Is it Track The Best Sellers ?

Yes. Octoparse finds thousands of eCommerce product data points from various sites for tracking best sellers’ ranking. 

Then, it searches for the missing product that is most popular in the eCommerce sites. It takes the market lead by increasing sales. 

Track Best Sellers using eCommerce Scraper of Octoparse

Through the Octoparse eCommerce scraper tool, you can easily keep an eye on the competitors. It collects prices, products, and reviews from various sites. 

As a result, you will know how your competitors manage their products in the eCommerce business. 

Thus Octoparse helps you to determine what changes should be brought to keep the product one step ahead.

Competitor Monitoring on Octoparse

To keep pace in the highly competitive eCommerce business, it is crucial to know what is going on in the customers' minds. 

Whether your product gains popularity or it fails can only be determined through customers’ reviews. Octoparse collects the reviews and converts them into a simple spreadsheet.

Monitor Customer Sentiment using Octoparsema

At last, It can be said that Octoparse is the best eCommerce web scraper tool to run your product all over the world successfully. Read Octoparse Review here. 


Special Key Features

  • Advance Anti-Blocking Technologies
  • Keep the product information up to date.
  • Extensive Scale
  • Offers one-stop solution

🐙 Octopuses E-commerce Scraper Pricing Plans

Find the perfect plan to empower your e-commerce data needs, from startup projects to large-scale business operations.

🌱 Free Plan - Dive In Without Costs

  • Price: $0 - Ideal for getting started.
  • Features:
    • Tasks: Up to 10
    • Execution: Only on local devices
    • Data Export: Maximum of 10K rows
    • Runs: Unlimited pages & devices
    • Support: Limited, but reliable

💼 Standard Plan - Elevate Your Team

  • Price: $75/month - Designed for growing teams.
  • Builds on the Free Plan with:
    • Tasks: 100, for larger projects
    • Cloud Processes: Up to 6 concurrently
    • Enhancements: IP rotation, Local boost, CAPTCHA solving
    • Templates: Over 100+ presets for tasks
    • Extras: Image & file downloads, automatic exports, task scheduling, API access
    • Support: Standard, with quicker responses

🚀 Professional Plan - Scale Your Business

  • Price: $208/month - Tailored for medium-sized enterprises.
  • Includes Standard Plan Plus:
    • Tasks: Expanded to 250
    • Cloud Processes: Increase to 20 concurrently
    • API: Advanced features for integration
    • Backup: Auto data backup to the cloud
    • Support: Priority access, including task review & personalized training

Perfect for: Quick and reliable eCommerce data scraping

SmartProxy for eCommerce Scraping API

SmartProxy Overview

Out of 100

Best For: Collecting and combining a huge amount of data.

Price:  Starts from $50 per month.

Annual Discount:  No

Promotion: Free Trial

SmartProxy is one of the amazing eCommerce web scraping tools that accumulated a huge amount of proxy network, web scraper, and data parser. It is known as an all-in-one data collector.

For scraping any eCommerce website, eCommerce Scraping API is the best choice, with a 100% success rate. Besides, SmartProxy has a huge proxy pool, around 40M. When any request is unsent to a website, it resents it frequently.

Only 100% Success Rates

eCommerce Scraping API tool monitors price changes in real time. Also, it keeps the price-setting strategy as per needed.

eCommerce Price Aggregation

In conducting an eCommerce business, market research is very important. SmartProxy eCommerce Scraping API tool monitors the competitors’ activities. Thus, it helps to keep the business at its peak in the marketplace.

eCommerce Market Research using SmartProxy

SmartProxy collects unlimited product data such as Position, URLs, product title, price, discounts, and so on.

Product Data Gathering using SmartProxy

Above all, the SmartProxy eCommerce Scraping API tool is a 100% successful real-time data collection process. It gathers structured data in JSON by sending one API request.  Read SmartProxy Review Details here. 


Special Key Features

  • 100% success rate in real-time data collection
  • Results in HTML or JSON
  • Renders JavaScript
  • Real-time integration

Plans and Pricing 

SmartProxy eCommerce Scraping API tool offers several plans and pricing. Such as-

  • Lite $50 / month: 15000 requests and $3.33 for 1k requests.
  • Basic $100/ month: 50000 requests and $2.00 for 1k requests.
  • Standard $250 / month: 150,000 requests and $1.67 for 1k requests.
  • Solid $500 / month: 333,000 requests and $1.50 for 1k requests.
  • Custom $700 / month: 0.5M requests and $1.40 for 1k requests.

SmartProxy also gives you the option of a 3-day money back. You can take any of the plans according to your budget and need.

eCommerce Scraper VS eCommerce API

When it comes to gathering data from eCommerce websites, there are two main approaches: using an API or using a web scraper. However, eCommerce Scraper and eCommerce API are two different tools that are used to extract data from eCommerce websites and marketplaces.

eCommerce scraper is designed to extract data by crawling eCommerce websites and scraping information from the HTML code.

On the other hand, eCommerce API extracts data from websites and marketplaces. This data is pulled from the website in a structured format. So you can analyze and use the data easily.

Besides, eCommerce Scrapers can be slow and unreliable when extracting data from websites. They can also get blocked by websites and marketplaces, which makes it difficult to get the data you need. 

But eCommerce APIs are faster and more reliable, which provides businesses with access to high-quality data on time.

In short, eCommerce Scrapers and eCommerce APIs are two different tools that can be used to extract data from eCommerce websites and marketplaces. 

While eCommerce Scrapers may be low-cost and accessible, they can be unreliable and violate eCommerce websites' terms of service. 

On the other hand, eCommerce APIs are more reliable, user-friendly, and legal, providing businesses with access to high-quality data that can help them grow.

So you can choose one according to your business size, needs, and budget.


What is an eCommerce API?

An eCommerce API is a set of protocols, routines, and tools for building software and applications that allow data to be extracted from an eCommerce website or marketplace. 

In other words, it provides a simple interface for developers to access and extract data from an eCommerce platform, such as product information, customer data, order history, and more. 

The data obtained through an eCommerce API can then be used to build custom applications and integrations that can help businesses automate and streamline various processes, such as data analysis, marketing, and inventory management.

So, it is a powerful tool for businesses that want to access and analyze data from eCommerce platforms. It helps you to grow and scale your operations faster and more efficiently. Read more about benefits of using an eCommerce scraper

How do I scrape eCommerce data?

Scraping eCommerce data can be challenging, but it can be much easier with the right tool. You can easily extract data from an eCommerce website using eCommerce scraper API and tools. 

However, many eCommerce scraper APIs are available, so I've included the top 10 Best eCommerce Scraper APIs and Tools for 2024 in this article. 

Therefore, you can easily choose one and start scraping eCommerce data. Learn more how to use an ecommerce scraper tool. 

How to scrape data from an eCommerce website with Python

To scrape data from an eCommerce website using Python, you can follow these steps:

  • You will need to install Python and the libraries required for scraping, such as BeautifulSoup and Requests.

  • Start by identifying the eCommerce website that you want to scrape. Check the terms of service and privacy policy to ensure that scraping the website is allowed.

  • Inspect the website's source code to understand how the data is organized and where it can be found. You can do this by right-clicking on the website and selecting "View Page Source."

  • Identify the specific data you want to scrape, such as product information, pricing, reviews, etc.

  • Write Python code to make an HTTP request to the website, extract the HTML or XML response, and parse the data using BeautifulSoup.

  • Extract the desired data from the parsed response using BeautifulSoup functions, such as find(), find_all(), or select(). You may need to loop through multiple pages to get the necessary data.

  • Store the scraped data in a format you can use, such as a CSV or Excel file, or in a database.

So, enjoy eCommerce data scraping using Python.

Does Amazon allow data scraping?

No, Amazon does not allow data scraping. They have policies to prohibit scraping activities on their site, including collecting data or information through automated means such as scraping or crawling. 

Attempting to scrape Amazon's site can result in legal consequences and can get your IP address banned. So it is important to always comply with a website's terms of service and to obtain permission before scraping their data.

Read more about The Legality of Using an eCommerce Scraper.


With eCommerce continuing to grow, it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. So you must need an excellent eCommerce Scraping tool.

That’s why I’ve listed the top 10 best eCommerce scraper APIs and tools in this details review. With these tools and APIs, you can easily scrape data from various sources to gain valuable insights about your customers or competitors. 

With this information, you can develop better marketing campaigns, optimize product prices more effectively, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

So, choose one according to your requirements and boost your eCommerce business. Learn more how to choose the best e-commerce scraper for business

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Jayden Sprent is a tech enthusiast renowned for his expertise in web scraping, proxies, and VPNs. Originating from Pennsylvania, USA, Jayden's journey in technology began early, evolving into a career marked by a profound understanding of web development. Specializing in ethical and efficient data extraction, he navigates the complexities of proxies and VPNs with finesse. Jayden's commitment to responsible tech practices shines through, advocating for privacy and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. A collaborative figure, he shares knowledge through mentoring and public speaking, making a lasting impact on the tech community. In the fast-paced tech landscape, Jayden Sprent is a versatile professional, leaving an indelible mark on digital innovation.  

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