5 Best Freshsales Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

   By: Marketer Rakib
engagebay the Best Freshslaes alternatives

EngageBay is a tool that can almost match Freshsales in terms of features, making it the best Freshsales alternatives . It has a lot of features like landing pages, email marketing live chat/helpdesk, ticketing, scheduling, appointment, contact management, and more. You'll see more difference when you become a premium member of EngageBay. The prices are extremely reasonable, particularly given the scope of their services. For their Pro package, which costs $49.99 a month, there are no mandatory onboarding fees. You can store as many (or as few) contacts as you'd like. Leads can add notes, keep records, and see which emails they've got and any conversations they've had with agents.

Advantages of EngageBay:

• Live chat

Sales and Marketing CRM

•Email sequences

Email marketing automation

• Reporting

• Lead capture Webforms

Disadvantages of EngageBay:

The only drawback we discovered with EngageBay is that their list of integrations is limited.


Nutshell is an all-in-one growth software framework that allows sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently so that more deals can be closed. Nutshell is ideal for any team or enterprise since it includes easy-to-use CRM, sales automation, and email marketing functionality, as well as unlimited data and communication storage and world-class live support. Every Nutshell subscription includes unlimited data and contact storage, real-time customer support, and fully customizable reporting tools. As a result, it serves as a Fresh Sales Alternative.

Nutshell has four major advantages over Freshsales:

• Cost/benefit

• There is no limit to the number of automatic email sequences you can submit.

• Automatic insight into your prospects

• There are no data caps.


The user interface can be a little clumsy at times, and the absence of a well-designed mobile app makes it difficult to use on mobile devices.

NetHunt CRM

Net Hunt is a powerful CRM tool designed for sales and marketing teams that use Gmail and other Google Workspace applications. With the recent launch of its Workflows feature, Net Hunt has transitioned from a powerful CRM platform to a dedicated sales-growth hub. The capture of webforms, drip ads, and contact-email linking are all now automated. It's easier with algorithms and reminders... because working hard can be frustrating at times. You're better than the teeny-tiny tasks you have to do daily. You're well aware of the data entry and unusual tasks you'll need to recall. Using Workflow, we were able to exclude those employees.

Why choose Net Hunt as an alternative to Fresh Sales:

— The simplicity of use and how well it integrates with Gmail. The convenience of getting something on something you search for every day.

— Very slick Gmail integration, quick customer service, good value for money, and easily customizable.

— Work would be a lot more enjoyable and organized if all businesses adopted this. It's cleverly connected to Zapier.


Net Hunt might not be for you if your primary focus is on smartphones. The mobile app isn't as good as the desktop app (yet). It does the job, however, and it's on the phone's home screen.


An active Campaign is a powerful tool for segmenting users and delivering personalized messages to them. Despite AC's user-friendly guide, workflows and automation can become complicated. For outreach, a simple email sequence is often inadequate, and many projects involving more complex workflows may become muddled and confusing. Don't worry, though. AC has a variety of resources to help with both common and unusual questions on their various websites, including their blog, Vimeo platform, and forums. As a result, it's a great Fresh Sales alternative.


• ActiveCampaign is by far the most effective automation tool we've seen, allowing you to create virtually any automation you can think of, including triggered promotions, sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, dynamic email content, and so on.

• The inbuilt CRM in Active Campaign connects seamlessly to all of your email marketing data, enabling sales teams to act quickly. Lead scoring and social data are two features that can help you streamline your sales follow-up processes.


• Active Campaign is a more sophisticated tool, and it takes a lot more time to learn than other software. Not to mention the ongoing work involved in setting up, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns.


Pipedrive's roots can be traced back to direct sales. As sales managers and coaches, two of the co-founders had an increasing amount of pain with CRM software. There was no efficient way to handle the sales pipeline for the company. As a result, in 2010, they teamed up with talented developers to create Pipedrive, a simple but powerful project management tool. Hence making it an ideal alternative to Fresh Sales.


With Pipedrive, the business will always have an effective and user-friendly overview of the sales pipeline. The sales team and deal makers would love it because of the sales funnel strategy built into the app. Your deals will be grouped into sales levels, allowing you to monitor the success of your team and decide which deals should be pushed. You'll also keep track of the sales team's accomplishments as well as the deals made to leads.


• Contrary to popular belief, there are several disadvantages to using this method.

• Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

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