7 Important Reasons Why Should You buy a Premium WordPress theme?

   By: Marketer Rakib
Buy Premium WordPress Theme

Think, you have a website; you want to design your site. For designing purpose, you have to create a theme for your site.  You must have good knowledge and experience on theme development or hire a web designer for making a professional theme of your website.

But there have many ready-made themes in different theme stores.

Both Free and premium themes are available in the stores. But you should buy a premium WordPress theme.

Because the premium theme is one kind of theme which looks professional, user-friendly and saves from bugs.

On the other hand, the free theme is one kind of advertising method of Premium theme seller and maximum themes carry malicious codes which can do anytime hack your site.

Some essential features contain the premium themes whose you’ll not get in free themes. I’m describing below about why should you buy a WordPress premium theme.

1# Protect Hacking And Give Updates

If your site carries coding weak, it is easier to hack it very quickly and easily by hackers.

Premium themes are created by professional theme developers and you’ll find those in reliable sources. All premium themes are free from bugs.

So anyone can’t access your site server breaking your site coding. You’ll get updates every time when need to change the coding for site performance increasing and SEO benefit.

2# Get Your Site Looks Professional Without A Designer

A cool designed site is more engageable to visitors and capable to generate huge leads.  It has enough navigation bars which is very important for a site now a day because if the user isn’t able to move easily one page to other pages. As a result, they will leave your site and it’ll increase the bounce rate that is very harmful to a site.

 Many webmasters say that site structure is queen. Every premium theme is created from a professional angle.

So, you want to decorate your site perfectly you need to buy a WordPress premium theme.

3# User And SEO Friendly

SEO is crucial for a site who wants to get free traffic from Google search result pages (SERPs) and build the business branding online.

If your site doesn’t become user and SEO friendly designed, it’ll lose the chance to rank high on Search Engines pages. And also you’ll lose visitors when they face problems using your site.  

So, you need to build your site user-friendly. A much unconscious web developer could not build SEO friendly site that will help you rank on Search Engines.  So, you want to get SEO and user-friendly themes you need to buy a  Premium WordPress theme.

4# Site Load Speed Faster

As premium themes are created by professional developers, they always try to avoid coding mistakes and don’t include unnecessary codes in themes.

A cleanly designed site loads faster when anyone tries to visit your site. If your site loads lately, it will increase your site bounce rate which is harmful to your site ranking. So, Premium is helpful for site speed loading faster.

5# Capability With All Systems And Mobile Responsive

We use many kinds of browsers for browsing the internet like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, UC browser, and others.

Recently I had browsed a site via Internet Explorer and faced a problem of loading the site. Then I was trying contact with the site webmasters and a support team member replied me that the site is not good for using without Chrome browser.

If a visitor can try to browse your site via a browser which is not capable to load the site perfectly, you will probably lose the visitor.

So,  want to increase your visitors and decrease the bounce rate, you must be needed to buy a WordPress premium theme.

On the other hand, Site browsing devices can affect site loading and using. We’ve been using Desktop, General Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Smart Phones every single day.

About 63% of People use mobile phones for internet browsing and give 5 hours every day through his / her hand mobile phone.

So, if your site doesn’t load perfectly and user-friendly on all devices, the visitors will leave your site.

Now a day’s Mobile responsive design is one of the best essential matters of any website. Because your site will not rank high on Search Engines pages. All premium themes are mobile responsive, it can solve this type of problem.

6# Functionality

The main comparison between free theme and premium is functionality features.

The premium theme has many valuable functions than the free theme. I told before that free theme is an advertisement of a premium theme.

You will not decorate your site perfectly without a premium theme.

Because free theme carries limited functions and when you use a premium theme, you’ll get Theme Option in your site CMS for customizing your site easily.

Some premium themes carry awesome free WordPress plugin which helps to make the site more usable. So, for this reason, you require to buy a WordPress Premium theme.

7# Support And Price

I have been using Schema Lite theme from MythemeShop for this Marketer Rakib blog and its cost only $69 for a lifetime membership with reliable support.

If I had made a theme like it by a professional web developer, it’ll cost about $1000-$ 1500.

The premium theme has saved my money and valuable time. My only question is why will not you take this advantage if you get $2000 value theme within $15-$100?

Where Should You Search To Buy A Premium WordPress Theme?

Themes are available in different kinds of stores. You can get lots of amazing themes in MythemeShop whose are 100 % SEO and user-friendly designed. You need to find out the right one for your site. For example,

Just go to MythemeShop and type in the search bar, if your site will be a blog, then you can search by “ blog” keyword and if your site will be eCommerce, you can search by “ eCommerce “ keyword, and others type, you can search by other keywords.

Wordpress Theme Search

Then choose an eye-catching theme which has more functions available, and read reviews and see the rating of existing users of the theme. If you think that is good for your site, you can buy a WordPress Premium theme and use that.

Also, you can search SEO friendly and awesome themes in ThemeForest. It has about a million themes, and website building elements available.


I hope that you’ve clearly understood why you should buy a WordPress Premium Theme and use that.

Actually, I think you should buy a premium theme for your site if you want to save from designing hassle and start your project very fast online.

Because, if you use a premium WordPress theme for your site, you can run your website within 1-2 days.  My question is that why are you waiting for a designer to run your site?

Marketer Rakib

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