How to Drive Sales With Targeted Digital Marketing

   By: Marketer Rakib

When you want to increase sales, you need to take a nimble approach to digital marketing. This means collecting data, collaborating across departments, and acting quickly. With a strong plan and collaborative spirit, you can increase sales — and your overall success.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to drive sales with targeted digital marketing!

Collaborate with Sales to Establish Targeted Marketing

One of the best ways to drive sales is through close collaboration among departments. Namely, your sales and marketing departments should be exchanging data to help create targeted leads. The sales team will be able to gauge performance and share strategies to increase sales.

You can track what products are moving on your website — and which ones aren't. The issue may be that visitors need a friendly reminder to give your site another look. And with strategies like remarketing, you can re-introduce website visitors to products they've already seen.

For instance, imagine that someone checks out a handbag on your site in the morning but doesn't buy it. In the evening, they could be Googling other items but see that handbag pop up as an ad. They'll start thinking about the handbag again and perhaps end up buying it.

Define Your Buyer Personas

Are you trying to attack middle-aged women? Or are younger Millenials your target demographic? One of your initial steps in growth marketing should be to establish buyer personas.

You may have more than one type of person purchasing your products or services. It's wise to set up a few different personas that you can track using marketing data.

You can use income-based targeting to drive sales. With this, you will use IRS data to focus ad campaigns on consumers in specific income brackets. If you sell high-end products, this will help you avoid wasting your marketing efforts on those unlikely to consider your product.

This is part of a process known as customer segmentation. Through this approach, you'll establish groups of similar types of customers. For instance, you may have a group of women in their 40s and women in their 20s interested in your product.

You'll need to tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to each segment. You can do this according to the perceived needs or values of your target customers. You'll shape the language and graphics differently for each segment, and turn to different platforms to launch your ads.

Use Data to Modify Ad Campaigns

How many customers are visiting your website? And are they clicking on lots of products and sticking around? When you know the answers to questions like these, you can adjust your marketing efforts to increase sales.

Track engagement with products on your website — and how many people are leaving their carts behind. Ultimately, your goal is to convert those clicks into sales.

Take advantage of metrics in social media ad platforms. Are customers clicking all the way to your website when you post a new product on Facebook? Or are they simply looking at and liking new posts.

Track data across customer segmentation groups. You may need to modify the time of day when you're posting on Instagram, for instance. Or you may discover that your product turnaround time is a problem that you need to address quickly.

When you get the broader scope of quarterly or yearly data, you can begin to notice patterns, too. If you know that the summer months tend to be slower, implement growth marketing strategies to encourage business then. For example, offer discounts on services during those months or hand out coupons to customers making purchases in the spring.

Drive Sales with Better Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity starts with an original logo. But it also includes a clear mission statement and cohesive communication across all platforms.

Brand identity requires that your color scheme and the tone of your writing be appropriate for your audience. Once you have nailed down these key elements, you need to stay consistent from one platform to the next.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage, as well. With SEO, you integrate common keywords into captions, blog posts, and other forms of text. You'll want to do this naturally with blog or social media posts to avoid sounding contrived.

Make your ads and posts conversational. And check your keywords every month — if not sooner — since they may change. The Chicago SEO Company can help you develop an SEO plan that will help launch your business to the top of the search results.

Assess the Competition

Are you losing customers to the competition? If so, muster the courage and check out what your closest competitors are doing. Your goal is not to copy what they're doing, but to see how your approach to targeted marking compares.

Monitor their social media platforms for the frequency of posts. Understand the tone of their messaging in emails and posts. And determine whether they have one target demographic or several.

Figure out what your competition is not doing, and do it. It could be sending personalized follow-up emails after someone buys your product. Or it could be crafting cross-sell campaigns to bring customers back for another purchase.

Approach Digital Marketing with a Plan

You can drive sales and increase cash flow with an effective approach to digital marketing. You'll gain money that you can reinvest into your business — including fresh marketing efforts. A good plan enables you to target the right audience and enhance brand awareness.

For more tips to make your business successful, check back for new articles!

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