GCP Versus AWS Versus Azure: Which Is The Best Marketplace?

   By: Marketer Rakib

Cloud computing is one of the most innovative technologies that has transformed the world. No doubt, it’s really beneficial for organizations to use cloud platforms. However, it can be difficult to determine which cloud platform is the best.

Even though there are several cloud providers, GCP, AWS, and Azure are the top cloud platforms. Now, it’s a big question which one to choose from these three. If you are also not sure which platform is best for you, this article will help you choose the right one.

Which is the Best Marketplace: GCP vs. AWS vs. Azure ?

After reading this article, you can easily decide which cloud platform is best for you. We will consider these four important aspects to compare these three giant cloud marketplace:

  • Market Share & Growth Rate
  • Who Can Benefit from the Platform?
  • Services
  • Pricing Model

We’ll start with the Google Cloud Platform, then Amazon Web Services Marketplace, and finally, Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Google Cloud Platform

Google is arguably the best search engine among others. Apart from that, Google also offers several business solutions, and one of them is cloud solutions. If you want to know why to sell on gcp marketplace, continue reading.

  • GCP Market Share & Growth Rate: Google has a market share of 10% of the total cloud platforms. Even though GCP’s market share is less as compared to AWS and Azure, it has shown a growth rate of 83% in 2019.
  • Who Uses GCP?: Many large corporations, including PayPal, HSBC, Dominos, Bloomberg, use Google Cloud Marketplace. Google uses the same infrastructure that it uses for its search engine and YouTube.
  • GCP Services: GCP offers several cloud services, including storage, computing, networking, and more. It offers around 60+ cloud services but stands third as compared to AWS and Azure.
  • GCP Pricing Model: GCP offers the services at an affordable price as compared to AWS and Azure. For the smallest instance, it offers two virtual CPUs with 8 GB RAM at 52$ per month.
  • Now that you have known about the different aspects of Google Cloud Marketplace, let’s move on to Amazon Web Services.

    Amazon Web Services

  • AWS Market Share & Growth Rate: AWS cloud marketplace holds the highest market share that is 30% of the total cloud platforms. However, the growth rate is only 41% in 2019 which is less than GCP and Azure.
  • Who Use AWS Platform?: Since AWS is the oldest cloud platform, it has a bigger user base than the other two. Its clients are some of the largest global companies, including BMW, Samsung, Airbnb, Unilever, Netflix, etc.
  • Services by AWS: AWS stands at the top with more than 200+ cloud services, including cloud storage, computing, networking, and many more. So, AWS is the winner if you compare the three in terms of different services.
  • AWS Pricing Model: In the case of AWS, the smallest instance can cost you around $69 per month for two virtual CPUs and 8 GB RAM.
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  • Azure Market Share & Growth Rate: Azure marketplace stands second both in terms of market share and growth rate. It has a market share of 16% and has a growth rate of 75% in 2019.
  • Who Use Azure Marketplace?: Azure also has some global clients that are listed in the Fortune 500 companies. Some of the top companies that use the Azure marketplace are Apple, HP, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, etc.
  • Azure Services: Azure marketplace stands second in the list in terms of the number of services with 100+ cloud functionalities. It also offers several services, including basic storage, computing, and networking.
  • Azure Pricing Model: The Azure Marketplace charges $70 per month for the same smallest instance.
  • Now that you know different aspects of all the marketplaces, you can decide which is better for you. You can do more research in detail as per your requirements.

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    The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, the above information has helped you to decide which is the best marketplace for cloud services. Compare every aspect before you decide which is the right platform. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use platform, GCP is the best option among the three. Please share which platform you will choose in the comments section.

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