What are your Online Options to Accept Donations?

   By: Marketer Rakib
Here are some online options to accept donations

The Internet has facilitated us with everything, and everything means every single thing. From shopping to education, from groceries to bank payments, everything can be done online without making an effort to learn at home.

If you need your online options to accept donations, the internet provides a solution for that as well. 

There are many digital tools and platforms which allow your online options to accept donations.

Online acceptance of donations makes the virtuous process quick and convenient for donor and donation acceptors as well.

Also there are plenty of ways you can opt for accepting donations for some charities, without spending more than a minute. Some tools might cost you a little amount, but that is still worth it.   

If you are looking for tools and strategies for fundraising online, the following are the two basic pathways you can adopt for soliciting online donations:

  • Creating a financial institution merchant account

  • Third-party payment processors

Merchant Account Donations:

Either of these two options is secure and reliable. It is your personal choice to opt for any of these depending upon your goals, convenience, and budget.

 Merchant account costs you some fee whenever an amount is sent through that.

After signing into your merchant account, you can easily start accepting online donations by simply entering the payment information of the donor and clicking the ‘collect payment’ button.

Third-Party Processors

Accepting online donations can be made even easier by using the services of third-party processors. If you do not want to get into the trouble of managing funds yourself through merchant accounts, third-party processors can do it for you through their merchant accounts.

They accept donations through credit cards into their accounts and charge you a percentage of each transaction.

Following are some well-known platforms that you can use efficiently for a smooth and reliable collection of your online donations:

Paypal is an international platform where non-profit organizations can donate or accept donations.

Through Paypal, there is a guarantee of a secure, quick, and convenient solicitation of online donations. For the growth of your online charity project, you can enable the acceptance of donations through Paypal.

 Paypal also allows you to integrate its tools into your website for direct access to the Paypal transaction option available to your donors. you can also try PayPal Alternatives to accept donations

2. Funding Apps

There are plenty of apps that are created for the sole purpose of collecting donations for certain causes.

 This apps like GoFundMe allow you to accept donations for non-profit.

Also this app allows you to explain your cause of fundraising better with the use of graphics. The storytelling strategy which lets you upload images as well makes a strong ground for fundraising .

And you can easily accept a myriad of donations within a click. It allows you to accept donations without needing to create an account first on the app. 

3. Embedded ‘Donate’ Button

Probably the easiest way to be open online options to accept donations is to add an evident ‘donate’ button to your website. It is the most convenient for donors and acceptors as well since it is easier to locate and operate.

Also It gives donors direct access to your donation forms which can easily provide you with the information of donors and their donations.

You can decide through which mode you can accept donations and add it to the donation form. 

Google forms are the most reliable and easy to operate in this regard. 

4. Crowdfunding Through Social Media

Social media is the best way to meet social purposes like donations. The donations on social media get more circulated and people can donate as much as they want for a certain cause.

Social media can be used to generate an ad regarding fundraising. Clicking on that ad takes donors to an online form that shows the details of the cause and available methods of donation.

You can provide your PayPal email or any account number through which you can get your online options to accept donations.

Online platforms create massive opportunities for you to accept donations from anywhere in the world. This causes unlimited fundraising within a very short period which would not have been possible otherwise.

Without having to spend a lot of money, you have the facility of accepting donations via whatever method suits you the best. 

FAQS Related to Donation

Is the deductibility of donation tax, right?

Charities and unprofitable organizations that help improve the quality of life in one’s country.

When a certain amount of money goes to charity it goes to help solve the problems that the government should charge for.

Henceforth, the inclusion of charitable money in taxable income is improper, as the philanthropist is not making a profit on this money.

How can a person become a monthly donor?

In order to become a monthly donor, you just need to tell the organization that you want to donate every month.

There are some specific contracts for this work; in that contract, all the banking credentials will be taken from the people who want to donate.  

People like to see the budget before donating. Where is that available?

Yes, you can check the budget before denoting it. it is your right to ask about the information, where your money is going, and how much the company is investing. 

People who want to donate money but they don’t have much money. Can they help?

People who want to donate but lack the financial means to do it can help in other ways to make society better.

They can participate in collecting donations from others if they know people with resources, or they can volunteer in beneficial movements. Many jobs need tending to in a non-profit organization and anyone can enroll for them.

Is it safe to donate online with a bank card?

Yes, all the information provided to donate for the poor is usually transmitted using a secure socket layer (SLL). This socket layer is a coded system that provides all the donor’s browsers automatically encrypt and date before doing any sort of donation.

Also, the account information is secured, only certain qualified authorized persons. 

How can a person make a donation?

There are several ways to denote that may be easiest for you. Many online donation websites and apps are there for the people who want to donate their money.

Note: All types of bank cards are valid for this process of donation.

What percentage of a dollar goes to help the cause?

The percentage that goes into helping the cause may vary from organization to organization, but in most cases, about 60 – 70% of the donation goes into helping the cause.

 It is not hidden that non-profit organizations need donations to hold themselves up and some amount of donation money may go into paying the rent of the organization and other expenses. 

Make sure you are transparent with people who trust you with their money. 

Telling them details will help build a trustworthy relationship with your donors and they will help your cause again.

What if someone accidentally donates more than their budget?

Accidental donations that exceed the donator’s budget do happen. Especially if the donation is online and an urgent appeal for help. If you ever find yourself in such a situation do not hesitate to talk to the customer and assure them that refund is possible. Make necessary arrangements with your preferred source. 

Sometimes donors accidentally donate 10,000 dollars rather than 10 or 100 dollars. In this case they might have donated their entire budget, you need to be patient with the customer and assure them that their money will be returned.

Query about, how can your Online Organization help the cause? 

All Organizations have different ways of contributing to the cause. Say if the project is to improve the quality of education in remote parts of the world the organization may be providing useful material to build schools or they may be sending books to the remote parts of the world. 

This is why many donors might ask this question. You must have a website or a social media page to show your work. If you have built an organization that truly helps, sharing your work plan with your donors is highly recommended. 

This helps people visualize their money turning into aid. You may also be active in the customer service or public relations department. As a non-profit organization, one needs to build social contacts and loyal donors, and having a constant connection might increase the reliability of your trust fund.

Can Charity givers be named anonymous?

Yes, some donors like to stay anonymous for a myriad of reasons. Charities are allowed to accept such donations but while you are accepting such donations be sure to make some kinds of safety measures.

You can convince the donor that they will stay anonymous but the organization coordinator will keep a record to keep the money in check.


In online donation, regardless of the tool you are using to accept donations, be it Merchant account donations, third-party donations, Paypal, or others you must be able to identify your target audience and consider their convenience before yours.

Online Acceptance of donation is practical and uncomplicated and this is the main reason for its growing popularity. You need fewer volunteers and workers to run the donation and the money collection and recording are easier. 

Before you put your collection details on the web you must satisfy your donator that the money they are giving you is for all the right reasons.

Creating help desks for donator’s queries and making the process of donation easier for them will increase the sum of donations considerably.

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