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My name is Marketer Rakib and this is my blog. 

I started this blog as a side hustle business in 2017. It quickly became the most profitable online business for me. This blog has already helped a lot of online businesses to choose the right marketing resources. Also, a good number of students are learning digital marketing-related topics from this site.

Now, I’m teaching my readers how to increase web traffic for their businesses and make money through affiliate marketing.

MarketerRakib.Com is also one of the world’s top software review sites. In my 8 years of digital marketing career, I have used and tested most of them. Also, my team and I are testing more software regular basis. So, anyone can easily get a trustworthy review from this site.

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Short Story of Marketer Rakib’s Life

I was the first son and only financial supporter of my little family. And my dearest Mother, younger brother, and Grandmother were the members of it.

I was very interested, and researching Technology from early in my life.
My ambition was to become an Engineer, but I couldn’t admit to university for lack of money. Because my father died early in my life, my family's financial support depends on my income.

I was always looking for an independent earning source. By the way, Almighty (Allah) opened a great option for me.
When I knew that online was a good opportunity for working with freedom, that time I decided to build my career as an online worker or businessman.

I started my profession as a freelance Digital Marketer, after completing my college education, when I was 19 years old.

 What Do I Do Now?

Though I started my online career as a Freelance Digital Marketer, now I’m doing both Digital marketing for my clients who want to increase their business revenue and Affiliate Marketing.
I’ve been also making some online entrepreneurs worldwide who can change both their own and other people’s lives through Digital marketing.

Why should you connect with Marketer Rakib?

As Marketer Rakib blog is a based on making money and online marketing blog. So, I have been sharing my tips and experience to make my followers professional online earners as Entrepreneurs through internet marketing.
I think you should connect with this site every single day and share this with your friends and followers.

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AH Shagar

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