15+ Best Local SEO Courses And Training For 2024 (Reviewed)

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated March 13, 2024
Best Local SEO Courses Reviews

Are you looking for the best Local SEO Courses? There are a lot of Local SEO Courses are available by different kinds of mentors. But all courses are not better for everyone.

Because, some courses have outdated information whose will not help to get results for your sites or client’s sites. As an SEO specialist, I’ve decided to write in-depth Local SEO Courses Reviews. So that anyone can find out the best local SEO training. Let’s start finding the best one.

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) is your secret weapon to make your business stand out in search engine results—specifically, those all-important local searches. What does this mean for you? If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, tapping into Local SEO can dramatically increase your visibility on Google's local search results, connecting you with customers right in your community.

Learn More About GBP

Imagine this: potential customers are searching on Google for products or services "near me." With effective Local SEO strategies, your business isn't just visible in these search results; it stands out. This visibility is key to letting people discover what your company offers. The first step in this journey? Listing your products or services on Google My Business (GMB), or (GBP) making it easier for local customers to find you.

But it doesn't stop there. Encouraging customers to choose your shop involves more than just being visible; it's about making a compelling case for why they should buy from you. Local SEO isn't just about boosting your business's online presence—it's about connecting with your community, understanding their needs, and showing them that what they're looking for can be found at your doorstep.

So, if you own a local shop or business, embracing Local SEO is not just a strategy; it's a necessity. It's about putting your business on the map and inviting local customers into your story. With Local SEO, you're not just improving your search rankings; you're building relationships with the community around you and laying down the foundation for sustainable growth.

Top 15+ Best Local SEO Courses, Tutorials, Classes, and Training Review

  Local SEO Course

Local SEO Course By SEMRush

Local SEO Course

Local SEO SEMrush's Premier Course

Unlock the secrets of Local SEO with the acclaimed course from SEMrush, recognized as the go-to training for anyone serious about enhancing their local search engine optimization skills. Here's why this course is your best bet:

  • Expert-Led Training: Led by Greg Gifford, Vice President of Search at Search Lab Digital, with over 17 years of experience in the SEO industry.
  • Comprehensive yet Concise: Complete the course in just one hour, divided into ten insightful lessons.
  • Absolutely Free: Gain valuable knowledge at no cost, plus earn a certificate upon completion.
  • Dynamic Learning Experience: Engage with a mix of video lessons, handouts, and quizzes tailored to reinforce your learning.
  • Global Recognition: Learn from an instructor celebrated as a guest speaker at top SEO conferences worldwide.
  • Accessible to All: Whether starting out or looking to deepen your knowledge, this course is designed for learners at all levels.
  • Bonus Paid Course: Beyond the free Local SEO course, Greg Gifford offers a paid course for those looking to expand their SEO mastery.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Unmatched Expertise: Benefit from Greg Gifford's extensive experience and success in providing SEO solutions globally.
  • Flexible Learning: Fit this powerful learning experience into any schedule, designed for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Certification of Completion: Not only enhance your skills but also earn a certificate that showcases your expertise in Local SEO.

Your Path to Local SEO Mastery

Embrace the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. The SEMrush Local SEO course is your stepping stone to gaining the skills needed to elevate your or your clients' visibility in local search results. Start your journey towards becoming a Local SEO expert today with SEMrush.

Key Benefits

  • Free course with certificate
  • Instructor has 17+ years of experience.  
  • Free handwritten materials with every lesson.
  • Local ranking factors will help you to get better results in search engines.

  Local SEO Course

Local SEO: Put Your Business On The Map

Fiverr's Acclaimed Local SEO Course

Fiverr stands out as a premier freelance marketplace globally, connecting clients with a vast pool of talented freelancers for various micro-jobs and projects. Beyond facilitating freelance work, Fiverr also offers professional-level skill development courses, widely acclaimed for their quality and ability to equip learners with advanced skills.

Key Highlights of Fiverr's Local SEO Course:

  • Industry-Leading Content: Ranked among the top SEO courses available, this comprehensive training is designed to skyrocket your Local SEO knowledge.
  • Rich Learning Experience: Dive into 35 detailed lessons spread across 10 well-structured chapters, including interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Enjoy the flexibility to enroll and complete the course via mobile or desktop, fitting your learning into your busy schedule seamlessly.
  • Risk-Free Learning: Benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in the course's value.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Alastair Dunstan, a Fiverr Pro seller with over 8 years of experience in the SEO sector, known for his exceptional SEO services.

Why Choose This Course?

Fiverr's Local SEO course is not just another training program. It's a targeted learning journey led by industry professionals designed to enhance your SEO skills profoundly. Whether you're looking to sharpen your expertise or kickstart your career in SEO, this course offers the perfect blend of knowledge, practical insights, and convenience.

Under the guidance of Alastair Dunstan, you'll navigate the nuances of Local SEO with confidence, gaining valuable skills that are immediately applicable to real-world projects. With the added assurance of a money-back guarantee, this course represents a risk-free investment in your professional development.

Transform your understanding of Local SEO and advance your career with Fiverr's exceptional course today.

Key Benefits

  • Renowned marketplace course
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Duration: Complete the entire course in just 2.1 hours.
  • Investment: Access this wealth of knowledge and skill for $52.
  • Certification: Earn a certificate upon completion, bolstering your credentials in the competitive field of SEO.

  Local SEO Course

Local SEO Marketing By Udemy

Local SEO Course

Udemy's  Local SEO Course

Udemy stands at the forefront of online education, offering a diverse array of skill development courses that cater to learners worldwide. With specialties ranging from graphic design and web development to digital marketing, Udemy is the go-to platform for anyone looking to upgrade their skills.

  • Duration: Embark on a 5-hour journey to mastery, designed to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Learning Outcomes: Gain a thorough understanding of Local SEO marketing, equipped to elevate your or your client's online presence effectively.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone eager to master the nuances of Local SEO.
  • Why Choose This Course?

  • Expert Instruction: Led by Brian Dale, a seasoned professional in online marketing, this course benefits from the insights of an entrepreneur and small business owner with a deep understanding of the 12 pillars of online marketing.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Structured into 7 sections and 21 lectures, the course content covers everything you need to know about Local SEO marketing, making it one of the best on the platform.
  • Affordability: Access this top-tier learning experience for just $19.99, an investment in your future that promises returns in the form of advanced skills and knowledge.
  • Certification: Upon completion, you'll earn a certificate, bolstering your professional profile and demonstrating your newfound expertise in Local SEO marketing.

  • Brian Dale brings his wealth of experience and entrepreneurial spirit to this engaging course, ensuring learners not only understand the theory behind Local SEO but also how to apply it practically. Whether you're starting out or looking to refine your digital marketing skills, this course offers a clear, step-by-step guide to dominating local search engine results.

    Dive into the world of Local SEO with Udemy's acclaimed course, and take the first step towards becoming a digital marketing savant today.

    Key Benefits

    • Master course for local SEO keyword selection
    • Know the fundamentals of website preparation  
    • Low price with 30 days money-back guarantee
    • Lifetime access in this course

      Local SEO Course



    Bullet proof's  Local SEO Course

    Discover the secrets to mastering local search engine optimization with Bullet Proof SEO, a course celebrated for its comprehensive coverage and practical approach to achieving top rankings in search engines. Here's why Bullet Proof SEO stands out as the premier choice for aspiring SEO professionals

  • In-Depth Training: Dubbed as the blueprint for local SEO site ranking, this course equips you with the knowledge to excel in the competitive SEO industry.
  • Practical Guidance: Offers a step-by-step guide that includes real-world local SEO practices, making it easy to apply what you learn.
  • Always Up-to-Date: The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest Google algorithm changes, ensuring your SEO strategies remain effective.
  • Community Support: Gain exclusive access to the Bullet Proof SEO forum upon enrollment, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals and share insights.
  • Why Choose This Course?

    Bullet Proof SEO isn't just another course; it's a comprehensive guide designed to help you make a sustainable income in the SEO industry. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced SEO practitioner, this course offers valuable insights and strategies to enhance your local SEO expertise.

    With its practical approach, ongoing updates, supportive community, and money-back guarantee, Bullet Proof SEO stands as the best local SEO course for anyone looking to elevate their site ranking skills.

    Embark on your journey to SEO success with Bullet Proof SEO and secure your place at the top of search engine rankings.

    • One-Time Payment: Unlock full access to the course for a one-time fee of $497.
    • Installment Plan: Prefer to spread the cost? Opt for two installments of $297 each.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee:

    • Risk-Free Learning: If you apply the strategies taught in the course and don't see results, you're entitled to a full refund. Simply provide proof of your efforts, and get your investment back, making this course a risk-free opportunity to boost your SEO skills.

    Key Benefits

    • 100% money-back guarantee.
    • Industry-leading course.  
    • Up to date content add
    • Best local SEO practice in the industry.

      Local SEO Course

    Beginner Local SEO By Udemy

    Beginner Local SEO by Udemy

    Udemy's  Local SEO Course

    SEO stands as a cornerstone in the digital marketing world, with Local SEO emerging as a critical component for the success of small online businesses. Ranking your website in search engines is not just an option—it's essential for your business to thrive.

    Why Udemy's Beginners Local SEO Course?

    Udemy shines as the premier platform for Local SEO training, offering courses that cater to all skill levels—from novice to expert. Specifically tailored for beginners, this course demystifies Local SEO in a concise and straightforward manner.

    Is This Course Right for You?

    If you're new to Local SEO and looking to lay a solid foundation, this course is perfectly suited for you. Despite its brief format, it's packed with insights and practical knowledge to set you on the path to Local SEO mastery.

    With Joshua Mackens guiding you through each step, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to effectively rank your small online business. This course is not just an investment in your education—it's an investment in the future of your business.

    Embrace the opportunity to grow your online presence. Enroll in Udemy's Beginners Local SEO course today and take the first step towards SEO success.

    Key Benefits

    • Targeted Learning: The course is meticulously designed for beginners, ensuring a clear understanding of Local SEO basics.
    • Efficient Structure: Dive into the world of Local SEO with one section and eight lectures, requiring only 43 minutes of your time.
    • Affordable Investment: Priced at $19.99, this course is a gateway to advancing your SEO skills, offering value beyond its duration.

      Local SEO Course

    Best Local SEO Tutorial by Udemy

    Udemy's  Local SEO Course

    Would you be willing to elevate your local business marketing with SEO? "Local SEO: A Definitive Guide To Local Business Marketing" on Udemy is your ideal starting point. Celebrated as the platform's best-selling SEO course, it's designed to fast-track your website's ranking on search engines.

  • Instructor Excellence: Guided by Josh George, a renowned SEO mentor known for his experience and intelligence in the industry.
  • Investment: Priced at $94.99, offering comprehensive value with a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Is This Course Right for You?

  • Best-Selling Status: A favorite among learners for its practical skill development approach.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into 19 sections, covering 118 lectures over 10 hours, crafted to enhance your SEO expertise.
  • Rich Learning Materials: Benefit from 23 articles and 17 downloadable resources to deepen your understanding.
  • Certification and Lifetime Access: Receive a certificate upon completion and enjoy lifetime access to the course materials.
  • WordPress Advantage: Having WordPress knowledge is a plus, giving you a head start in applying the course insights.
  • Key Benefits

    • Help to optimize your content like a pro
    • Increase location relevance keywords with simple tricks.  
    • Tons of content ideas with article
    • Target bets local keywords
    • Rank fast with the map pack

      Local SEO Course

    Diy Local SEO Course

    Local SEO udemy

    Udemy's  Local SEO Course

    In the dynamic world of digital marketing, SEO stands out as a pivotal area for professional growth, especially given its rapid expansion. Within this realm, mastering Local SEO is key to distinguishing your website amidst the vastness of online spaces. For those on the lookout for premier Local SEO training, the DIY Local SEO Course emerges as a top recommendation.

    Course Highlights:

    Spanning 9 hours and 14 minutes, this course offers a deep dive into Local SEO, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to boost your or your clients' online presence effectively. Whether you're a small business owner seeking to enhance your local visibility or an SEO agency looking to refine your service offerings, the DIY Local SEO Course equips you with essential skills for success.

    Why Opt for the DIY Local SEO Course?

    • Tailored Content: Designed with small business owners and SEO marketing agencies in mind, this course addresses specific needs for local online visibility.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into 11 meticulously arranged sections, featuring 66 video lectures complemented by 5 valuable downloadable resources.
    • Certification of Achievement: Celebrate your learning journey with a certificate upon course completion.
    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Gary Shouldis's 13 years of web marketing industry expertise, ensuring knowledgeable and practical instruction.
    • Affordable Learning: Access this wealth of knowledge for $49.99, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free investment.

    Key Benefits

    • Help to optimize your content like a pro
    • Increase location relevance keywords with simple tricks.  
    • Tons of content ideas with article
    • Target bets local keywords
    • Rank fast with the map pack

      Local SEO Course

    Local SEO Strategy 3 Pack Ranking

    Local SEO udemy course

    Udemy's  Local SEO Course

    In today’s digital-first world, launching your business online is just the beginning. The real key to success lies in mastering SEO, particularly Local SEO, which can significantly amplify your business's online presence and growth.

    Recognizing the crucial role of SEO in business expansion, the Local SEO Strategy course emerges as a vital resource for entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

    Course Highlights:

    This course not only demystifies Local SEO but also equips you with the knowledge to implement an SEO strategy that works. Whether you're struggling to improve your online visibility or aiming to capture the top spot in local search results, the practical case study and targeted lessons pave the way for real-world application and success.

    Why Opt for the DIY Local SEO Course?

  • Targeted Learning: Tailored to address common SEO challenges, this course guides you through crafting an effective Local SEO strategy.
  • Concise and Comprehensive: The curriculum spans 8 sections and 25 lectures, including 1.5 hours of on-demand videos, designed to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Practical Resources: Enhance your learning with two PDF articles and four downloadable resources, alongside the highlight of the course—an Advanced 3-pack ranking case study.
  • Expert Instruction: Gain insights from a course instructor boasting over 10 years of experience in the Local SEO industry.
  • Risk-Free Investment: Priced at $59.99, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction and value for your investment.
  • Key Benefits

    • Including case studies.
    • Good listing with Google my Business lesson 
    • Tips to get the highest quality traffic
    • Learn to run local SEO ads

      Local SEO Course

    Local seo moz

    Moz's  Local SEO Course

    Moz stands as a titan in the SEO world, offering unparalleled tools for keyword research, SEO audits, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and domain analysis through its Moz Pro suite. Beyond its powerful tools, Moz extends its expertise through MOZ Academy, a platform dedicated to elevating your SEO skills with professional courses.

    What Sets This Course Apart?

    Moz Academy's Local SEO Training Course is not just another tutorial; it's a gateway to mastering Local SEO from one of the most authoritative voices in the industry. Despite the absence of a refund policy, the investment mirrors the course's high caliber and the actionable insights it promises.

    Why Choose Moz Academy's Local SEO Training Course?

    • Comprehensive Learning: Dive into a well-structured course comprising six sections, tailored to cover all facets of Local SEO.
    • Rich Content: Benefit from an immersive learning experience with 30 videos, totaling 1 hour and 42 minutes, designed for efficient yet thorough education.
    • Interactive Assessments: Test your knowledge and reinforce learning with four quizzes, complemented by two informative PDF notes.
    • No Time Wasted: With a concise format, this course is perfect for busy professionals seeking to enhance their skills without compromising their schedules.
    • Investment in Your Future: Access this treasure trove of knowledge for $199, recognizing that quality education is a valuable investment with long-term benefits.

    Key Benefits

    • Renowned academies trusted course
    • Local SEO secret tips  
    • Small length but informative tips
    • Know about identify propagation issue

      Local SEO Course

    Local seo traning

    Local SEO Course

    In the digital marketplace, Local SEO is indispensable for local businesses aiming for visibility and success. Achieving a high rank on search engines can significantly impact your business's growth. It's about implementing the right strategies to secure your spot.

    Introducing Main Street ROI's Local SEO Course:

    This course stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, offering clear, actionable strategies to land your business on Google's first page. Designed to demystify Local SEO, it provides a structured pathway to success with four essential steps.

    Why Choose This Course?

    • Focused Curriculum: The course is structured around four easy-to-follow steps, complete with four hours of on-demand videos, making complex SEO concepts accessible to all skill levels.
    • Cost-Effective Learning: Priced at $97, this one-time investment grants you access to invaluable insights into improving your local search rankings.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: Main Street ROI stands behind the quality of their course with a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering peace of mind to all learners.

    If you're committed to mastering Local SEO and propelling your business to the forefront of Google's first page, the Main Street ROI Local SEO Course is tailored for you. This course is a perfect blend of simplicity, effectiveness, and practicality, ensuring you're equipped to optimize your local business's online presence step by step.

    Embrace the opportunity to transform your local SEO strategy and secure your business's success in the digital arena. Enroll in the Main Street ROI Local SEO Course today and start your journey to top Google rankings with confidence.

    Key Benefits

    • Get tips about finding local customer
    • Beginners friendly course
    • Effective for small business owners
    • Get some advanced SEO materials
    Best Local SEO Course By SkillShare

    Skillshare is one of the top learning platforms in the world. It is an American learning community. However, you can find every type of professional skill tutorial. In addition, you will find all kinds of educational videos. 

    Moreover, Skillshare has more than 27,000 premium classes. You can also find more than 2000 pluse free classes. There are many categories in SkillShare. The categories are design, lifestyle, technology, creative arts, entrepreneur, etc. However, SEO is one of the key categories of the skill development section. 

    Local SEO Course 2024 Complete training for business owner course is one of the best courses in the world. Here, you will get 38 lessons. The full course video length is 4 hours 53 minutes. Besides, Jackie Owen is the instructor of this course. He is a professional web developer and SEO expert. 

    Furthermore, you can purchase this course with the purchase of Skillshare premium membership. Skillshares offer both monthly and annual plans. In the monthly plan, you have to pay $2.49. 

    Key Benefits

    • Get in-depth SEO knowledge
    • Free consulting from mentor  
    • Real-life Local SEO practice knowledge
    • Learn how to build authority trust.
    Jason Wright Local SEO (IMG)

    The IMG course is called all in one Local SEO Course. It helps you to level up your local SEO career to the next level. If you have a basic knowledge of WordPress, it would be helpful for you. Besides, most of the Local SEO courses don't discuss map packs. But you will get in-depth knowledge about map packs in this course. 

    Moreover, Jason Wright is the mentor of this Best Local SEO Course. He was a digital marketing expert in Disney, Myspace, and Playboy. Mr. Jason is a passionate and experienced local SEO expert. In the year 2019, he helped his clients generate more than  $10 million in profit. That must say, Jason Wright launched this course here to help the newbie people. So, if you are a newbie, this course is for you. 

    However, Jason Wright arranged this course into six modules and 43 lessons. After completing the course, you will also get a certificate. Besides, you can add this certificate to your CV, Linkedin, or Upwork profile. You can own this course forever for $579.

    Key Benefits

    • All in one Local SEO packages
    • Get 10+ years experience from a mentor  
    • Map setup process perfectly
    • Know about NAPW and Bus description
    Best Local SEO Course By Coursera

    Coursera is another world's most popular online learning platform. In contrast, it is an American open online learning platform. Stanford University founded this online learning platform. To clarify, Coursera offers the world’s best online courses and degrees. In Coursera, you will find both skill development and academic courses.

    If you find any best Local SEO Course from the best learning platform, you can choose Coursera. Because their Local SEO Tutorial is very qualityfull. You can learn in-depth Local SEO from here. Through this course, you will learn advanced SEO strategies. 

    Moreover, this Local SEO course is arranged to 14 content. The full course length is 1 hour 30 minutes. Besides, this SEO course mainly focuses on content writing, analysis, editing, and others. 

    Rebekah May is the instructor of this course. She is the head of organic acquisition in Fishburn. Besides, she has a lot of experience in the SEO sector. You can enroll in this course for free. However, you have to purchase the plan or collect the ID from your college or university if you want a certificate. 

    Key Benefits

    • Free course
    • In detail SEO knowledge  
    • Detail knowledge about content planning, strategy
    Best Local SEO Course By ClickSlice

    Click Slice Local SEO Training Course is the top-rated Local SEO course in the industry. It shares the proven process that helps you to rank on the search engine’s first page. So, if you find any course on how to rank fast on Google’s first page, this course is for you. 

    To clarify, it is specially made for those who have a local business. And also made for those people who want to learn in-depth SEO. 

    Moreover, you don't need any basic SEO knowledge before joining this course. But if you know the basic WordPress, it will help you a lot. The total course duration is 5 hours. The Click Slice’s course fee is £199. However, you can pay these three installments. You have to pay £66.33 for each installment. 

    So, if you want to Learn Local SEO in-depth, you must buy this course. The course fee is high. But it has an installment opportunity and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

    Key Benefits

    • Top-rated course
    • Learn to beat competitors with optimizing websites like the SEO Pro.  
    • Get tons of content ideas
    • Build citations and rank fast
    • Three installment payment opportunity
    Local SEO Shark

    Local SEO is beneficial for local businesses. You can see lots of local businesses around you. Nowadays, many local businesses have a website. Because it is tough to grow any business in this online era without websites and SEO. So, you must focus on both sides.

    Local SEO Shark is one of the demandable Local SEO Courses.  You can learn Local SEO Step-by-Step in this course. 

    Moreover, this course has eight different sections. However, you will get some materials with this course. The materials are the SEO audit checklist, client intake form, and audit presentation for the client. Both materials are very useful. Besides, you will get some business blogs from the mentor.

    Furthermore, Tom Gaddis is the mentor of this course. He is a full-time local business consultant. However, Mr. Tom provides all types of internet marketing services, and SEO is one of them. On this platform, his local SEO course price is just $97.

    Key Benefits

    • Best website idea
    • Learn everything audit perfectly  
    • DFI Client audit presentation
    • Collect perfect backlink
    Local SEO Ninja

    Local SEO Ninja is a premium Local SEO Course. To clarify, there are a lot of premium courses in the market. But you cannot compare those with the Local SEO ninja course. Because this is a top rated course. Most people started their SEO journey by learning from Local SEO Ninja. 

    However, the Local SEO Ninja’s Local SEO Course module is arranged with 39 videos. The total course duration is 5 hours. The good thing is you will get 100 SEO software tools by enrolling. Some tools are Article rewriter, Word count, grammar checker, Link analyzer, Google index checker, etc. Besides, you will get some bonuses that will help you to flourish in your SEO career. 

    Furthermore, the course price is $97.00. You have to pay the fee one time. There is also a refund policy. If you are not happy with the course, they will give you a full refund. But you have to apply for a refund within 30 days. 

    Key Benefits

    • Get 100 SEO software tools after purchasing
    •  80% off after course launch
    • Get some important additional resources
    • 30 days 100% money-back guarantee
    • Get content ninja premium WordPress plugin

    FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

    How Can I Learn Local SEO ?

    Local SEO course is a demanding course in the world. Because if your local business has a website, you must focus on local SEO to get a rank in local search results. So, it will give extra benefits if you Learn Local SEO. Try to learn this Local SEO Step-by-Step. You can learn this local SEO from different platforms.

    Moreover, you can learn Local SEO online. YouTube is your best free mentor. Because you will get some in-depth videos about Local SEO. Otherwise, you can take courses from some free and paid platforms. However, here are some learning platforms that can provide courses at low prices. You can also check this article's course. All the courses are qualityfull. 

    What is the best course to buy for Local SEO ?

    There are 15+ Best Local SEO courses. To clarify, all the courses contain quality. You will get in-depth Local SEO knowledge from all the courses. Some courses are free. But most of the courses are paid. Many paid course prices are very high, and some are low. That must say that every course gives you proper SEO knowledge.

    However, everyone wants to know about the best local SEO course to buy. If you want to know the best from the above, try the Alastair Dunstan course. You must take this because it contains every SEO solution. 

    Besides, the Bullet Proof SEO course price is $497. That must say, it is a very high price course, but it ensures good quality and best support. So, if you need the best one, Bullet Proof Local SEO is the best choice for you. 

    What are the differences between local SEO and global SEO?

    There is little difference between local SEO and global SEO. Before knowing the difference, you must know the definition of both SEO. 

    Local SEO is the process of ranking a website on local search results. In local SEO, keyword placement is made with a particular area. Global SEO means to rank your website globally with a global keyword.

    So, the difference is you have to focus on local keywords in local SEO. In contrast, you cannot focus on local keywords in global SEO. You have to focus on global keywords.

    Besides, you must focus on mobile optimization. Because 61% of mobile users search to contact local businesses. However, you don't have to focus only on mobile optimization in global SEO. Lastly, reviews are a crucial fact of local SEO. But reviews are not the only significant factor in global SEO. 

    Executive Summary 

    I hope now you understand which is the best Local SEO Course. Here, you will get top class 15+ best local SEO courses. All Local SEO courses are not paid. You will get some courses for free. But most of the course paid.

    However, you have to enroll in a paid course if you want to get support from your mentor.

    Moreover, if you have a local business with a website. Then, you have the biggest chance to grab a good position on search engines. I also suggest to build guest blogging backlinks for your website. So, grab the success with your local business and shine it.

    Also, if you need any help about local SEO for your website , you can contact with me. I will definitely help you. Because ,I've been working in this industry over about 5+ years.

    Ask Your Questions

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