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   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated November 15, 2023

Are you looking for a reliable data platform? Let me introduce Bright Data, your reliable solution. Wanna learn more? Don’t worry! I will share the details and my user experience as a Bright Data review.

Bright Data is the world’s best web platform. Its former name was Lumitani Network. It offers a vast range of proxies in cities and countries on a global basis.

So, this platform makes it easier for businesses to access up-to-date public and private data from the web.

Bright Data Review

Need an excellent proxy network? Then, Bright Data undoubtedly is the only network. Its giant network provides 72M+ residential IPs and uses advanced technology to target any country, city, ZIP Code, carrier, and ASN. 

Because of these services, Bright Data has become the first choice of customers worldwide.

bright data

The company also provides API Token, a secure method to replace your credentials when sending requests via API.

With its cost-effective solutions, fast and stable data collection, and flexibility and easy-to-use solutions, Bright Data is an ideal choice for businesses looking to quickly and securely access vital data from the web.

Why Has Bright Data Become the First Choice of Customers?

There are uncountable reasons that compel customers to choose Bright Data. It is the world’s best web platform used by Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses. 

Using web data, many companies can research and monitor data to make crucial decisions. On top of that, it recovers important public data most simply and efficiently. Also, it makes it very simple to access any public data for all.

Besides, Bright Data is the best solution to work fast and gather public web data at scale.

Also, it provides effortless conversion of unstructured data into structured data and superb customer support.

Customers tend to Bright data as it gives access to surreal technology with 3300+ granted patent claims.

Moreover, Bright Data is a cost-effective way to expand eCommerce performance. It allows tracking competitors’ performance at product, category, and brand levels.

By saving time and money, it gives access to reliable competitors’ data. Thus, it allows product availability, visibility, and even revenue.

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Features of Bright Data

  •  Cost-effective web data collection
  •  Effortless conversion of unstructured data into structured data
  •  Best customer support
  •  Actionable competitive intelligence for eCommerce
  •  Advanced and unique technology
  •  Giant IP network
  •  Superb geo-targeting

Pros & Cons Of  Bright Data


  • Cost-effective way to collect public data
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  • There are no free features
  • It is expensive 

Bright Data’s Customer Support

Bright data customer support

Bright Data is already at the top position for providing the best customer support anytime and anywhere. All queries can be asked to their attuned support agents.

Also, anyone can report suspected abuse to protect other customers and Bright data network.

Moreover, Bright Data provides different options to contact them. If anyone needs clarification about the right decision about sales, the Sales Inquiries option is available to find the right path as per requirement.

 Its Join Affiliate Program allows earning a commission by promoting Bright Data on a particular website.

On top of that, the super-fast way to contact Bright Data is through their public relations teams. They respond instantly on the deadline.

Employee Review of Bright Data

Bright Data has earned the affection of its employees for the service it provides to them.

About 91% of employees recommend this company to their loved ones. Basically, it takes excellent care of their every need and gives them proper security.

In concern of employees’ health, this company has arranged in-house chefs. Thus, it ensures no one gets sick because of unhygienic food.

Furthermore, employees are provided with enough advanced equipment necessary for the work's efficiency.

Besides, Bright Data maintains the professionalism. Therefore, it chooses every worker meticulously and places them in the right field.

This company does not compromise the quality of the work, so it trains the employees if needed before putting them on task.

Employees adore this company for another surprising reason. Bright Data even allows their fury dog to be brought to the field. There are dog walkers to take care of them. Isn’t it amazing!

However, employees have overwhelmingly positive feelings about Bright Data.

Bright Data VS Other Providers

Bright Data is considered the best web data platform for being a fast, reliable, cost-effective, and quality proxy service provider for business. It provides access to any website without being blocked through its residential IPs.

Moreover, Bright Data does not compromise its quality service as it uses authentic residential IPs. Thus, it ensures a high success rate for the business. An NOC team works 24/7 to prevent any crashes and fix the problem as soon as it occurs.

On top of that, Bright Data has super fast speed, unlike other providers. It has unlimited concurrent sessions that enable you to perform other solutions with the right architecture.

Besides, Bright Data is the only provider with 30M+ residential IPs, and 3M+ IPs remain active daily. So, no worries about getting IP staying anywhere in the world.

There are more features Bright Data provides beyond description. All these reasons keep Bright Data one step ahead of other providers.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Bright Data provides multiple choices for pricing and plans. It offers four types of proxy networks: Residential Proxies, ISP, datacenter, and Mobile Proxies. 

Let’s learn about the price and plans-

Residential Proxy

  • Pay as you go, no commitment: $7.35/GB
  • Micro-Package, $10: $6.30 for 1GB traffic.
  • Growth, $500: Monthly $6.25 for 80GB traffic.
  • Business, $1000: Monthly $5.52 for 181 traffic.
  • Enterprise, get a quote: Unlimited scale, premium SLA, free proxy manager, and custom price per GB.

Datacenter Proxy

  • Pay as you go, no commitment: $0.110/GB+ $0.80/IP
  • Micro-Package, $10: Monthly $0.094/GB+$0.48/IP
  • Growth, $500: Monthly $0.094/GB+$0.68/IP
  • Business, $1000: Monthly $0.083/GB+$0.60/IP
  • Enterprise, get a quote: Unlimited scale, premium SLA, free proxy manager, and custom price per GB.

ISP Proxy

  • Pay as you go, no commitment: $15/GB+$0.50/IP
  • Micro-Package, $10: Monthly $9.00/GB+$0.50/IP
  • Growth, $500: Monthly $11.25/GB+$0.50/IP
  • Business, $1000: Monthly $10.05/GB+$0.50/IP
  • Enterprise, get a quote: Unlimited scale, premium SLA, free proxy manager, and custom price per GB.

Mobile Proxy

  • Pay as you go, no commitment: $24/GB
  • Micro-Package, $10: Monthly $14.40/GB
  • Growth, $500: Monthly $18.36/GB for 27GB traffic
  • Business, $1000: Monthly $16.20/GB for 61 traffic
  • Enterprise, get a quote: Unlimited scale, premium SLA, free proxy manager, and custom price per GB.

Bright Data provides 10% OFF for annual payments. Also, it supports numerous payment methods: PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank transfers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bright Data?

A web Data platform that also provides proxy solutions for efficiently gathering public web data is called Bright Data.

This platform is widely used by Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, small businesses, etc.

Bright Data has a giant network consisting of over 30M+ residential IPs worldwide. It has made easy access to any website for everyone to collect public data.

Is Bright Data legit?

There is no doubt about the legitimacy of Bright Data. This company has been working for several years with its legitimate fame.

Also, there is hardly any negative review of the users of Bright Data. Moreover, this proxy site has no record of getting banned.

Why is Bright Data so essential?

Bright Data has a remarkable impact on the success of any online business. It is super fast, reliable, cost-effective, and the most effective platform compared to other providers.

Bright Data allows everyone access to any website to retrieve public data. Significantly, It has over 30 million residential IPs, which is still growing. Also, it provides 24/7 customer support that is adhered to solving any problem of customers.

Is Bright Data safe?

Bright Data is designed to ensure its users' privacy and data protection. It just uses the computer’s free resources to download any public data.

In addition, it keeps users anonymous and hides all online activities from others. So, it is pretty safe to use Bright Data.

Is Bright Data free to use?

Bright Data offers a free trial only for seven days. After that, one has to pay for the particular plan he chooses.

Users have to read the price and plan section to make the right plan for their business as per their budget.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Bright Data is an excellent choice for those who really want to have a reliable, speedy, cost-effective, and efficient proxy solution for their business. Users can blindly trust Bright Data as it has been recognized as the #1 platform in the world.

With Bright Data’s residential IPs, users can take their business to another level. Over 3M+ IPs are always active from 30M+ IPs for customers each day.

Moreover, it offers excellent features and a 99.99% network uptime guarantee. Also, Bright Data provides its partners access to unique technology with its 3300+ granted patent claims.

All in all, Bright Data is the most powerful web data platform and proxy solution. It provides full privacy to its users. After considering all its aspects, no other companies are as competitive and effective as Bright Data.

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