12 Best Cheap Residential Proxies Provider (Free Trial)

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated January 30, 2024

In the digital era, businesses must go on with huge data collections for analytics. 

However, the large quantity data collection process is very critical. 

Digital marketers and business owners tend to buy residential proxies from renowned companies to overcome this circumstance.

These proxies relieve them from getting blocked, IP bans, and other restrictions.

Also, residential proxies help to gather a huge amount of data hiding your original identity.

Now, which companies are the best to buy residential proxies?

Do not worry. After researching, testing, and conducting with the people, I have short-listed some of the best residential proxy providers running their businesses with dignity.

So why are you waiting for? Let's dive into the further details.

The best Residential Proxies Providers companies as of September 2024 are:

      1. Bright Data

      2. NetNut

      3. Smartproxy

      4. Nimbleway

      5. InstantProxies

      6. Oxylabs

      7. Proxy-cheap

      8. Proxy-seller

You’ll find more details on those 7 companies below if you want. Let’s choose the best one.

Best Residential Proxies Providers

I’ll start with the top 7 recommended Residential Proxies Providers, beginning with #1:

Bright Data Residential Proxy
  • Overview

  • Benefits

  • Pricing

  • Pros

  • Cons

  • My Experience

Bright Data is considered the cheapest Residential Proxy. It is a super-fast residential proxy network that covers around 195 countries worldwide. No longer worry about being blocked or restricted with Bright data.  Also, you can target any country, city, zip code, carrier, and ASN.

Moreover, this proxy provider offers exclusive features that every developer prefers these proxies. It decreases the cost of scraping and provides advanced unblocking technology and the highest quality data. Also, its residential IPs are 100% ethically sourced. With its amazing working capability and fast results, you will surely be successful in business. So, maximum developers keep trust in Bright Data.

Bright Data Proxy Adwords

Furthermore, from where you are collecting the residential proxies is very important to be ethical. As the source plays a vital role to sustain your dignity and the data’s authenticity.

Bright Data Special price discount (1)

Do not worry. Bright Data comes up with unlimited real residential IPs and is shared by real people. Moreover, it ensures you comply with all relevant data protection legal requirements. I recommend to Read Bright Data Details review.

Netnut residential proxy

Used best for Web Scraping, Price Comparisons, Market Research & SEO Monitoring and Tracking.

  • Overview

  • Benefits

  • Pricing

  • Pros

  • Cons

NetNut is among the best residential proxies for its fastest residential IP network. Here, you will have 52M+ Residential IPs with global coverage, ISP connectivity, and unique performance. NetNut is a very dynamic proxy service provider that allows you to extract web data safely and hassle-free. 

Are you in search of something that can fulfill your exceptional needs? Then no worries. With NetNut, you will experience having a wonderful service that can meet all your requirements at a very reasonable price.

To speed up your work, NetNut provides US datacenter proxies. Also, you get ISP proxies for instant access. Actually what not? Everything is here to satisfy you up to the bottom.

Moreover, this proxy provider serves its customers in many ways. Companies use it for web scraping, SEO, social media management, ad verification, etc. Specially, NetNut is designed to maximize your success rate. As it provides top-tier residential proxies.

Smartproxy residential proxies

SmartProxy is one of the cheapest residential proxies that provides 55M+ ethically sourced residential IP pools from 195+ locations worldwide. You can start using it for $4/GB only. It is considered the fastest residential proxies with high performance and reliability.

With SmartProxy, you get the best experience. It has 40M+ residential proxies with HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocol support. You receive fast responses from them and ensure of getting a 99.9% success rate. All these services let you enjoy stress-free proxying.

Besides, SmartProxy keeps you unrevealed to the target server. As your search requests are routed via its proxy server where your IP address changes. Therefore, you can have full privacy with this proxy network.

Moreover, you can have the facility to choose IPs based on country, city, and mobile carrier with SmartProxy. The proxies it provides are real device IPs from almost 100 countries worldwide. So, you can reach the world where you want to.

Special Key Benefits

  • Premium quality and stability
  • Full privacy and security
  • Huge IP pool targeting worldwide
  • Unlimited connection and threads
  • 55M+ real device IPs

Plans And Pricing

SmartProxy offers very simple and reasonable pricing plans for its clients. Prices have been updated. Now, proxies start from $4/GB which is the least price so far.

Let's check the price in detail-

  • Pay as you go, 1GB: Now it is only $8.5/GB. The price per GB is $8.5.
  • Nano, 2GB: Now it is only $7/GB. The price per month is $14.
  • Micro, 8GB: Now it is only $6.5/GB. The price per month is $52.
  • Starter, 25GB: Now it is $6/GB. The price per month is $150.
  • Regular, 50GB: Now it is $5.6/GB. The Price per month is $280.
  • Enterprise, Advances, 100GB: Now it is $520/GB. The price per GB is $5.2, Whitelisted IPs 5 and username: password 5.

Among all the plans, Micro is the most popular. Moreover, SmartProxy gives you a 14-day money-back option. So, try out the plan you need and enjoy its service.

Reasons to Buy

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Save time and effort
  • Never get blocked
  • Get the best entry point
  • Very reasonable price

Reasons to Avoid

Poor stability and lacks of mobile proxies


InstantProxies is considered one of the industry's best cheap residential proxy providers. It is a dedicated private proxy provider based in the United States. This company specializes in data center proxies and is useful for search engines as well as audit management.

If you are in search of budget-friendly residential proxies, then InstantProxies can be the best option for you. It lacks variety as almost all of its proxies are located in the US.

But nevertheless, its popularity is very high due to its pocket-friendly price. You can not find a premium proxy company that offers such a low price as InstantProxies.

Besides, InstantProxies can be used in many ways. You can use it for general browsing activities. Apart from that you can also use it for scraping Amazon Sites.

Moreover, it works comfortably with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So you can easily do social media management with it. However, InstantProxies is not perfect for sneaker bots.

Special Key Benefits

  • Advanced control panel
  • Proxy authentication
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100% compatibility
  • Worldwide location

Plans And Pricing

InstantProxies is different from its competitors. It can help you enough to reach your goal. Moreover, this company is very responsive. So whenever you need it, it will be on your side at any time. Anyway, let's discuss its pricing plans. 

As a premium proxy company, InstantProxies offers the lowest price. Plans and pricing is given below in detail-

  • IP-10, monthly $10: 10 Proxies, 2 multiple cities, 4 multiple subnets.

  • IP-25, monthly $25: 25 proxies, 3 multiple cities, 6 multiple subnets.

  • IP-50, monthly $50: 50 proxies, 4 multiple cities, 8 multiple subnets.

  • IP-100, monthly $100: 100 proxies, 5 multiple cities, 10 multiple subnets.

  • IP-250, monthly $250: 250 proxies, 6 multiple cities, 12 multiple subnets.

  • IP-500, monthly $500: 500 proxies, 7 multiple cities, 14 multiple subnets.

You can customize a plan if you need. Just contact support by issuing a support ticket. They will answer you very soon. Moreover, you can test the plans before buying.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great refund policy

  • Easy setup

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Decent speed

Reasons to Avoid

  • No free trial

  • Limited location coverage


Proxy-seller is another Cheap Residential Proxy Provider. It is a numerous data center proxy provider in the market.  Proxy-seller is an amazing combination that can fulfil your needs, including social media, SEO scraping, online gaming, website unblocking, etc. Such as flexibility in plans, rental periods, different versions of the IP address, etc. 

Besides, Proxy-seller is very uncommon due to its working process. It keeps the balance between providing affordable proxies and the proxies that work. You can buy both IPv4 and IPv6 from Proxy-seller. In contrast, maximum providers can not give you this support.

Moreover, Proxy-seller provides amazing payment policies. You can buy weekly proxies from them. You can not find this facility from other providers.

Proxy-seller has provided internet marketers with data center proxy services for seven years. Besides, you can use this for several purposes. Such as web scraping, social media management, online gaming, and SEO

Special Key Benefits

  • 100 networks and 300 subnets

  • 24/7 technical support

  • 24-hour refund policy

  • IP and username authorization

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Plans And Pricing

Proxy-seller offers very budget-friendly packages. They are very flexible also. You just have to pay for an individual proxy. However, it does not allow you access to a pool. 

Anyway, Proxy-seller provides four types of proxies. Proxy IPv4, Proxy IPv6, ISP proxies, and Mobile Proxy LTE. The prices depend on the IP version, location, and rental periods.

  • Proxy IPv4 - Location USA, Price starts from $1.07/IPs. 

    Location Europe, price starts from $0.82/IPs
  • Proxy IPv6- Location Europe, price starts from $0.08/IPs

    Location USA, price starts from $0.08/IPs
  • ISP Proxies - Location Europe, price starts from $1.60/IPs

     Location USA, price starts from $1.50/IPs
  • Mobile Proxy LTE - Location Europe, price starts from $45/IPs

    Location USA, price starts from $30/IPs

Moreover, the payment method of Proxy-sellers is amazing. They offer a variety of methods so that anyone can use their service. They cover PayPal, QIWI, VISA, Master Card, BitCoin, and whatnot. Besides, you ask for a refund within 24 hours of payment. So, rush to their service and give it a try.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheap price

  • Payment methods variation

  • Proxy refreshment available 

  • High-speed

Reasons to Avoid

  • No trial of proxies

Nimbleway is one of the easiest and most modern Residential Proxy Providers. It utilizes AI technology to keep you free from getting blocked and geo-restriction. It provides premium proxies that deliver data smoothly. Also,  its high performance saves your engineering time and computing costs.

With Nimbleway, you will experience modern infrastructure and premium quality. It lets you access the data you need every time. You get the best and fastest performance of Nimbleway once you buy its service. This residential proxy free trial is also available for every plan.

Besides, you can use different types of IP on this platform such as Datacenter, ISP, Residential, etc. Nimbleway enables you to access any data, whether it is difficult to access. It also minimizes the cost of launching millions of requests.

Basically, Nimbleway is the best option for collecting public data. You have the full freedom to gather external data from any website. Read Nimbleway details review here. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Premium IP quality

  • Easy and intuitive interface

  • State and city-level targeting

  • Modern infrastructure

Plans And Pricing

Nimbleway makes data delivery so smooth. It provides some amazing packages at affordable prices. Such as

  • Free trial, $0/week: Get 100 credits and 22GB
  • Essential, $600: 600 credits and $9.2/GB.
  • Advanced, $1600: 1600 credits and $7.5/GB
  • Professional, $3600: 3600 credits and $5.5/GB
  • Enterprise, get an offer: Premium SLA and custom package.

Among all the plans, the advanced plan is the most popular. You get a 10% discount if you subscribe yearly. All the plans are very flexible. Choose what is the best suit for your business. Also, you get a free trial for every plan except enterprise.

Reasons to Buy

  • Gather unlimited data from any website

  • Stable API

  • Deliver data smoothly

  • High-quality performance

Reasons to Avoid

  • New in the market

Proxy Cheap residential proxies

Proxy-cheap is a Residential Proxy Provider. It offers enterprise-level proxies for newcomers and professionals. You get the best price with a wide choice of locations. It is very trustworthy and regularly upgraded IPv4 proxies at your service. 

Moreover, Proxy-cheap does very crucial work for you. It monitors all your proxy usage, generates new IPs, etc directly in the dashboard. You never feel account management so easy and convenient. Proxy- cheap makes it easy for you.

Besides, Proxy-cheap makes your life more comfortable. You are now able to avoid block-dodge restrictions by its rotating residential proxies. It removes your tensions of dealing with CAPTCHAs and being banned.

Proxy-cheap provides high-quality support with speed by selecting reliable sources. It also boosts privacy for you. All in all, you can perform your daily tasks smoothly even though you are a beginner. 

Special Key Benefits

  • 6M+ Residential IPs

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Personal dashboard

  • Free from CAPTCHAs

Plans And Pricing

Proxy-cheap offers the best price in the proxy market. It serves you from any corner of the world. It allows you to work freely by removing limitations, blocks, etc. 

It offers 3 types of plans. Let's discuss the Residential plan -

  • From 1GB will cost $4.99 per GB
  • From 50GB+ will cost $3.99 per GB
  • From 200GB+ will cost $2.99 per GB

Also, include: Authentication- User/Pass only

                       Proxy protocol- IPv4 HTTP

                       Proxy types - Rotating/Session

                       Session IP duration - Up to 30+

Proxy- cheap also provides Datacenter proxies plan, Static residential plans, and Mobile proxies. All the plans contain amazing features at affordable prices. You can choose what is best for you.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy setup

  • Free from restriction

  • Everything is in self-control

  • Security and privacy

Reasons to Avoid

 Sometimes anonymity can be a problem

Oxylabs residential proxies

Oxylabs is basically a company that provides premium residential proxies. You can use this for various activities related to market research. Also, it enables you to get rid of blocking during scraping. It makes data gathering more comfortable. Moreover, it solves the problem of getting blocked at the time of scraping.

Oxylabs is an effective Residential Proxy Provider. It has huge proxy networks that enable you to power your web scraping project. You can also cope up with the geo-location blocks easily. As it has worldwide coverage of Residential IP addresses.

Besides, when you start working with Oxylabs, you will have a hassle-free experience. As Oxylabs rotating residential proxies are easily integrated. Also, it allows you to manage your proxy usage with its dashboard. 

You will be more instigated to know that Oxylabs provide free proxy management tools. So, you can try this out undoubtedly.

Special Key Benefits

  • 100M+ residential IPs

  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocol

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Geo-targeting location

Plans And Pricing

Oxylabs Residential Proxy Provider has a market-leading proxy pool of 100M+. It offers very simple pricing and plans with no hidden cost.

Let's check the regular price and plans-

  • Pay as you go, $10/GB: Traffic up to 50GB monthly, unlimited concurrent sessions, city-level targeting, 24/7 support.
  • Micro, monthly $99, $9/GB: Traffic 11GB, unlimited concurrent sessions, free geo-targeting, city-level targeting, etc.
  • Starter, monthly $300, $8/GB: Traffic 38GB, unlimited concurrent sessions, city-level targeting, 24/7 support.

Advanced, monthly $600, $7/GB: Traffic 86GB, unlimited concurrent sessions, city-level targeting, 24/7 support.

The advanced plan is the most popular among all the plans. You will get additional service included in the price. Such as 3 sub-users, 10 whitelisted IPs, flexible rotation options, etc.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to manage

  • Trustworthy residential proxies

  • Free proxy management tools

  • Large proxy pool

Reasons to Avoid

  • The price is a little bit high.

Residential Proxies Comparison ( Top 7) 


Best For




Budget users


Beginners and professionals



$10.13/GB to $1000

From $8.5/GB to $280/GB

From $255

From $10 to $500Enter your text here...

Starts from $1.07

From 1 GB for  $4.99

From $15/GB to $800/GB








25 GB

Proxy Pool




10M+ residential IPs

Private pool

6M+ residential IPs

100M+ residential IPs


24/7 global support

24/7 customer support


24/7 customer support

24/7/365 including holidays

24/7 award-winning support


Special Offer

7 days free trial

3-day money-back guarantee

15% discount for a yearly subscription

100% refund on the latest payment

Refund within 24 hours

Unlimited mobile and data center IPv6 proxies

60% off from Oxylabs Clearance

More Residential Proxies Companies

Here are more options for residential proxy.


Lunaproxy is considered the best cheap proxy residential in this industry. By utilizing its infrastructure, you can support your crawlers. It is a trustworthy proxy IP service provider. So you can work with it without hesitation. Its starting price is only $0.7/GB.

Moreover, Lunaproxy provides a private IP address. Thus, it brings a high success rate to your business by giving you full anonymity. You never feel interpreted attending the meeting once you start to use Lunaproxy.

Besides, Lunproxy fascinates you with the 200M+ residential proxies you can use. Those are connected to country or city-level locations around the world. Therefore you are free to collect public data efficiently.

Lunaproxy has awesome advanced features that never let you be banned again. It is so easy to use that all work is done with a click of a button. These are not enough, you can know more about Lunaproxy once you visit its website. 

Special Key Benefits

  • 200M+ residential proxies

  • Global coverage

  • Zero verification code

  • Zero IP blocking

Plans And Pricing

Lunaproxy offers the best price in the market. It provides different types of plans such as Residential proxy, Rotating ISP proxies, Unlimited packages, and Static proxy.

Let's discuss the Residential proxy plan-

  • 5GB, total $15: Pay $3/GB and get 200M+ residential IP, 30-day validity periods, unlimited concurrency and bandwidth, country and city-level positioning, etc.

  • 40GB, total $88: Pay $2.2/GB and get 200M+ residential IP, 30 days validity periods, unlimited concurrency and bandwidth, country and city level positioning, 99.9% IP availability, etc.

  • 150GB, total $225: Pay $1.5/GB and get  200M+ residential IP, 30-day validity periods, unlimited concurrency and bandwidth, country and city level positioning, etc.

  • 280GB, total $308: Pay $1.1/GB and get 200M+ residential IP, 30-day validity periods, unlimited bandwidth and concurrency, HTTP(S)/SOCKS5, country and city level positioning, etc.

  • 1000GB+20GB, total $816:  Pay $0.8/GB and get 200M+ residential IP, 30 days validity periods, unlimited bandwidth and concurrency, HTTP(S)/SOCKS5, country and city level positioning, etc.

The 5GB plan is for newcomers. The 150GB plan is the most popular among all the plans. You can customize any plan you want. You can start to work with the plan within a few seconds after selecting one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy integration with all tools

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Unlimited packages

  • High-speed residential static proxy network

Reasons to Avoid

Limited proxy user control

922proxy- residential proxy

922proxy is considered the most trusted Residential Proxy Provider. Recently, it declared a 70% discount on the eve of the new year with more exclusive features.

Besides, 922proxy provides over 200M IP residential proxies for your business. Also, it can fulfill all your global business needs. As it has proxy IPs for 190+ countries worldwide. 

922proxy serves you with excellent speed, link stability, high security, and more. As a result, it has been recognized as the fastest and cheapest proxy IP on the market. Moreover, you will have more solutions for your business with this proxy. 

Moreover, You can customize any service according to your needs by contacting with professional customer service team. Also, it will only take the fees of what IP you use.

Special Key Benefits

  • Real IP resource

  • IP address monitoring

  • Website optimization

  • 190+ countries coverage worldwide

  • 200M IP residential proxies

Plans And Pricing

922proxy offers some excellent prices and plans. However, it does not give a free trial opportunity. Nevertheless, you do not have to pay for the unused IP. 

This proxy provider offers four plans: ISP proxies, ISP proxies (enterprise), static residential proxies, and residential proxies. The starting price of Residential proxies is only $0.7/GB

Let’s learn the Residential proxies’ pricing

  • 5GB, $15: Pay $3/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency and bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

  • 40GB, $88: Pay $2.2/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency, bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

  • 90GB+40GB Free, $195: Pay $1.5/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency, bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

  • 200GB+100GB free, $330: Pay $1.1/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency, and bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

  • 1024GB, $819.2: Pay $0.8/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency, and bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

  • 3000GB, $2100: Pay $0.7/GB and get 30-day validity, user & pass authentication, unlimited concurrency, and bandwidth, exclusive server, etc.

You will get 40GB extra if you buy the 90GB plan. Also, this plan is very popular. On the other hand, purchasing the 3000GB plan will give you a 70% discount. All in all, the features are the same in any plan you buy. So, buy a plan according to your needs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable proxies

  • Fast link speed

  • More invisible

  • Long proxy sessions

  • High-security maintenance.

Reasons to Avoid

New in the market.


Squid is an application that provides proxy and caches service for HTTP, FTP, and other network protocols. Squid Proxies is a company that provides millions of private proxies for any legal use. It is one of the largest global proxy networks where you can have 1,000,000+ private proxies.

However, Squid proxies do not provide residential, mobile, or ISP proxies. You only get private data center proxies of your own. This company is very understandable and small-sized and has over ten years of experience.

Besides, Squid proxies offer a refund policy. If any problem arises and cannot be fixed, it will refund your money. However, this company promises that it will work thoroughly for your purpose. 

Moreover, you can ask for new proxies every month. Also, it offers custom proxy solutions.

Special Key Benefits

  • 1,000,000+ private proxies

  • Multiple IP subnets

  • Gigabit servers

  • Elite anonymity

Plans And Pricing

Squid proxies offer the best price in the industry. Packages are offered from 10 proxies to 1000 proxies. Prices are based on the number of proxies you buy.

Let's check the packages.

  • 10 proxies for $24 monthly. Also include 2 cities, 4 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 25 proxies for $48 monthly. Also include 3 cities. 6 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 50 proxies for $87 monthly. Also get 4 cities, 8 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 100 proxies for $160 monthly. Also, include 5 cities, 10 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed feature and quality.

  • 200 proxies for $ 290 monthly. Also, include 6 cities, 12 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 350 proxies for $455 monthly. Also, include 7 cities, 14 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 500 proxies for $575 monthly. Also, include 8 cities, 16 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

  • 1000 proxies for $910 monthly. Also, include 9 cities, 18 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, and guaranteed features and quality.

It has multiple options for payment. You can use PayPal, a card, or Bitcoin for payment. It allocates your proxies within 5 minutes of payments. So, take the service of Squid proxies for better results for your business.

Reasons to Buy

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Simple and quick setup

  • Privacy protection

  • Unrestricted bandwidth.

Reasons to Avoid

Private/ shared data center only


Hydraproxy provides unlimited access to the Internet without IP-based blocks and restrictions. and mobile proxy network with Granular control. Also, it provides granular control, country-level targeted IPs, no-money requirements, and more. 

This company has a colossal proxy pool of 5M+ real residential IPs to use with no hidden charge. You can use those IPs per your need in sequence or at once. No other proxy service provider can give you such a huge facility.

Moreover, Hydraproxy provides anonymous and undetectable proxies for you, keeping your real IP address concealed from the internet. Also, you will get full control over your proxies' protocol, network type, and location.

Special Key Benefits

  • Unlimited concurrency

  • HTTPS support

  • Random/Sticky IPs

  • 5M+ residential proxies

Plans And Pricing

  • Noob, 1-day access: Pay for standard $2.95 with 30min IP rotation and premium $3.95 with 5,10,30 min IP rotation.
  • Starter, 3 days access: Pay for standard $7.95 with 30min IP rotation and premium $10.95 with 5,10,30min IP rotation.
  • Regular, 7 days access: Pay for standard $15.95 with 30min IP rotation and premium $21.95 with 5,10,30min IP rotation.
  • Plus, 30 days access: Pay for standard $59.95 with 30-minute IP rotation and premium $79.95 with 5,10, 30-minute IP rotation.

Now check the Residential proxies plans -

  • Noob, 1GB-50GB: Pay $5 per GB
  • Starter, 50GB-150GB: Pay $4 per GB
  • Regular, 150GB-1000GB: Pay $3 per GB
  • Plus, more than 1TB: Pay $2.5 per GB
Hydraproxy’s plans are simple and so budget-friendly. The regular plan is the most used plan among all the plans for both Mobile and Residential proxies. This provider also offers Static Mobile proxies at $3 per day for 1 port/day. Also, it ensures you give money back what you paid when it failed to serve you properly. So don't worry about anything. Rush and grab the service.

Reasons to Buy

  • Unlimited access

  • Fast and reliable

  • Money back guarantee

  • No monthly cost

Reasons to Avoid

No state and city targeting

How to use residential proxies

There are 2 ways for using residential proxies. You can either use a browser extension or standalone apps. Both ways are easy to understand. Let’s check particularly

If you use a browser extension, you have to search for “extensions” in the settings. Install the free or premium residential extension. Then you need to enter the address port details given by the provider.

In terms of standalone apps, through residential proxy visit a website that you want to bypass. Before visiting, check if your proxy settings are configured. Enter the corresponding address. 

Remember that, this will only work if the website is hosted on a server that is accessible via your residential proxy.

Reasons to use residential proxy

Residential proxies are widely used throughout the world. There are lots of reasons behind it. Such as

Security & privacy

A residential proxy allows you to browse the internet more safely. Users appear online with real IP addresses. So the targeted sites are unable to block them.

Anonymous & data safety

It helps to hide your identity by covering up your IP address and internet browsing activities. Also, it keeps your personal information safe from being stolen by others. Besides, a residential proxy does not allow any website to detect you as a proxy user.

Research & price comparison

Residential proxies are very helpful and also they accelerate your market research work. There is very hard competition in the industry. So they also help you to compare the price of other competitors.

Authenticity of requests

Each residential proxy has a different location and a real IP address provided by ISPs. Therefore, it helps to expose your requests as more authentically as if requests are coming from real IP addresses.

Ad verification

With residential proxies, you can advertise your business to validate your affiliate links. It is important to test the advertising location across the countries by the business. Residential proxy helps you to track and monitor the ads that appear on your site.

Increase the speed

Residential proxies improve internet browsing speed by filtering out ads from websites and caching important web pages used by multiple devices. They typically provide faster connection speed without errors, lags, timeouts, and blocks. 

Safe from geo-blocking

Residential proxies help to monitor high-quality content from anywhere practically. Private proxy lets you access any website and content to be realized what you have been missing out on all this time.

These are some of the reasons mentioned above. It is very popular for the services it provides to individuals and businesses.

These are some of the reasons mentioned above. It is very popular for the services it provides to individuals and businesses.

Residential Proxy vs VPN

A residential proxy and a VPN have the same purpose. Both are tools that take care of your online privacy and security. Only their way of use and work are different. Such as

A residential proxy works as an intermediary device located on the normal device in a residential area. Each residential proxy has a different physical location. It helps to hide your identity and appears to be more legal to the website. 

Moreover, you can bypass certain restrictions through the residential proxy.  However, the residential proxy can not encrypt data.

In contrast, VPN works at the operating system level. To encrypt your organization’s data, VPN can help you to encrypt. It is widely used to access geo-restricted content or protect their online privacy.

In fact, both are good at their place. You need VPN to encrypt data, as a residential proxy can not do this. Again, a residential poxy is the best option to appear more legitimate to the website hiding the identity.

FAQs: Cheap Residential Proxies

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is a proxy that is located on a normal device. It uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider. It is a type of proxy server. Each proxy has a physical location and allows you to surf the web as a real user. 

Their IP address can easily detect any device's location though billions of devices are connected to the internet. Besides, it keeps you unrevealed and lowers the chance of getting blocked. For this reason, it is very popular.

How much does it cost to buy proxies?

The price of proxies basically depends on the package you select. Different proxies’ plans have different prices. Such as the cost of the starter plan can be $5 a month. Whereas the enterprise pan can cost over $100 a month. 

You can buy residential proxies from $1 to $15 per GB. The average price will be around $7/GB for 100 GBs. The cost of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies depends on the number of proxies you buy.

Where can I get free residential proxies?

Residential proxies are now on the popular list of proxies in the market. Due to some awesome features such as the undetectable, huge amount of IP addresses, real user footprints, and support for both rotating and sessions IPs, affordable price, they have become more popular than others. 

Residential proxies provide you with an IP address that belongs to the internet service provider and a real device. These are very expensive. Therefore, they only can allow using residential proxies free of cost for some days with a money-back guarantee.

How do I buy a residential  IP address?

There are lots of companies that provide residential IP addresses. You need to determine what types of IP addresses you want and how much you want to spend for that. IP brokers will help you to find a suitable seller and facilitate the transaction. So you need to contact them.

You need to get approval from the relevant Regional Internet Registry such as ARIN or APNIC. Then, give consent to the contract made by the seller. Transfer payment to a holding or escrow account.

Finally, the seller transfers the IP addresses to you. After receiving the IP address, release the fund to them. After getting the payment, the seller will send you an invoice. You need to complete the financial aspects of the transfer.

What is the difference between a proxy and a residential proxy?

A proxy is a system that acts as a medium between a client and a server on the internet. It keeps your computer safe by protecting it from cyber-attacks. Also, it helps in filtering, caching, anonymizing, or balancing web traffic.

A residential proxy, on the other hand, is a proxy that uses real IP addresses from residential ISPs. Every residential proxy has a different physical location. 

It helps to keep you anonymous and erases the chance of getting blocked. It also helps to funnel your data through one suitable device, hide your real protocol address, and so on. 

Are residential proxies detectable?

Residential proxies’ key policy is that it greatly lowers the chance of getting recognized and blocked. So, it is hardly possible to detect residential proxies as they mimic actual user behavior. But, sometimes some websites can detect them.

What are the best residential proxies for Supreme?

The best proxies for Supreme are-

  • Smartproxy
  • Oxylabs
  • Brightdata
  • Proxydrop
  • Netnut
  • Pocketstream, etc

Are residential proxies legal?

Yes, residential proxies are legal and authentic as long as they are used for legal purposes. Such as market research, brand protection, and verification, bypassing geo-restriction, etc. 

On the other hand, hacking, spamming, or doing fraud using residential proxies is illegal. One has to face legal consequences for doing any fraudulent activities.

How do I set up a residential proxy?

You can set up a residential proxy by following 3 simple steps. Such as

  • You have to find a renowned proxy provider company that offers residential proxies.
  • Then, you have to create an account with a provider and buy a subscription plan.
  • Configure the web browser or other software to use the residential proxy server IP address. Then port the number provided by the proxy provider.

Or, you can create your own proxy server by downloading and installing GlypeProxy. You can learn more about how to make residential proxies .

How long does a residential proxy last?

The duration of a residential proxy depends on the service provider. However, you can set how long your IP address will remain still before being assigned to a new one. 

Generally, a residential proxy remains constant for around 30 minutes. But ISP proxies are valid for 30 days until it is renewed from the dashboard.

What is the difference between SOCKS5 and residential proxy?

SOCKS5 is the secure version of the SOCKS internet protocol. It helps to route traffic from a client’s device through a proxy server. 

It is also known as a data center proxy. SOCKS5 automatically generates an IP address as soon as your device connects to it. Then forward your traffic from there.

In contrast, a Residential proxy is a proxy that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider, not a data center. It helps to route traffic via an intermediary server. The server accepts web traffic and passes it to another device or website.

Why use a residential proxy?

There are many facilities that a residential proxy provides. The reasons for using a residential proxy are-

  • It helps to hide your true identity. So the website you will visit can never be able to see your real IP address.
  • It reduces the chance of getting blocked. By changing the IP address each time when you extract public data from the website.
  • It protects your personal information.
  • It enables you to connect with unlimited IP addresses at the same time.
  • It offers faster speed as there is less overhead and fewer people use the same servers concurrently.
  • Residential proxy provides a higher success rate.

These are some of the reasons that you are compelled to use this proxy server. 


If you want to access any website anonymously, run multiple accounts, or bypass geo-restrictions, then the importance of a residential proxy knows no bounds. It keeps you safe from getting blocked and exposed. 

Residential proxies are sold by proxy providers with access to millions of IP addresses from various countries. 

In this article, I have selected 11 such residential proxy provider companies where you find the best service at the lowest price. I hope this article will help you thoroughly to find the perfect one.

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