Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated May 7, 2023
Bright Data Scraping Browser Review

Scraping browsers can save you hundreds of times so that you can boost your business growth. But which browser is best for web scraping?

I recommend using Bright Data Scraping Browser to get an all-in-one scraping tool. It is a powerful web scraping tool allowing users to extract data from websites easily. 

Besides, it is a browser extension that can be added to Chrome or Firefox, making it convenient for users to scrape data from websites in real-time. The tool is built with advanced features that enable users to scrape large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

You can find my Bright Data Scraping Browser Review and user experience in this post. So let’s dive into the article.

Bright Data Scraping Browser Review Summary 

Value of Money

Key Features and Benefits of Using Bright Data’s Scraping Browser

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser has several advanced features that simplify web scraping. Let’s explore a few key features and benefits of using it.

1. Automatic Data Extraction

Scraping Browser has an advanced algorithm that can automatically detect the data on a web page and extract it into a structured format. 

It is also optimized for data scraping and is ideal for scaling web data scraping projects without extensive infrastructure.

Scraping Browser- Bright Data

2. Bypass Toughest Website Blocks

Bright Data's Scraping Browser is an automated browser with built-in website unblocking capabilities, bypassing the most challenging website blocks while scraping data. 

It automates all website unlocking operations, including CAPTCHA solving and browser fingerprinting. You can also automatic retries, selecting headers, cookies, and JavaScript rendering. 

Using Scraping Browser on Bright Data's infrastructure, developers can quickly scale their web data scraping projects without requiring extensive infrastructure, making it ideal for large-scale data scraping.

Bypass the toughest website blocks with Bright Data scraping browser

3. Multiple Browser Compatibility 

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser can be used as a GUI browser on Bright Data's infrastructure and is the only browser with built-in website unblocking capabilities. 

It also works with Chrome and Firefox browsers. So you can integrate the tool into your daily workflow easily.

scale as many web scraping as you need by  Bright Data's scraping browser

4. Puppeteer & Playwright Compatible

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser has been developed to facilitate data scraping in large-scale projects. It uses Puppeteer and Playwright APIs to control a GUI browser and automatically manage all website unlocking operations. 

Also, It is fully compatible with Puppeteer and Playwright, making it easy for developers to integrate it into their workflow. Its automated unlocking capabilities and ability to evade bot detection make it a practical option for scaling web data scraping projects.

Puppeteer and Playwright for web scraping browser

5. Multi-Tab Scraping

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser lets users scrape data from multiple tabs simultaneously, increasing productivity and efficiency.

6. Easy-to-Use Interface

The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and use the tool even if they have no previous experience with web scraping.

7. Advanced Proxy Management

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser has a built-in proxy management system. It allows users to manage and rotate proxies to avoid detection.

How to use Scraping Browser for web scraping?

Web scraping has become an important activity for businesses and individuals alike. However, manually scraping data from websites can take time and effort. 

This is where Bright Data's Scraping Browser comes in handy. It is a powerful tool that allows you to extract data from any website with ease. 

Now I’ll guide you through using Bright Data's Scraping Browser to scrape data. Whether you are a novice or an expert in web scraping, I hope this guide will provide valuable information on using this tool effectively. 

So, let's get started.

5 Steps to Use Bright Data's Scraping Browser

Step 1

Sign in to your Bright Data control panel. Don’t have an account yet? Don’t worry. After adding your payment method, you can sign up for free and receive a $5 credit.

Bright Data Scraping Browser Sign Up

Step 2

Now Create a new scraping browser proxy right away. Go to the 'My Proxies' page and select 'Get started' under 'Scraping Browser.'

Bright Data Scraping Browser insight

Note: To add a proxy if one is already active, select "Add proxy" on the upper right.

Step 3

Choose and enter a name for your new Scraping Browser proxy zone on the "Create a new proxy" tab.

add proxy name

Note: Please provide a meaningful name for the zone because it cannot be modified after it has been created.

Step 4

Then click 'Add Proxy' to build and store your proxy.

Bright Data Proxy Scraping

Note: You must now add a payment method to authenticate your account if this is the first time you have done it. You'll also get a $5 extra credit if this is your first time using Bright Data. Worthy of mentioning, this is just for verification purposes; you won't be charged now.

Step 5

You can start your first browser session after confirming your account as described above.

You may discover your API credentials, which include your Username (Customer_ID), Zone name (connected to username), and Password, in the proxy zone's 'Access parameters' tab. 

Proxy Integration
Proxy Integration example

Finally, you will now use them to scrape website data.

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser Comparison with other web Scraping Tools

Many options are available for web scraping tools, but Bright Data stands out as the top choice. Compared to other tools like Selenium, and Scrapy, BrightData offers a more user-friendly and efficient experience.

What sets Bright Data apart from the rest is that this is the only browser with built-in website unblocking capabilities.
Scraping Browser automatically manages all website unlocking operations under the hood, including CAPTCHA solving, browser fingerprinting, automatic retries, selecting headers, cookies, & Javascript rendering, and more, so you can save time and resources.

Although Apify, ScrapingBee, Scraping-Bot, and ScraperAPI are popular tools, they cannot match Bright Data's accuracy and ease of use.

Compared to Cloud, OctoParse, Mozenda, Content Grabber, Common Crawl, and Scrape-It, Bright Data remains the superior option.

One unique feature of ScraperAPI is its ability to scrape any website with just a single GET request. However, Bright Data still outshines ScraperAPI regarding overall functionality and user experience.

In short, while there are many web scraping tools, Bright Data is the clear winner. Its ease of use, accuracy, and exceptional customer support make it the go-to option for any data extraction needs.

Customer reviews and feedback on Bright Data’s Scraping Browser

Bright Data's Scraping Browser has garnered excellent customer reviews and feedback. Users have reported ease of use and the helpful, responsive assistance from the team. 

Many customers have also commended the tool's multi-tab scraping feature, which has enabled them to scrape data from multiple sources simultaneously, saving them time and increasing productivity.

In other words, the platform's data extraction capabilities have been praised for their accuracy and high quality. Besides, it offers various proxy networks and browser-specific user agents to ensure requests originate from a user's browser, not a bot. 

The large IP address set has also been noted as a valuable feature. While the cost may be a little high, the representatives help find solutions to meet customers' needs.

So, Bright Data's Scraping Browser is a reliable and competent tool for web scraping needs.

Pros and Cons of using Bright Data Scraping Browser

  • Saves time
  • Increases productivity 
  • Provides accurate data 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Multi-tab scraping feature
  • Limited customization options
  • Only works with Chrome and Firefox browsers

Summary of Bright Data’s Scraping Browser Review

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is a powerful tool that can help businesses extract valuable data from websites quickly and efficiently. 

Does Bright Data’s Scraping Browser have an excellent customer review? Thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive user guide, my experience with Bright Data Scraping Browser Review has been exceptional. 

So I highly recommend getting a free trial to see how the Bright Data Scraping Browser can benefit your business. 

With this scraping browser, you can streamline your data extraction process and gain valuable insights into your industry.

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