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   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated November 12, 2023

Are you looking for a reliable data platform? Then, ScraperAPI is the best for you. I am going to share the ScraperAPI review here.

Web Scraping is Complex

What is ScraperAPI? 

ScraperAPI is an amazing tool that takes web scraping to another level by making it more understandable with a simple API.

You can now extract data from any web page with a simple API call and do not worry about proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. Leave that all to the ScraperApi.

Moreover, it provides JS rendering, geotargeting, or residential proxies to make you more comfortable scraping any site.

ScraperAPI is designed keeping in mind developers' needs. This tool is easily integrated and customizable.

Besides, Users are entirely relieved of getting blocked using ScraperApi. It takes all the responsibility of automated web scraping.

Therefore, there are no worries about dealing with IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

Features of ScraperAPI

  • 40M IPs around the world
  • 50+ geolocation
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Get unlimited scale
  • Easily integration
  • Headless browser support
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • Reviews of ScraperAPI 4.6 (61)
  • Starting Price $49/ month

Pros and Cons Of ScraperAPI


  • 99.99% uptime
  • Dedicated support
  • Ani-Bot bypassing
  • Large proxy pool
  • Geotargeting
  • Custom sessions support


  • Limited free plan features

Use Cases

Businesses, startups, and enterprise-level companies have used ScraperAPI widely for so long. It helps them collect clean and insightful data from any HTML without being blocked. With ScraperAPI, companies fulfill their web scraping needs.
Here are some of the use cases of ScraperAPI -

Learning about customers' feedback about the ScraperAPI

Knowing how customers feel about your product and services is crucial. You can only grow your business if your customers are satisfied.

By understanding the weak points, you can modify them to make a better approach. 

Monitoring online management

Knowing what discussions are taking place online around your brand can help you to fix things accordingly. However, it is impossible for the team to scroll media, websites, forums, and aggregators to collect this information manually.

Therefore, companies use web scraper tools to scrape this information to make the right decision about the brand by analyzing the conversation.

Price Monitoring

Determining the product’s price is an essential part as the success of a business is widely dependent on it.

So, companies use the ScraperAPI tool to optimize the price according to the industry's current situation. Using this tool also helps them to stay one step ahead of competitors.

Market research

ScraperAPI helps businesses scrape marketplace pricing, stock market data, job listing, or monitoring of the competitors' whereabouts.

Lead generation

Leads are the heart of any online business. The ScraperAPI tool is used to bring more leads at a low price and on a large scale.

SEO Monitoring

ScraperAPI helps to monitor search engine results pages (SERPs) for the targeted keywords.

How Does ScraperAPI Work?

ScraperAPI is a powerful tool that enables you to extract public data from any website using a simple API. It provides automatic proxy rotation to bypass IP blocking and anti-scraping measures. Also, it converts complex web scraping into a simple one.

This tool’s initiative function sends an HTTP request to a particular website. ScraperAPI connects to the target system using that request and extracts data from that system.

It also analyzes the resulting HTML responses. Then, the extracted data is presented in a structured format and sent to you for further processing and storage. 

What Makes ScraperAPI Different From Its Competitors?

Web ScraperAPI is a fantastic tool to scrape any website and extract public data effectively. It handles the complexity of web scraping and provides proxy rotation for the users to bypass IP blocks.

This company provides a wide range of premium services that keep this tool in a different place from others. Such as-

In terms of pricing, ScraperAPI always gives priority to determining the lowest price by comparing the features.

Unlike other providers, it scrapes the most challenging sites like Amazon and G2 at a fraction of the cost.

ScrapersApi provides premium features with every plan, such as auto proxy rotation, auto CAPTCHA handling, JS rendering, etc.

This company never judges its customers by the plan they choose. All the customers are equally valuable, and their professional team is always ready to answer the customer’s call.

On top of that, ScraperAPI always thinks differently and tries to give itself a better look every other day. This provider leaves no stone unturned to make web scraping easier, faster, and more reliable.

Prices and Plans

webscrapin price

With ScraperAPI, you can start scraping for free within a minute. Also, users get 5000 free API credits for seven days. Get 10% OFF for a yearly plan.

Hobby, $49/mo:

1,000,00 API credits, 20 concurrent threads, and US & EU geotargeting.

Startup, $149/mo:

1,000,000 API credits, 50 concurrent threads, and US & EU geotargeting.

Business, $299/mo:

3,000,00 API credits, 100 concurrent threads, and all geotargeting.

Enterprise, Custom/mo:

10,000,000+ API credits with premium features, support, etc.

Among all the plans, the Business plan is the most popular. Feel free to contact them if you need clarification about choosing the right plan or customizing them. 

Alternatives to ScraperAPI


A platform that offers a suite of tools for web scraping, data extraction, and automation. Scraping Apify tools provides a user-friendly interface for building web scraping workflows and also offers features such as automatic proxy rotation and headless browsing.


A desktop-based web scraping software that allows users to extract data from websites without coding. Octoparse web scraping tool offers a point-and-click interface for building web scraping workflows and can handle more complex web pages.

Each of these alternatives has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to choose the one that best fits your specific needs and use case.

Frequently Ask & Questions

What is ScraperAPI?

ScraperAPI is a web scraping tool that provides an API to make web scraping more reliable, simple, and fast. It allows you to scrape any public site smoothly with JS rendering, geotargeting, or residential proxies.

With this tool, users can scrape HTML content, PDF files, documents, and images. Also, users need not worry about getting blocked as it provides proxy rotation to bypass IP blocks.

ScraperAPI is an amazing tool to extract public data at a scale with a budget-friendly budget.

How to get started with ScraperAPI?

It is a very simple initiative to get started with ScraperAPI. You just need to sign up for an account on the ScraperAPI’s website. Get your API key from the dashboard.

Use this key to authenticate the requests. For further information, visit their website’s documentation option and follow the step-by-step guides.

Final Verdict

To sum up, ScraperAPI is one of the most potent tools to scrape the web for every business, startup, or enterprise-level company. It provides a wide range of exclusive features and premium customer support.

With its ease of use, fast performance, and premium customer services, ScraperAPI has become the first choice of customers looking for a better solution for web scraping.

Customers get valuable insight using this tool. Also, it emphasizes customers' value no matter what plan they choose.

So, ScraperAPI is a tool that makes web scraping easy and fast and strives for a business's success.

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