Apify Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated November 13, 2023

Are you looking for a way to automate your web scraping and data extraction? Get ready to unlock the power of the cloud with Apify. In this blog, I will share the details, user experience, and reviews of Apify.

Apify is a cloud-based software that automates web-based processes and workflows. It is a platform where developers can build web scrapers swiftly. Also, they can deploy as well as monitor web scraping and browser automation tools. 

Apify Review

Moreover, it provides a full-stack web scraping and data extraction solution for developers. They can collect any kind of information on the internet through Apify.

Also, it gives the advantage of Crawlee. With this famous library, users can create reliable scrapers in Node.js.

Besides, Apify guarantees its users never get blocked as it provides a large proxy pool of data centers and residential proxies.

Also, to save from being blocked, users depend on smart IP address rotation with human-like browser fingerprints.

With the advanced technology of Apify, you can also turn any website into an API. Apify is a one-stop solution for web scraping that enables you to scrape any data per your needs

Special Key Features

  • Pre-built templates
  • A large proxy pool of data center and residential proxies
  • Ease of bot creation
  • Ready-made integration
  • Supports multiple libraries
  • Ready-made integration
  • Cloud Extraction
  • Custom geolocation

Pros & Cons Of Apify Reviews


  • Facilities to choose favorite libraries
  • Never get blocked
  • Provide low-cost storage
  • Easy to use
  • Health monitoring


  • It can be expensive for larger datasets

Customer FeedBack About Apify

Apify Review

Customer feedback about Apify is excellent. They are fully satisfied with the service and features of Apify.

Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and exceptional customer support have attracted users' attention.

Moreover, customers love this software because of its ease of use, flexibility, pre-built scrapers, and integration capabilities.

Despite occasional bugs, Apify has become a popular choice at all technical levels.

Value of Money

According to the G2 software review platform, Apify has earned 4.8 stars out of 5 from 103 reviews due to its marvelous features and customer service. There are numerous platforms available online where customers highly rate Apify.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) score

Apify’s current score in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) is 92/100, which is very recommendable. Though this score has declined over the past months, customer appreciation and its abilities are at the same level.

Apify is a web-based platform that enables users to scrape data using the necessary tools, process it, and store it in a structured manner.

It can be used for multiple purposes, such as market research, lead generation, machine learning, product development, price comparison, etc.

It offers all the necessary tools that can simplify web scraping. Crawlee, a popular library, is provided by Apify for building reliable scrapers in Node.js.

It also supports Python and Javascript. Overall, Apify is one of the best tools for web scraping in all aspects.

How Does Apify Compare to Other Web Scraping Tools

Undoubtedly, Apify leaves no stone unturned to strive for the success of its customers. It is a full-stack platform where you get all the necessary tools to ease your web scraping.

Moreover, it provides many facilities compared to other web scraping tools. With Apify, users can build, deploy, and monitor web scraping and browser automation tools.

Also, it enables you to use your favorite libraries as it supports Python, Javascript, Scrapy, Selenium, etc. 

Besides, you can extract data from Amazon, eBay, and LinkedIn using its wide range of pre-built scrapers. In other words, Apify is not limited by a point-and-click approach like other tools.

Therefore, it is an ideal choice for data extraction, automation of any workflow on the web, and more.

Getting Started With Apify

Getting Started With Apify

To get started with Apify is very simple and cozy. Just open an account and you will come across the Apify Console.

It is worth mentioning that Apify supports integration with both Google and GitHub.

They take only 30 seconds to create an account. You will receive a verification email once you create an account.

Just click that email and be a part of Apify Console, where you get all the tools and features to scrape the web efficiently. It is very simple, isn’t it?

Real-World Use Cases of Apify

Real-world Use Cases of Apify

Apify has been used in various use cases ranging from lead generation to market research and price monitoring analysis.

Also, it can be used to automate tasks that would need to be done manually such as crawling and web scraping.

Moreover, Apify allows you to build your scrapers from scratch. If it is difficult, there are some tailored things available to assist you. Also, you can add custom features if needed.

Actually, the platform is a perfect package of automation tools, data for AI, browser automation, and more.

On top of that, the actors Apify provides work like a booster for any business’s success. For instance, you can use Instagram Profile Scraper for Monitoring social media.

Use Google Search Result Scraper for SEO monitoring. Use Send email to send emails automatically. There are more than 1000 actors available at Apify Store. 

All in all, Apify is like a game changer for every business that is struggling for success. It enables you to grow your business in every aspect.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

Apify offers a wide range of options with advanced features at different prices and plans. These plans are very flexible and can fulfill your needs.

Let’s learn about the price and plans in detail-

Free, $0/mo:

$5 free usage of monthly prepaid usage, 8GB RAM, 25 Max concurrent runs, $13/GB residential proxies, etc.

Starter, $49/mo and $44/year:

Monthly prepaid usage $49, monthly compute units 100 CUs included then $0.4/CU, 32GB actor RAM, $13/GB residential proxy, personal tech training $200/hour, etc.

Scale, $499/mo and $449/yearly:

Monthly prepaid usage is $499, monthly compute units 500CUs included then $0.3/CU, 128GB RAM, $11/GB residential proxies, personal tech training 1hour/quarter, etc.

Business, $999/mo and $899/yearly:

Monthly prepaid usage is $999, monthly compute units 1000CUs included then $0.25/CU, 256GB RAM, $10/GB residential proxies, personal tech training 1hour/month, etc.

Enterprise, Contact us:

Monthly prepaid usage is custom, monthly compute unit custom, unlimited RAM, Custom proxies, etc.

Apify also offers 10%OFF on yearly bills. You can choose a plan that is best suited for your business.

Frequently Ask & Questions

What is Apify?

Apify is a cloud-based platform that enables you to build, deploy, and monitor web scraping as well as browser automation tools.

It also helps to extract data instantly from any website like Amazon, TikTok, and Instagram. Apify eases web scraping by providing all the necessary tools.

Its actors work like a game changer for any business. Apify is a powerful platform for web scraping that allows you to collect any data without any restrictions.

How does Apify work?

Apify is a full-stack platform that makes users more comfortable doing headless browsers, infrastructure scaling, sophisticated blocking, etc.

Moreover, Apify does a wonderful job on behalf of the users to build their business’s success. Here are some of the tasks mentioned below-

  • It enables users to build reliable scrapers in Node.js using its popular libraries named Crawlee.

  • Apify lets you use your favorite libraries, which works with Python and Javascript. Also support Selenium, Scrapy, Playwright, or Puppeteer.

  • With Apify, you can turn your code into an Apify actor.

  • You can store anything from images and key-value pairs to structured output data using Apify.

  • You can run actors from Apify Console, CLI, via API, or schedule Actors to start anytime.

  • It also enables you to monitor the performance of your actors, validate your data, and receive alerts.

How to get started with Apify?

It is a very simple and comprehensive process to get started with Apify. Started by creating an account and learning about the Apify Console, where all actors are born.

Apify takes only 30 seconds to create an account. Let’s know the procedure-

  • Create an account on the sign-up page.
  • Check the verification email and click the link in the email
  • All set. Now, you are ready to go with Apify.

Is Apify free?

Apify is not free. One of its free plans, Starter, provides $5 worth of free usage per month. It allows you to use most of the features of Apify but in a limited portion. It does not even require a credit card.


To conclude, Apify is a powerful and user-friendly web scraping tool that enables you to collect data more efficiently and quickly. It also automates workflows.

With its huge proxy pool of data centers and residential proxies, you can bypass restrictions and save yourself from getting blocked. With Apify, you get a wide range of features with exclusive customer services.

Moreover, Apify can be integrated with any app. Also, it offers all the necessary tools that are needed to scrape the web.

On top of that, Apify is the platform where users can make money by sharing their actors on its store.

I appreciate this tool and also recommend using it with others.

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