5 Best Instagram Profile Scrapers in 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated March 27, 2024
Best Instagram Profile Scrapers

If you're looking to gather data from Instagram for research or marketing purposes, you'll need a reliable Instagram Profile Scraper. These tools are designed to extract user data such as usernames, followers, following, and engagement metrics from Instagram profiles. 

Various Instagram Profile Scrapers are available, from Chrome extensions to Python scripts. In this article, I'll reveal the top five Instagram Profile Scrapers in 2024.

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The Best Instagram Profile Scrapers – Quick Summary:

  1. Bright Data – feature-rich Instagram scrapers.
  2. Apify – a no-code Instagram scraper with a point-and-click interface.
  3. PhantomBuster- Automate Web Data Extraction, Boost Productivity.
  4. Smartproxy – great value for money plus a HTML parser.
  5. ScrapingBee - Efficient Web Scraping, Hassle-Free Service.

Is Scraping Instagram Against the Rules?

Instagram, like most social platforms, isn't a fan of web scraping and has taken legal action against companies that scrape data, emphasizing its stance.

Essentially, scraping isn't outright banned. However, it's crucial to navigate carefully to avoid legal issues. The US Ninth Circuit Court has clarified that data scraping is permissible for publicly accessible information not protected by intellectual property rights.

Be mindful of handling personal data and consider legal advice for specific scenarios, as legal interpretations can vary by case.

How Instagram Thwarts Scraping Efforts?

Instagram employs two primary methods to detect and block scrapers: analyzing IP addresses and examining browser fingerprints.

Firstly, Instagram scrutinizes how users interact with its site. Real users exhibit random browsing patterns, unlike the predictable behavior of bots. Additionally, the platform limits the number of connections a user can make, and the type of IP being used matters. Accessing Instagram via datacenter proxies often leads to blocked access, especially if your activities trigger red flags due to excessive requests or patterns that appear automated.

Secondly, inconsistencies in browser fingerprinting can also lead to bans. Instagram tracks device and software details, such as browser type and request headers. Discrepancies, like a mismatched user agent and operating system, are easily spotted.

Given Instagram's robust anti-bot measures, using reliable Instagram proxies and services adept in proxy management and evasion techniques is crucial for successful scraping without getting blocked.

Instagram Profile Scraping Tool Of Bright Data

Bright Data is a powerful web data extraction platform. It offers various data collection services, including an Instagram Profile Scraper. The tool uses residential proxies to mimic real users and offers unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connections.

It is also one of the best scraping tools. With its reliable and robust network connections, you can easily configure your settings and quickly scrape valuable data. 

Whether you need to monitor your social media competitors, analyze customer feedback or track your best-selling products, Bright Data makes extracting that information from Instagram profiles easy. 

Their custom datasets and web scraper IDE allow you to scrape data from any website you desire and tailor your results to fit your needs. Also it has own scraping browser. You can use that scraping data perfectly. 

The Bright Data platform is also user-friendly and offers excellent customer support. So it is an ideal choice for businesses and researchers who need reliable and scalable data extraction solutions for Instagram Profile Scraping.

  • Web scraping tools: General-purpose web scraper, proxy-based API, datasets. 
  • Locations: Global with city & country targeting. 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests. 
  • Data parsing: Yes, with datasets and Web Scraper IDE. 
  • Pricing: Starts at $500. Web Scraper IDE: $3.08/ 1,000 requests; Web Unlocker: $2.25/1,000 requests or pay as you go $3/1,000 requests; Dataset: $0.001/record. 7 days free trial for business clients.
  • IG Profile Scraper using Apify

    Apify is a cloud-based web scraping and automation platform that offers a versatile Instagram Profile Scraper. The tool uses headless Chrome browsers to simulate user behavior and supports multiple languages and frameworks.

    The Apify Instagram Profile Scraper can extract data from public and private profiles, including usernames, followers, following, engagement metrics, and posts. 

    It also offers various customization options like filtering, sorting, and data formatting. The platform's no-code automation and intuitive interface make it easy for anyone to use, even without technical experience. 

    Besides, it has various powerful features, including custom crawlers, API integration, and data processing. It also provides various integration options, such as Zapier and Google Sheets, making it an ideal choice for non-technical users. 

    Thus Apify is simply the best tool for Instagram profile scraping. So why not give it a try and see the results for yourself?

  • Web scraping tools: No-code scrapers. 
  • Locations: Unknown. 
  • Pricing model: Based on usage. 
  • Data parsing: Yes. 
  • Pricing: monthly plans starting from $49 with $49 platform credits and 30 shared datacenter proxies. A free plan with $5 platform credits is available
  • Instagram Profile Scraper through PhantomBuster

    PhantomBuster is a popular web automation and data scraping platform that offers an Instagram Profile Scraper as one of its many tools. The tool uses a headless browser and supports multiple languages and frameworks.

    One of the most helpful features of PhantomBuster is its Profile Scraper, which allows you to extract valuable data from Instagram profiles quickly and easily. 

    You can easily automate web scraping of Instagram data from profiles, usernames, posts, photos' URLs, or hashtags. The process is also very user-friendly since I only have to add my session cookie and the spreadsheet URL and then limit the number of profiles to process.

    Besides, the PhantomBuster platform offers a visual editor and a REST API for building custom data extraction workflows. It also provides various integration options, such as Slack and Trello, making it an ideal choice for teams and marketers. 

    So if you're looking for an efficient and reliable way to scrape Instagram profiles, PhantomBuster is the answer.

    What's the damage?

    I've been a longtime user, locked in at a legacy rate of $56 monthly. Here's what I get:

    • 1 hour of usage daily
    • Capability to run 5 Phantoms simultaneously
    • 20 daily email credits (with variable email scraping quality)

    Comparing this to the current plans:

    • Starter: $56/month for 20 hours of execution, 5 slots, and 500 email credits.
    • Pro: $128/month for 80 hours, 15 slots, priority support, and 2,500 email credits.
    • Team:$352/month offers 300 hours, 50 slots, 10,000 email credits, priority support, and a dedicated expert.
    Instagram Profile Scraping through SmartProxy

    SmartProxy is a proxy service provider that offers residential and data center proxies for web data extraction and automation. This platform also offers a dedicated Instagram Profile Scraper tool that uses residential proxies to bypass anti-scraping measures.

    SmartProxy allows me to extract valuable data from Instagram profiles, including follower information, likes, and interests, which I can use to shape and improve my business strategy. 

    One of the significant benefits of SmartProxy is its ability to bypass the limitations set by Instagram, using proxies and other methods to deliver the needed data. 

    Besides, the platform is user-friendly, making it easy for me to instruct the tool on the data type that I need, and it provides an organized and structured output that is ready to be analyzed. 

    With SmartProxy, I can stay updated with the latest trends, improve audience engagement, and mitigate public relations challenges. It also provides various integration options, such as API and SDK.

    So it is an ideal Instagram Profile Scraper for developers and businesses that must integrate data extraction into their workflows.

  • Web scraping tools: Specialized web scraping API. 
  • Locations: 195 with country-level targeting. 
  • Pricing model: based on successful requests. 
  • Data parsing: Yes. 
  • Pricing: Starts from $50 for 25,000 requests ($2/1,000).
  • ScrapingBee Instagram followers scraper

    ScrapingBee is a web scraping API service that offers a dedicated Instagram Profile Scraper endpoint. The tool uses headless browsers and rotating proxies to bypass anti-scraping measures and extract data from Instagram profiles.

    The ScrapingBee platform is easy to use and offers various integration options such as Python, Node.js, and PHP libraries. It also provides excellent documentation and customer support. 

    Thus it is an ideal Instagram Profile Scraper for developers and businesses. I recently used their services for a scraping project and was blown away by their comprehensive API and easy-to-use features. 

    You got screenshots of each page and extract data from the corresponding HTML pages, making my scraping project even more successful. 

    So, if you're looking for a reliable, well-documented, and flexible solution for your Instagram profile scraping project, try ScrapingBee today! 

  • Ease of Use: With a 94% 5-star rating on Capterra for usability, users rave about ScrapingBee's simplicity (refer to Figure 1).
  • Features: Scoring an impressive 4.9 average, ScrapingBee's API reliability and premium proxy services stand out as user favorites (see Figures 1 & 2).
  • Customer Support: Exceptional support garners top marks, complemented by the valuable insights from the ScrapingBee blog.
  • FAQs: Instagram Profile Scraper

    How do you scrape an Instagram profile?

    Several tools allow you to scrape Instagram profiles, such as Bright Data, Apify, PhantomBuster, SmartProxy, and ScrapingBee, as discussed earlier in this blog post. 

    Once you have selected a scraping tool, you must provide it with the Instagram username of the profile you want to scrape.

    The tool will then extract the profile's data, including the profile picture, bio, followers, following, posts, and other relevant information.

    Do You Need More Instagram Scraping Tools ?

    There are a lot of IG scraping tools and API available . Here are some of them.


    Do you choose the best Instagram Profile Scraper?

    I’ve shared everything about the top five Instagram Profile Scrapers in 2024. Each tool offers unique features and advantages, depending on your needs and requirements. 

    Whether you need to extract data from public or private Instagram profiles, these Instagram Profile Scrapers can help you gather the data you need for research, marketing, or other purposes.

    Instagram Profile Scrapers are powerful tools that can help you extract valuable data from Instagram profiles. With the right tool and approach, you can gather the data you need to fuel your research, marketing, or other projects.

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