8 Best Instagram Followers Scraper in 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated June 12, 2024
Instagram Followers Scraper

Instagram's massive usage makes it the heart of brand engagement on social media. There is tremendous information available for emerging businesses that can be used to target the right audience. However, filtering the data manually can be extremely time-consuming and that is where the Instagram Followers Scraper comes in.

In this guide, we have compiled the 8 Best Instagram Followers Scraping tools in 2024, to help you choose the right one for your business!


Instagram Followers Scraper is an effective tool that helps in the extraction of information from Instagram. Physical filtering through the immense cloud of pictures, captions, and hashtags can be complex, but the scraper efficiently performs it. 

The data from followers can be transformed into target demographics, patterns and customer behavior, which can be useful for marketers. It empowers clients to analyze data effectively that would otherwise have remained buried beneath the many posts. 

Whether you want to upgrade your marketing strategies or conduct comprehensive research, IG followers scraper will help. 


Though many tools are available for data extraction, the kind of scraper required depends on your specific business needs. It is also dependent upon the budget, project duration, category, and project size. The Instagram Followers Scrapers can be sub-classified into three categories:

  • No-code scrapers: These allow the collection of information by clicking on components, which can also be done by utilizing pre-made formats. The tool enables the gathering of knowledge, whichever is required, without using any programming language. The existing data templates make data extraction easy. Some of its key features are a user-friendly interface, customizable data extraction, export options, and more. While such devices work well with basic tasks, they can be slow and time-consuming.
  • Web scraping APIs: They let you scrape by making API calls to the service provider's platform. It amalgamates with your target site. This handles intermediary or proxy administration, anti-detection methods, and headless browsers. APIs can be productive and efficient. These extensive scraping APIs make them a reasonable choice for all kinds of ventures.
  • Custom-built scrapers: Such types of scrapers are used frequently. They are initiated with web scraping libraries and permit you to control one or more aspects of web scraping. It includes getting and cleaning the information. The approach works if you can manage site components and handle proxies independently.


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Micro Package: $10 a month
Growth: $499 a month
Business: $999 a month





Scale plan: $499 a month
Business: $999 a month
Enterprise: Custom-made





For 100 GB: $3/GB
For 250 GB: $4/GB
For 500 GB: $3.5/GB





Starter plan:$56 per month 

Pro plan:$128 per month 

Team plan:$352 per month





Subscription plan: $49 a month 

Business plan: $299 a month 

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Freelance: $49

Startup: $99

Business: $249

Business+: $599





Monthly plan: $29 for basic
Standard plan:$75
Professional plan: $249
Enterprise plan: custom-made





Starter plan: for $29 a month Advanced plan: for $79 a month
Professional plan: for $149 a month



Here is a list of Best Instagram Followers Scrapers in 2024 to give your business an edge over others:

1. Bright Data

Instagram Followers scraper- bright data

Bright Data has a highly recognized IG followers Scrapers tool. It efficiently gathers usernames, profile pictures, number of followers, and engagement levels. This tool is handy for those wishing to study competitors’ followers. It can also be used to identify potential customers and influencers on Instagram. 

The best part about this scraper is that it offers round-the-clock access to millions of profiles. The no-code solution and pre-configured templates provide a user-friendly interface. It has impeccable concurrency and supports multiple extraction processes. Its API integration offers seamless fetching and processing of data. 

The geo-targeting ability allows targeting specific locations and accessing region-specific data. The advanced features enhance its efficiency and speed making it the perfect purchase for businesses. Buy it now before the market saturates, and you miss out on in-depth market research.

Pricing Strategy:

Individuals can choose how they wish to pay; this could be usage-based, subscription-based, or customized enterprise plans:

  • Usage-based: $8.4/GB, no commitment, pay as you go
  • Micro Package: $10 a month
  • Growth: $499 a month
  • Business: $999 a month

2. Apify

Apify for IG Followers Scraping

Apify offers a conducive environment for developers to build, launch, and manage web scraping and browser automation projects. The features qualify it as a dependable source for Instagram scraping. Its IG Followers Extractor is a complimentary service through four paid plans.

It includes the extraction of usernames, profile photos, follower numbers, and engagement figures, which make APIFY incredibly valuable for competitor analysis. They offer pre-configured scraping templates, making them easy to use without understanding any programming language. It can handle high-volume scraping and is suitable for extensive data collection. 

It also supports custom proxies, allowing users to tailor-make their proxy settings based on their preferences. The efficiency positions Apify as a leading tool, particularly for being one of the best Instagram followers scrapers in 2024.

Pricing strategy:

Monthly plans start from $49, and a $5 platform credit will allow you to use the free tier as well. They also have:

  • Scale plan: $499 a month
  • Business plan: $999 a month

3. SmartProxy

Instagram followers Data scraper- smartproxy

Smart Proxy excels in providing premium proxy services that are essential for secure and efficient web surfing. Its Social Media Scraper API is designed for publicly scraping data from Instagram profiles. This API enables users to gather information from followers which can be done in formats like CSV or Excel.

Its user agent spoofing system makes it simple to use multiple agent strings to mimic requests coming from different browsers. The tool can also bypass the complexities of proxy configurations and blockage issues. The session management strategy maintains session cookies that easily handle login and session continuity. 

Users can implement retry logic for failed requests due to network issues or server errors. It can also maintain logs for requests and responses for auditing and debugging purposes. This IG followers scraper is a must-have business resource due to its cutting-edge technology. Buy it now so you don't miss out on the exciting journey ahead.

Pricing strategy:

Their pricing is quite customizable with the following:

  • For 100 GB: $3/GB
  • For 250 GB: $4/GB
  • For 500 GB: $3.5/GB

4. PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster Instagram followers scraper,

Phantom Buster offers a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for data extraction. It simplifies lead generation by mining valuable information, especially from crucial social media networks and websites. The platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Its tools cater to both technical and non-technical users and facilitate data enrichment, outreach programs, and application integration. It provides easy-to-use API endpoints for setting up and managing scraping tasks. 

With the capability to extract data from followers and locations on Instagram, this would be an excellent choice. They have residential proxies, which offer high anonymity and reliability using IP addresses from real residential networks. They also have rotating proxies, which ensure uninterrupted scraping by avoiding IP bans. 

Pricing strategy:

The pricing varies based on the customer’s preferences. They have

  • Starter plan: $56 per month
  • Pro plan: $128 per month
  • Team plan: $352 per month

5. ScraperAPI


ScraperAPI presents an accessible and efficient web scraping API that enables developers and IT firms to collect HTML content; the data can be found on any webpage, including Instagram. It is one of the best IG followers extractor as it is easy to access. 

The API features used here include Automatic Proxy Rotation, which automatically rotates proxies to prevent detection and blocking by Instagram, and Javascript Rendering which Supports JavaScript to handle multi-faceted content, ensuring that all data on the Instagram page is available. 

Additionally, it is equipped with Captcha Handling, which is used to prevent interruptions in data scraping. HTTPS encryption ensures that all data transferred is secured and encrypted to account for privacy. It has a high availability and reliability time and an uptime of approximately 99.9%. The comprehensive documentation makes it feasible for use.

Pricing strategy:

Their packages start from $49 a month; individuals can also choose from: 

  • Custom plan (for enterprises): made with contact to sales department  
  • Subscription plan: $49 a month
  • Business plan: $299 a month
  • Hobby plan: can be customized to fit individual needs

6. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee Instagram followers scraper

Scraping Bee is an API service used for web scraping, specialising in data extraction from Instagram. It provides rotating IP addresses and browser-like agents for anonymous browsing and avoiding detection. The API features used include Browser Rendering, which supports headless browser rendering to handle complex content and JavaScript-heavy pages. 

The API service is equipped with IP Rotation, which automatically rotates IP addresses to prevent bans and continue access to Instagram. The tool can bypass CAPTCHAs to maintain uninterrupted scraping and offers proxy IPs from specific locations to access region-specific data. It is also equipped with custom headers and cookies, which allow custom headers and cookies to be set to copy genuine user behavior and avoid detection. 

The service also supports advanced features such as handling pagination and login forms. This allows the extraction of comprehensive details from Instagram followers. Above mentioned features have made Scraping Bee a preferred option because it is a prevalent IG followers extractor.

Pricing strategy:

You can choose from the following monthly plans:

  • Freelance: $49 
  • Startup: $99
  • Business: $249
  • Business+ : $599+

7. Octoparse

Octoparse Instagram followers scraper

Octo Parse is a premier web scraping software featuring a visual interface for non-programmers. Equipped with rotation, CAPTCHA solving, and efficient pagination management, it makes data extraction seamless. It allows the export of data in several formats and retrieves comprehensive details from Instagram followers. The tool is crucial to streamline the data scraping process in just a few steps.

It uses Regex and an XML path language known as XPath to precisely target and extract specific data elements, making it easier to extract relevant information from web pages. The XPath and Regex are known for advanced data extraction using regular expressions for precise targeting of data elements. The cloud storage option allows for storing data that the management can review.

Pricing strategy:

They have a free plan that enables you to perform ten tasks, the monthly packages start from $75. However, users can opt for the following:

  • Monthly plan: $29 for basic
  • Standard plan: $75
  • Professional plan: $249
  • Enterprise plan: custom-made with the sales department
Crawlbase Instagram followers scraper

Crawl base stands out as a comprehensive platform for data crawling and scraping. It enables the extraction of diverse data from websites, including Instagram. With an intuitive interface and API, it simplifies collecting Instagram content. The service includes photo media, hashtags, captions, and location. Crawlbase uses proxies such as residential, mobile and data centres to avoid IP bans and ensure uninterrupted scraping. 

It provides options to export extracted follower data in numerous formats such as JSON, CSV, Excel, or databases, which helps in further analysis and integration with other tools. Data can be exported in multiple formats, so it is an excellent technique for developers looking to mine data from Instagram followers.

Pricing strategy:

The plans start as low as:

  • Starter plan: for $29 a month
  • Advanced plan: for $79 a month
  • Professional plan: for $149 a month


1. Which tool is used to scrape Instagram Followers?

    Web scraping tools or APIs are used to scrape Instagram Followers.

2. What is the purpose of Instagram Followers Scraper?

    The purpose of Instagram followers scraper is to target the right                           audience by analyzing trends and consumer interests.

3. Is it legal to scrape Instagram Followers?

    Instagram is not in favor of scraping data like any social media platform,             however there is no prohibition against it as well. You are allowed to scrape       the public data. But regarding personal accounts there are still a lot of gray        areas that must be cross-checked with.

Discover More Instagram Scraping Tools


Getting your hands on the best Instagram scraper can be perplexing. But, if you choose any of these tools, you will not regret your decision. The tool helps gain core competency as your business would largely focus only on its target audience via geolocation scraping. 

As a result, your business will be able to establish a larger market share in the designated industry. 

So, hurry up and get your hands on the best IG followers extractor before your rival business outshines your idea! 

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