10 Best Instagram Phone Number Extractor & Scraper 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated February 25, 2024
Best Instagram Phone Number Extractor

Are you looking for the best Instagram Phone Number Extractor online? If the answer is “YES” then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of IG phone number extractors. But all are not good. Don’t worry. I’m going to share with you the best Instagram Phone Number Scraper. Let’s find out the best one.

What is The Best Instagram Phone Number Extractor Software?

Here are the top picks for the best Instagram Phone Number Extractor Software.

1. IGLeads

IG Phone Number Extractors

IGLeads is an amazing Instagram phone number extractor. It lets you extract valuable information from Instagram profiles, including phone numbers. Using this tool, you can also scrape email from Instagram and other social media platforms.

Besides, this tool is very efficient in getting as many leads as you want. It is a platform where you can collect B2B job titles, contacts, keywords, and whatnot.  Furthermore, IGLeads also allows you to scrape the phone numbers of homeowners for real estate deals.

Moreover, IGLeads short lists the customers quickly who are interested in your service and lets you know about their feedback. It guarantees that every email is 100% verified and each scraped contact goes through a double-checking procedure. 

Overall, IGLeads is a great Instagram phone number extractor aimed at growing your business faster than ever.

Special Key Features

  • Extract information from different social media channels automatically
  • Help to get unlimited leads
  • Build an email list quickly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Provide 100% verified and accurate data

2. Phantombuster

phantombuster is known as popular instagram phone number extractor

Phantombuster is known as the most popular Instagram phone number extractor online. You can extract all the available data from your Instagram profile. Also, You can extract data from LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. In other words, it allows you to collect every essential lead. 

However, you can identify the email address from Instagram. After that, you can extract profile bio, picture, phone number, etc. 

Besides, Phantombuster is the best tool when it comes to collecting phone numbers from Instagram,. Because it can extract accurate phone numbers along with other leads and information. 

Worthy of mentioning, the Instagram information scraping process is super easy with Phantombuster. So, it would be best to use this Instagram profile phone number extractor.

You just have to input the profile URL in the Phantombuster. Then, it takes a little time to scrape leads. You can also get the phone numbers through an excel sheet. After that, you can download the excel sheet to use the leads on your business.

Special Key Features

  • Scrap unlimited phone numbers
  • Extract data from CSV and PDF files
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Also, collect leads on your email
  • Classify Instagram profile

3. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee for IG phone Number scrape

ScrapingBee is the best secured Instagram phone number extractor. However, you can scrape much essential data safely through ScrapingBee. 

To clarify, It keeps you safe while scraping the web. It uses advanced algorithms to scan web pages. So, you can grab your Instagram Phone Number in just a single click without experiencing any hassle.

Besides, it provides the best security to web-scrape and collects users’ details without letting them know. ScrapingBee collects only those details that appear on the website which you want to scrape. 

So, it is known as an inspection tool as it helps you to inspect web pages. It also extracts all the extracted data in a .txt file.

Special Key Features

  • Most secured Instagram phone number extractor online.
  • Scrape keywords, backlinks, hashtags, etc.
  • Fast Scraper as compared to other web-scraping tools.
  • Creates one .txt file with all the collected data.
  • No time limit for scraping.

4. ProxyCrawl

ProxyCrawl  for Instagram Phone Number Extractor

ProxyCrawl is the ultimate solution for crawling and scraping. It is a cross-browser and provides basic code for you to use. It also uses an algorithm to generate a single proxy from thousands. 

In other words, it generates a list of proxies that can then be used for custom crawling and scraping. Therefore, you can extract data from every social network. You can also extract data from Amazon, Yandex, Glassdoor, etc.

On the other hand, ProxyCrawl is considered the best Instagram profile extractor. You can scrape data without any restrictions, bypass, or captchas from worldwide. So, you can scrape IG phone numbers anonymously and safely.


Special Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Generate proxy to extract data anonymously
  • Support every website for scraping.
  • Crawl works for every single website
  • Cloud storage available.

5. Botster

Botster For IG Phone Number Scraper

Botster is the best robot army web scraping tool. In other words, it is the best tool for data retrieval, monitoring, and automation. You can use robots to automate your work.

On the other hand, it is one of the best Instagram profile scraping tools. You can also scrape IG phone numbers. In other words, the Botster is the best online robot creator for Instagram.

Because it can scrape data from every Instagram account, for instance, URL, bio, business email, phone number, address, etc. So, you can use it as an Instagram profile extractor.

Special Key Features

  • Best autopilot or automation.
  • Extract data from the Instagram business account.
  • Scrape 100 Instagram profiles for free.
  • Scraping reports are available as Excel, JSON, Online View, or a CSV file.
  • No monthly payment. Pay according to your usage through credit.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr for IG profile phone number extractor

Everyone knows that sometimes the best way to get a job done is to hire someone else. And it's not just for jobs that are complex or hard, but also for tasks you don't want to do yourself, for instance, if you're tired of doing your own laundry and would rather spend your time on more important things, then hiring a washer/dryer would be a good solution! 

Similarly, you can hire someone to scrape IG phone numbers. To find an expert to do the job, Fiverr might be the best place for you. In other words, it is an online marketplace where you can post any task that requires work, including the price you are willing to pay for it.

Besides, the prices start at $5, but you can find all kinds of tasks that cost much less or much more. Thus, it is a great way to get any task done cheaply, but it's also an effective marketing strategy! So, you can hire an expert as an Instagram phone number extractor online.

Special Key Features

  • More than hundreds of sellers.
  • Don’t need any skills.
  • Can hire an expert.
  • Affordable and effective.
  • Most secure and authentic platform.

7. RedScraper

redscraper is another instagram phone number extractor

RedScraper is another Instagram phone number extractor online. It was developed by the RedScrape team, led by Tommaso Ottaviano. In other words, it is a free and easy-to-use online tool that extracts phone numbers from Instagram.

Red Scraper can extract phone numbers from any Instagram profile page or photo album you want to scrape. However, it extracts phone numbers from Instagram and other social networks, for instance, Viber, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc. You can also extract your targeted audience’s phone number.

Besides, its simple interface makes it incredibly easy to use. To clarify, it is an almost effortless way to extract phone numbers from Instagram in bulk that saves you time and energy.

Special Key Features

  • Extracts real Instagram phone numbers that can be verified online.
  • Scraps Instagram phone numbers in bulk.
  • Has a powerful browser crawler.
  • The tool supports most major social networks, including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Offers seven days of free trial and free technical support.

8. AllINONE Phone Number Extractor And Scraper

allinone instagram phone number extractor

Instagram phone number scraper is the most efficient tool to boost business sales and growth. You can collect phone numbers and other essential leads from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. 

In other words, It allows extracting various important leads from every social media platform. It also allows collecting phone numbers from the Google Chrome browser. 

So, the AllINONE Phone Number Extractor And Scraper is one of the best Instagram phone number scrapers. Because Instagram is one popular social media, you can also smoothly scrape Instagram phone numbers with it. 

Besides, you can use it for search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. It is also possible to extract numbers from a search with an individual keyword. 

However, the one phone number extractor using process is straightforward. The dashboard is very elegant and gives a smooth experience. You can find the entire installation process and purchase it from the Envato market at an affordable price.

Special Key Features

  • All social media in one platform
  • Extract the exact phone number.
  • Get lead with a spreadsheet
  • Collect leads from CSV or PDF file
  • Scrap phone numbers from searching a specific keyword

9. Instagram Leads Extractor Pro

instagram leads extractor pro

The Instagram Leads Extractor Pro is another famous Instagram profile phone number extractor. It is an advanced tool than other extracting tools. You can collect the actual user name, email, phone number, WhatsApp, full bio, profile image, etc. However, it is a paid tool, but it will give you free lifetime updates. 

Besides, it is a keyword-based tool. So, you can extract phone numbers with the search-specific keyword. 

Worthy of mentioning, its expert teammates make this software to develop every business. Its intelligent multi-keyword system also differs from other social media lead extractors. 

Furthermore, Instagram Leads Extractor Pro gives results in HTML or Excel files. You can also create a test account for testing this tool.

Besides, it also allows extracting information from the search engine. You can also set up how many google search pages you want to scrape. 

Special Key Features

  • Anti Robot drive for Google Chrome.
  • Multi keyword for extracting information.
  • Scrap user name, full bio, phone number, total follower, Image, etc.
  • Export results in Excel or HTML.
  •  Free Lifetime updates
  • Scrap data from search engine
bindlex is the best instagram phone number extractor

The Bindlex is known as an all-in-one lead scrapper tool. It is also called a professional scrapper tool. In short, it is known as the best Instagram phone number extractor. 

Because you can be scrapping the phone numbers, email addresses, and much more advanced information to boost your business.

You can also scrape information from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. It can quickly extract multiple data from multiple sites. 

Besides, you can do advanced filtering in Bindlex. It is also possible to differentiate every data from one file. 

The Bindlex has an amazing user experience and reviews. You can find a user-friendly dashboard after signing in. It also allows you to save data in text or excel files.

Special Key Features

  • Save the file in the text or excel files.
  • Scrap every information on the main page and internal pages
  • Scrap email, phone number, and social links
  • Can add specific tags for email scraping.
  • Save the internal link on the place where data are extracted. 

More Instagram Data Scrapers and Extractors

Common Questions:

How to find a phone number by Instagram ID?

There is no definitive way to find a phone number on Instagram. You can try searching for specific hashtags or using the "location" feature to find out the address of a user's account. You can also use a third-party tool to find phone numbers quickly on Instagram. 

Worthy of mentioning, many Instagram phone number extractors are available worldwide, and each one doesn’t provide the best quality service. But you have to use the best one to find the actual phone number to get the best result.

Don’t worry! I’ve listed the top 10 best Instagram phone number extractors in this article. So, you can use any of them to find phone numbers on Instagram to boost business sales and growth.

How to get Instagram followers' phone numbers? 

It isn't easy to get your Instagram followers’ phone numbers. However, there is a way to get Instagram followers' phone numbers. 

You have to use an Instagram phone number extractor tool. This small program (IGLeads) helps you to get as many phone numbers as possible within a short time. Therefore, you can reach them quickly.

Besides, there are many Instagram phone number extractors and Instagram email extractors online available. You have to choose the best one to get the maximum result.

However, you can get a list of the best Instagram phone number extractors through the article. It also depends on your business. So, choose one according to your requirements and boost your business.

What is the best Instagram Phone Number Extractor?

Many people are looking for the best Instagram Phone Number Extractor, but they don't know where to look. What is the best Instagram Phone Number Extractor? 

What if I told you that there was a way to find your phone number with just one click of a button? What if I also said this service was completely free and easy to use? 

Well, it does exist! I’ve made a list of the top five best Instagram phone number extractors. So, you can choose anyone from them according to your business or project. 

However, If you ask for the best one from the above list, I prefer to choose ProfileMate. It’ll provide you with a satisfying user experience. To clarify, you can get the best result using it. But it depends on your project. So, choose the best one accordingly.


So, do you decide which Instagram phone number extractor suits your business?

I can understand your situation. It is one of the most challenging decisions. Because it depends on your business type and requirements, and a wrong decision can ruin your business. In contrast, the best Instagram phone number extractor can boost your business dramatically.

However, I suggest you choose IGLeads for your business. It is the most secure and effective tool that can boost your business. So, don't be confused anymore; choose IGLeads and boost your business. 

Besides, if you have any confusion yet, leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you soon. Also, share the ultimate solution or article with your friends; it might be helpful for them.

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