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   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated February 20, 2024
Best IG Followers Export Tool

Are you struggling to extract data from Instagram?

Then, the IG Followers Export Tool is the best solution for you. These tools allow you to extract Instagram public data for the betterment of your business. You can also easily reach your targeted audience from anywhere in the world.

Don’t you know about the IG Export Tool? Let’s dive into it!

5 Best IG Followers Export Tools

  • Best IG Followers Email Export Tool: IGLead
  • Best IG Followers Data Export Tool: Bright Data
  • Best Free IG Followers Export Tool: LinkedRadar
  • Best IG Followers Email and Phone numbers Export tool: PhantomBuster
  • Best IG Followers Export tool Overall: Apify
  • Best IG Followers Email Export Tool: IGLead

    Iglead Email export tool


    • Description

    • Benefits

    IGLeads is an effective tool that allows you to export any Instagram user's followers or the following list to a CSV file. Its foremost duty is to grow your business by enabling you to scrape email from Instagram and other social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

    Also, it allows you to extract and download Instagram data.
    Moreover, this tool enables you to scrape all the social media channels and get the leads per your needs. You can also adjust request intervals to minimize the risk of account suspension by Instagram.

    Also, it allows you to know the feedback of customers. As a result, you can know how your product impacts their interest.

    Besides, you should not have any doubt about its authenticity. IGLeads ensures you the emails it delivers are 100% verified and double-checked.

    Therefore, you can instantly upload the list to any cold email software platform.

    So, try this excellent IG followers export tool to extract unlimited data from Instagram and every social media platform. It is also a very easy-to-use tool.

    Best IG Followers Data Export Tool: Bright Data

    Brightdata Ig Email export tool


    • Description

    • Benefits

    Bright Data is a platform that provides different types of services, including Instagram scraping. It enables you to export public data such as followers, photos, comments, names, accounts, avatars, etc.

    Also, this company helps you export data without hassles like blocks, infrastructure, proxy servers, etc. Besides, Bright Data is not an IG followers export tool, rather, it is a platform where you will be provided with this service.

    It is very flexible, and you have full control over this system. So, you can extract public data from any geo-location without blocks or restrictions.

    Moreover, this company has developed exciting features that make your Instagram scraping more comfortable. Here, you get some pre-built functions and ready-made code templates of popular websites.

    Also, Bright Data enables you to monitor brand reputation, collect public data about the top influencers, discover new trends, and extract public data, including comments, profiles, etc.

    All in all, with Bright Data, you can even scrape high-volume data without any hassles. It complies with privacy laws and gives you full protection. So, give it a try and enjoy its amazing features.

    Best Free IG Followers Export Tool: LinkedRadar

    Linkedradar - Free IG Follower Export Tool


    • Description

    • Benefits

    Linkedradar is one of the best IG follower export tools that allows you to export Instagram followers and following lists to a CVS file with one simple click. It enables you to export data anonymously and is processed on a local computer.

    Besides, it provides Digital investigators and marketers to ensure the accuracy of work. They are adept at collecting public data from Instagram.

    So you can easily export Instagram data to a CSV file. Many Instagram marketers, researchers, and influencers use this tool to know about their audience.

    Moreover, you can export up to 50,000 followers with Linkedradar. It is more than enough, isn’t it? Also, you can export them to a CSV file in a twinkle of an eye.

    Do not worry about its competency. Linkedradar is considered the best Instagram followers export tool for marketers. All in all, Linkedradar increases the efficiency of your marketing strategy ten times better. So, start working with this tool.

    Best IG Followers Email and Phone Numbers Export Tool: PhantomBuster



    • Description

    • Benefits

    PhantomBuster is a web automation platform that provides different services. One of its amazing tools is Instagram Follower Collector Phantom. This IG followers export tool allows you to export up to 5000-9000 Instagram followers every 15 minutes.

    Moreover, Instagram Follower Collector Phantom allows you to extract followers from any Instagram account and export them to a CSV file. It saves your time and makes scraping easy. You can scrape Instagram followers from the following list quickly.

    Besides, this free IG follower export tool is very simple and comprehensive. Open a free
    PhantomBuster account, connect it to your Instagram, and give the Instagram profile URL.

    Once you are done, this Phantom automatically exports a list of followers with data from an Instagram account. So, try this tool to export Instagram followers effectively.

    Best IG Followers Export Tool Overall: Apify

    Apify IG Followers Export tool Overall


    • Description

    • Benefits

    Apify is a fantastic Instagram followers export tool that allows you to get unlimited Instagram data using one or more Instagram URLs. 

    With this tool, you can export the followers or following from any Instagram profile and run data via the API.

    You can also monitor or schedule the runs and integrate them with other tools. Besides, the exported data can be used in many ways. These data help you assume users' popularity and engagement worldwide, predict trends, track brands, and monitor influencers on Instagram.

    Also, it has very simple parameters or settings, so anyone can easily use this Apify IG followers export tool.

    Moreover, it gives you the opportunity of a free trial. Hence, you can clear up any confusion regarding using this tool. Get started for free and enjoy some features along with it.

    So, try Apify for exporting IG followers and use this data as per your needs

    What is the IG Followers Export Tool?

    IG Followers Export Tool is a tool that allows you to export your Instagram followers or the following list to a CSV file. It is a Chrome Extension that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Edge Addons Store.

    With this tool, you can extract valuable data, analyze your Instagram audience, find potential customers, or create marketing campaigns. You can also dive into the wealth of information by exporting your followers.

    As a result, it can help you to modify content strategy, target audience, and all the efforts of Instagram marketing.

    In this article, I have mentioned the five best IG Followers Export Tools that make your Instagram data exporting and scraping easier and quicker. Go through this article below-

    Frequently Ask & Questions

    Are these Instagram follower export tools safe to use?

    Instagram followers' export tools are safe but with some conditions. You must be careful about using a tool that does not require your Instagram account’s password.

    There are several fake tools available in the market that may want your password.

    By providing the password, your account’s security will fall at stake. Rather, follow Instagram's Terms of Service and avoid scraping private accounts or joining fraudulent activities. 

    Can I export followers from a private Instagram account?

    Unfortunately, you can not export followers from a private Instagram account. Also, it is against the law of Instagram's Terms of Service.

    Every private account is protected and limited to its owner only. So, it is prohibited for anyone to access their follower list.

    Instead, you can export a public Instagram account using reliable IG followers export tools such as IGLeads, Bright Data, Apify, etc.

    Do these tools violate Instagram’s terms of service?

    Many fake tools in the market do not care about Instagram's terms of service. They may even require your password and make your Instagram account get blocked or banned. Also, they try to access private Instagram accounts to steal data and followers.

    So, you have to be meticulous to choose the right tool. IGLeads, PhantomBuster, Apify, Bright Data, and linkedradar are trustworthy Instagram follower export tools.

    These tools maintain the law of Instagram’s Terms of Service and allow you to export any public Instagram account, including Instagram data.

    Final Verdict

    Instagram followers export tools enable you to get valuable insights from Instagram followers, make your marketing tactics, and reach your targeted audiences. That is why you have to choose the right tool. 

    Nowadays, the market is full of fake and fraudulent tools. After doing a lot of research, I have found several reliable and trustworthy tools. This article has elaborated on the five best IG followers export tools.

    These tools are reliable and give you the best and quick results. Also, they are highly concerned about the terms and conditions of Instagram’s law.
    So, do not worry about the protection of your Instagram account.

    Some tools are free, whereas some are paid. Free tools provide the least features. On the other hand, with paid tools, you get the best experience. So, choose according to your needs.


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