16 Best Instagram Scraper ( Free & Paid) in 2024

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated March 24, 2024
Best Instagram Scrapers

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We have researched and tested over 25 Instagram Scraping tools . But we have listed the top 16 platforms here.

Are you looking for the best Instagram Scraper? If the answer is “YES” you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of Instagram Scrapers online available.

But all are not good. Don’t worry. I’m going to share the review of Instagram Scraping software here. Let’s choose the best one.☺

Best Instagram Scraper in 2024

  • Bright Data - Best Instagram Scraper Overall.
  • PhantomBuster - User-friendly, automated data extraction.
  • Apify - No-code, easy Instagram scraping.
  • SmartProxy - Affordable, efficient scraping with HTML parser.
  • ScrapingBee - Cost-effective, simple Instagram scraping.

  • Instagram Scrapers Comparison (Top 5)

    Here is the list of the best Instagram Scraper Tools that are tried, tested, compared, and suggested by professionals.


    Best For

    Scraping public data






    Collect unlimited data, Rotating IPs, Personalized data structure

    Image Extraction, Auto scraping, Automatic and code-free

    Easily integration, Headless scraping, Real-time data collection

    Render javascript to scrape any website, Large proxy pool, Automatic proxy rotation

    Never get blocked, Use for ethical purposes, Highly scalable

    Data Export Methods

    JSON, CSV, HTML, and Microsoft Excel

    CSV and JSON files

     HTML and JSON

    HTML and JSON

    JSON, HTML, CSV, XML, and Excel

    Free Trial







    24/7 customer support

    Quality and quick support

    24/7 tech support

    Email support

    24/7 super customer support

    Special Offer

    $250 OFF on datasets and up to 40% OFF on API

    20% OFF for annual billing and a 14-day free trial

    3-day money-back guarantee

    Provide 1000 free API credits

    10% OFF for yearly billing

    What is the best Instagram Scraper in 2024?

    If you ask me what is the best Instagram scraper overall then I highly recommend Bright Data . Because it is the best one for everyone. Also, you can get more scrapers below.

    1. Bright Data - (Free Trial)

    Perfect for: Anyone that requires large-scale data, Business analysts, Collecting real-time data through Web Scraper API, Advertisement agencies

    Bright Data Logo

    Why Bright Data Is Best Instagram Scraper ? 

    Searching for an Instagram scraper that's both powerful and user-friendly? Look no further than Bright Data. As a developer, I've explored numerous tools for Instagram data scraping, and Bright Data consistently stands out for its excellence.

    Efficiency and Ease-of-Use: With Bright Data, simplicity is key. Its intuitive design lets you scrape not just Instagram but any website with minimal effort. A few clicks are all it takes to start gathering the data you need.

    High-Quality Insights: My experience with Bright Data has been nothing short of transformative. Every project benefits from high-quality, reliable data, ensuring that my research is not just faster but also more impactful.

    Time-Saving: Bright Data respects the value of your time. Its streamlined process means you spend less time on data collection and more on analysis and innovation.

    In essence, Bright Data is more than just an Instagram scraper; it's a comprehensive tool that enhances the efficiency and quality of your research. Whether you're developing new apps or analyzing trends, Bright Data is the solution you've been looking for.

    Out of 100

    Best For: Real-time Instagram data scraping

    Price:  $5-$500/month

    Annual Discount:  40%

    Promotion: Free code templates

    Bright Data Instagram Scraper

    Does Bright Data Is Top Web Data Platform? 

    Bright Data is the world's leading web data platform. Businesses can easily access and use the latest data to improve their decision-making. Bright Data also offers powerful tools for businesses of all sizes.

    Besides, you can use it to quickly, easily, and accurately extract data from the internet. It offers features like web scraping and Boolean search. In other words, if you're looking for the best Instagram scrapers, you must check out Bright Data

    It is also known for creating high-quality tools that make it easy to analyze and extract valuable data from social media platforms. 

    Further, It's easy to use and can quickly extract data from your favorite Instagram accounts. Read Bright Data  Details Review

    Special Key Features

    24/7 Premium Live Support

    Bright Data provides 24/7 live support for its customers and clients. You can ask them anything related to web scraping. They are very talented in Instagram scraping. Just contact them and ask them about your Instagram data extraction details. The customer support team helps to set up your Instagram Scraping API and collect data perfectly.

    Extract Instagram Without Getting Blocked

    You have no tension about getting blocked when you’re trying to extract a lot of data. Because Bright Data has a proxy management system within the Web scraper API service. So, you can extract Instagram without being blocked using Bright Data.

    • Scrap data from any website
    • Personalized data structure
    • JSON, CSV, HTML, and Microsoft Excel file report
    • 24/7 professional support


    Bright Data offers three different pricing plans. You can have 1000 page loads at only $5 in the first plan. It also offers a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan charges $500/mo, and the yearly plan charges $450.

    Capterra Rating: 4.7 Bright Data Capterra Reviews

    PhantomBuster Logo

    Does PhantomBuster Is The Best IG Data Scraper Tool?

    Yes. It is the best IG Data Scraper Tool. I have been using it for a while now, and I can tell you that it has made my Instagram account grow by leaps and bounds. It makes everything so easy to manage, especially when following people who post interesting content on the platform. 

    It is also very useful if you want to get more likes on your posts because then all you need to do is use this tool and choose which hashtags or keywords you would like them to follow.

    Out of 100

    Best For: Instagram Data Scraper

    Price:  $48-$399

    Annual Discount:  20%

    Promotion: 14 days free trial opportunity

    Is It The Best Instagram Lead Generation Tool Also?

    Yes. PhantomBuster is the latest in a long line of IG lead generation tools. It allows users to create and manage their lists of potential customers, automate sales activities, and measure the success of their campaigns.

    Besides, you can use this software as the Instagram data scraper to get more followers and likes on your posts. This Instagram scraping software is straightforward and has many features to help you get the most out of your posts. 

    Know How to Scrape Instagram With PhantomBuster

    It also has a wide range of features that can help you to get auto-like, comment, and follow. In short, the PhantomBuster is another best Instagram scraper tool. Read PhantomBuster Details Review here. 

    Special Key Features

    • Auto scraping
    • Extract hashtags, profile URL, username, etc.
    • Auto-follow, like, and comment
    • Data scraped into Excel or Google Sheets


    Phantom buster has three different price plans. However, you can get a 14-day free trial opportunity. Every price plan has both a monthly and annual package. Starter package monthly payments are $59 & annual monthly is $48. It is a cost-effective package. Other packages are also effective.

    G2 Rating : 4.3 PhantomBuster G2 Reviews. 

    Scrapingbee logo

    Rakib's Opinion

    Scraping Bee is the perfect tools for Scrape Instagram. I like this tool very much for its unique features. Before using this tool, I got blocked from the web while scraping. But this tool gives me the solution. Now I easily scrape Instagram data without getting blocked

    This tool saves me time. And it is the most easy-to-use tool I have ever seen. You don't need to take extra pressure while using this tool. Because it can handle a headless browser within a few minutes, now it is my "day-to-day marketing and engineering operations."

    Out of 100

    Best For: Web Scraping without getting blocked

    Price: $49-$999

    Annual Discount:  No

    Promotion: Get access to 1,000 free API credits

     ScrapingBee for Scraping Instagram

    Does ScrapingBee Provide Instagram Scraping API?

    Scrapingbee is the best Instagram scraping API that enables developers to extract data from IG quickly and easily. Also, you can scrape data from any website, including public and private ones. It also has many features to make extracting data from websites easy.

    On the other hand, Scrapingbee is the best Instagram scraper for users who want to quickly collect all of the latest posts from a particular account. Read Scrapingbee Review Details here. 

    The app is simple and includes features to filter posts by date, location, and other criteria. It also provides safe scraping and supports batch downloading of posts. So, you can quickly collect all of the latest posts from multiple accounts in one go.

    It is also called the best Instagram phone number extractor and scraper .

    Special Key Features

    • Google Search API
    • JavaScript rendering
    • Rotating and premium proxies
    • Secure and safe scraping
    • Deliver reports as a txt file


    ScrappingBee offer you four different price plans. Those are Freelance, Startup, Business & Enterprise. However, it offers you a free use opportunity. You will get access to 1000 free API credits.

    Capterra Rating: 5 ScrapingBee Capterra Reviews

    apify logo

    Why Does Apify Is The Best For Instagram Scraping ?

    After using Apify, I realize it is one of the most powerful Instagram scraping software. Because I can extract thousands of data in a few clicks. So, I have been using Apify for every project. 

    Moreover, its smart rotation and residential proxies attract me a lot. And Apify’s Rich Developer Ecosystem is a unique creation than others. It is my helping hand in my online work.

    Out of 100

    Best For: Powerful Instagram Scraper

    Price: $49-$999

    Annual Discount: 20% off

    Promotion: Cost-effective web scraper

    Apify for Instagram Scraping Software

    Does  Apify Is a  Free Instagram Scraper ?

    Yes. Apify is a free Instagram scraping, data extracting, and automation platform that quickly collects data from any website. Apify's user-friendly interface makes it easy to collect data from any website. Its built-in scripts also make it easy to automate the collection process. 

    Besides, Apify provides various reports that can help you understand your data better, and its support team is available 24/7 to help you get the most out of Apify. So, you use this fantastic tool for scraping Instagram.

    Apify bots also can nearly be indistinguishable from humans with their custom proxies and the ability to adapt to your browser. 

    On the other hand, if you are concerned about vendor lock-in, the Apify project is open source. You can work with a thriving community of freelancers and partners to generate engaging content on demand. So, it can be another best free Instagram scraper tool. Read more about Apify Review here. 

    Special Key Features

    • Extract data from any website
    • Scrape every Instagram profile info
    • Premium proxy server
    • Collect data data in JSON, CSV, XML, Excel, and HTML file
    • Quick integration with any system


    Apify has four different prices & plans. However, they have one free plan. Other plans are personal & team. Each package will differ from its monthly and yearly. And they offer a custom package for unlimited features.

    TrustRadius Rating: 9, Apify TrustRadius Reviews.

    Smartproxy IG scraper

    SmartProxy is an amazing Instagram Scraper. This Social Media Scraper API helps you to automate Instagram public data gathering. Such as profiles, usernames, posts, etc. Moreover, you can boost your marketing tactics with this Instagram Scraper.

    This tool is the coolest version of any other Instagram Scraper. Besides, it has around 50 million proxies, a web scraper, and a data parser that covers all the countries. Also, you get raw HTML or structured JSON public data instantly by sending an API request.

    Moreover, SmartProxy keeps sending requests until it delivers. Do not worry, you only have to pay for the successful ones. It provides you with advanced anti-bot protection. You get on-demand public data without blocks. In fact, you can get public Instagram data as per your need.

    What is no code scraper by Smartproxy?

    No Code Scraper By SmartPrroxy allows you to extract data from pre-made scraping templates. This tool has various data delivery options and it also schedules your tasks. Besides, you do not need to have any programming knowledge to use this tool. 

    Moreover, it has some dynamic features that make things easier. It returns structured data in JSON or CSV. This tool helps to run scraping jobs and send results directly to your email. 

    Besides, the No-Code Scraper Extension has smart selectors. Therefore, you can identify and choose various fields with a single click.

    Special Key Features

    • 100% success rate
    • Easy integration
    • 24/7 Tech support
    • Headless scraping
    • No CAPTCHAs

    TrustPilot Rating: 4.7, Smartproxy Trustpilot Reviews

    ScraperAPI instagram Scraper

    Instagram scraping is a process of extracting data from Instagram for analysis. There are many tools for doing web scraping, but the other most popular is ScraperAPI. It allows you to extract data from IG programmatically. 

    Does It Safe Instagram Scraper ?

    Yes. It is 100% safe . You can use the ScraperAPI as an Instagram scraper. You won't have to worry about having your requests blocked as the API integrates anti-bot detection and bypassing.

    High bandwidth is also required for web crawlers. So, its proxy pools automatically prune slow proxies, offering speeds up to 100MB/s. Consistently, you can scrape every essential data from Instagram.

    You can also get 1,000 free API credits with a maximum of 5 concurrent connections on every signup. So, you can consider it as another best Instagram web scraping tool. Read ScraperAPI Review Details here. 

    Special Key Features

    • Rotating premium proxy pools
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • CAPTCHA and anti-bot bypasses
    • 24/7 professional support
    • Seven days refund policy

    Capterra Rating: 4.6, ScraperAPI Capterra Reviews

    Oxylabs for Instagram Scraper

    It provides a simple way to collect data from various sources and makes it easy to discover patterns in your data. As a result, it has become a popular choice for companies looking to collect data at large scales. 

    However, Oxylabs is well-known for its real-time Scraper API and Instagram data scraper tool. It allows you to collect all real-time public data from Instagram without getting blocked. So you can quickly extract Instagram profiles, posts, hashtags, followers, and titles.

    Worthy of mentioning, you can use this real-time Instagram data to boost your sales and business growth. It also allows you to export your data in HTML format. So, you can consider Oxylabs one of the best Instagram scrapers. Read Oxylabs Review here. 

    Special Key Features

    • Extract real-time Instagram data
    • Easy integration scraper API 
    • Bulk scraping
    • No proxy management
    • Safe and protected

    TrustPilot Rating: 4.8 , Oxylabs TrustPilot Reviews


    Octoparse is a simple, fast, and accessible IG scraping tool. It can be used to extract data from IG quickly and easily. Also, it helps scrape websites, gathers information from the internet, extracts data from a database, and much more.

    In other words, you can scrape Instagram information that you need. It turns every web page into structured spreadsheets in a few clicks. To clarify, Octoparse is an excellent Instagram scraper that can get you data effortlessly. 

    All you have to do is enter the user URL you want to scrape and click your targeted data. After that, Octoparse will do the work for you. It will find all of the posts they've made, their followers, and even which hashtags they've used. 

    This information can be helpful for market research or for finding new influencers to follow. So, you can also use Octoparse as the best one. Read Octoparse Details Review here. 

    Special Key Features

    • Extract professional data from web pages fast and easily.
    • Ability to extract the content directly from a database.
    • Advanced anti-blocking technology
    • Schedule scraping
    • Cloud service
    • Easy interface
    • 14 days of a free trial

    Octoparse Rating: 4.5 , Octoparse Capterra Reviews

    Fiverr for Instagram Scraping

    Fiverr is an online marketplace website where people can find and hire freelance professionals for various tasks. From design and coding to marketing and photography, there is everything on Fiverr for anyone who needs it. 

    With over 2 million active users, Fiverr has become one of the most popular platforms for finding small businesses and freelancers. To clarify, the website has over two million unique visitors per month and has been in operation for over five years. 

    Fiverr allows users to post their services and search through a database of bids from other users. So, if you don’t know how to scrape Instagram, you can hire an expert quickly to get the best scraping data. 

    Besides, Fiverr services start as low as $5, so there's no excuse not to try it. It can also be cost-effective to extract any Instagram profile. So, you can choose Fiverr to hire an expert for Instagram scraping.

    Special Key Features

    • Most Reliable marketplace
    • Easy to use and affordable
    • Unlimited gigs and sellers
    • No special skills needed
    • Get expert’s professional data

    Botster is a data scraping tool that automates extracting key business data from any source. It provides a single platform to manage all your extractions, aggregations, and analyses, making it easy to get insights into your data sources and make informed decisions.

    Besides, you can scrape every Instagram data safely, including hashtags, profiles, etc. You can also scrape Instagram followers, posts, likes, comments, etc. So, this bot army is also known as one of the best Instagram scrapers

    In other words, it provides you with the best scrapers for Instagram to get the most out of your posts. It also provides you with helpful tips and tricks to improve your account.  

    Special Key Features

    • Extracts contact information from social networks
    • Auto scraper
    • Scrape Instagram business account data
    • Chrome extension available
    • Email support

    G2 Rating: 3.4 , BotStar G2 Rating Reviews

    ProxyCrawl  web scraping

    ProxyCrawl creates a single proxy from thousands and uses an algorithm to crawl and scrape thousands of websites. In other words, it is an all-in-one data crawling and scraping platform that business developers can use to extract data from websites. 

    The platform provides a simple interface that makes extracting data from any website easy. It also offers powerful tools to identify and scrape social media platforms, email lists, and more quickly. 

    So, you can crawl or scrape Instagram data with a list of proxy IP addresses. In short, ProxyCrawl is the best tool for extracting relevant data from Instagram without any restrictions. 

    You can scrape user and contact information anonymously and safely with the tool. It also offers Geolocation targeting and unlimited bandwidth. So, you can use this tool as the best Instagram scraper.

    Special Key Features

    • Generate a single proxy from thousands
    • Create a list of premium proxy IP addresses
    • Geolocation targeting
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Quick and easy scraping
    RedScraper for Instagram

    Redscraper is a powerful lead generation and email marketing software that helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales and grow their customer base. 

    RedScraper is the most intelligent tool for finding and extracting business leads from Instagram. It's quick and easy to use, making it perfect for busy businesses. 

    It also extracts qualified leads from your email inbox, website, and social media channels quickly and easily. So, you can also scrape Instagram data through RedScraper. And, consider it as one of the best Instagram scrapers.

    Special Key Features

    • Scrape every essential data
    • Simple interface and easy to use
    • Compatible with every website and social media
    • All in one dashboard
    • Easy lead management
    Instagram Leads Extractor Pro

    Instagram Leads Extractor Pro is a smart, powerful, and advanced Instagram scraping tool. In other words, it can extract prospective Instagram accounts based on their username, email address, and phone number. 

    It can also scrape their WhatsApp link, profile image, etc. It delivers the scraping results in Excel or HTML as you want. 

    Worthy of mentioning, Instagram Leads Extractor Pro is the perfect tool to extract valuable leads from Instagram accounts. It's an anti-robot mode for Chrome that helps you keep your accounts safe and private from robot scammers. 

    So, you can quickly and easily extract each account’s followers, posts, and comments. You can also scrape data with multi keywords. In short, it is one of the best Instagram scrapers.

    Special Key Features

    • Scrape every data from Instagram
    • Place multi keywords for scraping data
    • Extract data in Excel and HTML file
    • Anti-robot Driver mode for Chrome
    • Scrape WhatsApp data
    bindlex is the best instagram phone number extractor

    Bindlex is the all-in-one lead scraper tool that helps you scrape every Instagram data. In other words, you don't need to waste time and effort scraping one data source separately. 

    You can extract valuable information from Instagram with just a few simple clicks, including account names, username addresses, bio descriptions, followers counts, etc.

    Besides, Bindlex is perfect for managing your incoming data, from Instagram posts to customer service interactions. You can also quickly and easily filter through the noise to find the information that matters most. 

    Worthy of mentioning, Bindlex lets you add specific tags so that you can easily scrape email addresses and other valuable data. You can also save your result files in text or excel formats. So, you can count Bindlex as another best Instagram scraper.

    Special Key Features

    • Scrape every valuable data
    • Quality services
    • Filter and add specific tags
    • Extract data in text or excel files.

    TrustPilot Rating: 3 Bindlex TrustPilot Reviews

    AllinOne Phone Number Extractor and Scraper

    The Instagram scraper is highly efficient for collecting data. It produces leads and sales for businesses by accessing distant social network sites. 

    However, the AllinOne Phone Number Extractor and Scraper is designed to extract real phone numbers from every social media profile. You can also use this tool to scrape Instagram phone numbers

    Besides, it offers to scrape phone numbers from multiple search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can also extract phone numbers by searching an individual keyword.

    Worthy of mentioning, AllinOne Phone Number Extractor and Scraper is the perfect tool for extracting all social media phone numbers Geographically you want. It's easy to use and fast, so you can get the information you need in minutes. 

    It also includes a scraper for email addresses, so you'll be able to gather all the contact information you need in one place. In short, you can use this AllinOne Phone Number Extractor and Scraper as an Instagram scraper.

    Special Key Features

    • Premium proxy server
    • Using keywords to scrape phone numbers
    • One single platform for all social media
    • Collect lead results in a spreadsheet.
    • Collect leads from a specific location

    Web Scraper.io offers to extract data without contacting the website owner. You can also relive spending hours figuring out how to do it manually.  

    However, there are many different web scraping tools available online. But WebScraper.io provides one of the best free and premium services and user experience. Because it is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

    So, you can use this Web Scraper as an Instagram data scraper. It is also incredibly versatile and can scrape public and private Instagram accounts. 

    Besides, you can use it to extract photos, videos, and bios from IG's posts. It also has various customization options to fine-tune your data extraction process. Thus, you can count the Web Scraper as one of the best Instagram Scrapers.

    Special Key Features

    • Automate data scraping
    • Dynamic websites data extraction
    • Scrap data in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats
    • Browser extension available
    • Scraping API

    TrustPilot Rating: 3.7 Web Scraper TrustPilot Reviews

    How to Scrape Data from Instagram

    How to Scrape Data from Instagram

    Please feel free to share and reuse this infographic – just please link to this article and mention me as the source. 🙂

    Here is the details guide on how to scrape Instagram data. 

    Why Scrape Instagram?

    Instagram scrapers are the tools that help to extract data from Instagram. It is very crucial to scrape Instagram for businesses and organizations. It automatically extracts data that are available for everyone. Instagram Scraper helps businesses to get insights into their targeted audiences and competitors.

    Let's learn more about why scrape Instagram-

    For getting insights

    Instagram scraper tools help to get insights into user behavior and trends. It also allows businesses to get insights into their targeted audiences and competitors.

    To know about customers

    Through Instagram Scraper, you can easily estimate the customers’ preferences, engagement levels, and more.

    Know more about competitors

    Competitors are a great source of collecting information. They can also help you to update with market trends and update your service accordingly.

    Learn about things like-

    Instagram scrapers inform you about the posts, active entries, user-following, regular users, hashtags, etc.

    Followers enhancement

    With the help of Instagram proxies, you can identify potential customers. Thus, you get more followers and can reach your target audience.

    Learn about customer feedback

    Scraping Instagram information helps you to know about consumers’ feedback. It can also spot fashion and lifestyle trends like colors, styles, and more.

    Besides, it helps identify potential customers, monitor competitors, and justify their behavior, trends, and preferences. All in all, the Instagram scraper can take your business to another level of success.


    How to build your own Instagram Scraper?

    You can build your own Instagram scraper using Python. For this, you need to have some technical knowledge. But, you can use libraries such as InstaPy and BeautifulSoup to scrape Instagram data. You need to follow some steps to build your own Instagram Scraper. Such as

    • Open up your favorite code editor, navigate to a directory, or create a new Ig scraping directory.

    • Import the InstaPy library into the file.

    • Instantiate InstaPy by passing in an account username and password.

    • Log in to the designated scraping IG account using the InstaPy login method.

    • Use the set relationship bounds method to determine how many people your bot can follow or unfollow daily.

    You need to follow these steps to build your own Instagram scraper. Also, you can use scraping tools like Bright Data.

    Instagram Scrapers:  (FAQs)

    What is Instagram Scraping?

    Instagram Scraping is the process of extracting data from Instagram. It can be done manually or with a third-party tool. It is also a widespread practice among marketers to extract data from Instagram to create content for their marketing campaigns. 

    However, it is essential to note that this process may violate Instagram's terms of service. So, it should be done with caution, care, and the best Instagram scraping software

    Does Instagram Allow Scraping?

    Instagram is the most popular social media platform, with over one billion active users. Whether Instagram allows scraping is essential for marketers who want to ensure that they are not violating any terms of service or infringing on copyrights.

    Worthy of mentioning, Instagram does not allow scraping. But you can use an API or a third-party app to scrape Instagram content without breaking any rules.

    How do I install Instagram Scraper?

    You don’t need to install Instagram Scraper like other Windows software. To clarify, it is a third-party tool and a simple process that you can use to extract Instagram photos and videos. You also use it to get Instagram data by extracting relevant images to your topic.

    In other words, Instagram scraping is where you use software to scrape content from Instagram. After that, you can use the data as a lead on social networks, websites, or other platforms.

    Is it legal to scrape Instagram?

    Scraping data from Instagram is legal as long as scraping data is not belong to any private account or contains personal information. So, you have to be very careful not to extract data that is protected by copyright.

    How much will scraping Instagram cost you?

    Instagram scrapers are software that allows you to extract public data, images, posts, etc from Instagram. There are several Instagram scraping tools available in the market. 

    So, prices are dependent on the tool you choose. However, some tools are free, some are budget-friendly, and others are costly. Therefore, you have to decide what types of tools you use for scraping as per your need.

    How to use Instagram Scraper?

    Instagram scraper tools are beneficial for extracting data so smoothly. You have to follow some easy steps to use Instagram Scraper. Such as

    • You have to create a free Apify account.

    • Then open an Instagram post scraper.

    • Add usernames to scrape.

    • Click the button “Save&Start” and wait for the datasets to be extracted.

    • After that, download your data in JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, or HTML.

    How many results can you scrape with an Instagram scraper?

    The number of results an Instagram scraper returns can not be exactly determined. It depends on the content you want to scrape. However, Instagram scrapers are not constant. 

    There is no one-size-fits-all-use-cases number. Therefore, if you want to know about the result of your particular use case, go and test run by yourself. 

    How to Scrape Instagram with Python?

    Web scraping Instagram, or any other website, without proper authorization can be against ethical principles and can potentially violate laws governing data privacy and online conduct. Therefore, it's important to respect the policies and guidelines of websites, as well as the privacy and security of their users.

    However, If you have permission to scrape Instagram data or are working on a project that requires accessing public data then you can use Python and its web scraping libraries such as Beautiful Soup or Scrapy. Here's a general overview of the steps you can follow to scrape Instagram using Python:

    Step 1

    Identify the data you want to scrape, such as posts, comments, or user information.

    Step 2

    Inspect the Instagram page using your web browser's developer tools to identify the HTML structure and the location of the data you want to scrape.

    Step 3

    Use Python and a web scraping library such as Beautiful Soup to parse the HTML and extract the data you want.

    Step 3

    If the data is paginated, write a loop to iterate through each page and scrape the data from each page.

    Step 3

    Store the scraped data in a structured format such as CSV or JSON for further analysis.

    It's important to note that Instagram's Terms of Use explicitly prohibit web scraping and data collection without permission, so be sure to obtain permission or ensure that your scraping adheres to ethical principles and applicable laws.

    The tip is that you can build your own Instagram scraper in Python.

    Additionally, scraping Instagram at a large scale can potentially overload servers and cause harm to the website and its users, so it's important to be mindful of your scraping practices. Also you have to know the pros and cons of Instagram Data Scraping. 

    How to Scrape Instagram without login

    Do you want to scrape Instagram data without login? Are you looking for easy ways to access public Instagram posts and accounts? No worry. I'm sharing how you can easily scrape Instagram without login.

    Scraping Instagram without logging in is now possible with the help of the lightweight Python library, instascrape. This library provides an easy-to-use API that enables users to scrape data from Instagram effortlessly and quickly. To ensure that everyone can access their content, Instagram does not require users to log in before accessing the site. 

    Web scraping has also been made easier through the use of no-code web crawlers that allow users to collect data from any website within minutes.

    Lastly, the Instagram-Scraper program can be used to scrape Instagram followers and followers into Excel CSV formats without having to login. With all these tools available, scraping Instagram without logging in is now easier than ever before.

    Want to scrape Instagram, email, phone number, hashtags, profiles, posts or comments?

    If you want to scrape IG profiles , posts, hashtags, email etc. properly then you should know details about those scraping tools


    Do you find the best Instagram Scraper like your perfect match?

    Instagram scrapers help you gather every essential data being shared on Instagram. After that, you can use the data or share it with your followers.

    Worthy of mentioning, if you’re looking to boost your following or want to get a massive audience, sales, and growth from Instagram, you must use best Instagram scrapers tool.

    However, you already have the list of top 15+ Best Instagram Scrapers (Free & Paid) from this article. Each Instagram scraping tool provides excellent data and results. Thus, you can select one according to your requirements.

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