How to Make a Website in WordPress for Beginners (Full Tutorials)

   By: Marketer Rakib
How to Make a Website

Many online newbie and businessman are asking me every single day. How to make a website in WordPress  for Beginners?

How can I create my personal blog in WordPress?

Website or blog is an identity and right place for any business or person in this big internet ocean.You have a business in local or international, you want to get customers from online.

So, where customers come to buy anything or take service?

And how do you represent your products or service to your customers?

A website is the best solution for your business online.

You can create a store of your products on it and anyone can buy products from it easily.

Or you have a company in your local. For example, Roofing service, You want to get customers who want to repair their roof, it’s the best solution for you to give information about services to your customers.

On the other hand, you’re an artist or you want to start blogging and affiliate marketing. You should need a website in your niche.

Now you are thinking about how to make a website in WordPress. Don’t worry.I’m giving you steps by steps guidelines below on how to create a website using WordPress within 60 minutes.

Please follow my tips, you will able to make your website very easily.

You have to need over 4 steps to make a website in WordPress.

  • Domain Name Selection
  • Reliable Hosting Setup
  • Choose Website Building platform (CMS Setup)
  • Design and Development

#Step 01: Domain Name Selection

The website name is called a domain name. A beautiful name is more engage able  and remember able for peoples.

You should try to select a short, remember able, SEO friendly, and niche relevant words based domain name.

I personally use  NameMesh for finding domain names idea freely. I just put my niche keywords in name create the box, then it provides me a lot of high valuable domains idea.

Domain Name Ideas

There have many types of domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, info, .me, .io, .online,.tech,and others.

I would recommend choosing the top level domain(.com,.org,.net) because Google prefers a top-level domain for ranking and most people know and easily remembered those.

You'll get a Free Domain for one year long If you use Bluehost for your website hosting. Buy domain first, then start next step.

#Step 2: Reliable Hosting Setup

Web Hosting is a place where you will store or save your website's files like contents, images, video, and other things.

It's like a memory card on the web for your site.

When internet users search your site, it'll show your site to them anytime.

Websites are hosted, or stored on special computers called server. There have many hosting service providing companies in the digital world whose are selling their server space to website owners.

So, you need to buy hosting space for your site from a popular and reliable company.

I would highly recommend buying a hosting service from Blueh​​ost Hosting company. Because it's faster, easier, and most reliable than other hosting companies. Here you can easily integrate your site within a few minutes.

Though It's very cheap (you can start $2.65/month ), But the service of it is very good.  It provides a primary domain registration totally free for one year long.

See this below for buying bluehost within few minutes

Take free Domain and create a hosting account first then start Next…

#Step 3: CMS (Content Management System ) Setup

CMS means Content Management System. It's the place or web software where you can easily control your site contents and create pages or posts and customize your site theme.

There has a list of Content Management Software. Those are WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, HupSpot, Joomla, Sitecore, Shopify, Magento and other more.

I personally use WordPress for my  sites .

Now login your hosting server and install your preferable CMS software.If you use Bluehost , then you can install wordpress in just one click.


It's the best platform for no-profit organization and bloggers. It's an easy and free every person who wants to control their website in this CMS.

Here You don't need more experience in coding for managing your site, it will help you for creating web code by it free and premium plugins.

Maximum webmasters are using WordPress for their sites CMS.

Because here have many excellent plugins whose help you to maintain your site SEO.

I highly recommend using WordPress for your blog sites and other general sites.

#Step 4: Design And Development

Web design is called Queen of a site.

After installing WordPress on your hosting server, You need to design your site.

A well-designed site keeps people coming back to the site again and again.

Website Design

We should design our website look professional and user-friendly.

If you don’t have good knowledge of web coding, You can easily design your simple site by choosing a theme.

There have thousands of web theme in different theme stores, You can choose and use any theme depending on your website category.

Two kinds of themes have in theme store, one free and another premium. have many good free themes, you can take a theme from it

I recommend you using a Premium theme. But your question, why should  I use a premium theme? If there have a lot of free themes available.

You can use SEO friendly and the easily customizable premium theme from Thrive theme .

It helps you to get a professional design look site without hiring a professional web designer.

Most Popular and My Favorite WordPress Premium Themes  

Divi Theme: It’s one kind of best WordPress theme for beginners who have no knowledge about coding. You can design your site by just drag and drop. You can use it for your all types of websites.

GeneratePressIt’s a very popular WordPress theme for blog sites. If you want to start blogging, then it should be your best choice. It has already ready design for all kinds of niche sites in the Site Library section. You don’t need any coding knowledge for ready your site. I highly recommend you using GeneratePress for Niche Website. 

Some important things need to consider when designing your site. Those are

Simple And Clean Design

A simple and clean design site is easy to scan. It makes your site more professional and trusty to your audiences.

Trusty is one of the best point for increasing conversion rates.

According to research published by Blue Corona, 48% of people determine the credibility of a business by its website design.

So, It’s clear that a simple and clean design is better for any website.

Effective Color Scheme

Color Scheme is an important part of web design and development.

You need to fix site branding color before start site designing.

You should select a brand color which is user-friendly and look be professional on all devices display when visitors load your site.

Website Branding

A logo color can be the brand color of your website or business.

You need to touch the whole the website with brand color. It`ll build memorable and trusty of your site to visitors.

Website Navigation

A website Navigation is one of the best section of graphical user interface intended to help visitors accessing information on the site.

Good Navigation can speed up viewers search and enables the Search Engine Spiders to properly crawl the site and index it.

So, it’s necessary to create proper navigation bars on your site.

Clean, SEO Friendly Code

SEO friendly code means Correct and well-formed code when building a website.

Try to clean bugs from your website and make easy to access search engines boats in your site for crawling.

Hire a professional web designer or buy a premium theme for SEO friendly coding based design.

Compatibility With Multiple Browsers

Your site needs to capable of browsing in the web browsers. There have many browsers on the internet and all people don’t use the same browsers.

If it restricts from any browser, you’ll lose many visitors to your site.

So, make the site for using with multiple browsers.

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

The mobile responsive design must need for any website, Unless You don’t want to lose visitors from your site.

Because 51.3% of people browse the internet from mobile and tablet as the research of BGR .

If your site doesn’t become usable from mobile devices, Search engines will drop your site from mobile search ranking.

This way you will lose maximum visitors and also visitors will not be happier.

So, Make your site all devices responsive. There have a good free responsive checker tool, it is responsivedesignchecker

If you need custom design and development, You should have good web coding(HTML, CSS, Java Scripts, PHP) knowledge.

Otherwise, You should hire a professional web developer. You'll find out many good web developer from Fiverr. And If you need any help about web design and development, You can contact with me. I'll help you as a friend.


Good website making platforms help you to make a website perfectly.

I would recommend you using above described platforms for making your website.

Because those are very excellent and reliable. Top sites of the world have been using those platforms.

If this resource helps you, Please share this with your friends.

Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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