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Updated January 7, 2023
RewriteGuru Review

As a student or writer, you need to write different types of articles and complete tasks within a short span of time. Many people rely on article rewriters available over the web to generate content with the existing pieces of text. However, not all the tools provide the results we are looking for. That’s why I love to use RewriteGuru, as it’s a heaven to create fresh articles, and it offers high-quality results. In comparison to other utilities I have used for paraphrasing, RewriteGuru stands above due to its exceptional outcomes.

When you are asked to create content on a single topic multiple times, the job becomes quite tiresome, and the chances of self-plagiarism also increase. Similarly, as a student, you might have to complete multiple assignments with extensive and thorough research. RewriteGuru can help you out in both situations, as it’s a helpful website for writers and students. Besides rewriting articles, RewriteGuru also offers other tools to facilitate people involved in writing tasks. In short, if you want to make an impact with your writing, you must use RewriteGuru.

In this article, I will give you an in-depth review of RewriteGuru. If you keep reading it till the end, you’ll fall in love with this platform and surely give it a try.

So let’s start this review without any further ado!


RewriteGuru Services

RewriteGuru offers multiple services to its users for making the writing process quick and hassle-free. This platform can be used for multiple reasons, as it contains multiple utilities and features. The top services offered on this web portal are discussed below.

1. Article Rewriter

The article rewriter is the major utility offered on RewriteGuru. This tool comes in 7 different modes, and each mode provides a different level of rewriting. The users can choose from the given modes of the article rewriter according to the outcomes they desire.

With this article spinner, you can get your hands on a completely fresh article in a matter of seconds. Spinning any article with this brilliant essay rewriter is possible without paying any charges.

For advanced spinning, you may need to get a premium plan according to your preferences. The advanced algorithms back the functionality of this tool to provide you with high-quality results. 

2.Plagiarism Checker

RewriteGuru also allows its users to check for plagiarism and eliminate the instances of duplication with the plagiarism checker.

This tool is based on deep scan technology that makes sure to check plagiarism from each and every phrase of the text uploaded by a user. It’s a brilliant online utility, as its databases contain billions of web pages’ content.

This tool deeply cross-checks your text and notifies you about duplicated sentences in terms of percentage.

The plagiarism detector available on this platform ensures 100% accurate results to all the users.

3.Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing and rewriting are considered the same, but there’s a big gap between the results of these two. Paraphrasing is a process of restating something elaborated in a text to clarify its meaning.

However, rewriting is based on writing content again entirely with new words while maintaining the original meaning.

Therefore, RewriteGuru is offering both services to meet the demands of everyone. The paraphrasing tool available on this platform is based on Artificial intelligence. It ensures proper restatement of the text uploaded by the users. 

Anyone looking forward to paraphrasing can rely on RewriteGuru’s paraphraser, as it’s capable of providing you with top-notch results in a matter of seconds. To access this tool, you just need to click here: and get your work done.


4. Grammar & Spell Checker

Besides duplication, the existence of grammatical and spelling errors also makes students and writers suffer. Many paraphrasing tools provide ordinary results to the users, which contain several writing errors.

However, RewriteGuru doesn’t let you face such hassles with its article rewriter and paraphrasing tool, as it has incorporated the grammar checking feature in its utilities. This tool notifies you about all the grammar and spelling mistakes existing in your uploaded text. 

Apart from detecting errors, this utility also helps you out in rectifying them by offering suitable suggestions. You can surely enhance your written articles and make them worth reading with RewriteGuru.

How to Use RewriteGuru?

Using RewriteGuru is a hassle-free task due to its user-friendly interface. This tool provides the best user experience to all of its visitors in terms of functionality and results.

For using RewriteGuru’s article rewriter, plagiarism checker, or paraphrasing tool, you need to follow a simple set of instructions.

The only difference between using this platform for free and premium users is that the former can simply access and start paraphrasing, while the latter need to first log in to their accounts.

After that, you can follow the straightforward steps given below for using this paraphrasing tool.

Step # 1

First of all, you need to access RewriteGuru through the browser on your device and select the tool you want to use. You can click on the article rewriter, paraphrasing tool, or plagiarism checker option given at the top panel of the home page.

Step # 2

After accessing the desired tool, you have to upload the text you wish to paraphrase or check for plagiarism. This platform allows you to upload a file containing text from your device or copy-paste text in the given box.

(note: The free users can upload the text of up to 800 words, whereas the premium users can enjoy an extended word limit of 5000 words in a single query)

Step # 3

Once you have uploaded text in the given box, you need to select the mode of paraphrasing. The free users are restricted to paraphrase with 3 modes. However, the premium users can enjoy paraphrasing with all 7 modes.

Step # 4

Finally, after uploading text and selecting the desired mode, you have to click the Paraphrase Text button. As soon as you click this button, the paraphrasing tool will start processing your request and provide you with high-quality results instantaneously. 

RewriteGuru Modes of Paraphrasing

The article rewriter and paraphrasing tool offered by RewriteGuru comes with multiple modes that allow users to paraphrase in their preferred way.

Each mode is powered by advanced algorithms and allows users to add custom synonyms. 

Let’s go through these modes and figure out how they can help you out in paraphrasing articles!

1. Smart Spin

The smart spin mode of RewriteGuru changes 70-75% of words with their synonyms, approximately.

Besides intelligently spinning your article’s words, the paraphrasing tool also allows you to add custom synonyms of your own choice by selecting the desired replacement from the given list against each highlighted word.

RewriteGuru itself recommends this mode to all the users.

2. Ultra Spin

The ultra spin mode on this platform is based on the same mechanism as the smart spin mode. However, the percentage of words it spins and replaces with suitable synonyms exceeds to 90% on average.

The ultra spin mode is recommended to users who wish to escape plagiarism from every aspect.

You can spin an article entirely by choosing to paraphrase with this mode on RewriteGuru.

3. Replace Manually

The replace manually mode by this paraphrasing tool has been designed for people who don’t want to rely on the replacements made by automated tools.

With this mode, you can enjoy full authority over replacing words with the synonyms you find suitable in the context of your article. 

Instead of using different sources for finding synonyms, you can rely on the replace manually mode of RewriteGuru, as it provides you with an extensive list of suitable replacements for the words contained in your uploaded article.

4. AI Rewriter

If you are searching for a mode that can restructure your text without changing words with their synonyms, then AI rewriter is the one you can rely on.

You can stick with the same vocabulary in your text with the help of this mode, as it focuses on providing you with AI-based restatement of your uploaded article.

This mode is best for users who like the current vocabulary of their articles and want any sort of alterations.

5. AI Rewriter + Smart Spin

The AI rewriter + smart spin mode by RewriteGuru is designed to help users find better versions of their articles instead of just replacing words with synonyms.

This mode focuses on combining AI-based paraphrasing with smart spinning.

As a result, the articles you get with this mode are based on new structures and partially replaced words.

6. AI Rewriter + Ultra Spin

Generating high-quality articles with totally new structures and vocabulary is possible with AI rewriter + ultra spin mode of RewriteGuru.

This mode is a reliable option for people looking forward to delivering unique articles with no traces of duplication.

Reshaping entire content with a dissimilar choice of words from original content is possible with the help of this mode of the paraphrasing tool.

7. AI Rewriter + Replace Manually

Not everyone desires to rely on the suggested synonyms by the paraphrasing tool; however, they still want to get changes in the sentence structures of their articles.

The AI rewriter + replace manually is the recommended mode for these users.

This mode works by highlighting the words that can be replaced within your articles and restructuring content in the best possible way. 

You can use the list of synonyms displayed under this mode for your article’s highlighted words and replace them manually as per your preference.

Rewrite Guru Premium Plans

The free version of RewriteGuru is limited to 3 modes and an 800-word limit in a single query. By getting a premium plan, you can unlock several other perks offered on this platform. The premium plans of RewriteGuru are described below.

Basic Plan


  • Price: $9.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 10,000
  • Total Words: 25,000


  • Price: $25.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 10,000
  • Total Words: 75,000


  • Price: $99.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 10,000
  • Total Words: 300,000

Pro Plan 


  • Price: $12.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 30,000
  • Total Words: 40,000


  • Price: $34.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 30,000
  • Total Words: 120,000


  • Price: $135.99
  • Modes: 7
  • Languages: 5
  • Word Limit: 30,000
  • Total Words: 480,000

Pros & Cons of Rewrite Guru

Before choosing any utility, you must know about its good and bad sides. RewriteGuru has several pros for its users; however, there are some cons as well. Let’s go through both of them before you decide to acquire RewriteGuru’s services.

  •   has a user-friendly interface
  • powered by artificial intelligence
  • offers context-based suggestions
  • provides a variety of synonyms 
  • lets you check the similarity between multiple pieces of text
  • provides users with super-fast results 
  • allows you to detect and eliminate grammar and spelling errors
  • lets you save paraphrased files with a single click
  • Its free version is limited to 800 words per query
  • Ads might affect user experience.
  • All modes are accessible only to premium users.

RewriteGuru – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do RewriteGuru Paraphrase English Articles Only?

No! What I have experienced with this platform is that it supports paraphrasing in 5 languages.

Besides English, RewriteGuru also allows you to paraphrase Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French articles.

Does Your Plan Get Renewed Automatically?

The automatic plan renewal depends upon the users. If the auto-renewal is turned on, your subscribed plan will get renewed automatically. Also, If you don’t want to renew the plan automatically, you can turn off the auto-renewal option in your account settings.

Does RewriteGuru Offer Custom Plans?

Yes, RewriteGuru allows its users to purchase custom plans as per their requirements. You can get a custom plan by contacting the support team of this platform.

Executive Summary

The students and writers might not have enough time to conduct in-depth research and invest ample effort to create copies of the content. You can save yourself from this situation with the paraphrasing tool offered on RewriteGuru.

It’s a brilliant online service that’s supported by all kinds of platforms. 

RewriteGuru can help you produce plagiarism-free content instantly. You can access and use this service anytime from any corner of the world.

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