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   By: Marketer Rakib

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Starting an ecommerce venture is quite popular these days. Some aspiring entrepreneurs seek financial independence. 

Of course, some might look to start a side hustle and make extra while still staying at their day job.

As a potential idea, you could consider selling custom merchandise. And Printify is the platform to simplify the process of starting and running an ecommerce store. Consider this Printify review as a gateway to understanding what the platform has to offer.

Differences Between Shopify and Printify

Printify Review-Print-on-Demand

Let's start with Shopify and Printify. The two platforms are different in the sense that one provides you with an opportunity to launch an online store, and the other offers you the option to add products.

In other words, you can treat Shopify as the host of your website and Printify as your supplier.

Integrating Printify on Shopify is relatively easy. Printify has a dedicated Shopify app that you can install on your Shopify store. 

Once you install the app, you can access Printify on Shopify's dashboard. From there, add or remove products. 

Where Is Printify Located?

The company was founded in San Francisco, California. However, its headquarters are in Riga, Latvia. Plenty of investors are backing the company, which is one of the reasons behind its success in the print-on-demand industry.

Printify Review: Plans and Pricing

Printify offers its users 3 different plans: Free, Premium, and Enterprise.

  • Free plan

The free plan offers the basic set of features, including the mockup generator, merchant support, unlimited product designs, manual order creation, and integration with Shopify as well as other ecommerce platforms, like Etsy and eBay.

As a Free plan user, you can have up to 5 stores on your account, which should be enough for someone who is starting a business. In case you wish to scale the venture, you can switch to a different plan.

  • Premium plan

The Premium plan costs 29 dollars per month, but you can opt for a yearly option, which will save you 14% and reduce the price to 25 dollars per month. Besides the features available in the free plan, merchants benefit from the option to expand their account and run it on up to 10 stores.

The biggest benefit, however, is having up to a 20% discount on all products that you sell via Printify in your store.

  • Enterprise plan

With the Enterprise plan, you get everything from the Premium plan. In addition, there is no longer a limit to how many stores you can use on your account.

Exclusive Enterprise plan features include branded customer support, a dedicated account manager, and custom API integration.

The Enterprise plan is recommended for merchants that have 10 000+ orders per day. The pricing is custom as it depends on the business volume.

Printify Review: Pros and Cons 

It is time to look at some of the most prominent pros and cons of running your print-on-demand business on Printify so that you can get a better idea of what the service is about. Let's start with the pros.

  • Simple setup: Printify is easy to set up and implement, particularly if you opt to integrate the store with Shopify or a similar ecommerce platform.

  • 600+ products: The product catalog is one of the biggest Printify strengths. You have a plethora of options as far as potential products go. There is no need to limit yourself to just t-shirts or hoodies, for instance.
  • Large printing facility network: Printify has more than 90 printing facilities across Europe, China, and North America.
  • Mockup Generator: Users can utilize the free mockup generator directly on the website and see how their design looks on different products. 
  • Shipping Calculator: You do not have to guess how much it will cost to send your products. There is a shopping calculator that you can use.

As far as cons go, there are not really any notable ones. You might find a few complaints about struggling to get in touch with certain suppliers or how some orders take a bit longer to process than expected, but such cases are too few to be considered a notable problem for an average Printify user.

Printify Affiliate Programs

As expected, Printify has an affiliate program. If you wish to try your luck in affiliate marketing rather than starting a print-on-demand store from scratch, go for it.

Signing up for the affiliate program is simple. You can get instant approval. All you need is to fill out the form, and you will receive your personal link immediately. 

The affiliate program offers a 5% commission, which is a decent rate. There are no limits to how much money you can make from the Printify affiliate program. And since Printify's cookies last for 90 days, it increases your chances of having more successful conversions.

Printify Review: FAQs

Is Making Money With Print-on-Demand Easy?

While setting up a store and adding products is pretty much hassle-free, you should not expect to make money instantly.

It is still necessary to promote the store on social media and other channels to attract potential customers. Not to mention that you need to offer interesting and unique designs that one cannot find in other stores.

What Products Can You Create With Printify?

Printify has a catalog of over 600 different products. Clothing is usually the go-to category because t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other clothes tend to sell a lot.

On the other hand, you can also check accessories (bags, phone cases) and other products, such as wall decor, stickers, magnets, and mugs.

Does Printify Offer Merchant Protection?

Printify has a policy of issuing refunds to your merchant account if there are issues with reprints. Customers who receive damaged goods can get in touch with Printify's merchant support and get a replacement sent.

Are Printify's Products Good Quality?

The overall product quality is one of the biggest strengths of Printify. It is hard to find a print-on-demand service that has so many different items in its catalog while also ensuring that the goods come in excellent quality and at a fair price.

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