How to Use Udimi Solo Ads in 2023 – A Step By Step Guide

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated December 15, 2020

Udimi is one of the best Solo ads marketplaces for buying and selling. You can easily generate unlimited and constant targeted traffic using Udimi Solo ads. But you need to know how to use Udimi Solo Ads and buy it the right way for maximum ROI. Don’t be a worry. I’m going to show how to buy Solo ads on Udimi step by step practically. Let’s start.

How to buy udimi Solo Ads

How to Use Solo Ads Udimi

It is very easy to buy solo ads on Udimi. You need to create simply an account using the right information. Then you have to verify your account for starting buying. Bear in mind, you can’t buy or sell on Udimi without completely verify your account.  

For verifying your Udimi account profile, you need two things.

  1. 1
     A short video of your real face and your Government Photo ID like a Password, or National ID Card, or Driving License scan copy. You have to make sure that your photo id card is seeing clearly.
  2. 2
     Also, you have to pay $10 USD not refundable for verifying your Udimi account. You can pay the verification fee using PayPal or MasterCard.

Step 01: Confirm Your Target Niche and Audiences

Before buying any solo ads, you have to come to the right decision about how are you going to use solo ads.

For example, what’s your niche, what’s your targeted customers or traffic location, or what do you want for sales or subscribers?

After confirming your decision of niches and audiences, you’re going to find out right Solo ads vendors who can meet your desire.

Step 02: Find a Reliable Solo Ads Seller

To find the best Solo Ads Vendors is a challenging part of Solo Ads Marketing. But it is a very simple matter if you buy Solo Traffic on Udimi.

Just go to the Find Sellers page and select your targeted requirements.

Buy Solo Ads Udimi
Buy Udimi Solo Ads

You will see a lot of seller list depending on your requirements.

Step 03: Check Review and Rating of the Seller

Before contacting and buying, you should check every seller's profile rating and reviews. Because it is a good way of finding a reliable seller. See how much buyers are satisfied using the seller traffic. Specially check how much sellers have gotten sales and Optin rates.

Use Solo Ads Udimi

Also, check the seller traffic conditions. Will the Solo ads seller traffic meet your requirements? After checking everything, you should contact or order your desired amount of traffic. 

But bear in mind, many new sellers have just joined Udimi for selling traffic. You can also check their traffic.

Step 04: Order Your Desired Amount of Clicks

After getting a reliable solo ads vendor, you are a way of ordering your traffic. View your selected seller profile and click to order.

Buy Solo Ads Step by step

For example, I want to buy 500 traffic from the seller. So, I have selected 500 visitors. If I choose Only Mobile, Only Top Tier, and, and Prime Filter then the prices will be increased.

After selecting the price amount, I have to provide my landing page or affiliate link or ads copy to the seller.
Link only: I can provide my link only and the seller will write email text or ads copy personally.
Add Text: On the other hand, I can provide my email ads with a link. If you are promoting affiliates or CPA offers then make sure that you have inserted your referral link properly.

After submitting everything, you have to click Add to Cart and pay the money using PayPal or Mastercard (Visa, Credit card, American Express, etc.)

Your order will be running when the solo ads seller accepts your order. Also bear in mind, the seller must be delivering traffic to you within 3day. Otherwise, the order will be automatically canceled.

Step 05: Track Clicks And Give Feedback

After successfully ordered and accepted the order from the seller, you will get traffic within 3 days. If the seller will fail to deliver the traffic within times, then the order is canceled automatically by Udimi.

But when the seller will deliver the order successfully, you will see a traffic static report on Udimi. If the traffic report will meet your requirements, then accept the delivery and give feedback to the seller.

You can also check traffic reports on ClickMagick if you cover your link using the ClickMagick Link Trackers tool. 

Solo Ads Udimi Pricing

Udimi Solo Ads prices range from $0.35-$0.95. The main reason for Udimi Solo Ads Pricing difference that sellers set up the prices personally. You have to bear in mind that high price clicks drive high-quality email traffic.

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