50+ Best Solo Ads Providers, Vendors, Agency For 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated February 23, 2024
Best Solo Ads Providers

Do you want to find the best solo ads providers? If yes, then this guide is going to help you.

The term “solo ads” refers to advertising using a one-to-one email marketing method. It also delivers ad content directly to individuals on a personalized basis. 

Besides, Solo ads are typically delivered via email or text messages. It also sends out in bulk to lists of recipients who have agreed to receive the messaging in advance.

Top Solo ads providers
In this guide, I will discuss what a solo ad is and why companies use them. Besides, I will provide a list of the for you.

Best Solo Ads Providers Video Review

Who are Solo Ads Providers?

Solo ads providers are selling advertising to individuals or companies. To clarify, they sell Solo advertisement to promote their business. They also typically offer a list of targeted audiences. The advertisers’ contact for permission to promote their products and services. 

What Are Solo Ads Providers

Besides, Solo ads providers can advertise on their high targeted email lists. As a result, they can also offer a lower cost-per-click than other forms of advertising. 

Since they are simpler to set up and easier to use. The most common channels for solo ad providers are email blasts, and text message blasts.

Top Solo Ads Provider & Vendor

Marketer Rakib Solo Ads

Marketer Rakib Solo Ads Logo

Marketer Rakib Solo Ads is my personal Solo ads Traffic Agency. 

Are you looking for a scalable Solo Ads Traffic solution? Then the Marketer Rakib Solo Ads Traffic is the best traffic solution for you. Because I’m the only Solo Ads Provider who sells high-quality real human traffic. 

My solo ads traffic is 100% tier 1 and highly targeted. I will audit your offer page or sale funnels for free without any cost. Also, I provide 10% extra delivery.

My traffic is appropriate for Biz op, MMO (Make Money Online), Affiliate Marketing, MLM (Network Marketing), Online Marketing, Personal Development, Survival, Crypto, Weight loss, etc. offers. By the way, I highly recommend you buy solo ads traffic from me.

Best Solo Ads Providers on Udimi

Special Niches for  Marketing, Finance, Business, Bizzop, MMO

Patrik Radacic - The Best Solo Ads Provider

 1. Patrik Radacic

He has positive buyer ratings of 1858 and just ten bad ratings. Patrik has a 32% of “Got Sales” ratings. Besides, 10% of his orders are repeat orders. It also takes him less than 5 hours to accept orders. 

Moreover, Patrik is the best Solo Ads Provider. He offers three traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only mobile, only top tier. He also provides minimum clicks of 75 and a maximum of 300 clicks. He charges $0.40 per click.

Looking at the average traffic stats from his latest 30 solos, he has an average traffic of 66% in the United States, 10% Canada, 15% United Kingdom, 3% Australia, 2% New Zealand, and 4% from all the rest. He is available on Udimi. So, you have to buy Solo Ads on Udimi from him.

Andreas Arvidsson is the best Solo Ads Providers

2. Andreas Arvidsson

Andreas has positive buyer ratings of 3870 and 6 bad ratings. Besides, he has “Got Sales” ratings of 29% and repeats orders are 11%. It also takes him less than 5 hours to accept orders. 

Furthermore, he offers three traffic filters and prime filters, only mobile. Andreas also offers 50 minimum clicks and 500 maximum clicks. However, he charges $0.40 per click.

Looking at the average traffic stats from his latest 30 solos, he also has 71% traffic from the United States, 3% Canada, 17% United Kingdom, 1% Australia, 1% New Zealand, and 7% from all the rest.

Kanjana Magkongdee Solo Ad Provider

 3. Kanjana Magkongdee

She has 391 positive ratings and only 1% low ratings. However, Kanjana has 35% of "Got Sales" ratings, but 15% of his orders are repeat orders. Besides, it typically takes her less than 5 hours to process an order. She offers all four traffic filters, and that's a prime filter too.

Moreover, she offers a minimum of 200 clicks while her maximum is 1000. So, it is $0.40 per click. Looking at her latest 30 solo ads, she also has an average amount of traffic in the U.S. at 81%, Canada at 7%, U.K. 4%, and 3% in other countries.

Top Solo Ads Provider

 4. Thimios Syrigos

His rating is around 84% positive. Only 3% of his orders are rated as bad. Besides, he has 40% of “Got Sales” ratings and a 10% return for more. He also usually accepts orders within 1 hour or less after they're submitted.

However, Thimios offers all four traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only mobile, only top tier, no mobile. He also provides at most 1000 clicks which costs $0.40 per click.

Looking at the traffic stats from his 30 most recent solos, Thimios also typically reaches 100% of his target audience in the U.S.

Joe Wann is Solo Ads Providers

 5. Joe Wann

Joe has a very positive buyer rating of 279. With only 1% bad ratings and 17% repeat orders. Additionally, 33% of all reviews mention how quickly he accepts orders. Overall, he is fast to respond and has six bad reviews out of 116

Besides, he offers three traffic filters prime filters, only mobile, and only top tier. He also provides 50 minimum and 500 maximum clicks for $0.40 per click.

However, his latest solos have an average of 86% American traffic, 4% Canada, 3% United Kingdom, 2% Australia, 1% New Zealand & 4% from all the rest.

Special Niches For Health, Fitness, Weight Loss

Nathanael Thomas Oswald

6. Nathanael Thomas Oswald

He’s from Malaysia, Shah Alam. However, he offers two traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only top tier. He also provides minimum clicks of 50 and a maximum of 500 clicks. He charges $0.40 per click. 

Besides, his offer has to be in the BizOpp or Make Money Online niches. He prefers no Mobile & T1 Clicks. Looking at the average traffic stats from his latest 30 solos, he also has an average traffic of 100% in the United States.

Peter Agbor

7. Peter Agbor

He’s from Lagos, Nigeria. Peter offers all four traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only mobile, only top tier, no mobile. He also provides minimum clicks of 50 and a maximum of 300 clicks. He charges $0.40 per click. 

Moreover, Peter covers all the niches. His traffic is 100% targeted. He also provides 95% high-quality TRAFFIC from Tier 1 countries of the USA, UK, etc.


8. Omanovic Kiprijanovski Kristina

He’s from Slovenia, Ljubljana. However, Omanovic offers two traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only top tier. He also provides the minimum and maximum clicks of 100 clicks. 

Besides, he charges $0.40 per click. He also provides 100% T1 country traffic—top tier visitors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia.

Monica Bhalla

9. Monica Bhalla

She’s from Mohali, India, and one of the best solo Ads sellers. However, she offers all four traffic filters and those are prime filters, only mobile, only top tier, no mobile. She also provides minimum clicks of 50 and a maximum of 100 clicks. He charges $0.40 per click. 

Ammar Towir Top Solo Ad Provider

10. Ammar Towir

He’s from Shah Alam, Malaysia. However, Ammar offers all four traffic filters, and those are prime filters, only mobile, only top tier, no mobile. He also provides minimum clicks of 50 and a maximum of 1000 clicks. He charges $0.40 per click. Besides, it takes him less than 30 minutes to accept orders. He’s also got 11 positive ratings.

11. Mike Dirnt
12. Greg Prouse
13. Kevin Hansen
14. Dominykas Gobe
15. Athanasios Hatzikirkou
16. MD Abdul Mannan
17. Denas Kulinicius
18. Wayne Dobson
19. Abdallah Bekkaye
21. Nguyen Duc Huy
22. Ramich Abdoulmounaim

Best Solo Ads Vendors (Sellers) List 

Nowadays, Solo ads advertising is becoming more and more popular. However, it is an effective way for businesses to find new customers and grow their customer base.

Solo ads vendors offer Solo ad marketing services to companies. Besides, they provide services that enable you to spend your budget in the best possible way. They also do it by targeting people most likely to buy from you. Also they are the best Udimi Alternatives

Wayne Crowe the best Solo ads Vendor

Is there a way for you to get quality traffic to your site that converts at a high rate? Absolutely - Wayne Crowe’s Traffic Domination program has these commodities. However, traffic domination is a free email course about list building by Wayne Crowe.

Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer? Well, this membership may be for you. So,  join the CPA network and get guaranteed acceptance. The CPA also offers amazing tools.

Besides, Wayne’s newbie-friendly copy-paste system gets you set up with a landing page and autoresponder. So, you can earn money faster. The writing process is also pretty easy to do, and it takes a short time. He is a great Solo Ads Vendor for quality traffic.

2.  LJ Aviles

Best Solo Ads Vendor LJAlives

LJ Aviles Solo Ads Training System and Software by LifeCoachLJ is awesome. In other words, it is a training system for all internet marketers in the world. I also recommend trying it out.

However, people who have an online business need to make their offers visible to the public. There are several different ways to do this. But LJ Aviles Solo Ads is far from one of the simplest & most straightforward methods.

Besides, its Solo Ad Traffic works well with the following niches: Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing. So, it is time to get a steady flow of leads for your online business. He is my number one recommended solo ads vendor.

TrafficBlade is the best Solo Ads Vendor

Traffic Blade is another best Solo Ads vendor. However, they build their list using different methods & techniques than other solo ad vendors & agencies. So, they can produce diverse and better results.

Besides, they put a lot of time & effort into building strong relationships with our subscribers. They are also dedicated to refining their process for finding leads. However, they only offer the most responsive ones to fit your exact needs.

Jaszdeep the Best Solo Ads Vendor

Jaszdeep Singh is a solo ad-provided/traffic expert based out of London. In other words, he claims to offer “world-class customer support” and “the best email advertising.” So, people consider him as the best Solo Ads vendor.

However, not all Solo Ads are created equal. He built his list using methods and techniques that 99% of the industry doesn’t use. Consistently, his returns are different from those of 99% of the rest of the market.

Besides, the cost for our Premium Tier 1 traffic starts at a low $1 per click. It can reduce in price the more you buy. You can also go as low as one hundred clicks for $1, and the highest amount is 5,000 clicks (.80 per click)

5. Harshwardhan Singh
6. Andreea Carol
7. Phillip P. Brewer
8. Phil Springer
9. Glen Fedoruk
10. Kresimir Klukovic    
11. Sarah Chew                                  
12. Pallab Ghosal

Best Solo Ads Agency List 

Solo Ads agency specializes in sending out solo ads or promoting a website through solo emails. To clarify, they target large groups of people with a single email and offer them something for free.

However, the business model of these agencies relies on the principle. They can bring the cost down by sending multiple emails at a time to targeted groups. 

Besides, these agencies work with any size campaign, but some might work with more extensive campaigns than others. It depends on the type of product or service that is being offered.

 List of best solo ads agencies:

Best Solo Ad Agency 7 DaysBuyer

Providing traffic has been 7DaysBuyer’s top priority. However, this agency has remained successful in today's competitive environment. Because its team provides what clients want.

Moreover, Solo ads are a popular way to attract new, targeted customers. As 7DaysBuyer promises, you’ll be able to do that with their vast database list. Their buyers list solo ads are ever fresh.

That must say, the list contains solo ad sources and their monthly email campaigns. If it doesn’t work, they’ll give you another one for free.

Best Solo ads Agency

TrafficForMe guarantees 100% clean traffic. However, they make the process smoother, easier, and faster than other sites. They also have user-friendly UI, generate traffic relevant to needs, and combat spam and fraud.

Besides, TrafficForMe offers you a lot more than just free traffic. To clarify, members can get expert advice, access their helpdesk, and compare package prices. They also use a custom online traffic ordering system that works flawlessly on all devices, for instance, PCs, smartphones, and laptops.


Superiorsolos has a consumer rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 reviews. So, you can realize that the majority of consumers are pleased with their purchases. However, Superiorsolos is also ranked 15th in the Email Marketing category. 

Moreover, the company ranks quite highly on industry comparison sites. They also have demonstrated their ability to know and understand people's needs fully. 

Besides, they've done everything for me to meet my requirements. So, I would 100% recommend Supriorsolos to anyone looking for quality leads and real traffic, they are the best!

10DollarsSoloAds agencies

The 10DollarsSoloAds service is a cutting-edge, targeted marketing system. In other words, it connects your business with thousands of potential customers. So, enter your ad and click the submit button. Their system will take care of the rest.

Besides, 10DollarSoloAds specializes in creating highly responsive & targeted solo ad campaigns. It will also get people to your website. However, each campaign contains only your ad. The price for a complete ad is on a different level. In my experience, It is the cheapest solo ad type that I have ever found.

5. Clickonomy


"Clickonomy" is a marketplace that enables email marketers to buy, sell and trade clicks with ease. However, “Clickonomy” is built with a vision to connect email marketers around the world. Also, provide them a one-stop solution to email advertising. With one account, you can both buy and sell clicks.

Moreover, the entire network is legit and largely focuses on traffic and money exchanges. It is also like an internal economy where people offer traffic for a fee. Besides, signing up is free, and the setup process is fairly simple too. You can also find buyers for whatever topic you want and sell your items.

6. IgorSoloAds

IgorSoloAds the best Solo Ads Agency

IgorSoloAds generates potentials from their solo ads that are genuinely interested in their products. However, Solo Ads are the ultimate in advertising. They're warm leads with no red tape. You can also earn instant results and get into a state of mind where time is unlimited.

Furthermore, they know that success is all about the customer. Thus, they are careful in selecting customers and providing them with a risk-free experience. Because they're free if they don't convert. You're also not losing any money if a solo doesn't work.

 EasySoloAds is the best EasySoloAds

EasySoloAds offer affordable, high-quality email campaigns. Therefore, people find to get more exposure for their business. All campaigns by EasySoloAds are also SPAM FREE and compliant with legal regulations.

For example, some of the popular niches they work in are home-business offers, internet marketing, video marketing programs, webinars software & web design. EasySoloAds is also easy, helpful, professional, and there are many free ad writing features!

8. Fiverr ( Fiverr For Solo Ads)
9. SoloAdsx
10. IgorSoloAds
11. Qliker.io
12. PrimeSoloAds

How to Choose the Best Solo Ads Vendors and Deals ?

Certainly! When looking for solo ad vendors to promote your business or product, finding reliable and trustworthy providers is crucial. Here are some tips to help you choose the right solo ad vendors:

Research Thoroughly:

Check online forums, social media, and review sites for feedback from other customers to ensure the vendor's reputation.

Check Their List Quality:

Please inquire about the source of their email list. A high-quality list consists of engaged and interested subscribers who are more likely to respond positively to your offer.

Ask for References:

Request references from previous clients. Reliable vendors should be willing to provide references to showcase their track record.

Look for Niche Relevance:

Choose vendors whose email lists align with your target audience or niche. Relevance ensures that your message reaches people genuinely interested in your offer.

Review Ad Copy and Design:

Evaluate their previous ad copies and designs. Engaging and well-designed ads are more likely to capture the attention of the recipients.

Ask About Guaranteed Clicks and Conversions:

Some vendors offer guaranteed clicks or conversions. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions associated with these guarantees before making a decision.

Track Record and Experience:

Opt for vendors with a proven track record and years of experience in the industry. Experienced vendors often have a better understanding of what works and what doesn't in solo ad campaigns.

Communication and Responsiveness:

Assess their communication skills and responsiveness. A vendor who responds promptly and addresses your concerns professionally is more likely to be reliable.

Avoid Overly Cheap Offers:

While cost is a factor, be wary of vendors offering extremely cheap solo ads. Quality often comes at a price, and very low-cost options might not provide the results you're expecting.

Check Legal Compliance:

Ensure that the vendor complies with relevant laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) if you're targeting audiences in the European Union.

Read the Terms and Conditions:

Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the solo ad vendor. Pay attention to refund policies and any guarantees they offer.

Remember that finding the right solo ad vendor is crucial for the success of your email marketing campaign. Take your time to research and choose wisely based on your specific needs and goals.

How Can I Buy Solo Ads?

An individual can buy solo ads in many different ways.

  • Firstly, Choose the best Solo Ads Provider or platform for buying solo ad deals. 
  • Secondly, Order your desired amount of traffic . 
  •  Thirdly, Track and check solo ads traffic and conversions.

Final Words about Solo Ads Providers

It can be beneficial to invest in quality solo ad providers to get better marketing output. If you want to buy targeted traffic for website or sales funnels faster then you should focus on Solo ads.  

However, it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme that will leave you with an empty pocket. You have to be on the lookout for scammers when you subscribe. Because there are some out there.

Thus, you have to review the company or individual carefully. As a result, you can check and see if they have a good reputation for providing high-quality traffic and are worth your money.

So, If you want to know whether you are getting a good ROI, it is worth testing the company.  In addition, you should periodically track your traffic and conversions. Therefore, you can make sure that they are returning results. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

Ask Your Questions

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