15 Best Sites To Buy Website Traffic (Cheap & Premium)

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated May 19, 2024
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Do you want to buy website traffic? If the answer is “YES” you have come to the right place. There are a lot of ways to buy traffic for the website. But all are not reliable and the fastest methods. 

Don’t worry. I’m going to share with you some most trusted sites where you can buy traffic for your Affiliate products, CPA links, Sales funnels, or any type of website, etc. 

In this guide, I've tested, researched, and reviewed the 20+ best sites to buy website traffic. However, I've listed the top 15 here. So you can pick the best one for you. Let’s find the best traffic source from a cheap and premium list.

Benefits of Buying Web Traffic

  • Instant Traffic and Increased Visibility
  • Enhanced SEO and Reduce Site Bounce Rate
  • Boosted Conversions
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Quick Results

Top Sites To Purchase Website Traffic ( Choose as Your Interests) 

Media Mister

Media Mister: Media Mister is the best platform to buy traffic for any website.

buy website traffic from Babaylon

BabaylonTraffic: Best for Instant Traffic ( bot traffic)

buy website traffic from udimi

UdimiIt is the best platform for buying premium email traffic.


SimpleTrafficThis is the best platform for buying real traffic at a cheaper price.

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buy website traffic from Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: it is the best website traffic provider for any niche by specific targeting.

buy website traffic from NicheOnlineTraffic

NicheOnlineTraffic : This provides affordable prices for quality traffic.

buy website traffic from realtrafficsource

RealTrafficSources:  Best for buying USA traffic at a reasonable price.

buy website traffic from TrafficForMe

TrafficForMe: It is a great platform for buying premium traffic.

What Is The Best Platforms to Buy Website Traffic ?

Here are my top picks to buy website traffic.

1. Media Mister : For Organic and Referral Traffic

MediaMister Overview

Traffic Type: Organic and Referral traffic

Tracking System: Own Tracker

Best For: Affiliate marketing, CPA Marketing, or Any type of niche site.

Traffic Niches: Maximum Niches ( But the drug, adult, and offensive sites are not allowed)

Discount: Special Custom Discount

Review: Excellent 4.47 out of 5

Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee

  • About

  • Questions

  • pros and cons

Media Mister is the best platform to buy traffic for websites. It is also a well-known platform to buy social media followers, likes, subscribers, and views. However, it is the most powerful tool for users to manage their online presence and increase traffic to their website. 

So, Does Media Mister safe to buy traffic for a new website?

Yes, it is the safest way to buy traffic for your new website. It has a good reputation and can be trusted. It also helps to improve the performance of your blog or website.

Besides, it is a good and efficient tool that can be used to increase social media followers, likes, comments, and views. This tool also helps you improve your website's ranking on search engines.

So, I would like to recommend Media Mister to all the bloggers and businesses looking for a safe way to buy targeted traffic for their websites.

2. BabyLonTraffic : Best for Instant Bot Traffic

BabylonTraffic Overview

Traffic Type: Bots Traffic

Tracking System: Own Tracker

Best For: Increasing website traffic numbers

Traffic Niches: All niches

Discount:  50 visits for free

Refund Policy: 1-day refund policy

  • About

  • Questions

  • pros and cons

Traffic Generation is essential for any website. Besides, getting quality traffic from the right sources can be difficult and time-consuming. However, Babylon Traffic provides solely automated traffic that looks like real human traffic

You can instantly boost and drive thousands of traffic to any website. So, you can improve the website’s engagement and performance data quickly. It is also known as the best-automated website traffic generator. Read Babylon Traffic Review

Besides, Babylon Traffic provides advanced behavior control features. You can also configure every feature and tool that you want to use on your website. So, it is another best site to buy traffic for the website.

3. Udimi : Best For Targeted Email Traffic

Udimi Overview

Traffic Type: Email-Based Traffic ( Email Marketing)

Tracking System: Own Tracker

Best For: Affiliate Marketer and Digita Product Sellers( Who works on Bizz opp and Health Niches)

Traffic Niches: Bizz opp, MMO, Make Money Online, Forex Trading, Crypto, Health, Marketing, Finance, Mobile, Social

Discount: $5 USD Free Credit

Review: Rating: 4.8 · ‎90 reviews

Refund Policy:  14 days & PayPal refunds are instant

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

Udimi is a platform that allows marketers and webmasters to sell solo advertisements. That must be said, there is currently no other large open system comparable to Udimi. 

So, What exactly are Udimi solo advertisements?

You may purchase solo ads from different mailing list providers. Then, the owner will send an email on your behalf to a paid-for list.

An excellent solo ad will entice these consumers to respond to the deal you're promoting. And, hopefully, these interactions will be converted into leads. After that, leads can be leveraged into sales.

In short, Udimi is a solo advertising platform that connects providers and buyers. The most appealing aspect about Udimi is how swiftly you can get started. 

In contrast to other solo ad websites, Udimi guarantees traffic. It also protects your purchases. The seller will refund you if he fails to provide all the clicks you purchased.

4. MarketerRakib Solo Ads

MarketerRakib Solo ads Overview

Traffic type: Solo Ads Traffic

Tracking System: ClickMagic

Best for: MMO, Biz OPP, Crypto, Health, Personal Development, Financial, etc.

Traffic Niches: All niches

Discount: 10% Off on 1000 traffic at a time.

Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Refund Policy: 24 hours

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

In this realm of competition, Solo Ads can be one of the best options to generate high-quality traffic via email campaigns. It is a simple process in which anyone can generate traffic without marketing knowledge. 

Solo Ads are well suited for all types of business, such as Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Crypto Currency, etc.

Now, you have to know from where you should buy Solo Ads Traffic. Marketer Rakib is the best and most trustworthy Solo Ads provider. They provide guaranteed authentic and premium solo ads that bring sales for your business. 

Moreover, their email-based solo ads are provided to you with buyers who are actually interested in your service. Also, they ask for less money compared to their service. You get traffic from top-tier countries as soon as you place an order for solo ads.

All in all, buying Solo Ads Traffic from Marketer Rakib would be the best choice for you to generate traffic from a premium email list that includes buyers.

5. Niche Online Traffic

NicheOnlineTraffic  Overview

Traffic Type: Niche-based redirected traffic

Tracking System: Cutt.ly

Best For: Any purpose ( Everyone )

Traffic Niches: All Niches

Discount: $5 USD Coupon Code

Review: Average score: 4.7 stars

Refund Policy: 100% refund

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

Owning an internet company is difficult, particularly without adequate visitors. Getting ahead of the group might appear difficult.

Niche Online Traffic is the remedy for poor sales and low traffic. In other words, it has been offering targeted niche traffic for over a decade.

That must say, the company works with a global network of advertising partners. They drive real human traffic to their clients' websites. Also they specialize in tailored Internet traffic from the most dependable sources.

Besides, their team consists of individuals with exceptional abilities. To clarify, they have a World-Class Team from the Biggest Tech and Ad Giants. Their workforce also includes popular ex-tech and ad business personnel. 

6. SimpleTraffic: Best for Redirect Traffic

Simple Traffic Overview

Traffic Type: Niche-based redirected traffic

Generate revenue: 100% real traffic

Best For: Any purpose ( Everyone )

Traffic Niches: All Niches

Discount: 2500 free visitors on our 5-day free trial!

Review: 4.83 stars from 47 reviews

Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

Simple traffic can be described as a site that provides visitors to your affiliate links, website, and sales funnel. According to official data, it is 100 percent genuine human traffic.

So, that means they don't employ bots.

You will get a free plan for five days when you have landed on the website and signed up to create an account. Then, they will provide you with 2500 free visitors. If you're satisfied with your stats, you can pick among a variety of traffic packages.

7. TrafficForMe

traffic for me to buy website traffic
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

  • Traffic type: E-mail based traffic
  • Tracking system: Bot detection and blocking
  • Best For: All types of businesses
  • Traffic Niches: All niches
  • Review: Mixed reviews

8. RealTrafficSource

Buy USA Targeted USA traffic from RealTrafficSource
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

  • Traffic type: Organic traffic
  • Tracking system: Cutt.ly 
  • Best For: All types of businesses
  • Target Traffic Niches
  • Review:  get 5 out of 5 stars from a wide range of people

9. Traffic Masters

Traffic Masters to Buy Targeted traffic
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

  • Traffic type: Organic traffic
  • Best for: Advertiser and Publisher
  • Tracking system: Bit.ly or Cutt.ly
  • Traffic Niche: All Niches
  • Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars

10. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads to Buy website visitors
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

  • Traffic type: Facebook Ads Traffic
  • Best for: E-commerce, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Local Businesses, App Installs, Event Registrations, etc.
  • Tracking System: Facebook Pixel
  • Traffic niches: All industries

11. Jaszdeep Solo Ads

Jaszdeep Solo ads to buy traffic for website
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • You will get 100% USA leads.
  • Provides a complete funnel review with optimization
  • Premium customer support
  • One hundred percent unique clicks.
  • Traffic from the same private traffic source used by Russell Brunson and Tai Lopez!
  • A Comprehensive Tracking Analysis + Optimization.

These are some of the reasons that make Jaszdeep Solo Ads different. Top industry leaders and experts recommend it as the best place to buy website traffic.

12. LjAlivies Solo Ads

LJavilies solo ads
  • Overview

  • About

  • Questions 

  • pros and cons

  • Traffic type: Facebook Ads Traffic
  • Best for: E-commerce, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Local Businesses, App Installs, Event Registrations, etc.
  • Tracking System: Facebook Pixel
  • Traffic niches: All industries

How to Buy Website Traffic [ Infographic ]

How to Buy Website Traffic ( Infographic)

How to Buy Website Traffic? Step By Step Guide

For every website, traffic is an inevitable portion. No matter what kind of business you are running, traffic is a must for every online business. Therefore, you have to be aware of how to buy website traffic. 

Notably, there are four steps to buy website traffic. Such as

Step 01- Choose traffic type

As you know, traffic is a part and parcel of every website. There are various types of traffic available such as Bots traffic, Solo Ads traffic, Social media traffic, SEO traffic, Referral/Redirected traffic, etc. So, you have to choose what type of traffic you need according to your business’s requirements.  

Step 02- Select a traffic package

It is a crucial step for every business. Every business owner has to choose a package meticulously. You should select a package that is quite budget-friendly as well as can fulfill your requirements. Also, you can buy packages on a monthly basis or a specific amount of traffic for a certain period.

Step 03- Order with details

To place an order for your desired traffic package, you have to add some important details. Provide the website URL where you want to drive your traffic. Also, provide traffic GEO location and types.

Step 04- Track your traffic

It is the last but not the least step of buying traffic. Traffic tracking is very important after placing an order. There are various software including Google Analytics where you can track your traffic.

Please feel free to share and reuse this infographic – just please link to this article and mention me as the source.🙂

How to find the best web traffic company?

Traffic is the soul of a website. The more visitors you can attract, the more traffic you have for your website. Though you can generate organic traffic by ranking high in search engine results, it is a very long process. 

Several companies provide web traffic services to help you grow your business effectively. However, all the companies are not well to do. Therefore, you have to look for the best web traffic company.

You can search for good reviews of web traffic companies online. Also, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or colleagues who have already used this service. Another way is to find such companies that offer a free trial. So, you can try their service first before you buy. 

Can I split the purchased traffic among multiple websites?

Absolutely, you can split the purchased traffic among multiple websites. When you send a particular portion of traffic to other branches, it is called Traffic splitting. You can distribute traffic as per your choice. 

Several apps in the market allow you to split traffic among other websites such as Spark Traffic, Azure Static Web App, Google Cloud, etc.

To use these apps, you have to follow some steps. If you want to use Azure Static App, you can split traffic among different environments. Also, you can split traffic on a percentage basis by using codes. On the other hand, using Spark Traffic allows you to split the purchased traffic across multiple websites

Where to Buy Cheap Website Traffic? 

If you want to buy cheap website traffic then I can highly recommend you some real platforms. Where you can purchase real and targeted traffic within a reasonable price. Here are some of them.

NicheOnlineTraffic is an authentic and cheap website traffic service provider that offers 100% real traffic to its clients. Sometimes, one has to be hassled to manage more traffic for a website. NicheOnlineTraffic has come out with a solution and made it easier to get abundant traffic for the website.

Moreover, NicheOnlinetraffic does everything that is required to match up with the current situation of the market. It has bang on E-commerce and Dropshipping in recent years. Furthermore, it redirects the traffic to your website with the help of the latest A.I. technology.

Besides, it plays a vital role in increasing sales opportunities and website visibility by providing 100% real human and highly targeted traffic to your website. NicheOnlineTraffic has a huge global advertising network that provides real traffic and brings success to you.

NicheOnlineTraffic is the best platform to buy cheap traffic for your website. You will get traffic that is relevant to your niche.

ClickSEO is an elevator that lifts your SEO ranking up on Google’s first page. You can boost your website with real organic clicks with this site. This cheap website traffic tool is very popular among all SEO agencies.

Besides, you can track your keyword position by ClickSEO.  You can check out whose CTR has increased and organic traffic activity. It provides the last 30-days report by which you can have a clear view. It also called the best CTR manipulation tools

Moreover, ClickSEO is the best platform to buy cheap traffic for websites. It offers packages starting from only $30/m with lots of features. Also, you will have a free trial opportunity.

Babylontraffic is another cheap website traffic to buy. It offers surprisingly less prices for its packages along with various facilities. Moreover, you can start using it absolutely free for some periods. 

Actually, Babylontraffic is such a traffic that drives unlimited traffic to any website in haste. You can boost your website visibility with this amazing traffic generator. It is the only solution to get as much traffic as you need at a cheap rate.

Basically, it brings cheap targeted website traffic from any country and any device you want.

Besides, Babylontraffic is the most comprehensive way to buy traffic for your website. Marketers, business owners, or anyone can start getting thousands of traffic in minutes by using this powerful website traffic generator bot.

Simple traffic is another cheapest website traffic that offers very reasonable prices with exclusive features. Price starts from only $15/m. Also, you will get 5 days of free trial along with 2500 free visitors. Isn’t it amazing!

With Simple Traffic, you can drive traffic to your website, affiliate link, and blog. It helps to increase sales and engagement of visitors by providing high-quality targeted traffic. Moreover, it delivers real traffic and converts them into sales, leads, and sign-ups. 

Besides, Simple traffic enables you to rank on Google as well as other search engines by proving that your website receives visitors. Also, the traffic it provides is visible in your Google Analytics. Therefore, you will be able to measure your success.

All in all, Simple Traffic drives cheap targeted website traffic and brings a huge amount of visitors to your website.

MediaMister ensures you to get the most effective and authentic social signals. As MediaMister is a huge social media platform that boosts your social presence. It provides website traffic from various countries.

Besides, MediaMister offers different packages at affordable prices. Price starts from only $5 per 1000 visitors. So, you can buy cheap website traffic from MediaMister. Moreover, it offers different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and so on.

Furthermore, MediaMister gives you the opportunity to advertise your products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc, Thus, it brings more visitors and also increases sales to your website.

So, buy cheap traffic like MediaMister and make your website more visible on Google and other search engines.

Common Questions

Why Should I Buy Website Traffic?

The importance of buying Website Traffic is beggar description. There are various reasons to describe why you should Buy Website Traffic. Let’s learn some of them-

  • Fast working capabilities

    You can use Adwords for getting the clicks as per your need in just a few minutes. Whereas SEO is more complicated than a platform like Adwords.
  • Increase brand awareness with paid traffic

    With paid traffic, you can ensure your brand appears at the top of the search results. It is an amazing way to build your brand awareness and grow your traffic quickly.
  • Learn about customers' feedback about your paid campaign

    Through online advertising, you can clearly realize what your audience thinking. With tools like Google, you can learn more about your prospective customers.
  • Retarget visitors

    Using Google, Adwords, etc you can easily retarget those visitors and turn them into leads.
  • Monitoring the performance

    Paid traffic is very useful to measure performance. Besides, you can adapt or change the campaign’s setting at any time.

Is It Worth Buying Web Traffic For My New Website?

Of course, it is worth buying Web Traffic as it helps to grow the audience quickly and increase ad earnings. Besides, Web traffic can be proof of the legitimacy of your site. But it does not guarantee you to get traffic that results in income directly.  Nevertheless, it is worthful as it has the potential to make money indirectly in the form of purchase or ad revenue.

What Is Paid Web Traffic?

Paid traffic is traffic that is driven to the website through various paid advertising methods. By paying a particular amount you will be able to display your products on different social media and networks. One of the most common forms of paid traffic is Pay Per Click advertising. The company creates ads using platforms like Google, and Adwords by paying a particular amount to be the first on SERP.

How Does Buying Traffic Work?

Buying Traffic refers to what you pay for attracting customers to your website. You have to register, make a purchase, and create a website traffic project for buying traffic. There are some potential pitfalls to buying traffic and you have to avoid them. Buying traffic increases the visibility of your sites and also helps to reach your target audiences quickly. Buying traffic is the opposite of organic traffic.

What Are Website Hits?

Website Hits are a request that is made by a fellow internet user for accessing a website file and viewing it. Hits were the way to track how many pages are viewed. But now each page has multiple files. So, you get a whole bunch of responses for each request you made. Each request is considered a separate hit.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

Traffic is the soul of every site. Suppose, your website is well-furnished but there is no traffic. Your efforts in making this website will go in vain. As it is bound to get lost or never get found. Without traffic, you can not even generate leads and sales. Thus you will suffer in the long run with your business. Website traffic is very crucial because-

  • You can observe the conversion rate and increase revenue.

  • You get to know from where your leads are coming.

  • You can build brand awareness

  • It helps you to improve your search engine optimization and ranking.

  • You can always be one step ahead of your competitors.

How Can I Get Unlimited Traffic To My Website?

There are many ways to get unlimited Traffic for your website. Such as-

  • Optimize your website for search. You need to know the current traffic stats before your start growing your traffic.

  • Remove all your out-of-date content and add some new sections to keep your content up-to-date.

  • Implement good search engine optimization.

  • Backlinks have the strength to drive traffic to your website. Besides it is a very important component of SEO. So, build out your backlinks.

  • It is very crucial to know what your competitors are doing. So keep an eye on competitors’ main traffic sources to know which marketing channels are more effective.

  • Always keep your site up to date by adding new products or content that attract people.

  • Write more killer content.

These are some of the ways that help you to get limitless traffic for your website.

Is buying traffic a good idea?

Many people are always trying to think of ways on how they can make their business bigger. Is buying traffic a good idea? Is it really worth the investment? 

That must say, there are debates on whether or not you should buy traffic for your website. Some say that you should. Others say that it is never a good idea.

However, there are different ways on how you can increase your website traffic. Some use social media, others use Search Engine Optimization. Someone take the riskier path of purchasing web traffic.

Because it is challenging to increase the traffic through social media & SEO. So, if you need quick traffic to boost your business, you can buy traffic. But you must buy good traffic from a legit platform.


Is buying traffic safe for website SEO? 

Website traffic is a great tool for website SEO. Your website will not reach its full potential without website traffic and may not even reach its intended audience.. While buying traffic will not get your website ranked highly on Google or other search engines, it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to generate more website traffic.

However, while buying cheap traffic may seem like a great idea at first, there are also some downfalls and dangers of using this method of generating traffic. That’s why I have discussed the top 10 best sites to buy traffic for websites through the article. So, you can buy traffic safely from these platforms.

Where to buy traffic for a website?

Many different websites allow you to purchase traffic. But the most popular traffic buying companies are Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads. You can buy website traffic through them.

Besides, experts suggest social media posts and optimized content on the internet can generate marketing leads. Though doing social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to buy quality traffic then I highly recommend to try Udimi. 

How do you buy targeted traffic? 

Are you wondering, "How do you buy targeted traffic?" We all have a core set of questions, and this is often one of them. However, it is one of the most challenging questions.

But many platforms are selling targeted traffic. How do you know who to trust?  How can you check they are selling legitimate traffic? 

You can simply choose any of them from the list in the article. Each one is trusted and sells legitimate traffic. After choosing one, visit its landing page and buy your targeted traffic that goes with you and your business.

How do I buy real traffic?

There are a lot of platforms where you can buy real website traffic. However, it is difficult to find a real traffic service provider. You can pay for traffic from content marketing networks or buy fake traffic from websites that offer services. An ethical way to get traffic is to create valuable content and hope that people will share it.

If you are looking for a platform that offers real traffic, then Media Mister is the best choice to purchase website traffic. It offers high-quality traffic that will help you to reach your target audience. With Media Mister, you can grow your business faster than other generic traffic.

Discover More Traffic Generation Services

Executive Summary

So, do you get the solution about buying website traffic and finding the best website to buy traffic?

I can understand your doubts and confusion. There are still a lot of questions surrounding your head. Don’t worry! You can quickly choose one of the above top 10 best sites to buy traffic for a website. The following platforms offer your website or blog more visitors, which will lead to increased profits. Again I'm highly recommend to buy paid traffic from Media Mister.

But choose the platform that suits your business. In short, the article is the only solution to all your problems. So, don’t forget to share the amazing article with your friends. If you still have any questions, leave the comment below.

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