Where to Check Website Traffic Online- 11 Free Tools

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated March 13, 2024
Where to Check Website Traffic Online

Key Takeaways

  • Traffic is the core element of any website.
  • It is crucial to know the exact behaviour of visitors, including where they come from, the keywords they use, and everything about them. Therefore, they can use specific traffic checker tools available in the market.
  • Some of these traffic checkers provide free service with a guarantee. Google Analytics, for instance, is an excellent free tool that provides 100% authentic data.
  • Traffic checkers also play a vital role in giving in-depth information about competitors.
  • Many tools, such as Ashrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Monsterinsights, etc., are in the market. These tools collect information using web crawlers, ISPs, browser extensions, etc.

To run a business successfully, the importance of a website knows no bounds. At the same time, a mere website can do nothing without traffic. So, traffic is the primary fundamental of any website. 

A website owner must know certain things, such as how many visitors the website receives, where the visitors come from, how the visitors find the site link, etc. In this circumstance, you may be worried about where to check website traffic.

Fortunately, there are specific tools that help you monitor your website traffic and provide the best results quickly. After much research, I have short-listed the 12 best excellent and practical tools.

Let’s learn about the 11 best tools from where to check website traffic online.

1. Ahrefs - Overall Multi Niche Traffic Checker

Ahrefs traffic checker
  • About Ahrefs

  • Special key features

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools that is widely used to monitor how much traffic your competitors are getting. This traffic checker’s Site Explorer tool enables you to explore organic and paid traffic metrics from any website. Its excellent user-friendly interface makes you fall in love with this tool.

Besides, it provides both free and paid plans. With its paid plan, you can gather traffic from various sources, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, etc. 

Also, its interactive graph provides a clear view of how the traffic has progressed globally and locally. It provides comprehensive guides so that you can work with this tool efficiently.

Moreover, you can better know your competitors’ activities with the help of Ahrefs. It allows you to know which content is getting the most attraction from your competitors. As a result, you can make a robust decision to create your content much better. Eventually, your website will easily rank higher on Google.

2. Semrush - Best Way to Competitor Traffic Analysis

SEMrush traffic checker
  • About SEMRush

  • Special key features

Semrush is the most powerful platform that provides efficient tools to know your website’s visitors more deeply. You can get a clear insight into your competitors as well with these tools. It is a one-stop solution for every online business.

Besides, Semrush is mainly known as one of the best SEO software. Because it helps to know about your competitor’s SEO keyword targeting along with website targeting and traffic estimates. Also, it allows you to dive into the competitors’ backlink profiles to know all their strategies.

Moreover, it has gained popularity because of the service it provides. The volume of data you gather through Semrush is 100% accurate and efficient to increase your digital brand awareness. Also, you can check the unlimited websites using the tools it provides.

All you have to do is open a free Samrush permanent account and enjoy its amazing tools. Also, use them to develop your strategies to become successful

3. Ubersuggest 

Ubersugest traffic checker
  • About Ubersuggest

  • Special key features

Ubersuggest is an amazing place where to check website traffic. It works like a game changer in SEO. You can generate new ideas using this tool. Also, it allows you to know about your competitors’ plans to sustain in the market. As a result, you can analyze them and make changes in your strategies to remain one step ahead of them.

Besides, Ubersuggest is the best tool to get more traffic at once. If your content fails to attract visitors, this SEO analyzer informs you about the most liked keywords and sites. Thus, you can make more attractive tactics to make your content more engaging.

Moreover, this keyword research tool never gets tired of providing gentle ideas for any kind of keywords. Here, you get a list of keywords. These are selected based on the competitors’ choices and people's typing on Google.

Overall, Ubersuggest is the full package that can make your online business more powerful. From keyword research to backlinks, Ubersuggest provides all the necessary tools to rank high on Google.

4. Serpstat

SERPSTAT traffic checker
  • About Serpstat

  • Special key features

Serpstat is first known as a simple SEO tool in the online market. Now, it has become the most popular Keyword research tool for its top-notch features. Using these features, you can optimize your website’s performance and estimate how many visitors visit your website daily.

Furthermore, this tool can aid you in many ways. It enables you to evaluate your competitors. Also, it brings more traffic and increases visibility to your site. Serpstat analyzes the competitors’ keywords and enables you to adopt keyword opportunities.

In addition, you can use all the paid services free of cost for seven days. People use Serpstat for its amazing features, including site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

5. Google Analytics

Google analytics traffic checker
  • About Google Analytics

  • Special key features

Google Analytics is an amazing free website traffic checker that provides 100% authentic data of your website traffic. Though this tool can not fulfill all the online marketing needs, it is still one the best tools to get precise, ample, user-driven traffic data.

It provides all the information regarding website traffic, like how the visitors find your site, where they come from, how long they spend on the site, etc. All this information helps to make a perfect decision for your business. Thus, Google Analytics helps you to grow your web traffic.

However, Google Analytics is not a beginner-friendly tool. It requires learning experience. Also, it is a little bit of a tough component to rank on Google. That is why small businesses can not go with it. But it is an effective traffic checker for tracking website performance.

6. SE Ranking

SERanking traffic checker
  • About SE Ranking

  • Special key features

SE Ranking is a wonderful SEO platform that provides services to check website traffic. It is a very comprehensive tool. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to impress your clients and get more visitors to your site.

Moreover, you can have a better experience with SE Ranking. It provides a full package to optimize your SEO, including a rank tracker, website audit, backlink monitor, etc. Also, you can use this tool in content marketing, local marketing, SEO research, etc.

Besides, the data SE Ranking provides is 100% authentic and informative. It uses advanced data processing algorithms that give you in-depth insights into visitors. Also, this tool can be easily integrated with other ingredients to get the maximum results.

7. Google Search Console

Google search console traffic checker
  • About G. Search Console

  • Special key features

Google Search Console is another best way to check website traffic keywords. It provides information about the keywords that bring the most visitors.

Also, this tool can estimate your site’s performance and traffic. It refines your site and makes it more attractive in SERP.

Besides, this tool allows you to know everything about your visitors. For example, you can learn about the queries that bring customers. Also, with this tool, you can make your content better to rank high on Google.

On the other hand, Google Search Console does not provide information about competitors. Yet, it plays a crucial role in providing information about other factors like backlinks, total impressions, most visited pages, audience insights, etc.

All these things give a clear view of the potential customers who visit your site.

8. Similarweb

similarweb traffic checker
  • About Similarweb

  • Special key features

Similarweb is one of the best website traffic checkers focusing solely on competitors’ website traffic. This is a platform where you have all the insights and data for online digital marketing. Here, you get services like digital research, digital marketing, shop intelligence, etc., that keep you one step ahead of your competitors. 

With this tool, you have in-depth information on your competitors. Also, you can access any objective traffic data and other insights with its TrafficMeter browser extension tool. Similarweb enables you to rank your site higher on Google by providing digital data solutions.

9. SEO Power Suite

SEO Powersuite traffic checker
  • About SEO Power Suite

  • Special key features

SEO Power Suite is the most comprehensive SEO platform. It provides tools like ranking, on-page, backlinks, and reports. It is a one-stop SEO solution to help your site rank on Google.

Moreover, you get all the necessary tools to track your website traffic and performance with SEO Power Suite. Also, most of the features are free to serve you. There is no catch data as it is a desktop SEO tool.

Besides, this SEO software tool is much cheaper than other traffic checkers. Also, it is very flexible and offers an easy-to-use interface. Surprisingly, SEO Power Suite completes your SEO job within just 2 minutes, from rank tracking to reporting.

With SEO Power Suite’s automated tools, you can drive more traffic from Google. Also, you can analyze which tactics your competitors use. As a result, it helps to make a better plan to remain one step ahead.

10. Sitechecker Pro

Traffic check with Site Checker
  • About Sitechecker Pro

  • Special key features

Sitechecker Pro is one of the best tools for checking website issues and opportunities. It allows you to optimize SEO metrics for dozens of sites in one dashboard. It requires no additional charge for invited users and data export.

Besides, it is a platform that provides different services for brands, agencies, governments, and universities. Also, it helps to monitor, analyze, and optimize the data to grow your site faster with its amazing tools.

Unlike Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Sitechecker Pro guides you on how your website's data can be used. Moreover, its SEO tools enable you to measure your website’s performance and guide you if any changes are needed.

Sitechecker Pro is an excellent platform to check your website traffic daily to keep your business growing.

11. MonsterInsights

Monsterinsights traffic checker
  • About MonsterInsights

  • Special key features

MonsterInsights is another website traffic checker plugin for WordPress. Many professionals use this tool to monitor web traffic data and get insights directly within the WordPress dashboard.

It has multiple essential tools to provide in-depth information about visitors, such as real-time analytics, e-commerce reports, SEO ranking reports, etc.

Moreover, it is considered the number one Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. Its advanced features make it a more robust and effective tool worldwide.

Also, it provides all the necessary information from which location visitors come, in which they show more interest, which device they use, and all the details about the visitors inside your WordPress dashboard.

Besides, you can learn more about visitors' whereabouts, like how they find you, which keywords they use, who referred them, and more. Overall, it is the best way to track your website and know the ins and outs of the visitors.

With MosterInsight, your web traffic and revenue will be increased. It also helps to grow your business faster.


How do website traffic checkers work?

A website traffic checker collects essential data using various sources, such as web crawlers, ISPs, browser extensions, etc. Sometimes, small sites can not go further because of the limitation of data using a traffic checker.

All in all, website traffic checkers work effectively and enable a site to grow faster when there is enough traffic.

What is the best website traffic checker?

A website traffic checker is a very important tool to keep up-to-date about your website’s performance and track your competitors as well as other factors. It provides in-depth information about visitors. So, you have to rely on a traffic checker to grow your site’s traffic faster.

There are various tools available in the market. Some are paid, while others are free. However, Ahrefs, Semrush, MonsterInsights, Google Analytics, etc, are the perfect service providers. If I have to mention one, then I would recommend using the Ahrefs website traffic checker. This tool plays a vital role in increasing traffic and robust your online performance.

Why is it important to check competitors' traffic?

To rank higher on Google, focusing only on your website’s activities is not enough. You must keep an eye on your competitors. For example, you need to know from which site they receive visitors, which keywords they use, what strategies they implement, etc.

All this information helps you to find what are the lackings in your site. Also, it enables you to modify your tactics to do much better than your competitors.

Final verdict

Website traffic checkers are a crucial part of any online business. These tools give you a transparent view about your site’s performance. They provide in-depth information on how your visitors find your site, from where they come, etc. Also, you can be aware of your competitors’ activities as well. So, you must apply the website traffic checker tool to monitor results.

In this article, you are navigated in the right way from where to check website traffic online. These tools are very effective and affordable. Some of them are free to use, like Semrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. Using one of these tools will surely give you the best result to grow your business.

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