10+ Best Udimi Alternatives Solo Ads For 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated September 18, 2023
Best Udmi Alternatives For Solo Ads
Are you looking for the best Udimi alternatives with less money, Right?

Nowadays, when we think of solo ads, we mention them first on Udimi. However, Udimi works well, but their price is higher than others.

So, I will share ten plus alternatives to Udimi that are lower cost, and you can launch solo ads for your business quickly. But you should know about Udimi before starting. So, let’s learn about Udimi first.


What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

Udimi is one of the best solo ads platforms in the world. However, you can sign up on the site for free. The most exciting thing about Udimi is it allows you to start by creating ads quickly. Besides, these Solo ads guarantee to bring more traffic than other ads. 

How does Udimi work? Udimi works straightforwardly as a Solo ads network. You can buy solo ads from various sellers. However, you can check sellers’ previous sales amount and customer reviews before buying them. So, you can launch your Solo ads and make it easier to avoid bad Solo ads providers.
Udimi Solo Ads

It filters out useless clicks and junk traffic. So, you don't have to pay for them. However, if a seller fails to deliver all the clicks, it also covers your central fund by giving you a refund.

10+ Best Udimi Alternatives For 2024

People are always looking for a Udimi.com alternative. Because its pricing is a little bit higher than others. So, I will reveal ten plus alternatives of Udimi through the article. Let’s dive into the Udimi alternatives.

Best Udimi Alternative

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a perfect vendor as many of them are connected with fraudulent activities. You can undoubtedly find me one of the most trustworthy solo ads sellers. 

Besides, I can guarantee you to give authentic traffic as per your product demands. I also ensure a good ROI by managing the campaigns with my hands-picked prospects.

Despite ensuring 100% authentic traffic, I ask for a lower price than other sellers. Besides, the delivery process is not lengthy. I will give the traffic as soon as I get the payment confirmation.

On top of that, I provide Tier 1 traffic only, which is considered top-tier solo ads traffic. Reports of top tier countries will be served to let you know every ins and outs of those. So, you can consider my Solo Ads service as one of the best Udimi Alternatives to boost your business.


  • Excellent ROI
  • Super fast delivery
  • Reasonable price
  • Real traffic guarantee
  • Top-Tier traffic
  • Free consultation when you decide to buy


  • No money-back guarantee   
Wayne Crowe the best Udimi Alternative

Wayne Crowe Solo Ads is one of the best Udimi Alternatives. In other words, it is known as Traffic Dominators. It is providing world-class quality Solo Ads tier one traffic services worldwide. 

However, it is not like other Solo Ads traffic providers. Because it has some requirements to have its services. But it is suitable for the BizOpp or Make Money Online niche.

It also prefers beginners. Besides, Wayne Crowe is perfect for CPA, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Forex, Finance, Network Marketing, Email Marketing, MLM, etc. users.

Furthermore, it offers seven different pricing plans. To clarify, you can have 100 clicks at $90, 200 clicks at $176, 500 clicks at $425 and it is the most popular one. It also offers 1000 clicks at $800, 2500 clicks at $1950 and 5000 clicks at $3750.

Besides, if you need more than 5000 clicks, you have to contact its staff. It is my top Udimi Alternatives.


  • Tier one traffic guarantee.
  • Buyer including traffic.
  • Email copy course for free.
  • Squeeze page builder 14 days of a free trial
  • Free Training


  • Not Suitable for Every Niche  
TrafficForMe Best Alternative Udimi

Traffic for Me is the top listed Udimi alternative. It is an agency where you can get many good quality Solo ads. However, you can get quality traffic for various niches through TrafficForMe, for instance, fitness and health, finance, business, any online money-making program, etc. 

Besides, it is the best online marketing platform like "the Super Affiliate System", Super Affiliate Network"," FourPercent", ClickBank's products", and "Legendary Marketer." That’s why it always looks at its quality first. However, it charges a meager price per click. As such, you can start with 0.55 cents.

If you are confused about launching Solo ads or have difficulty understanding, you can contact its support team directly. The TrafficForMe agency offers free expert support to everyone. You can also generate unlimited leads. So, it might be the best alternative for Udimi.


  • Clean Unique Clicks!
  • Affordable Price
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • User Friendly
  • Best for every budget


  • A little more expensive  
Best Alternatives of Udimi 7DaysBuyer

That must say, it is not easy to grow an online business quickly. But you can boost your business with the right marketing tools. That's why the 7DaysBuyer's Solo Ads help you to get your business up and running efficiently.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable Solo Ads provider here. So, 7DaysBuyer may be good for you. Because it provides high-quality converter traffic. That's why many clients are delighted with its service. 

However, you can get the same service here for only 6 dollars compared to Udimi’s 10 dollars service. It searches for potential buyers who are interested in your referrals. Therefore, it guarantees you 100% quality traffic.

It also commits to providing high-quality traffic. To clarify, most of the traffic is from countries like Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Besides, it delivers orders to buyers within 24 hours. So, you may choose 7DaysBuyer as a Udimi.com alternative.


  • 95% Tier 1 Countries
  • High-quality traffic
  • Fast delivery
  • Up to 20% Over-Delivery


  • Late Customer Service  
Superiorsolos Alternatives to Udimi

Superiorsolos is one of the best alternatives for Udimi. Because it can give you real traffic for your campaigns. Besides, around 90% of traffic is from top-level countries, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. So, you will be able to upgrade to 100% Tier 1 at checkout or US traffic as a single country if you want.

At the same time, it guarantees that you will have 100% real traffic. However, it will not guarantee your sales. The whole process of getting your lead will depend on you. Besides, it updates every day with thousands of new features.

When you promote your single ad, you only pay 0.22 cents per click on the ad. So, it helps you to save money.


  • 100% Real Traffic
  • Fast delivery and genuine ppl
  • Detailed Stats Report About Every Click!
  • Good run, 100% T1


  • Customer service problem 
Fiverr For Solo ads

Although Fiverr is not much better for a Solo Ads platform, it may be an excellent alternative to Udimi. Thousands of other sellers sell Solo Ads to other people. That must say, you can launch Solo Ads from 5$ to 500$ on Fiverr.

However, you can quickly review the top sellers here. You can also choose any plan by giving feedback comments. Besides, SoloAdsx, Udimi, and traffic for me are not versatile. But you can find some good sellers on Fiverr at a much lower price.

Moreover, the best part is you can contact them directly. You can ask for proof before placing an order or paying him. Lastly, if you have a conflict of interest with him, you can contact the Fiverr Support Team to resolve the issue.


  • Good Communication System
  • Quality work
  • Best for every budget
  • Secure payment method
  • 24/7 support


  • No money-back guarantee  
10DollarsSoloAds  Udimi Alternatives

10DollarsSoloAds is also one of the best platforms for Solo Ads. It also offers a Professional Ad Copy Writing service. However, it has been providing the solo Ads service since 1999. Therefore, it has even been trustworthy among us for many years. And one of the top Solo ads sellers on other popular forums.

Besides, 10DollarsSoloAds starts promoting your Solo Ads right after confirming your order. Each Solo ad is reviewed a few times by their technicians to confirm your target potential.

It also sends you a confirmation email with complete tracking information from third party tracking services for all your Solo ads. However, it allows you to track the IP address of each person who clicks on your ads. So, you can determine the exact amount of clicks from each Solo Ad.

Moreover, I hope you understand 10DollarsSoloAds’s service price by hearing its name. Yes, its price matches the name. 10DollarsSoloAds charge $10 per solo ad campaign. So, it may be your best Udimi Alternatives.


  • Easy To Use
  • Professional Ad Copy Writing
  • Access To Extensive Targeting Capabilities
  • Fast & Friendly Customer Service
  • Third-Party Click Verification & Stats


  • A little high price  

SoloADsx is one of the best alternatives to Solo Ads Udimi. In other words, it is one of the best-sellers globally for highly targeted and relevant traffic. It has been proven at the sales festival.

SoloADsx is so popular because of its refund policy. Suppose you buy traffic and run ads accordingly. But you do not get any profit or sales. SoloADsx refunds your entire expenses. That means it guarantees to get quality traffic and boost your sales.

On the Udimi site, you can contact the sellers directly. Similarly, you can directly contact the sellers, and you can finalize deals. Moreover, its support is up to 7 hours a day to answer any of your problems or questions. So, you may choose SoloADsx as an Udimi.com alternative.


  • Real traffic
  • Unused Credits Refund System
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Risk-Free Solo Ads Directory


  • Supporting system on 7/24 

Anik Signal is the founder of Clickonomy. He is a product marketing expert in his company. However, it is a popular website where you can advertise using their company email. Therefore, you can easily buy millions of traffic for your authorized or own product.

This platform has around 4,000 types of packages that you can view as you wish. Besides, they sold 3.7 million clicks right now.

Moreover, customers are delighted with the company's business. People have already seen many satisfactory discussions on their website. So, you can trust this company as Udimi alternative.


  • Signup for Free
  • Smooth Entering
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Absolute Unique Visitors


  • A little late answering  

IgorSolo Ads is a popular website as an alternative to Udimi. Because you can get your money back on your Solo Ads if you don’t get desired results. So, it is a trusted company worldwide.

100% of their traffic comes from Australia-New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Besides, if you need traffic from a single country, it can provide you as well. Therefore, I personally love IgorSolo Ads for Solo Ads. 

Moreover, IgorSolo Ads also guarantee timely delivery of your business traffic. However, it works with PayPal. And you can pay with any credit card, Visa, Bitcoin, MasterCard, and American Express in every way you want.


  • High Readiness To Buy
  • Handpicked Prospects
  • 100% Top-Tier
  • Risk-Free Guarantee


  • Hard Interface  
Best Udimi Solo Ads AlternativesEasySoloAds

EasySolo Ads is one of the best Easy Targeted Niche Marketing systems. From my own experience, its service is working to put your ad in front of thousands of new potential buyers every week. However, it does not have much popularity. But its service is much better.

EasySolo Ads target your product/website and match the niche. It is also interested in learning more about your website or your product.

Its website's interface is designed efficiently to be accessible. Therefore, everyone can have a great user experience. Besides, It provides you tracking links separately for each of your campaigns. And you can see the results of your campaign later.

Moreover, the support team set up everything for your camp. Lastly, its support is much better because they are always ready to help their buyers.


  • Easy To Use
  • Great Customer Support
  • Custom Campaigns
  • No Tech Skills Needed


  • Do not have good funnel tracking.  
Qliker ( Udimi Alternatives)

Qliker is one of the most popular websites for its link tracking services. That must say, you can spend a few dollars cheaper than Clickmagick's $37 per month subscription. Also, it provides as much as you need to get the maximum result.

Besides, it offers Solo Ads like Udimi. So, you can consider it an alternative for Udimi. In addition, there are link rotors (including multiple links), link tracking, segmentation testing, etc. There is every single tool to track ongoing promotions. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for expert marketers.

Anyway, do you play with the pixels? Good! You can get an effective result through the funnel. Besides, you can easily track every activity. And, your Solo Ads might be better if you know how much your funnel is converting.

However, Qliker offers three premium plans along with a free trial of thirty days. It provides unlimited links, rotators, conversions, split testing, etc. Besides, you can have funnel tracking and smart swap in each plan. So, you can consider Qliker as an alternative to Udimi.


  • Quality Service
  • Easy Setup
  • Premium Support
  • User Friendly
  • Guaranteed best performance


  • Hard Interface  
  • A little dedicated

PrimeSoloAds is another best Udimi alternative. However, you can quickly run Solo Ads across different networks. Its starting price for every single ad is set at 1000 credits. Fortunately, you can get all the unused credit back in your PSA account.

Besides, one credit is charged per exclusive unique visitor. It means their IP counts one credit for each person who visits your ad. So, you don’t have to worry about fake traffic.

However, PrimeSoloAds offers one-click submission Solo Ads. It also refunds your unused credits. So, you can use the credit for your next solo ad. Lastly, it may be an alternative for Udimi.


  • Simple to use
  • One-Click Submission
  • High Average of Visits!
  • Absolute UNIQUE Visitors
  • Prime Solo Footer Ads


  • No Funnel tracking system  

What is the Best Place to Buy Solo Ads Without Udimi?

Before mentioning the name, let me share with you where you shouldn't advertise right now. Otherwise, your campaigns may fall. 

I have already mentioned the name of Fiverr as an Udimi alternative. However, some sellers promise to provide a click and sign up on your solo ads. But there is no guarantee that you will get a real click. Even if you get it, it can be fake or bot clicks.

Besides, if you run Solo Ads through a person from Fiverr, even if they vote for it, you will not get any refund from them later.

So, I recommend you Wayne Crowe And TrafficForMe as the best place to buy solo ads without Udimi. You can start with 0.55 cents on TrafficForMe to run the solo ad. Besides, if you are sceptical about launching Solo ads, you can contact its support.

Final Words of Udimi Alternatives

When you launch Solo Ads, it is essential to keep in mind the wastage of money. However, it has become quite challenging to find specific Solo Ads as the best Udimi alternatives. But you can quickly choose one from the above.

These companies build their numerous email lists to sell your products. And it would be highly effective for you. Solo Ads usually arrive within 24 hours. If you can set it up correctly, you will make money as an autopilot. So, boost your business with Solo Ads.

Thank you so much for being with us for so long. Now tell me, are you thinking of creating Solo Ads for your business? 

If you have any additional information in this regard, please let me know in the comment box. 

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