Solo Ads Marketing: What It Is & How It Works? 2024 Guide

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 20, 2024
Solo Ads Marketing Tips and Guides

Do you know about Solo Ads Marketing? It is a very easy and simple way of online marketing tactics. You can generate high quality targeted traffic for your business without any marketing knowledge. A lot of people are making 300%+ ROI to use Solo Ad. I’m going to show you step by step guides to buy Solo Ads for the best success.

You can use solo ad traffic for any kind of business. But especially is for:
# Affiliate Marketing (affiliate product promotion)
# Network Marketing (MLM) Business
#Crypto Currency and Forex Business
#Selling Own Digital or Physical Products
# Promoting CPA Offers
# More and More

Quick Summary

  • Solo ads enable precise targeting by reaching a specific audience interested in the niche, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.
  • Compared to other forms of digital marketing, solo ads often yield faster results, providing a swift boost to website traffic, lead generation, and sales.
  • Solo ads can be a cost-effective advertising option, allowing marketers to pay for clicks or conversions rather than impressions, optimizing the budget for tangible outcomes.

What is Solo Ads, Exactly?

Solo Ad is a great method of online marketing. Basically, Solo ads are Email Swipes marketing. It is a great way of high-quality targeted traffic generation to send a text to other people's email lists.

Traditional PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is very painful and needs to know the setting up skills. Also, you have to wait until the ad networks approve your ad campaigns. Further, there may have a lot of restrictions and limitations for your ads. However, there definitely have your competitors. So, CPC ( Cost Per Click) should be higher.

But in solo ad advertising, you don’t need that. You need just to find out the right email clicks seller for your target business. You will buy a specific amount of email clicks traffic from an email list owner (Solo Ads Seller) for a specific cost per Click. Above all, Solo ads are email-based marketing.

How Solo Ads Works?

Solo Ads Marketing- How Solo Ad Works?

Solo Ads is a high-quality email traffic buying system by renting other people's email lists. Three important things need to know about Solo ad. Those are Seller, Buyer, and marketplace.  

Sellers who have a niche-based fresh email list. The solo ad seller will demand price/ click. The Solo Ad Vendor or seller will send a special offer via an email to their subscribers. And the Solo Ad seller will be paid for every unique click by clients (Solo Ad Buyers). Solo Ad price range can be 0.30 cents to 0.90 cent per click. But traffic prices can increase or decrease depending on traffic delivery quality.

Marketplace: Solo Ad Marketplaces are one kind of Networks where Solo Ads Vendor sell their traffic and buyer buy traffic safely. All payments will be paid through the marketplaces.

Benefits to Buy Solo Ads

Solo Ads are a cost-effective marketing method. There are a lot of advantages to buy Solo Ad for growing up any online business. But here I’m going to discuss something below. 

7 Benefits To Buy Solo Ad in 2024

#01. Reach a Big Target Audiences

In Solo ad advertising, you have a great opportunity to reach a big target audience. Every professional Solo ads Vendor has an email list of thousands of subscribers.

Reach a Big Audiences using Solo Ads

So, you can easily reach a huge target easily quickly. You just need to find out experienced Solo Sellers who can provide you more traffic through their email lists.

A lot of solo ads sellers have a 100k+ subscribers list. So you can’t imagine huge target traffic quickly without Solo Ads Advertising.

#02. 100% Target Traffic Generation Guarantee of Your Campaign

Every professional Solo ad Seller has specifically targeted email lists. When you order them, they will send your newsletter or offer to your required targeted audiences. Also, they will provide you a traffic analysis report.

So, it is very clear that you pay only when you get targeted traffic. If you order 1000 thousand traffic, then you will get 1000+ traffic within your time.

On the other hand, if you start PPC or other paid marketing then there have no guarantee of the same amount of traffic generation with the same budget.

#03. Flexible Pricing Options  

Solo ads advertising is better than other paid marketing. Because it has flexible Pricing Options. Every agreement with Solo Ad Vendor will be a negotiable payment. You can pay as fixed pricing or performance-based payment.

If you work with Solo Ads sellers under a marketplace, you can pay them after getting target results.

So, it is a flexible pricing choice. You can pay in many ways like Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Clicks for performance-based payment.

#04. Solo Ad Very Cost Effective

Only by using Solo Ads, you have the opportunity of effective costing. Sometimes, I become wonderful how cheaper and reasonable Solo Ads are. There has no limit to your Ad budget. You can start Solo Ad Advertising with any budget. It can be a small or big budget.

Believe it or not. It is a very cost-effective marketing. Generally, Solo Ads Campaigns run from about $2/1000 impression or $.20 per click. Ads Costing can be higher or lower depending on your choosing seller’s email subscriber’s list quality.

#05. You don’t need to create own email list

In Solo Ads marketing you don’t create a personal email list for promoting your affiliate products or own products. Every Solo ad vendor has a strongly motivated email list.

You need to give them your email text copy with your targeted link. Also, some seller writes text copy free including ad budget. So, you don’t wait for a sale for a long time. 

#06. Rapid Growth With Less Effort

You don’t need to wait more time for growing up your business with Solo ad advertising like other marketing methods.

 I have told you that you don’t need more technical knowledge for setting up your ads. You just find out right Solo Ad sellers for your business.

The ads seller will do everything. Above all, you will get rapid growth with less effort with this advertising.

#07. Solo Ads AutoPilot Traffic Generation Way

Solo Ads is the best way of generating auto targeted traffic. You can order from big Solo vendors (like TrafficForMe) to give you monthly basis traffic.

So, you will be 100% confirmed that you’re getting 1k-1M+ traffic on your webpages

On the other hand, if you invest in SEO for generating visitors or run Facebook Ads then there have no guarantee of generating a targeted amount of traffic every month. So, Solo Ads Advertising is the best way of generating Autopilot Traffic.

Where to buy Solo Ads?

For starting Solo Ad Advertising, you have to choose the right places for buying. There are a lot of ways and places to buy solo ads. But all places are not good. You can buy solo ads through a marketplace or directly from a seller.

The most popular and biggest solo ad marketplace is UdimiFiverr, etc.

But Fiverr is not a good platform for buying Solo Traffic. Though you will get a very cheaper offer for email traffic.  

There are many reasons why I dislike to buy email traffic from Fiverr. Because, the maximum sellers provide bots traffic, Maximum traffic from Asia, can’t give sales guarantee.

On the other hand, if you want to buy Solo Ads traffic from an unknown seller, then there have some risks like money protection. The best ways to find out solo ads sellers directly are searching on Google and Facebook (Solo Ad Buy and Sell Facebook Groups).

For example, I am searching Solo Ad Buying and selling Facebook groups. So, I have just searched simply by typing “Solo Ads”. It is showing me a lot of groups. Just join and find out your right Solo Deals.

Solo Ads Buy Sell Facebook Groups Search

On the other hand, you can search for finding directly your specific niche based Solo Sellers. For example, I need to buy Solo ad traffic for Biz Opp business, so, I can search by typing “Biz opp Solo Ads“ Facebook search bar. It will show me a lot of seller profiles. Then I have to connect with them.    

Solo Ad Buy sell Niche based Facebook group search

Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

You will get a lot of sellers for buying Solo Ad traffic. But I have some highly recommended platforms where you can buy Solo Ads Traffic with confidently and payment protection. Udimi and TrafficForMe are my favorite and trusted places for buying Solo Ad.

Some important things, you need to know before buying traffic from any site or Solo Ad Seller.

  • See Reviews and Success Rating of other buyers (clients).
  • Ask them about their subscribers’ quality.
  • What’s their click tracking software and reports
Udimi Logo

Udimi is one of the best and biggest Solo Ad Marketplaces for both sellers and buyers. It has a good reputation among top solo ads advertisers.

There have many reasons why I choose it for buying solo Ads. Those are a lot of sellers, Cheap prices, Scam Protection, Ease of use, Scalable, and provide accurate clicking reports.

Every seller has reviews and ratings, that’s ways we can easily identify which one is providing quality traffic. It has a great system own click tracking system that stops fake clicks and provides a report of where traffic coming from. Read Udimi Review.

You don’t need any special skills for starting solo ads advertising here. Your task is to find out the right sellers on your niche and order. 

Usually, average prices about $.35-$.95/per click or quality traffic. .You can Sign up Udimi Free. Also, you will get a $5 Discount on your first order. 

Further, Udimi has a premium membership option which price is $19.95 per month.

If you become a premium member of Udimi, then you will get advanced filtering options of clicks and traffic. But it is not required for everyone. Also you can try the best Udimi alternatives platforms.

 I am highly recommended you to buy Solo Ad traffic from Udimi. Read it on how to buy Solo Ads Traffic from Udimi.

How To Buy Udimi Solo Ads-Tutorial

It is a very easy to buy solo ads on Udimi. You just need to find out the right and order your desired amount of visitors depending on your budget. Also you can watch my practical tutorial of buying solo ads on Udimi below.

Traffic for Me  Logo
TrafficForMe is another great place to buy Solo Ad traffic. It works like a broker between the website or email list owners and advertisers for buying selling email traffic. Harris Fellman is the founder of this great company. Also, he is a great marketer.

As a Solo Ad Buyer, you can easily buy Solo Ads based on your target niche. You can join T4Me Free. After joining, you can start building your Solo Ad Campaigns following easy 4 steps.

  1. 1
    Niche and Target Audiences : Make Sure Your Target Market (Your Niche, Targeting people, Locations, subscriber’s type .etc.)
  2. 2
    Add Money For Campaigns: You need to fund money depending on your Solo ads traffic packages.
  3. 3
    Create Your Promotional Email Ads: You can easily create promo ads using their ready templates or uploading your custom designed template. Also, you have to add your target website link within the ad where you need to get visitors.
  4. 4
    Get Visitors And See Traffic Reports: It is very easy to see your solo ads campaign traffics stats from your TrafficForMe Account Dashboard.

They sell traffic especially:
#Biz Opp and Make Money
#Internet Marketing
#Health and Diet
#Personal Development
#Stocks, Forex, Binary
#Survival and Prepping

TrafficForMe Plans and Pricing
  • Premium Email Traffic: 

    The premium email traffic prices usually are average $0.58-$0.97/click depending on your traffic quantity.
    100% Top 5 Email Traffic: Its average prices are $0.62-$0.79 / click depending on your ordered quantity and delivery time.

  • 100% Top 5 Email Traffic:

    Its average prices are $0.62-$0.79 / click depending on your ordered quantity and delivery time.
    Started Traffic Packages: Its average prices are $0.77-$0.87/ click depending on your ordered quantity and delivery frequency.
  • Super Premium Email Traffic:

    The Super Premium email traffic costs usually between $0.65-$0.79 depending on your quantity, delivery time, and billing mode.

Solo Ads Marketing Testing and Tracking

I have already talked about what Solo Ad is, why they are important for your marketing arsenal, how to choose Solo ads networks and set up. So, by now you should be confident enough to buy your first Solo ad, and maybe even have gotten that up and running.

Tracking Solo Ads Campaigns:

Now, I’m going to discuss the tracking system with Solo Ad. Tracking is a crucial thing for Solo Ads Advertising and other online marketing. It’s what separates beginner marketers from seasonal marketers. Also, it may be a differentiating factor between success and failure. Because tracking is gonna tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

So, I say, it essentially helps to grow the green and cut the Red.

Solo Ads Tracking Software

So, tracking will tell you exactly what’s working for you, and that’s super important. Because if you have multiple traffic sources that are sending traffic to your website, to your funnel, to your offer, and let’s say you’re getting sales. You won’t know where sales are coming from if you don’t have proper tracking and organization in place.

So, let’s say you have Facebook ads going in your offer, you have Google search and display ads going in your offer, and you have Solo ad going in your offer.

And you get sales, how are you gonna know where those sales are coming from? How are you gonna know where to increase your ads spending? What traffic source is giving you the most return on your investment? Tracking is going to help you to do that. So it’s really important. And with Solo ads, it’s no difference, and you need to have tracking in place.

I have some highly recommended link tracking tools. Also, I will be going over them for a little bit.

But just know that you can track whether you have a WordPress or a traditional website, or you’re using a funnels site like ClickFunnels.

You can add tracking on either. There’s a ton of tools out there. You can choose one, and do your research. And get that tracking up and running. Some Solo Ad providers provide their tracking tools.

 So, when you choose a network checking out their tracking tools, if they do have any. But I highly recommend you use a personal tracking tool like ClickMagick.

ClickMagick is one of the best click tracking software. Because they have really good setup training. Also, they have an entire academy dedicated to this. You can clock your links. Again, it’s a lot to go over.

Just go through the tracking software’s training tutorials to explain the full setup and the scope of things that they can do for you. You can easily split test your landing pages, traffic sources, and sales funnels using ClickMagick.

So yeah, once you have your tracking in place. You are then gonna know what traffic source is working well for you.

Solo Ads Testing

Solo Ads testing example

Image Source: Seobility

Testing is a very important part of Solo Ads Marketing. You should split test your traffic, solo ads providers, Solo ad networks, landing pages, etc.

Traffic quality testing is very essential for your Solo ad campaign success.

You can test different Solo ads providers’ traffic by buying a small number of clicks (200-500). If you get your desired amount of subscribers or sales by simple order then you should continue buying solo ads from the provider. So, starting with a solo ads campaign, you should test a different kind of networks and providers.

Also, you will get a proper analytics report, if you use ClickMagick for tracking traffic. On the other hand, landing page testing is a vital thing. If you use personal landing for opt-in leads, you should try A/B testing of your page. You need to get a high conversational landing page for solo ad campaigns. 

Above all, maximum affiliate offers’ landing pages are conversational. So, if you want to promote directly affiliate product’s landing page through Solo ad advertising, then you don’t test more. Because maximum product vendors might test their landing pages.

Some Actionable Tips to Success in Solo Ads Advertising

I hope you have understood how Solo Ad Marketing working. And you are ready to start Solo ad advertising for your business profits.

By the way, I want to share some personal PREMIUM tips for success and more profit-generating with less spent on your Solo ads journey. Let’s start.

Write Awesome Subject Line and Ad

Ads Copy is a great thing for success in any advertising. For generating better ROI (Return On Investment) through Solo ad Advertising, you have to write an awesome high converting email ads copy. Also you can see some example of awesome email ads copies.

solo ad email subject line and ad copy

You can write multiple subjects line and ad body text. Then you can find out which one is giving you more sales and subscribers.

On the other hand, some Solo ad vendors provide free ad copywriting services. You can ask them about their Ads copies quality or see them before sending mail. Bear in mind, if your ad copy is not good, then you can’t be a success.

Create a Conversational Optin Landing Page

If you want to build an email subscribers list or promote your products then you need definitely to create high conversational landing pages. For creating professional landing pages, you can use ClickFunnels.

Optin page example

On the other hand, if you have a WordPress based site, then you can use Thrive Architect page builder Plugin.

After creating a couple of landing pages, you should be A/B testing your created pages. And find out which one has a high conversational score. You can be easily A/B testing of your landing pages using ClickMagick or other A/B tester tools.

Also, you will get an idea of which one is acting well when you start Solo Ads campaigns using multiple designed landers.

  Use Personal Tracking System

The importance of tracking, I have already discussed. If you have a personal tracking system for your solo ads campaigns, then you can easily analysis and tracking entire traffic.

Personal Tracking System

You can track and analyze all traffic in one place using a Click tracking Tool like ClickMagick or ClickTool.

Though many Solo ads vendors offer free tracking system. But I am highly recommended you to use a personal tracking system.

 Because, if any solo Ads Seller tries to give FAKE traffic and clicks, then you will easily understand from your side.

  Build Own Email Subscribers List

It is a great way of building an email subscribers list using Solo Ads traffic instead of promoting sales pages directly.

Because Solo Ads traffic is not hot traffic, they are mostly cold traffic. So, you have to connect with them again and again through email sequences.

So that they become COLD to HOT for buying your products.

Solo Ads Cold And Hot Traffic

Also, you can promote multiple times different kinds of products on the email list.

There are a lot of email list building tools. But I am highly recommended you to use GetResponse for building your email subscribers list. Because it is great for an autoresponder.

Above all, you should know that List is MONEY. So, you have to care about it.

 Setup Pixel for Retargeting    Marketing

Retargeting marketing is very important for generating the most ROI from your Solo Ads Campaigns. If you don’t start retargeting traffic, then you definitely lose a lot of potential buyers.

For example, you have brought 500 Solo Ad traffic. But you get 40-60% conversation rates. On other hand, you are going to lose about 50% of potential buyers, if you don’t retarget them through Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, or Instagram ads. For retargeting marketing, you have to setup pixel on your landing pages or affiliate Networks (like ClickBank) pixel setting page.

But it is very easy to setup pixel on pages if you clock your affiliate links or landing page links using ClickMagick.

Solo Ads: FAQs

Do Solo Ads Still Work in 2024?

Yes. Solo Ads still work good, if you can use them properly. A lot of new marketers have been failing on Solo Ad campaigns. One of the main reasons, they can’t select the right Solo Ads deals for their offers or businesses.

On the other hand, they don’t care about sales funnels. You know that Solo Ads Traffic is maximum cold traffic. And they are not ready to buy your products.

So, you have to make them COLD to HOT prospects. There are the best ways to convert any Cold to Hot Traffic as MY RESEARCH (Marketer Rakib).

1. Retargeting Marketing

Retargeting marketing means that you can reach to same audiences again and again.

For example, someone has visited your products page through Google search ads traffic source and still not buy your product. And if you start retargeting him/her through paid marketing channels like Facebook ads, Google Display Ads, LinkedIn ads then you may convert the audience to a paid customer. 

So, if you retarget your Solo ads email traffic through Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Bing ads, etc. then you can make more profit using solo ads.

2. Send High Valuable Emails, based on schedule

I have already discussed the importance of email list building using solo ads. If you have your email list then you can send multiple messages to your audience on a scheduling based for motivated them to buy your products or services. You can use ConvertKit or Getresponse for list building and automation email marketing campaigns.

Is Facebook Ads Better Than Solo Ads?

Facebook ads are a great way of online paid advertising. But you need more skills for focusing on target audiences. You may lose a huge amount of money on Facebook when you target the wrong audiences. Targeting is not an easy thing. 

Even you have targeted the right people, but if they are not interested in your offers then you definitely are going to lose your advertising money. Also, you should have high knowledge of copywriting, design, tracking sales, and conversion, etc.

On the other hand, if you use Solo ads for promoting your offers or sites then you don’t need more skills for setting up your perfect ads campaigns. You just give your offer link to the solo ad vendor, and the vendor will send your link within an email message to his email list. You don’t need copywriting skills.

Because maximum solo ads sellers offer free email ads copywriting services within their solo traffic packages. So, Solo Ads are very cost-effective marketing for beginners than Facebook ads.


Above all, if you want to start paying online marketing with a limited budget and without advertising skills, then I can highly recommend you to use Solo Ads Advertising for generating high quality targeted traffic. It will increase the success rate of your CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Own Products selling, and Network Marketing mission.

Though I have already revealed about Solo Ad tools and guide details, But if you have questions, you can ask me in the comment below or my private Facebook group.

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