Adsy Review: Pricing, Pros, And Cons For 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 1, 2023
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Adsy Review Summary 


You have to create and manage your guest posts, and most people use tools for SEO. However, there are a lot of tools for this work. But I love to use Adsy. Because this is not only a tool, it is also a service provider company. In short, Adsy is one of the best sets for guest posting. 

Value of Money

In this article, I will give you an Adsy Review. It is not only for guest posting but also for a lot of work. If you want to flourish your SEO work, you must use Adsy. So, let's get a start on our journey:


What is Adsy?

Adsy is a guest posting service provider for SEO specialists. However, this is a USA-based company. This company was founded in 2016. It is also a reliable guest posting service provider. 

Besides, Adsy works in two ways. It works for both buyer and publisher. 

Adsy Review

Its working system is a little bit different. Because it works with affiliate marketers who want revenue from content publishing. 

And also, the business owner who wants to rank their website through a backlink. Adsy knows both side goals and objectives. 

Moreover, Adsy does a lot of work. It doesn't only work with guest posting.

Adsy also provides content publishing, content writing, marketing, strategy, competitor analysis, auditing, etc.

So, Adsy will be your best SEO solution.


Adsy Services

Now, I will discuss Adsy service in detail. Because Adsy is mainly a service provider company. So, its main business is providing services. 

However, it has a lot of quality service for its clients. It has been successful with its client service for the past six years. So, let's learn the service details of Adsy:

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting Services

Guest posting is the leading service of Adsy. Because it is known as the best guest posting service provider platform.

The website owners need to register first to take a guest posting service. The process of registration is straightforward. 

Just attach your Google account in Adsy

After completing this registration process, you need to order your service. However, you can contact Adsy by giving your website and also tell them your requirements.

Besides, you can place a custom order for guest posting. But the price will vary from your requirements.

2. Content Publishing

After this successful registration, you are a proud member of Adsy. However, this company is trusted as a publisher. Here, you will get your favorite and trustable publisher partner. 

Moreover, every publisher has a portfolio. You can choose your best one. Besides, you can choose from the list with the traffic, language, price, and country.

So, you can apply for publishing. Because this is the best for publishers. 

3. Content Marketing Strategy

It is one of the best services of Adsy. Adsy can create a proper content marketing strategy.

Before creating content, you need to make a content marketing strategy. 

Because without content marketing, your content is dull. Here you can hire the best content marketing strategist.

4. Content Creation & Distribution

Content writing is one of the essential parts of SEO. However, if you work in affiliate marketing, content writing plays a vital role. For the buyer demand, Adsy offers a content writing service

Moreover, they also do a content distribution. However, Adsy doesn't compromise the content quality.

Besides, they try to provide top-notch content with proofreading from specialists.

And you will not be tense about keyword stuffing, keyword density, backlinks, etc. Because they have specialist content writers.


5. Pricing for Article

The Adsy publisher set the article price. Because for this purpose, Adsy doesn't interfere between publisher and buyer. 

However, Adsy plays a middle man role. Adsy works only when payment issues come. You have to pay money on Adsy website through a credit card or Paypal.

Adsy will not interfere if there is no problem after payment.


6. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a critical part of every business. Your primary intention is to rank your website when it comes to SEO. For this purpose, you need to analyze your competitor. 

As you know, Adsy is best for guest posting. It also allows competitor analysis.

Because before guest posting, you need to analyze your competitor and what they do. So, competitor analysis is a must. 

7. Audit

Website auditing is another part of SEO. Because after completing every aspect of SEO, people made a lot of mistakes. So, it is necessary to do a website audit. 

Because you will find a few mistakes after auditing. After that, you can solve this and complete your proper SEO. Because with errors, your site will not rank.


How to Use Adsy? 

At this point, I will discuss how to use Adsy. Because this is very important to know using Adsy, however, using Adsy is very easy. 

First, you need to sign up with your mail. Besides, you can also sign up with Facebook. After signing up, you will find a message in your email. In the mail, you will get your username and password. 

Now login to your account. Here you will see the pop-up button for choosing between buyer and publisher. Pick the best option which you need. 

Before starting work, you have to verify your website in Adsy. Upload an HTML file in the host. Now set up other options like price, payment, etc. 

Moreover, it can use this ad for both buyers and publishers. However, both working systems are different. But you can permanently remove your account from buyer to publisher. So, let's know the using system of Adsy:


Suppose you are a buyer, then your primary intention is buying. But don't forget to add the payment method. However, most buyers come here to purchase guest postings. After login, you can see the total list price of inventory with DA.  

Adsy Buyers

Moreover, now you have to choose the publisher. And then place your order. Before placing the order, you can talk with your publisher about money. And you need to give money through Adsy.


Publishers are mainly workers. If you register with a publisher, then you can apply for work. But here, at first, you need to add your website. However, you also need to attach categories, URL, Language, etc. Besides, don't forget to attach the price and also the list. 


Moreover, when any buyers knock you, then you can contact them. However, after getting the order, you will get paid. And start your work after getting an order.


Adsy Pricing 

Now it's time to discuss Adsy pricing. Because pricing is the main factor for any service. However, this platform does not have an individual price plan.

It runs collaboration between publisher and buyer. The price depends on the publisher. Besides, the price will rely on some essential things. 

So, let's know some items which will affect pricing:

Adsy Search Insights

1. Domain Authority

Domain authority plays a vital role in SEO. However, it will play a role in pricing. Besides, Domain authority scores start from 1 and end in 100.

The higher the website's domain authority, the higher the value. So, guest posting on a high DA website.

2. Types of link

Prices will vary from the links. There are two types of links: Nofollow and Dofollow. However, do follow links and pass the juice links from one page to another.

But no-follow links bring the visitor. Those will play a vital role in SEO. Besides, Dofollow links are more valuable than no-follow links.

If you want to get a do-follow link, you need to pay high money. 

3. Word Length

The price will vary from word length. If you want to publish a long article, the price will increase. However, the number of word articles varies from 300-to 1000 words.

Besides, the price will also vary from the article range.

If anyone gives a bulk order, then get some discount. 

4. Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is significant for websites. Because Alexa gives a rank on the website quality.

However, it is called another metric like domain authority. So, which website has a low rank needs a high price.

Pros & Cons of Adsy

In everything in the world, there are two sides. One is the good side, and one is the bad side. However, in Adsy, there are also both good and bad sides. 

Most people talk about the good side of this service. But before taking service from Adsy, you need to know both sides. Then you can purchase a service. So, let’s learn the pros & cons of Adsy:

  • Save time, budget & human resource
  • Best guest posting service provider 
  • Top-notch content creator 
  • Catch valuable leads from the Facebook Group 
  • Create Content Plan
  • Measuring content audit
  • Create an effective content strategy
  • End to end content marketing service
  • Get a better audience engagement
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Smaller cost than traditional marketing
  • No refund system
  • Only Paypal payment gateway is available
  • Payments need to be paid monthly
  • Don't have an opportunity for a free trial.
  • Service price is very high

Adsy Review: FAQs

Is there any way to refund the money?

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to refund money. Because this is a non-refundable platform.

Now, you think about what I do if I am unsatisfied with their work. There is no option for a refund.

But you can send your feedback and tell them to improve the outcome. 

What is the payment method of Adsy?

There are four payment methods for Adsy. These are:

1. Paypal

2. Credit Card

3. Web Money

4. Cryptocurrency

At that moment, all these payment methods are not available. However, now you can use only PayPal. But Paypal is not available in all countries.

For this problem, you can contact the Adsy support team. They will give you a solution. 

How can I withdraw my money?

The process of withdrawing money from Adsy is straightforward. But now, there is only one payment method available as you know it is PayPal.

However, the minimum amount you can withdraw from Adsy is 60 dollars.

You will get paid when you complete every task.

But if you have less than 60 dollars in your account, you cannot withdraw money. 

Is Adsy trusted?

As you know, Adsy is the best guest posting service. And this guest posting is a very crucial part of SEO. However, people want to take a service from trusted people or agencies.

Besides, Adsy will be your trusted partner. Because Adsy has been giving service for six years.

They have successfully done their job and made clients happy. So, there is no issue of trusting.

Is Adsy best for content writing? 

Adsy is known as the best guest posting service. But it also provides a content writing service. However, Content writing is a vital part of SEO. And people are earnest about content writing.

 Besides, Adsy gives the best and top-notch content writing service. You don't need to be tense about content quality.

It is possible to get revision opportunities in content writing order.


Executive Summary

So, guest posting is a significant part of your website SEO. You cannot avoid the guest posting part. Because it will play an essential role in your website ranking. But most people avoid this part and don't know how to do this. 

For this reason, people hire a guest posting expert. And some people are taking help from guest posting service providers. Here it isn't easy to get a trusted service provider. 

Moreover, Adsy is the best and most trusted service provider. In this article, I will give you in detail Adsy Review. So, you can take this service if you like. The choice is yours.

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