Affiliate Marketing on Reddit 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated December 24, 2023
Affiliate Marketing on Reddit

Do you want to make money on Reddit? Do you want to start Affiliate Marketing on Reddit? Reddit is a great Social Media site.

 It has about 330+ million monthly active users. Also, it has gotten ranking in the world’s top 30 sites. You can create and join your interest community.

Above all, it’s a platform for a lot of forums. Registered members can submit content to the site such as text posts, images, and links, which are then voted up or down by other members

By the way, you can generate a lot of Free Traffic on your affiliate products, even on your website.

But you need to know the right ways using Reddit. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you a Step By Step Guide of Reddit Affiliate Marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Reddit?

No. No. No. But Spamming is not allowed. Reddit wants to keep their communities fresh.

You can always promote affiliate links on Reddit. Also, it’s a bit of very bad luck that you can be banned anytime if you continue spamming.

Because, it’s not a good platform for posting affiliate links directly. Anytime their bot can remove your posts.

 So, you should not share referral links to all places on Reddit. You should share only direct links on own subreddits.  Also, you can Read The Reddit Content Policy.

Affiliate Marketing Dead Reddit

My suggestion is to create a niche website and write some articles about your affiliate products on your site.

By the way, if you use Reddit in the right ways for Affiliate Marketing, then it’s still working.

 So, you should follow my step by step of the Reddit Affiliate Marketing guide. Let’s go to start today.

The Best 4 Ways Affiliate Marketing On Reddit

There are some direct or indirect ways of promoting Affiliate products on Reddit. But all things are not good for everyone.

In those 4 methods, you can start Affiliate Marketing on Reddit very quickly. Also, you can use my methods for increasing your website's traffic through Reddit.

You can promote direct affiliate links.

But I’m highly recommended you to create Niche Site where you can share reviews content of your affiliate products.

Then share your products review contents links and it’s the best way. Let’s start Step By Step...

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1#: Promote Products  through Links Submission

It’s a very easy way of sharing your affiliate links on Reddit. Just create a profile or don’t need it if you’ve already a Reddit profile.

 Go to the link submission button and submit your affiliate link. When you will select subreddit, you should target your products niche relevant subreddit.

For example, I’m sharing a link.

Promote Products on Reddit

I think you should not submit a lot of links one day. Try to become natural. Don’t become a spammer.

2#: Promote through Text with links Submission

It’s another easy method like link submission. But you need to write a short description of your product and also submit your affiliate product link in the description. Don’t forget to select the right niche relevant subreddit.

For example, I’m sharing an affiliate product link here: It’s another easy method like link submission.

But you need to write a short description of your product and also submit your affiliate product link in the description.

Don’t forget to select the right niche relevant subreddit. For example, I’m sharing an affiliate product link here:

Promote on Reddit Through Text Submission

3#: Promote Affiliate Products  on Targeted Subreddits

It’s the best way of promoting Affiliate products on Reddit. You need to find your niche relevant SubReddit/Communities and Join.

For finding niche relevant targeted forums, you have to search on the Reddit search bar by typing your product niche keywords.

For example, I’m trying to promote “A Paid Affiliate Marketing Course” as an Affiliate.

 So, I can search for those keywords like “Affiliate Marketing, Online Business, Online Entrepreneur, Make Money Online “.

Promote Affiliate Products on Reddit Communities

After searching, I’ve gotten a lot of results. Now, I’ve to join every forum. You will get great some great communities that have already about (10k+, 50k+, 100k+, and even Million+ active members).

After joining, you can share your affiliate links. But my suggestion you should not share any links instantly.

Firstly try to share some help posts without links and build your branding on the forum.

Then you start sharing your product links with images or text. Some forums owners will not allow you to post direct referral links. They may be flagged your post. 

Because communities or subreddits are not created for promotional links sharing.

Communities are created for helping each other. It’s the best practice that you should share products review contents links.

In this way, I hope that you will get a lot of traffic on your affiliate products and able to generate sales.

4#: Promote through Posts Commenting

It’s a very easy way of generating traffic from Reddit. You need to find out niche relevant other people's posts and submit comments on them.

For example, I’m searching for “ Affiliate Marketing “. Now I’ve gotten a lot of posts results. So, I’ve to give comments on every post.

Promote Affiliate products on Reddit Through Posts Commenting

Reddit Affiliate Marketing FAQs

How to protect your affiliate links on Reddit? 

You can protect your affiliate links using ClickMagick URLs clocker. 

Another way to protect your affiliate links on Reddit is the tool HideLink from the affiliate network MyLead.

The system of the tool consists of two elements. One of them is the safe page. The safe page is the landing page on which HideLink will redirect bot moderators, 

So they will see the page safe for moderation. What about your potential users? 

This smart system will redirect them to the page with your offer. HideLink is the perfect solution for the longer lifespan of your affiliate links.

By the way, in the affiliate network MyLead you can find more than 3000 campaigns in different niches to promote. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Course Reddit

There are a lot of Reddit Affiliate Marketing Courses. But all the courses are not good. I think my guidelines are enough to start Reddit Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to learn more about Reddit Affiliate Marketing and practical videos then I’ve some recommended courses.

It’s one of the best courses on Reddit Marketing. Alex Genadinik is the instructor of this course. He is a great marketer and entrepreneur. You can use his techniques for selling any types of products on Reddit like affiliate, your products or services. Also, you will know how to freelance as a Reddit marketer. Check out this course:

Executive Summary

Above all, you’ve learned that Reddit is a good and easy way of promoting traffic on affiliate or CPA offers.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing professional, you should have to make a niche website or create a YouTube Channel.

You can make money multiple ways through a niche website. By the way, if you’ve any questions about Affiliate Marketing, You can comment bellow.

Also if you think that you’ve learned something, Then Please share this article with your friends and audiences

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