10+ Best Text to Video Ai Software For Video Marketers

   By: Marketer Rakib
Best Text to Video ai Software ( Generator)

Are you looking for the best Text to Video Ai Software or URL to Video Generator? If the answer is “YES” then you’ve come to the right place. Because there is a lot of text to video generators ai available online. But all are not good for everyone. So, I’m going to review the best text for a video generator. So that you can easily choose the best one as your need. Let’s find out .

10+ Best Text to Video Ai Software ( URL to Video Generator )


Making a video is really not straightforward or quick! However, there is so much text-to-video generator ai based software out there. All these software have basically the very same stuff, with just little tweaks here and there.

Now, I'm about to disclose what I believe to be the most robust and efficient solution.

In other words, this tool will ease the pressure on you to create engaging videos from articles, web content & blog posts. The name of the tool is “ClipsReel”.

ClipsReel is the most robust solution for video marketers. You can create stunning animated videos. Besides, you can transform your articles, web content, blog posts into videos in an instant. Clipsreel can also turn any URL into a video with 100% customization in just minutes

Furthermore, Clipsreel can literally turn any articles, blog post, webpage, amazon affiliate content, amazon products, Shopify pages into stunning-looking videos. Thus, it can save you a lot of effort, time, and money. 

That must say, ClipsReel uses highly equipped text to video maker AI models to create videos.

Special Key Benefits

  • Cloud Based. Nothing to download
  • URL to Video Creation Technology  
  • Access to ReelImage, ReelClips, ReelMusic & ReelFonts Library
  • Use ClipsReel’s Text-To-Speech with 50 voices

Plans And Pricing

ClipsReel offers two pricing options. The first one is Personal, and the other one is Commercial. However, their pricing is $195 & $197, respectively. But for a one-time payment, Personal is $39, and Commercial Plan is $44.95.It also offers fourteen days of a money-back guarantee.


Have you ever wanted to create a professional-grade AI voiceover or AI video but didn't know where to start?

Synthesys is the best text to Video Ai Software for anyone looking to create high-quality AI voice overs or AI videos. 

Besides, it is easy to produce a professional AI voiceover or AI video in just a few clicks. The quality of the videos is also impressive. 

Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting as a newbie in this field, Synthesys has everything you need to get started!

You can choose from various voices and video templates to create your masterpiece. Also, you can also add your logo and branding to make it unique.

So, I recommend Synthesys to anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to create professional AI videos and voiceovers.

Special Key Benefits

  • Around 74 real humatars
  • Offers more than 66 languages
  • Up to 254 unique style
  • Cloud-based Ai Software
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generate high-quality AI videos

Plans And Pricing

Synthesys is one of the most affordable AI voiceover or video software. However, it doesn’t offer any free trial plan. It provides three premium monthly and yearly based subscriptions. 

The Human Studio Synthesys plan charges $39 for a monthly subscription and $374 for a yearly subscription. Besides, the Audio Synthesys plan charges $29 for a monthly subscription and $279 for an annual subscription.

However, you can save 20% OFF on the Audio and Human Studio Synthesys plan. It charges $59 for a monthly subscription and $566 for a yearly subscription.

Synthesia is the best Text to Video Generator

Synthesia is a truly revolutionary technology. In other words, it is developed for individuals, company executives, and corporations. It also solves a video marketer’s most problems. 

Although, it has all these features. It is highly cost-efficient as well. These AI videos are very realistic. You also have a lot of options while choosing an actor for the video. 

Furthermore, it has a feature of dynamic text. It means the text is created at runtime. The render time of the video is also very fast. Thus, you can generate text to video in an instant. 

This text-to-video generator ai tool saves many work hours. So, it is the best text to Video AI Software on there. Also, it has feature for doodle video marker.

Special Key Benefits

  • Generate videos from the text.
  • Use your avatar  
  • Create videos in 50+ languages
  • Videos can be up to 30 minutes long
  • Upload custom ppt file, image, or video backgrounds
  • Also, free stock images and videos are available.

Plans And Pricing

Synthesia has two pricing plans. And they billed monthly. They are Personal and Corporate plans. However, the Personal plan costs you $30 per month. But the Corporate plan is customized. So, you have to contact the seller. You can also book a demo to see how Synthesia works.

Designs ai is the best Text to video tool

Ai has also found its way into the field of design. In other words, there are so many tools for design. But “Design.ai” is the best ai powered design tool. However, it’s a one-stop shop. You can also create logos, videos, speeches, designs using this single platform.

Furthermore, it searches for images and videos that match the provided content. Therefore, it can create an extremely contextually relevant video. Astonishingly, it takes just 3 minutes to create a text to video using ai.

Besides, this ai text to video generator has three ways. Firstly, craft a video using pre-designed video layouts. After that, insert your video clips to make a video. Finally, transform your blog post, articles, or any written content into a video.

Special Key Benefits

  • 10 million clips library
  • 170 million image library 
  • Resize for any of the social media
  • Superb animations, effects & transitions
  • Speech, Design, and Mockup maker.

Plans And Pricing

Designs. Ai offers three plans, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans. The Basic plan costs $29 per month, and the Pro plan costs $69. However, Pro is the most popular, and the Enterprise plan is a customized plan. So you have to contact the seller.

Rowshorts ai text to video software

Raw Shorts is a video platform powered by artificial intelligence. It also enables you to create videos for a variety of businesses and purposes. However, you can use this ai text to video generator free without paying a penny.

The Raw Shots app is also cloud-based. As a result, there is no danger in downloading and installing malicious software. However, you will need internet access to use the application. It is also accessible from any computer, anywhere in the globe.

Special Key Benefits

  • Wide range of templates
  • Thousands of build-in animations & objects  
  • Easy to Use
  • Drag and Drop Capability.
  • Stock videos.
  • Convert blog posts to videos quickly.

Plans And Pricing

Raw Shorts have much more flexible pricing options. It offers both monthly and annual billing options. However, it provides a total of 3 plans, but they differ depending on billing time. It also has a free trial, which you can upgrade anytime. 

When billing monthly, the Starter plan is a free trial. Then, the ESSENTIAL plan costs $49 per month. Finally, the BUSINESS plan costs $89 per month. You can also have the flexibility to cancel anytime.

But when billing annually, you save a little more. Likewise, the Starter plan is also a free plan here. Now, the Essential plan saves you 20% here and costs $39 per month. And with a Business plan, you can save 33%, and the cost is $59 per month.

Rephrase ai

Rephase.ai is a game-changer Ai Software in the market. In other words, It is for company officials or executives. It is also very much cost-effective. Now, you don’t need a camera crew or high-tech skilled individuals for filming your promotional, marketing & advertising videos. You can turn text to video with ai.

Furthermore, turning your ordinary text to video using ai isn’t the only thing. It also has a robust deep learning engine in its sleeves. Besides, this engine makes AI-generated videos more realistic and engaging. This tool can also skyrocket a company’s growth if used properly.

Special Key Benefits

  • Custom Video Backgrounds
  • Personalized Videos  
  • A/B testing Videos (running different versions of the same video)
  • Creating Educational or training videos
  • Panel and API

Plans And Pricing

Rephrase has two categories of pricing plans. To clarify, the first one is Rephrase Studio. And the second one is to Rephrase Personalized Videos. 

However, Rephrase Studio has two plans, named Stater Plan & Enterprise Plan. The Starter plan costs 25$ for 10 credits per month. And for the Enterprise plan, you have to contact the vendor.

On the other hand, Rephrase Personalized Videos have Stater Plan, Expert Plan & Enterprise Plan. $100 for 10 campaigns* and 300 personalized credits** per month for the Starter Plan. And $500 for 50 campaigns and 2000 personalized credits* per month for Expert Plan. As Enterprise Plan is a customized solution. So, you have to contact the seller.

GliaCloud  is the best Blog post to Video generator

Gliacloud is an amazing tool. To clarify, it uses artificial intelligence to automatically create videos from articles, blog posts, or any written content. 

However, Gliacloud is David Chen’s idea and started in 2015. David Chen is in the world’s top 50 list of expert cloud developers. So, you can estimate the worth of Gliacloud has and the value it would provide.

Gilacloud offers data analytics. So, the producers can know how the video is doing. It also has the feature of URL into video. Turning text to video is powered. So, it’s a next-gen solution.

Special Key Benefits

  • Manual Voice Over
  • Video Trimming Options
  • Add External Source Media
  • Montage Maker

Plans And Pricing

Gilacloud comes with three plans. But it also offers a 14-day trial option.

Firstly, the Pro option. It costs $300 per month. Here you can create 50 videos with 720p resolution & have 20GB of storage. 

The next option is the Business option. In this option, with 60GB of storage, you can create 100 videos in 1080p resolution.

Finally, the Enterprise option. It’s a customized offer. So contact Gilacloud for your queries.

Wochit text to video ai software

Wochit is a solution to create video content for media businesses and corporations. It is also a cloud-based platform.

Wochit’s text to video Ai generator quality is amazing. In other words, it creates attractive and engaging videos. These videos are easily shareable across all digital media channels and social media. 

Besides, Wochit has a chrome extension. So, you can discover content with the help of this extension.

Special Key Benefits

  • Have superb creative flexibility
  • Unlimited content creation 
  • Super fast and scalable
  • Straight forward integration

Plans And Pricing

Wochit’s pricing is not made available to the public. Contact the company directly for product and price details.

Wibbitz is the best text to video ai software

Wibbitz is a great short-form video creation platform. Thus, you can create amazing and engaging short-form videos with text to video Ai tools.

Besides, it has a huge library of templates. These templates are fully customizable. With a drag and drop facility, Wibbitz is easy to use. And video production is very quick here. So, Wibbitz is the best for marketing and social media purposes.

Special Key Benefits

  • Customizable Branding
  • Drag & Drop  
  • Mobile Screen Support
  • Privacy Options

Plans And Pricing

Wibbitz has four plans to offer. However, it offers a free trial plan but no free version. All their plans are billed annually.

Firstly, they have the Starter plan. It costs $19 per month, and you save 25% here. Then, you have the Creator plan. It’s the most popular among the four plans. It is $60 per month. And you save 60% here. 

Next is the Business plan, which is $119 per month. And you have a save of 30% here. Finally, the Enterprise plan. It’s a customized plan. So contact the vendor directly.

Vedia Text blog post to video ai generator

Vedia is a frontrunner AI video production software. Thus, you can turn your text to video Ai powered. You can also give any form of text, URLs, and data feed as input. These will instantly generate you a business-level video. 

Besides, you can use these videos for marketing purposes, social media, or any promotional cases.

Special Key Benefits

  • Data-driven video
  • Monetized video across many platforms  
  • Personalized Video

Plans And Pricing

Vedia’s price is not made available to the public. Contact the company directly for product and price details.


Lumen5 is another amazing tool. In other words, it is an ideal tool for video marketers and growth hackers. Its functionality and features are also very impressive.

Besides, Lumen5 saves your hours and days working. For creating a video, you just have to do little tweaks here and there. That’s all.

The best thing about this tool is to turn the URL into a video; just copy and paste. It creates an engaging text to video using ai. It also has a super easy UI and is user-friendly that a non-tech guy can use it comfortably.

Special Key Benefits

  • Huge range of stock images and videos
  • Can make up to 30 minutes long videos.  
  • Web-based video editing service
  • Can create letter-box style video

Plans And Pricing

Lumen5 offers five subscription plans. All their plans are billed yearly. It also has a free plan. So, you don’t need to pay to use text to video ai free. It’s called the Community plan.

After that, they have the Creator plan. It costs $11 per month and a save of 27%. The next is the Premium plan. Here, you save 25%, and this costs you $59 per month. 

Then comes the most popular Business plan. It costs you $149, and you save 25%. And the final one is the Enterprise plan. It’s a custom plan, so contact the seller directly.

What is Text to Video Ai Generator Software?

Video is the best way to express the message of your brand. But it takes a lot of time and resources to create content for all channels. However, you can make an awesome video through Text To Video AI Software.

Text to Video Ai Generator software converts text into videos in minutes. It also has advanced features like - text-to-voice, voice changer, voice speed changer, background music, etc. 

Besides, Text to Video software enables you to edit the video with professional tools. It also doesn’t need any coding knowledge.

So, you can deploy videos across the different platforms without doing any video editing. Consistently, you can boost your business quickly.


Is there any realistic AI text-to-speech generator for storytelling videos?

In this digital era, video content is the most effective way to engage your audience. However, a storytelling video can engage faster than other types of videos.

Thus, you need the best text to video Ai software.

Besides, a realistic AI text-to-speech generator for storytelling videos can ease your job and boost your business quickly. But is there any realistic AI text-to-speech generator for storytelling videos?

Yes, ClipsReel is the best realistic AI text-to-speech generator for storytelling videos. In other words, it can make stunning storytelling videos of any web content. It can also convert amazon affiliate content, amazon products, Shopify pages into the most engaging and storytelling videos.

Besides, it is the most affordable text to video Ai software for storytelling videos. So, you can have it without any hesitation.

Executive Summary

I hope you have got your answer. Which is the best text to video Ai software for making awesome videos, right?

Maximum marketing experts say videos give the highest % of ROI. You can skyrocket your traffic with attractive and engaging video content. It will also boost your revenue and business. Therefore, you have to choose the best video Ai software.

However, I prefer to use ClipsReel to get the best output. It converts your web content to engaging and amazing videos in a second. To clarify, it is one of the best text to video Ai software. 

So, do you want to get quality traffic through an amazing video? Then, don't waste your time and take what you like. Also, don’t forget to share the amazing guide with your friends.

Good luck and be productive.

Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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