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   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 2, 2023
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GroupBoss Review Summary 


GroupBoss is known as the best CRM tool for the Facebook group. However, if you are a community leader of any Facebook group, GroupBoss will assist you. It is also called a lead generation tool. Because it can collect an unlimited lead from your group. 

Value of Money

In this article, I will discuss GroupBoss Review in detail. I will also describe the GroupBoss pricing, pros, cons, etc. So, let's get started on our journey: 

What is GroupBoss?

GroupBoss is a very effective tool for Facebook. It can help to get unlimited leads from FB groups. However, GroupBoss is one of the leading lead generation tools for the Facebook group.

It is also essential for trainers, content creators, bloggers, affiliate marketers.

Moreover, it is important for non-profit organizations. Because a non-profit organization can easily collect leads for donation. Here, you can create a custom audience. 

However, this is very important for e-commerce businessmen. Because e-commerce businessmen can make a loyal audience with this tool. 

What is groupboss

Furthermore, if you are an online course instructor, this tool is a helping hand for you. Because you can create a loyal audience and collect the lead of students. 

On the other hand, this is also helpful for influencers. So, GroupBoss is an essential tool for your online business.

What is GroupBoss Used for ?

There are a lot of features of GroupBoss. However, the features attract a lot for everyone.

If you know the features of GroupBoss, you cannot avoid this tool for your Facebook group. Because this is a budget-friendly CRM tool. Here I will discuss the features of GroupBoss. So, let's know about this: 

1. Eye-catchy and User-friendly dashboard

Its dashboard is very eye-catchy. Because this tool dashboard design is very elegant and also eye-catchy. Everyone will attract to their design. 

However, the dashboard of GroupBoss is user-friendly. Besides, users can easily control every element of the dashboard smoothly.

GroupBoss Dashboard

You will see the total lead and some other information in the dashboard.

2. Easy Set up

First, you have to purchase this tool. Then you need to integrate with the Google Chrome extension. After adding the Google Chrome extension, now log into GroupBoss. 

Group Boss Google Chrome Extension setup

Now, it is ready for use. But some processes need to be set up. The setup process is very easy. You can also set up this tool quickly.


3. Create Custom Audience and Lookalike audience

GroupBoss allows you to create a custom audience. However, you can build a custom audience from the group members’ names and e-mail lists. 

After creating a custom audience, you can make a lookalike audience. So, you can easily make a lookalike audience and retarget them.


4. Auto Responder

In online business, automation and integration are very important. However, it can add extreme value to your online business.

Besides, it is very easy to co-operate with e-mail autoresponders. Some e-mail marketing software are Aweber, Covertkit, MailChimp, Get Response, etc.

5. Lead Collection

GroupBoss is called the number one lead generation software for the Facebook group. However, you can easily collect the quality leads from your Facebook group. 

sheet download from groupboss dashboard

Besides, it is possible to collect the customer's name, e-mail, etc. So, when it comes to collecting leads from the Facebook group, GroupBoss is the boss' tool. 

6. Quality Support System

GroupBoss has a quality support system. People give a positive review of their support. However, GroupBoss tries to give 24/7 support. 

Group Boss Support

Besides, their support system is different from others. Because they try to give support from Zoom/Skype or liveChat. So, you don't need to be tense about the support system of GroupBoss.


7. Group Management Service

GroupBoss gives group management services. Under this service, GroupBoss can organize and manage your Facebook group. So, it is called one of the best FB group management tools.

However, most people are avoiding their group management service.

group management services of GroupBoss

But if you don’t have enough time to manage your group, you can take help from GroupBoss. 

8. Affordable Price

GroupBoss is made with advanced technology. And their features are very attractive. However, most people are interested in taking this tool for Facebook groups. And its price is not very high. 

Anyone can purchase this. Because the price of GroupBoss is affordable. It is also a budget-friendly tool. 

GroupBoss Pros and Cons

There are some good sides and bad sides of GroupBoss. Before purchasing, you just need to know both sides of this tool. That’s why I will discuss the pros and cons of this tool. Then you will measure this is best for you or not. So, let’s know the pros and cons :

  • Easy Setup user-friendly dashboard
  • Get safeguard data on your Google Spreadsheet
  • Add unlimited Facebook groups and autoresponder
  • No need for any additional copy-paste 
  • Protect data in the GroupBoss dashboard 
  • Catch valuable leads from the Facebook Group 
  • E-mail automation autoresponder with a third party.  
  • Can possible to assist over the phone
  • Automatically deliver the collected mails 
  • A lifetime deal is going on
  • Not made for Facebook mobile app
  • Co-operate with Google chrome extension. Other additional browsers will not work.

GroupBoss  Plans and Pricing

Here I will talk about the pricing of the GroupBoss. However, the GroupBoss price is not so high. Besides, GroupBoss price is affordable for everyone. If you have a low budget, then don't worry.

Because it is a budget-friendly tool. So, let's discuss the price plan of GroupBoss. 

It has three different price plans. However, both packages give you a 7-day free trial opportunity and a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, let’s know each package details:

1. GroupBoss Yearly-$99

Groupboss Yearly  is also known as an influencer package. And this is a popular package of GroupBoss. However, its regular price is $340. But now you will get an offer.

The price is $99. And also, get a 7-day free trial opportunity and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Now let's discuss the features of this package:

  • Include max five groups
  • Access in the Google sheet
  • Unlimited Auto-Responder
  • Lifetime Updated software
  • Create a Custome and Lookalike Audience
  • Support in the Facebook page
  • VIP Facebook group for user
  • Exclusive Support through Zoom/Skype

2. GroupBoss Yearly ( Mega Plan) - $189

GroupBoss Yearly ( Unlimited)  is a premium pricing packages for GroupBoss. However, it gives you much more features than a popular yearly plan.

The price of these packages is $189. And also, get a 7-day free trial opportunity and a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, let’s know the features of this packages:

  • Include unlimited groups
  • Access in the Google sheet
  • Unlimited Auto-Responder
  • Lifetime Updated software
  • Create a Custom and Lookalike Audience
  • Support in the Facebook page
  • VIP Facebook group for user
  • Exclusive Support through Zoom/Skype

GroupBoss Review: FAQs

Is it safe to use a GroupBoss tool?

The GroupBoss tool is fully safe to use. However, there is no danger of using this. Because its security system is very high. And there is no chance to steal data from the server. So, GroupBoss is safe to use for Facebook group

Is GroupBoss leads worthy?

The GroupBoss is also working as a lead generation tool. However, this tool collects leads from the Facebook group. Besides, GroupBoss gives you quality leads. Because before giving a lead, it would filter very smoothly.

What should you do if you want to add more groups?

In the popular yearly plan, you can add only five groups. But in the mega plan lifetime, you can add unlimited groups. Try to know your demand first. Take a mega plan lifetime package, if you have more than five groups.

How can you get your refund?

GroupBoss gives you a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, within the first 14 days, if you don't like GroupBoss, you can claim your money for a refund. You need to contact the support team and take your refund.

What is the alternative to GroupBoss?

GroupBoss is known as the best CRM tool. But it has some alternatives. Some alternatives are Group Leads, Group funnels, GroupKit.

Executive Summary

I hope you enjoy this GroupBoss Review article. However, here I've given detailed information about GroupBoss. Many people don't have enough knowledge about it. So, I try to give in-depth information about GroupBoss

Moreover, if you have an online business and conduct with the Facebook group, you need an efficient tool. But all the tool is not perfect.  It is also the best GroupFunnels Alternatives

However, GroupBoss is different from others. It will give you quality leads. And have an opportunity to make a custom and lookalike audience. So, you can choose GroupBoss without any hesitation.

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