10 Best Facebook Group Management Software For 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated April 18, 2023

Are you looking for the best Facebook group management software? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can use your Facebook groups as Automatic MONEY MAKING MACHINE or growing up for your businesses if you know the right techniques and systems. I’m going to share some Facebook Groups Management Tools reviews here. Let’s choose the best one.

What is a Facebook Group Management Software?

Facebook Group Management Software Review

Facebook group management software helps to monitor Facebook groups. It provides many advanced tools for Facebook group management. Besides, you can do many advanced tasks within a minute.

However, you can schedule posts through FB group management software. It saves your time. Therefore, you can focus on your other work. Facebook group management software provides:

  • Auto poster
  • Approve members automatically by filter out
  • Auto-post like and comment.
  • Real-time live Analytics report.
  • Multi-account management.
  • Competitor tracking.
  • Separate your content by categories.
  • Post without being an admin
  • Automatically Leads Collection
  • Groups  monetizing for money making

Top 10 Best Facebook Group Management Software

Group Funnels For Facebook Group Management Software

Group Funnels is the best Facebook group management tool. Besides, it is also known as lead generation software. That is to say, you can collect leads from Facebook groups.

However, You can also collect information with just one click. It will help you to funnel your Facebook group member. It would be the best if you used powerful Facebook community management tools. In that case, Group Funnel will help you a lot. It also offers a Google Chrome extension feature. So, you can easily cooperate with your work through the extension.

Group Funnels has many other advanced features that make it more powerful. You can collect unlimited leads from unlimited FB groups using just one tool. A significant amount of funneling can generate your sales faster.

Though Group Funnels pricing is very high for purchasing. You can cooperate with the Google Chrome extension with Zapier. Group Funnel offers you a lifetime access offer.

If you are interested in purchasing these tools, you need to give $297. So, you can choose Group Funnels for Facebook group management tools and group funneling.  It is my top recommended FB groups management software for growing up and monetizing groups. Though there are a lot of GroupFunnels alternatives and competitors available. 

Special Key Features

  • Simple steps to use Group Funnels
  • Collect leads from unlimited groups automatically.
  • Have Google chrome extension for work easy
  • Collect unlimited email from members
  • Best customer support services 24/7
  • One time payment $297 for lifetime access and update
Group Leads

Group Leads is one of the best Facebook group management software. Sometimes you need funneling for your company on social media. That must say, Group leads will help you to create a group funnel within a minute on FB groups. Besides, more than 4000+ users use GroupLeads for managing their FB groups. It has many advanced features for Facebook group management.

However, it is also friendly for lead generation work. You can quickly generate members' information from Facebook groups with one click. Besides, you can promptly get auto Facebook group member approval, auto message decline, auto decline post, and comment features.

Moreover, You can send data from three places through Group Leads. It offers seven days of a free trial. After seven days, you need to use the paid version. It also provides both yearly and monthly packages.

Most of the users use monthly plans. Its starter package price is $27 per month. However, It is very cheap software, but its service is as good as its price. So, you must choose Group Leads if you need the best Facebook group management tool.

Special Key Features

  • All work is done from one dashboard
  • Create group funnel and collect unlimited Leads from Facebook Groups
  • Auto Facebook group members add and decline
  • Send data to three places from Facebook
  • Best customer support services 24/5
Group Boss- Facebook Group Management Software

Group Boss is famous for its Facebook group monitoring tool. Besides, it is called the number one customer relationship management software. However, Facebook group owners and community leaders target these tools. GroupBoss makes for a sales funnel and leads management for their customers on FB groups .

It can manage your Facebook group very efficiently. You can quickly approve new members and collect their email, phone numbers rapidly. Also, you can collect this mobile and email with 100% accuracy and verified through a group funnel. And, this information auto passes your favorite email marketing software like ConvertKit.

Group Boss also has a Google Chrome extension feature. However, its pricing is very high for purchasing. But it can give you more than its price. Group Boss gives you 7 days free trial opportunity and fourteen days money-back guarantee. It offers two premium packages. 

The first package is a yearly plan, and the other is a lifetime plan. If you want to purchase an annual package, you need to pay $99, and the lifetime package budget is $299. So, Group Boss is the best admin tool for Facebook groups. Learn more about GroupBoss.

Special Key Features

  • Create a custom audience for Facebook group members
  • Unlimited lead collection from Facebook group
  • Pass information into your favorite email marketing software
  • Email and insight your entire group
  • 24/7 customer support service
Best Facebook Auto Poster Software SocialPilot Review

Social Pilot is a comprehensive Facebook group management tool. Besides, it is called a cost-effective  social media marketing tool. You can easily manage and cooperate with your Facebook group through this tool. However, Social Pilot has many advanced features. You can efficiently schedule and publish your post on your group. The social pilot also provides a social inbox and bulk scheduling.

That must say, its analytics features are compelling. It gives accurate analytics results. These features help to research your group activity. Social Pilot also gives you a social calendar to easily set your schedule.

Moreover, Social Pilot is one of the top marketing software products. You can connect over nine social media. Besides, you can easily share 500 posts and connect 100 profiles within a click. Social Pilot also offers an opportunity to 14 days of a free trial. 

Social Pilot provides both yearly and monthly based four paid packages. You need at least $30 per month on a professional package. And, the other two package purchase prices are $50 and $100. So, If you want efficient Facebook group monitoring tools and auto posters, you may choose the social pilot.

Special Key Features

  • RSS feed and content curation
  • Connect more than 50 accounts
  • Manage your social media team
  • Upload 500 posts with bulk scheduling.
  • Visual strategy on social media calendar.
  • 24/5 best customer support services.

AgoraPulse is a very efficient Facebook group monitoring tool. Besides, it is a social community and moderation tool. However, It enables agencies, businesses, and marketers to manage all social media with one platform. Over 23000 social media managers use this tool.

Besides, Agorapulse is one of the top social media management software products. It has many advanced features. But it has a powerful analytics tool. It also provides Facebook content automatic moderation features. You can easily track your comment and mention it.

However, Agoraulse built a CRM to track your followers. It offers a 14 days free trial opportunity. But if you want more premium features, you have to purchase paid packages. On the other hand, it has four paid packages, Medium, Large, X-large, and enterprise.

The lowest price package is the medium plan. If you want to purchase this package, you pay a minimum of $99 each month. And the enterprise package's price is $499 per month.

So, You may choose Agorapulse if you want the best Facebook group tools.

Special Key Features

  • Facebook content automatic moderation
  • Track mention and comment on Facebook
  • PDF and CSV reports after analytics
  • Scheduling and queueing options
  • 24/6 customer support services

Recur post is one of the best Facebook group admin tools. Besides, it is a productivity enhancement software for social media. You can manage all social media from one dashboard. Recur post has a smart social media scheduler.

There are many differences between Recurpost and other social media management tools. You can categorize your content into different libraries. Besides, it has an advanced editorial calendar. 

Moreover, Recurpost has smart queue technology and advanced reporting features. It also has boosted engagement scheduling technology. However, the Recurpost price is very affordable. Its price is low as its progressive and unique features. It offers a 14 days free trial.

But after 14 days, you must purchase it if you want to use it. However, its paid package starts at just $25 per month. If you need unlimited features, you must purchase an agency package. It will cost $100 per month.

 So, this will be the best choice if you want the best Facebook group management software.

Special Key Features

  • Advance editorial calendar
  • Smart queue technology
  • Boost engagement scheduling technology
  • Real-time live analytics report.
  • Best customer support service 24/7

Maherpost is one of the best Facebook group management software. If you want the best Facebook group auto poster software, Maherpost is the best. Because it can post any content with just a single click.

Maherpost has many advanced features. You can post to all groups you have joined. An interesting thing is you can post without admin or auto-approval.

On the other hand, you can easily schedule posts, repeat posts, live preview posts. You can also use multiple accounts at the same time within a single click.

Moreover, Maherpost doesn’t offer a free trial or free use. You have to purchase it. However, Maherpost is very affordable and accepts one-time payments with no monthly fees. It offers three premium plans.

The Basic plan is $21, and the Plus plan is $31. But if you purchase the Professional plan, you get more advanced features. It charges only $51.

So, Maherpost will be your best choice for Facebook group monitoring tools.

Special Key Features

  • Post all group without admin
  • Schedule post and auto-repeat post
  • Post multiple accounts at the same time
  • 24/5 best customer support services
  • Post without admin

FBgapp is the best Facebook auto poster and Facebook group admin tool. Besides, It is one of the best and trusted agencies. Trusted issues are critical on social media, and the FBgapp is the trusted one.

There are many advanced features in the FBgapp. You can join an unlimited Facebook group automatically. And, you can post both pages and groups with just one click.

However, it can help you with your Facebook Ad campaign. You can also target your niche-based audience in different groups through this tool.

Moreover, FBgapp can save your time and make your work easy. Besides, FBgapp pricing is very affordable. It offers two days free trial and three premium packages.

The Starter Kit price is just $15 for 15 days. You can publish 15 posts per day. Besides, its deluxe package is just excellent, and It is a lifetime plan. You have to pay only $149.

So, if you need trustable Facebook group apps, you must take FBgapp.

Special Key Features

  • Unlimited Facebook group join automatically
  • Help Facebook marketing campaign
  • Auto like, comment, and invite
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • 24/7 best customer support services
Pilot Poster

PilotPoster is one of the best Facebook group manager apps. Besides, it is called the number one Facebook auto poster software.

PilotPoster has many advanced features for its users. That must say, you can post hundreds of Facebook groups at once. You can also publish content with unlimited Facebook pages. Besides, you can schedule and repeat your content. And separate your group by categories.

However, the PIlot poster was designed to avoid spamming. It also has analytics software to give real-time performance reports.

Moreover, Pilotposter is now a more useful software for Facebook group owners. And, the most exciting feature of Pilotposter is to free unlimited support. If you purchase any of its packages, it will give you complete support.

Pilotposter has three paid packages, Basic plan, Premium plan, and Professional plan. If you want to purchase a basic plan, you have to pay $29. But the basic plan doesn't give you all the features. It would be best if you bought the Professional plan for $69.

So, the pilot poster will be your better choice for Facebook group management tools.

Special Key Features

  • Post thousands of Facebook group
  • Separate content by categories
  • Post unlimited Facebook page and group
  • High secure and avoid spamming
  • Free unlimited support
Best Facebook Auto Poster Software Iconosquare Review

Iconosquare is the best Facebook group management tool. Besides, it is social media analytics and management platform. It provides an in-depth insight into social media. Iconosquare is designed for marketing agencies, enterprises, and small businesses.

However, it offers many advanced features for its users. Iconosquare can track follower location, post, and tracking. It also gives you daily follower gained/lose reports and real-time analytics reports. 

Moreover, competitors are growing in social media day by day, So, when you control your business online, you must research your competitor. That must say, Iconosquare allows competitor performance tracking.

However, It doesn't give you free use. But it offers you 14 days of free trial opportunity. Besides, Iconosquare pricing is low and affordable. If you pay just $9 per month, you can have the starter plan. It also offers the Pro and Advanced plan. Both plan prices are $39 and $79 per month.

So, you must purchase the Iconosquare if you need the Best Facebook group management software. 

Special Key Features

  • Multi-account management system
  • Real-time post-performance
  • Daily followers lost/gained a report
  • Location-based post tracking
  • Competitor performance tracker

What is the best Facebook Group Management Software?

Group funnels are the best FB group management software and tool. Because it offers more features than other tools for making Facebook groups as a Money Machine. And also it offers a one-time payment of $297 for lifetime updates. You can use this tool for unlimited Facebook Groups for collecting leads and managing them. 

The coldest part of purchasing this tool is that you will get some high-level group marketing and monetizing training from the company co-founder Arne Giske

A lot of users and students have been making 5-6 figures business sales from their groups using this software.

Above all, I’m highly recommend you to use GroupFunnels as FB group management software.

Facebook Group Management Tools FAQs

How do I automatically approve posts in a Facebook group?

You need to set this feature for all of the members of your group. It has some steps. Now, let's check the process.:

  • Go to the top right corner of your group
  • Click the three dots.
  • Now, select edit group settings.
  • Then, check the box to auto-approval post.
  • Click the save button.
  • Now, the process starts automatically.

But you can approve every members or filter out members easily using a Facebook Groups management tool. 

Why Needs Facebook Group Management Software?

Nowadays, Facebook has become the most popular social media in the world. Consistently, Facebook groups are trendy for growing communities. 

 If your community is small or big, you have to use Facebook group management software. 

Otherwise, it will hamper your work. That must say, It provides many advanced facilities and saves valuable time. Therefore, you can focus on your other important work.

Is a Third-party tool allowed to collect leads from Facebook groups?

Yes, Facebook allows third-party tools for collecting leads from Facebook. That must say, you can easily collect leads from Facebook groups. Few tools give the facility to collect unlimited leads from Facebook.

Besides, sometimes it gives you to collect leads from more than 1000+ groups. So, use the tools without worries. 

My Final Speech

Above All, GroupFunnels is the most used tool worldwide among Facebook Groups’ owners. Now, you know the importance and best Facebook group management software and tool through my reviews. It can make your work easy and comfortable.

Nowadays, many Facebook groups use it regularly. Here is no risk to use Facebook group management software. So, feel free to use this tool.

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