5 Best Group Funnels Alternative and Competitors for 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 24, 2023
Best Group Funnels Alternative

Are you looking for the best Group Funnels alternative? If the answer is “Yes” then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of group funnels alternatives available.

But all are not good for FB group management and monetization. Don’t worry.

I’m going to share with you the best GroupFunnels alternatives. Let’s find out the best one.

What Are The Best Group Funnels Alternatives ?

Here are my top picks for the best Group Funnels Alternative software.


GroupKit now monitors pre-approved questions per member, stores data, and connects through Facebook Messenger. Besides, it eliminates tedious copying and pasting of google sheets. 

It also adds new subscribers to your selected autoresponder. GroupKit starts in under 60 seconds. So, It is the best site like Group Funnels.

Special Key Benefits

  • All Group Collector Features
  • Unlimited Facebook Groups 
  • Approve Unlimited Members
  • Google Sheet Integration
  • Autoresponder Integration

Plans And Pricing

GroupKit doesn’t feature its pricing plans publicly on its website. But they offer 14 days of a free trial. So, enjoy the free trial & contact them to use it regularly.

Best GroupFunnels Alternative Group Convert

GroupConvert is one of the best Group funnels alternatives. In other words, GroupConvert is a FB Group Software that makes a list of leads from your Facebook group members. 

It also helps group owners to build a list and promote products to Group Members. So, it can be an excellent funnels solution for Facebook hybrid groups.

Special Key Benefits

  • Send pre-written messages to group members automatically.
  • Excel sheet integration.  
  • Email, chat, and exclusive Facebook group community support.
  • Google Chrome extension is available.
  • Simple and easy to use

Plans And Pricing

GroupConvert offers three different premium plans, two plans are monthly, and the other one is on a one-time payment basis or a lifetime deal. It also provides fourteen days of free trial with the monthly plans. 

Besides, you can send messages to your group members automatically through every premium plan. You can also have email, chat, and exclusive FB community support. 

However, there are some differences between the three of them. So, let’s check them along with their prices.

  • Starter Lite Plan ($10 per month): 

    It allows only one Facebook group and one excel sheet in the plan.

  • Siler Plan ($17 per month): 

    You are allowed up to three Facebook groups, and three excel sheets in this plan.

  • Lifetime Exclusive Plan ($197 for a lifetime):

    It is the most popular and buyer’s favorite plan. In this plan, you are allowed unlimited Facebook groups and unlimited excel sheets for a lifetime, with no monthly fees.

Group Collector

Do you think it's time to automate the new Facebook group member onboarding process? Group Collector collects new Facebook Group member answers, including email addresses. 

It also saves data to your Google Sheet and autoresponder. The data will be safely preserved. So, never fear Facebook erasing your data again. In short, it is one of the best group funnels alternative.

Special Key Benefits

  • Zapier Not Required. Directly Connect with Autoresponders
  • Connect Unlimited Facebook Groups
  • Approve Unlimited Group Members
  • Easy to use with Installation Docs
  • Email and Zoom Support Available

Plans And Pricing

GroupCollector has two plans with identical features. One is monthly, and the other is a lifetime. The monthly pricing is $25 plus vat. And it'll be $297 + vat.

GroupBoss is the best Group Funnels alternatives

Would you like to grow your Facebook group by generating leads? Thousands of administrators have used GroupBoss to handle and send leads from their Facebook groups. It also has a dashboard with detailed information on all members. So, you can see what they're saying.

Besides, GroupBoss is an excellent GroupFunnels alternative. You can take advantage of Facebook groups with GroupBoss. It asks three questions when someone joins your group and collects their contact information. You can automatically save every leads to your email marketing tools.

Special Key Benefits

  • Infinite Facebook groups and autoresponders.
  • User friendly and easy to operate.
  • Automation of Email autoresponder without third party
  • Data protection and Google spreadsheet integration
  • Export emails to chosen outcomes

Plans And Pricing

GroupBoss has two price tiers, Yearly Popular (Influencer) and Mega Plan Lifetime. You may also try it for seven days. Then, it's $99/year and $189 for yearly mega plan. You may also get a 14-day return guarantee. 

GroupLeads is the best Groupfunnels competitors

Group Leads can oversee your Facebook group's posts. It can also create articles and announcements with Chrome or Firefox. 

We can now approve and submit all pending membership requests with one click. It also saves all the data automatically, and that’s why it’s one of the GroupFunnels competitors.

Special Key Benefits

  • Members will be approved automatically.
  • Spammers are automatically rejected.
  • Creates an email list automatically.
  • Automatically send mailing list to the autoresponder.
  • Auto-saving results in a dashboard and a Google sheet.

Plans And Pricing

GroupLeads have three types of pricing plans. Firstly, they have a Monthly Starter and a Yearly Starter Plan. Lastly, they have the One-Time Starter. Now, let’s check at the plans in brief.

FAQs of Group Funnels Alternative

Is there a Free Version of Group Funnels? 

Group Funnels streamlines the process of gathering email addresses from Facebook group requests. We develop a bespoke thank you page and automation sequence after they submit their request and approve it.

Group Funnels has a simple price option of $297 for lifetime access. There are no specific alternatives, and GroupFunnels is not free.

Why is Group Funnels so Expensive?

Once subscribed, all features are instantly unlocked and subsequent upgrades, are discounted. A private Facebook group included with Group Funnels subscription. The group's guests may learn from and teach other members skills, knowledge, and experience. It also offers many premium facilities. That’s why GroupFunnels charge a premium fee.

Is GroupConvert better than Group Funnels?

GroupConvert is one of the best GroupFunnel alternatives. It’s also one of the biggest GroupFunnel competitors. However, if I were you, I'd use GroupConvert. Because GroupConvert is faster and saves you a lot of time.

On the other hand, everything is manual with Group Funnels. A 14-day free trial is also available for GroupConvert but not for GroupFunnels.

Executive Summary

Our time is valuable; that's why I believe in smart work. It’s like spending less to earn more.

So, I have reviewed the 5 best GroupFunnels alternatives and competitors in 2024 through the article. The reason behind it is to save your precious work hours and make you more productive in less time using FB group software.

Automating the new member acceptance process saves time, increases email collection, and increases sales. So, choose your tool. But be careful and never purchase a tool in a hurry. Consider your budget and requirements before buying.

Last but not least, share the article with your friends, good luck & be productive.

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