8 Ways to Get Freelance Jobs out of Freelance Marketplaces

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated February 18, 2024
Get Freelance Jobs Out of Freelance Marketplaces

Key Takeaways

  • One should not be confined only to the marketplaces of freelancers. They should avail themselves of the vast opportunities waiting outside the market.
  • Freelancers can earn thousands of dollars by directly working with business owners.
  • A freelancer gets the payment immediately after finishing the work. Alternatively, a freelancer can also ask for advance payment from the client.
  • It is essential to know whether the buyer is honest or not. In that case, freelancers should check the buyer’s whereabouts on Google before confirming the deal.
  • The freelancers should have a personal website where every detail about their work will be elaborated. As a result, clients can easily hire them by reading their portfolios.

Freelance jobs opened the door to my online income journey, starting with an SEO job on Upwork, a premier platform for freelancers across various industries. Despite beginning my career within the confines of freelance marketplaces, I ventured beyond to carve a successful freelancing path elsewhere.

Why Had I Taken The Decision To Get Freelance Jobs Out Of Freelance Marketplaces?

The conventional path for freelancers has long been through marketplaces, a norm that raises the question: Why divert from a tried and tested route? The answer lies in the stories of "ultra" freelancers, a cadre of professionals who seldom tread the marketplace path, yet secure thousands of dollars weekly or monthly. This paradigm shift prompts a deeper inquiry: Why limit oneself to marketplaces?

The Vast Ocean Beyond Marketplaces

Untapped Opportunities: The freelance ecosystem extends far beyond the confines of marketplaces. A larger, more diverse pool of opportunities awaits those willing to explore. This expanse offers direct access to clients, including businesses and individuals unaware or uninvolved with freelance marketplaces, preferring instead to engage freelancers directly.

Direct Client Engagement: Engaging with a client directly, especially business owners, can lead to more stable, potentially long-term engagements. Business owners, often overwhelmed with the minutiae of company management, value consistency and reliability.

Once you prove your worth and deliver satisfactory results, the likelihood of being considered for permanent roles increases.

Economic Benefits: The economics of working outside marketplaces cannot be overstated. Traditional freelance marketplaces are intermediaries where agencies and other freelancers post jobs, typically taking a cut from the freelancer's pay.

For instance, an agency might charge a client $2000 for a project, out of which the actual freelancer might receive only $500-$700. Direct negotiations with clients not only eliminate these middlemen but also empower freelancers to set and negotiate fair rates based on the actual value of their work.

Clarifying Project Costs: One of the challenges outside the marketplace framework is the client's potential lack of understanding regarding the cost of projects. Freelancers have the responsibility and opportunity to educate clients about the value of their services, offering clarity on project costs and the rationale behind their rates. This transparent approach can demystify the process for clients and establish a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

In essence, stepping away from freelance marketplaces opens up a world of opportunities that demand a different approach — direct engagement, clearer communication, and the ability to negotiate fair compensation.

This route, while divergent from the norm, promises not only financial gain but also the potential for more meaningful and enduring professional relationships.

How To Get Freelance Jobs Payment

After finishing a project, request your payment from the client. If they're ready, they can instantly send your earnings through various channels like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, or direct bank and wire transfers.

This direct method means you can access and use your funds right away, enhancing your cash flow efficiency.

In marketplaces, you need to wait a few days for available to withdraw the money.
For example, suppose you complete hourly-based jobs at Upwork. In that case, you must wait ten days for the money to be available to withdraw after completing a weekly hourly task.

You don’t need to use any platform (marketplaces) to work, so you don’t need to pay any commission. All payments will be of your own.

Freelancing means freedom of occupation. Are you free in marketplaces?

Every marketplace has some complex rules. If you break them in any way, your freelancer account may be suspended.
One common rule in every top freelance marketplace is client satisfaction.
If a client is angry with you and reports to support, it’ll harm the account and the next job.

Every marketplace is more careful about both the client and the freelancer.
So, you’re not total freedom in marketplaces

Is It Money Safe To Work Out Of Freelance Marketplaces?

I think that you’re very confused about payment security. It’s an ordinary matter for out-of-marketplaces.

It’s 100% real that professional and honest clients never scam you if you can complete the project successfully.

For example, in my personal life, when I hire any freelancer from outside freelance marketplaces, and they can complete my project successfully based on my requirements, I pay them instantly or very soon.

Why should I scam with them? If I scam them about payment, I will lose my valuable worker next time.

How Can You Find Out Honest Buyers?

Now, it’s your question how can I find out honest client and take payment safely?

If you follow my own proven techniques whose I use for finding the honest client, I hope that you’ll also be a success.

It’s very easy to learn details of any person now a day by Google simple searching. For example, I want to know about “Alexander De Ridder”.

Person information search on Google

This Google search has shown me all internet published information of Alexander De Ridder.

After researching the results, I’ve found some great information about Alexander De Ridder.

He is a Co-founder of EdgyLabs. And also find something that he has a working team for his agency which provides SEO service, Site Technical Support, Website Design and Development, Artificial Intelligent, and others. A lot of information of his is proving that he is a professional and may be honest.

Sometimes, you can find out your right client this way. You can take something or full advance payment for the project before starting the work.

For the client payment verifying, also you can complete a short task from the client. If the client pays you after completing the task, then you can continue your work.

I hope that you’ll able to choose the right one if you’re an intelligent and skillful worker.

I’m going to show you 8 Best ways get freelance jobs out of Freelance Marketplaces.

1#. Get Freelance Jobs Via Your Website

Personal Website is an awesome method of representing a person or business online. It’s a great thing for a freelancer for building their brand to get jobs.

The maximum client who wants to hire freelancer directly, they search in Google for their targeted services provider.

For example, one client needs an SEO expert for his business website, so he is searching in Google by “SEO expert, SEO services provider “keywords and get some web links which provides SEO services.

If you’re an SEO Service provider and able to get places for those keywords in search results, then you’ve got a good chance to get the job from the client.

So, you need to make a personal website that contains your professional information and help you to rank for your services selling related keywords.

A great example of a personal website, that provides Freelance Growth Hacking and Content Marketing services.

He is Sujan Patel and his website Sujanpatel.com

Sujan Patel

He has created Hire Me page in his site so that client can hire him easily.

And also you can use your website as your working portfolio for showing your previous working experience, and then you’ll able to share with your targeted client or social media sites.

If a client sees your portfolio site, It’ll become you more trusted to the client.

You can start blogging on your working industry niche on your website. Give problem solution types of articles in your blog site and get your targeted audience, it’ll build your branding that you’re an expert to solve those problems.

For example, you’re an SEO expert. Many webmasters are facing problem to recover Google penalty of their site. So, you can write content on “How to recover from Google penalty “

If you have a skillful working team, then you should create an agency website for your services selling.

If every top-level freelancer has a personal website for getting jobs, then why are you waiting for making your own site?

# 2. Get Freelance Jobs Via Linkedin

Linkedin is a great social media for professional. Actually, 99.9% internet based companies and their employees have profiles in it.

So, you can connect with the company’s owner very easily.

For engaging any client to you in Linkedin, you need to create a professional looking profile on it.

Don’t you have a professional Linkedin profile?

So, don’t worry. I’m giving you steps-by-steps guideline on How to create an awesome and professional LinkedIn profile. Read this post

3 Best Ways To Get Freelance Jobs  From LinkedIn

(I). Get Jobs To Connect With Your Industry People

You can get jobs from your industry leading people. There have many people who have become already great successes in your work niche industry and also they have huge projects, but they have not enough time to complete all projects on time.

So, they are always looking for skillful partners.

How can you connect with them?

As maximum IT professional have a LinkedIn profile, so, you can easily connect with them.

For example, I want to connect with SEO experts of specific any country like Australia.

So, I’ve searched in LinkedIn search bar by “SEO expert” keyword and selected Australia from the country option.

Linkedin Search Example

After connecting with them, you should send a message directly to them like it.

As I work for SEO, so I can send them.

“Hi Jhon,
I’m a professional SEO expert and have 5 years over experience in this industry. I’m able to rank any site with the guarantee. Can you give me an opportunity to work with you or in your company?”

(2) . Get Jobs From Linkedin Jobs Posting Page

Linkedin also has Jobs board. Here anyone can submit a job offer for him or her company.

Just go to the Linkedin job posting page.

Linkedin Job Posting Page

Fill up your job category name and jobs location. When you will select a location, don’t forget to select “Remote” option. Because you want to work as a freelancer.

After clicking search bar, you’ll see a huge number of job posts. Like this bellow …

Linkedin Jobs

Now you can apply for jobs to message them.

(3) . Get Jobs From Your Industry Linkedin Group

Linkedin have also community or groups like Facebook.

It has a  great chance to get freelance jobs out of freelance marketplaces.

Just you need to find out your work industry niche relevant community, join, and adhere to there.

# 3. Get Freelance Jobs Via Facebook

Facebook is a great source for getting freelance jobs out of freelance marketplaces. But you need to know the techniques of searching for jobs.

It’s rare that there have no one uses Facebook who browses the internet.

So, the major client uses Facebook.

Many clients look for freelancer from Facebook Audience.

So they post jobs in their timeline or their task-related popular groups.

Now your question is that you have no friendship with jobs poster facebook accounts, so how can you reach their jobs posts?

Oh! It’s a very great question.

But If you follow my simple techniques for jobs posts searching on Facebook

, you’ll be able to reach your targeted jobs.

I just use the Facebook search bar and my work industry-relevant groups for finding jobs posts.

For example, I need to search for SEO jobs.

So I’ve searched in the Facebook Search bar by this keyword with a quotation mark.

“SEO job”

Jobs Search Example on Facebook

After searching, I’ve got huge results of SEO jobs related posts. This way, you can reach your targeted jobs posts easily.

Now you should read every posts steps-by-steps. If you find out jobs posts whose match your work area, then you should apply for the jobs by commenting or direct message shortly.

For example, I want to apply for a full SEO service job, So, I’m sending a direct message.

Hi Jhon,

I’m ready to provide you SEO service for your site. I’ve about 5 years experience in SEO Industry. You can see my work portfolio and I’ve provided SEO for a big company like (e.g. Toyota.com).

If you have any question, Please feel free ask me. I’m waiting for your great reply.

Another great source of getting jobs from Facebook that is groups.

You need to find out your work niche relevant groups and join.

For example, I want to join groups of the SEO industry.

So, I’ve searched like this  keywords  “SEO”

Facebook Group Search

Then go groups and join.

Many clients do post jobs in the groups, so you should keep an eye on those groups.

#4. Get Freelance Jobs Via Twitter

Twitter is a great social media for V.I.P.

Many people are posting jobs in it every single day when they need a freelancer for their business.

So you can look for freelance jobs here. Just simply search in twitter search bar by your work industry jobs related keywords.

For example, I want to look for SEO jobs from Twitter.

So I’ve searched by “SEO job” keyword with a quotation mark.

Example of Jobs Search on Twitter

After searching, you’ll get huge results like facebook. Now read jobs posts and apply via direct private message shortly.

# 5. Get Freelance Jobs Via Instagram

IG has become the most popular social media now a day.

In 2018, it has reached 100+ million accounts only in the USA.

I, You, and companies are using it.

Companies have been using it for promoting their business and sharing experience.

But some companies have started posting jobs here now. So, it’s a great chance for the freelancer to get jobs from it.

I’m sharing steps-by-steps some effective guidelines for getting jobs from Instagram.

Step 1: Make An Incredible Profile

Professional look type of profile is essential for engaging the client in IG that makes you incredible to them.

Because, many scammers have available online, so trusting is very important for getting jobs on Instagram.

For making your profile professional, you should do the following things.

• Add a real picture of your own in profile.

Someone avoid it, but it’s very important to engage any person first look. “Vishnu.k.Achari” has added his personal image with the smile.

vishnu achari instragram profile

• Add your working niche title which you’re passionate about.

For example, your profession may be Digital Marketing, but you’re passionate about SEO.

So, you need to put that in your profile.

Instragram account title

Fijoy works mostly on SEO and his passion about the thing it. So, He has added it.

• Add your personal website for becoming you more incredible and learning more about you from your site.

Link in Profile

If you have a site, you should add that. Or you don’t have, I highly suggest creating a site today. He has added his personal website in profile.

• Share some images of your personal work which you have already done or relevant images from Google.

Example of sample

It’ll help your profile make more professional.

Step 2: Find A Targeted Company And Send A Message

One of the best ways for getting jobs from Instagram that is to contact with companies directly. As tons of companies have been trying to establish the business in online, they are looking for a worker for helping them.

The maximum number of the non established company just have an Instagram account without anything.

So if you knock them about their business website design or Digital Marketing, and other services providing, you’ll get more response.

Firstly, you need to find out the companies IG profiles, then research and contact.

Go in the Instagram search bar and type like this

“#YourTargetedLocation YourTargetedBusinessKeyword”

For example, I want to find out dental niche companies from Texas in the USA.

Company Search On Instragram

So I’ve searched by “#Texas dental”  And I’ve found some companies which have an only simple profile without additional anything.

For example, “ texasdentalclinic” have no website for this business.

Texas Dental clinic

As I provide Web design and Digital Marketing services, I can send a direct message it, Like this.

Hi Jhon,

I’ve given some time on your business and found that you don’t have a website for it. A website is very essential for any business now a day which helps your business to reach more customers and become incredible.

My passion is to help new companies with my advance Digital Marketing strategies for establishing as an online business. I’ve been providing reliable Web design and Digital Marketing service with reasonable price. If you want, then I’ll work for you as my own business.

 If you have any question, please feel free ask me. I’m waiting for your great reply.


I’ve just given an example of message writing, but you should write personally for your work niche.

#6. Get Freelance Jobs Via Craigslist

Craigslist is another popular source of getting jobs. Here have jobs posting option. So many client post jobs here who know about it. You can take chance to get freelance jobs out of freelance marketplaces here.

Search Freelance jobs on Craigslist

Craigslist is one kind of Classified ads site. There have tons of Classified ads posting sites. So, you can look at other sites like it.

#7. Get Freelance Jobs Via Youtube

It’s a crazy topic that we use Youtube for video searching or watching, not for jobs. And also it’s no place for getting jobs.

Now your question, how can I get jobs via Youtube?

If you try my personal techniques, I hope that you’ll be engaged by many clients for jobs.

I create tutorial and problems solution types of videos depending on my work industry. I rank them for some specific keywords or share in social media.

For example, I work for the SEO industry, so I can create a short tutorial about “How to recover websites from Google Penalty”

When anyone faces the problem of Google Penalty, they search in Google or Youtube for solution guidelines, if they are not expert on plenty removing.

End the time of video you can give an offer that you’ve been providing service of the problem solved with reliable price.

And also you can put your contact details in the video description for buying the service if anyone needs.

This way I’ve been getting high rated new client every month.

#8. Get Freelance Jobs Via Forums

Forums sites are another great source for getting Freelance jobs out of the freelance marketplace.

Though I had gotten my first freelance job from Upwork, I got my second job from a forum. That’s Digitalpoint forum. It’s really helped me to change my life.

You need to find out your niche relevant forum.

Do you know? How to find niche relevant forum sites? It’s very simple.

Just go to Google and type “your niche keyword + forums”

For example, I want to search forums for SEO

SEO forums search

Though Two ways I get jobs from forums sites.

One is my informative and problem solution Type posts and other is from buy-sell forum topic.

Join forums and start to write contents on niche topics. Try to write problems solution types of contents. It’ll increase your brandy that you’re an expert on the task.

I hope that you’ll get many new clients this way.

Some popular forums have services buy sell topic. There you can create your selling offers and also many clients create services buying for their business.

For example, Digital Point forum have services Buy Sell Option.

Digitalpoint Forum Jobs Search

You can apply for jobs by Private Massage (PM) to clients’ profiles or reply the thread…


Above all, I’ve just shared my personal techniques to get jobs out of freelance marketplaces whose I used. But it’s not guaranteed that all techniques will work best for you.

Also, you can discover your own techniques and try every day. A personal website is a very essential thing for you if you want to get jobs out of freelance marketplaces.

If you already have a site, you should rank or market that for your work industry-specific keywords by SEO. Or you don’t have a personal website yet, I think you should create a site as soon as possible.

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