30+ Best Micro Jobs Sites List for Working From Home in 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated March 24, 2024
Micro Jobs Sites For Work from Home

Do you want to make money online very quickly?
But you’ve no skills in a specific online task.
Don’t worry. I’m going to share an easy way and trusted best micro jobs sites list for working from home.

There are many trusted freelancing sites where you can work and make huge money. But you need specific skills like software development, Web Design, and development, Graphics design, SEO, etc. .and bid on jobs.

On the other hand, in some online micro jobs sites, you don’t need those things.

So, it’s very easy for beginners who want to make money very quickly. I’m giving steps-by-steps guidelines here.

What Are Micro Jobs ?

Micro jobs are not a job. Because every worker does a job as an employee of any company or person.

But in sectors of mini job or micro jobs, you have to work as a contractor.

It’s a fully independent task. Work providers give the specific task on any online micro jobs sites and contractors or workers do the task from that site.

There you don’t need to communicate with employers or interviewing by others like freelancing jobs. So, it’s surely an easy and independent task for you.

What's Type Of Tasks Have Available On Micro Jobs Sites?

Many kinds of small tasks are available in micro jobs sites. You do a small task, and you get a small amount.

But You don’t need more time to complete a simple task, you can complete a task within a short time like 1 - 3 minutes.

You can do a huge task on the platform every day. You can generate a big amount.

The tasks are like creating accounts, downloading video, like and comment on videos, Facebook like generation and comment on specific posts, reviews, surveys, application testing, research studies, content evaluation, content comparison, data tagging, and other types of small tasks available on micro-jobs platforms.

30 Trusted Best Micro Jobs Sites List

I’ve researched some trusted and good micro jobs sites where you can work confidently and earn money.

01. Jobboy-HireTalents

Jobboy Review

Jobboy is a good micro job site like Rapidworkers. Here you’ll get jobs from payment range $.05- $5.
But you’ll be able to do many tasks every day and grab more money. It called HireTalents

Minimum Payment: $10

Payment Method: LTC ( LiteCoin) , Best LiteCoin Wallet is Coinbase

ySense Review

ySense is one of the best micro job websites. It is an American based company or micro jobs site. However, it is a global online community, and people work here from worldwide. There are various types of work to do. You can make money quickly by the survey, trying product’s offer, downloading apps, etc. That is to say; you can also sell your service and do micro jobs at home. 

Moreover, ySense is offering you to join their referral or affiliate program. You can earn more than 30%. However, the payment system is very easy to withdraw. Although sometimes it takes much time to payout. But this is one of the best online micro jobs sites.

Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill .

Best Micoro Jobs site Respondent Review

Respondent is the best paying micro job site. Although it is a different micro job site than others. Respondent is an online survey platform. However, it pays a high payment for the research studies than other survey sites. So, if you are good at survey jobs, join Respondent today.

That is to say; there are hundreds of companies looking for capable surveyors. You don’t need to wait for work. A good surveyor can earn more than $60 - $100 in an hour remotely. Moreover, the Respondent is the most trusted micro job site. They deduct a 5% commission on your every survey.  

Minimum Payment: $20

Payment Method: PayPal

Best Micro jobs websit Picoworkers Review

Picoworkers is the USA based micro jobs website. However, It is one of the most trusted and best micro job sites. There are a few people afraid of working Picoworkers. Because they thought Picoworkers is a scam website. But when you check the reviews of real members of Picoworkers, you can know the truth. So, we put the Picoworkers in the best micro jobs sites list after in-depth research.

Moreover, the Picoworkers is super easy to signup and get micro-jobs. It takes almost 5-7 days for the first withdrawal due to verify your profile. So, Picoworkers is a perfect online micro jobs site for everyone.

Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Amazon gift card.

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is one of the trusted and best legit micro job sites. It offers survey micro-jobs remotely. You can earn points, coupons, gift cards in return for your survey. However, you can redeem them to various retailers. Amazon and Walmart are the most popular retailers. You can also get cash back from PayPal. 

The great thing is, 100 Swagbucks points is equal to 1 USD dollar. There are a lot of ways to get points. Moreover, you can withdraw the points as money through PayPal. Also you can use PayPal alternatives payment methods. It takes 10-14 days to complete the process. So, Swagbucks can be considered as the best mini jobs online.

Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Points, Coupons, Gift cards, PayPal .

06. Remotasks

Best Micro Jobs sites-Remotasks Review

Remotasks is one of the best micro job sites in 2024. There are thousands of buyers always available. They are looking for taskers. Therefore, you can always have work. They offer you short to long term work. You can work on a short or long term basis with them. Data collection and image or audio transcription are the most demanding work on Remotasks. So, you can do micro jobs at home.

Moreover, Remotasks provide their taskers payment on every Friday. So, you don’t have to worry about your payment. Work and make money from home.

Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: PayPal  

07. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Review

InboxDollars is the best micro jobs site 2024 and one of my favorite micro job sites. It offers you many opportunities to earn money. You can earn money through online surveys and taking new products and services. Moreover, you can get paid for playing games and watching videos online. You can also earn money by reading emails. Is it amazing? That is why I personally like InboxDollar.

InboxDollar is an American based micro jobs site. Only American citizens can work here now. You need to use your visa card to payout. However, they offer you $5 as an instant signup bonus. So, make money with InboxDollars from today.

Minimum Payment: $30

Payment Method: Check, Prepaid Visa, or eCards.

Zeerk Review- Best Micro Jobs Site

Zeerk is one of the best paying micro job sites for the newbie. There are many buyers available there. You can sell your every service to them. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the payment. Zeerk is one of the trusted and best micro working sites. Any seller doesn’t claim the payment issues yet. So, sell your freelance service without any tension and work honestly.

That is to say; you can withdraw your funds every day from Zeerk. There is no waiting period anymore. However, Zeerk deducts 10% commission from your every service. So, start your online micro jobs without investment.

Minimum Payment: $4

Payment Method: PayPal

09. Hivemicro

Hivemicro-High paying Micro Jobs Sites Review

Hivemicro is also known as Hive Work. Hive Work is the best paying micro job site. Many organizations and companies are looking here for micro-jobs workers. They provide various types of small jobs to do. Audio transcription and Semantic segmentation are the most demandable jobs in Hive Work.

However, there is a question, is Hive Work legit? Yes, they always provide weekly payment to the taskers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the payment. In short, Hive Work is one of the best legit micro job sites.

Minimum Payment: $20

Payment Method: Paypal, Bitcoin.

10. Scribie

Scribie review

Scribie is a transcription micro job site. People have been doing microtask jobs online from home with them since 2008. You can also make money by transcribing your audio or video. However, It is too much easy to sign up and work there. That is to say; you need to work with your unique audio or video file.

Moreover, The payment system of Scribie is more flexible and secure than others. They take only one working day to transfer your earned money. However, Scribie deducts a 2% fee if the withdrawal amount is less than $30. In short, They are one of the best micro work websites.

Minimum Payment: No Minimum limitation

Payment Method: PayPal.

11. The Smart Crowd/Lionbridge

Lionbridge Review

The Smart Crowd is one of the best micro job sites. They offer you various types of small works. You can efficiently work here as a full time or part-time job. More than thousands of people are working here from all around the world. The Smart Crowd pays only once per month as a salary. However, you must have a verified Dwolla account to have the payment. 

Moreover, The Smart Crowd is a twenty years old company or website. So, you won’t have to worry about your payment. You can consider the Smart Crowd one of the most trusted companies or sites.

Minimum Payment: $50

Payment Method: Dwolla

12. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit Review

TaskRabbit is a different type of micro job site than others. It is an American based company and has made life more comfortable since 2008. They offer micro-jobs in online and mobile apps by matching the local demands. Such as assembling the table or desk, office or home delivery, etc. 

You can easily create an account and a profile. Put the services that you are good at and your service charge in your profile. So, anyone can easily check that and hire you. However, TaskRabbit takes a 15% fee from the clients. They won’t deduct any commission or fee from taskers. So, TaskRabbit is definitely a great miro job site.

Minimum Payment: No Limit

Payment Method: Stripe

13. UserTesting

UserTesting Review

UserTesting is one of the best micro job sites. They offer you different types of websites or apps to research as a user. That is to say; you need to research each and everything in detail of the site very carefully. You have to submit your research as a recorded video.

Moreover, the World’s top 100 brands work with UserTesting. So, you can imagine how much the company is reputed. The payment system is also trustable. They take seven working days to transfer the fund to your PayPal account. In short, this is the best online micro jobs site for researchers.

Minimum Payment: $20

Payment Method: PayPal

14. Appjobber

appjobber Review

Appjobber is providing micro-jobs through its website and apps. There are a lot of small to large companies. They are offering various types of micro survey jobs to do. Therefore, you can make quick money. When you are signing up and making a profile to Appjober, you can see some nearby places on the map. Go there and follow the survey instructions. Then, submit the project. Your task is done. However, Appjobber is available in the UK and Europe nowadays.

That is to say, Appjobber is one of the best legit micro job sites. They take 1-1.5 weeks to transfer your payment. So, make money with Appjobber.

Minimum Payment: €1

Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer.

15. CrowdTap

Crowdtap Review

CrowdTap is another best online survey micro job site. You can get paid by answering some questions. Thousands of people work and make money from worldwide every day. Moreover, there are thousands of brands and products available to survey. They are looking for you to review them or survey their products. You can earn points for each survey or review.

However, you couldn’t payout the points into cash. You need to take Amazon Gift Cards in return for your points. They count 1000 points as $5. That is to say, the point validity is one year. So, keep in mind those words before working here.

Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Amazon Gift Cards.

16. EasyShift

EasyShift Review

EasyShift is a USA and UK based online survey company. But the survey system is totally different from others. You can earn quick money by microtask jobs online from home. They will offer you daily tasks. For example, they offer you to visit a nearby local shop or store and take some photos. Then you need to upload the photos with your reviews. That’s it. Many people are currently working in EasyShift and making money.

Moreover, EasyShift is one of the best legit micro job sites. They take only 48 hours to transfer the fund to your PayPal. So, Explore your area and make money.

Minimum Payment: No limit.

Payment Method: PayPal

17. TryMYUI

TryMYUI Review

TryMYUI is a website and apps survey online micro jobs site called UserTesting. Thousands of researchers are making money from TryMYUI every day. So, don’t be late anymore. If you are good at researching, join TryMYUI today. You need to research and analyze the good and bad sides of a website or apps as a user. Then, submit the recording. That’s it.

However, there is a common question “is TryMYUI legit or scam?” You need to relax. Because it is totally a legit micro job site. They give payment every Friday. So, we put the TryMYUI in the best micro jobs sites list.

Minimum Payment: No Limit

Payment Method: PayPal

18. Rev

Rev Review- Best High Paying Micro Jobs website

Rev is a very popular transcription company all around the world. They offer to transcribe Audio to Text. You can make money by transcription, caption, and foreign subtitles. There are many freelancers who easily earn $200-$300 in a month. So, why couldn't you? You just need to have a good typing skill and patience. Then, you can also do that.

Moreover, Rev is considered the best paying micro job site. That is to say, they won’t deduct any commission or fee during withdrawal. They give payment every Monday. So, start your day with Rev from now.

Minimum Payment: No Limit

Payment Method: PayPal.

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is the best micro jobs site in 2024. Most of the people choose Fiverr first for microtask jobs online from home. That is to say; there are thousands of buyers offering their jobs. So, you can have thousands of opportunities and micro jobs online.

Moreover, Fiverr can give you the security of payment. However, you don’t have to worry about Paypal or Mastercard. Because it supports Payoneer along with other methods to withdraw your money. So, you can consider it as one of the best online micro jobs sites.

Minimum Payment: $5 [For Paypal] ,$20 [Bank Transfer] ,$30 [Fiverr Revenue Card]

Payment Method: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Fiverr Revenue Card

20. SEOclerks

SEOclerks Review

SEOclerks is the best micro job site for SEO experts. If you know SEO service and looking for micro jobs, SEOclerks should be the first choice of yours. There are thousands of small to large companies available. They are always looking for an SEO expert to rank their website or product. That is to say; you can quickly get a short or long term job.

SEO is the most demandable job nowadays. They highly pay for your SEO service. However, SEOClerks deducts a 3% fee during withdrawal of the payment. In short, SEOclerks is the best SEO marketplace. So, sell your SEO service with SEOclerks and make money from home.  

Minimum Payment: No Limit

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer

21. Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers Review

Rapidworkers is one of the best micro job sites. Here you can create an account within a few seconds.

It’s a 100% trusted a site. You can complete tasks between 1-3 minutes and more jobs available for you.

Minimum Payment: $8.00 + Fee

Payment Method: PayPal and Skrill

22. MicroWorkers

Microworkers Review-Online Micro Jobs Sites

Microworkers is my other favorite and popular micro jobs site where you can do many simple tasks and get paid very quickly.
It has a job success rating system. If you perform your task well, then your success rate will be increased.
And if you are not capable to do the task after accepting the task, Your Success Rate will go down. Please don’t wrong anything here.

Minimum Payment: $9+ Fee

Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, and Local Funds Transfer via Transpay

23. ClickWorker

Clickworker Review

ClickWorker is a crowdsourcing platform where distributes the task to its workers.

Here you’ll get a lot of easy tasks like comment writing, web research, lead research, SEO text creation, translation service, and other more tasks available on ClickWorker.

Minimum Payment: $10

Payment Method: PayPal or Bank Transfer

24. Field Agent

Field Agent

Field Agent is another best micro job site where you can work via mobile phones easily by downloading task apps.
You’ve to work here as an agent. Agents will download specific apps then complete the task within two hours.

For every task successfully completion, you’ll get $3-$12.
The task includes barcode scans, surveys, polls, product reviews, mystery shopping, business locations verification, brochure placement, and other tasks.

Minimum Payment: $2.50

Payment Method: PayPal or Bank Transfer

25. MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk review

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a part of Amazon's company.
Here you’ll get more micro tasks than Microworkers.
It’s one of the original micro jobs, Amazon’s MTurk lists HITs (human intelligence tasks) which workers choose.

Minimum Payment: $3

Payment Method: Amazon gift card

26. OneSpace

27. People Per Hour

28.  GigBucks

29. Neevo

30. Hive Micro

31. SlicethePie

How Can We Start Online Micro Jobs?

You need an internet browsing device then take an internet connection.

Create accounts on those micro jobs sites. Now, you are ready to start your task and make some dollars every single day.

Answers To Your Questions

What is a Micro Job Website?

Micro job sites are online platforms that connect people looking for the smallest jobs with employers who need workers. They're also known as "gig economy" companies because they rely on independent contractors rather than employees.

What are Microtask Jobs?

Microtasks are short tasks that require little effort. These tasks can be done by quickly and without much thought.

How do I Get a Micro Job?

You can easily get a micro job if you join any micro job site. There have a lot of small tasks on those platforms available. You can start without any previous experience.

How Much can I Make on Microworkers?

Microworkers is the best site to do mini tasks online. If you work 5-6 hours on this site per day, you can make about $5-$10. So, if you work every day on Microworkers, you can earn $100-$300+ per month.

What is a Micro Freelancer?

Micro freelancer is who works on a project for a client without being paid by the hour. It’s also known as “micro jobs” because it allows people to work in small chunks of time rather than full-time jobs.


Micro jobs are not preferable for professional online workers. It’s only for beginners.

You can start works on those sites when generating some money from those platforms, you should learn more things like freelancing, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing.

If you learn anything from this my post, please share this with your friends.

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