4 Steps to Start Freelancing for Beginners (Exclusive Tips) 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated September 1, 2019
How to Start Freelancing for beginners

what is freelancing ?

Freelancing is a common word among people who are looking for earning from online now a day and means borderless, freedom occupation. Tasks are done without own office’s workers, it’s called Freelancing. Here have two kinds of common person. Client who provides task, and Freelancer who completes the tasks. I'm giving full guide to start freelancing for beginners here.


Which Types Of Task Are Available In Freelancing For Beginners?

It’s one kind of wonderful sector where you’ll get copy-paste to programming task.

Here is the list of most popular Freelance Skills and Tasks.

You need to build an excellent skill on any task for selling service.

I'll show you how to start freelancing step-by-step

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Android and IOS Apps development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • Voice Acting
  • Web Design
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Ajax Developer
  • Java Developer
  • API Developer
  • HTML Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Administrative Support
  • Email Tech Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcriptionist
  • Data Entry
  • Content Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Copy Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Translation
  • Accounting
  • Book Keeping
  • Business analyst
  • Quick Books
  • Excel

My Start Freelancing Story

When studying at High School, that time I was thinking about my family financial support. Because my father died early of my life and I was the first son.

I had been always looking for an independent source of earning money.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything. At the beginning of my college education life, I had been listening from some special people that online have a good opportunity for making money.

I asked one of my close friends who were regular internet user about online income to him. He gave me more important information about making Freelancing.

After reading some books on internet income, I had decided to build my career as a Freelancer.

I was looking for a mentor for learning and fortunately had gotten an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert. He has many years leading experience in the SEO industry and is a professional freelancer at Upwork.

After completing my college education, I started learning SEO, and other Digital marketing essential things from him.

First Income Of My Freelance Business

I just became a low-level SEO expert at that time. Bless of Allah (God), I had gotten a job at Upwork on SEO-link building in the middle of my learning time.

And I earned $56 from that project. Though It was a little amount, but it would boost my inspiration.

I felt that I should become Pro level Digital Marketer. I started to learn more and more from online resources and took some Premium online courses on digital marketing.

Now, I'm an established freelancer and have earned huge money from freelance marketplaces, and changed my life.

I want to share with you the whole process of starting Freelancing for beginners so that you can make money  in home or anyplace and change your life like me.

How Can You Start Freelancing?

I don’t know your skill position but I guess you are a newbie.

You need to build skill on a specific task and join a platform for getting jobs to start freelancing. I’m going to share with you easy 4 steps to start freelancing for beginners.

#Step 1. Find A Profitable Niche Which Is Your Passion About

I’m not an expert on math, so I didn’t take to learn to software programming. I didn’t like the artist, so I didn’t go designing sectors.

I’m passionate about presentation anything with others. It was easily moved me to do marketing.

Now I’m a Freelance Digital Marketer and providing Digital Marketing services like SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, and others.

Now, find out your passion for a thing which does you like most.

Take a work category which matches more with your passion about.

For Example: If your passion is an artist, you should take Graphics Design. And if your passion is contents creation (Text or Video); you should go Content Marketing sectors. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla………….

If you don’t find anything of your passion about, then what’ll you do?

In this situation, my suggestion is that study some days on every popular work niche like Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Software development, Apps development, and others things.

All resources are available in Google and YouTube.

Just type Google search bar like “What is SEO
SEO Tutorial

SEO Search Results

Above I've given just an example of SEO resources searching; you can also search for others like that.

After researching a few days, you'll take a decision which matches with your position and you’re capable to learn that.

#Step 2. Build Freelancing Work Skills

I frequently tell “Skills is the best way success in life”.

You’ll not be a success in freelancing without building perfect skill on your specific task.

You’ve already selected your work niche or service category. Now you should start to build skill on your selected subject.

Are you confused about building skill?

Don’t worry. I’m going to show you some vital ways for improving your skills on a specific task to start freelancing for beginners.

4 Best Free Ways For Building Freelance Skills From Online

All types of skill-building resources are available on the web, But maximum guys don’t know where should find those.

When we get anything free, we can’t care about that. Actually, I’ve built my maximum skills freely from online resources.

I want to share with you those valuable sources.

Build Freelance Skills with Google

Google is one of the best search engines for searching for anything on the web.

You can use it as your teacher like me. Also, you can ask it everything which you want. For example, I want to know “How to do e-commerce site SEO? “

After searching by any keyword (your topic), it'll show you a huge result. You can read one by one and build your skill on e-commerce SEO.

Build Freelance Skills With Youtube

It’s a second popular search engine in the web and top one search engine for video searching. It’s one of the best places for building skill freely.

Watching Video learning is called digital learning. You’ll get a huge practical tutorial on your topic on YouTube.

For example, I want to learn about “Email Marketing

Enter your text here...

Youtube Search Results

I just typed “How to do Email Marketing “I’ve got some valuable tutorial that can help me to learn email marketing.

Build Freelance skills with forums

Forums are one kind of helpful platform for discussing any specific topic.

Actually, some forums have changed knowledge level of my online career. Here you’ll get some ready discussion on your topic or you can create a new discussion for asking anything.

Your question how can I find out topic related forums. ? It’s very simple… For example, I want to search “SEO “Just type Google search bar. “ Keyword or topic + forums “

SEO forums search

I hope you’ll get huge valuable results and build your skills like me.

Build Freelance skills with facebook groups

Facebook groups are another valuable place for connecting with experts of your niche or work industry. Here you’ll get many tips and help from them.

For finding niche relevant groups, just go to the Facebook search bar. Type your niche keyword. For Example, I want to join the SEO niche, relevant groups.

Facebook Group Search

Then go the groups,

Join and become update

3 Paid Methods For Building Freelance Skills From Online

The paid method is a faster way for building freelance skills for beginners and you’ll get support from your mentor if you face problems understanding anything.

You don’t need to cost more money; it may be about your few days breakfast money. But it can change your life if you’re able to learn perfectly.

Now a day, you don’t need to go out for learning from your home, there have tons of quality Digital products and expert mentors available online.

You need just find out right one from right places and learn everything with the patience.

Buy-Video Course

Video courses are a digital learning element which is able to teach you specific anything as a mentor.

Maximum time I’ve seen that premium video courses are more resourceful than live local classes. Because mentors try to give all information about the topic so that the learners can be successes very quickly.

Maximum video courses platform have a support forum, you can ask anything which you don’t able to understand.

Udemy is one kind of premium video course buying place where you’ll get quality Courses from different mentors with cheap rate.

Go to Udemy and type your desired topic keywords in the search bar. You’ll get huge courses in the search result. For example, I want to search " Video Editing Course "

Udemy Video Editing Courses

Please check mentor name and the product reviews of other students, before selecting one.

My suggestion for learning from video course is that watch video a few minutes and do practice instant which has you learned.

Bear in mind, “Practices makes a man perfect.

Some Freelance Skills Development Courses To start Freelancing For Beginners

There have a lot of premium video courses available online to start freelancing for beginners. But all are not good and effective. Because all course are not created by the same person.

 You need to check the course instructor background, is he/she passionate and working on the specific industry? 

Also, you should check the course student’s reviews before buying.
I have a few highly recommended video courses for building freelance skills to start freelancing for beginners.

Recommended Courses 

SEO Mastery Course

It’s a top-level SEO premium course. You can learn here step-by-step from scratch. You’ll learn from this course.

  • Complete SEO Mastery From A-Z 
  • How to Rank Websites 
  • How to Rank YouTube Videos

It’s my only highly recommended SEO Course for beginners to advance.

 As an SEO specialist, I suggest you Enroll the SEO Mastery Course for learning SEO properly.

UX Web Design Course

 It’s a high demanded and BESTSELLER Web Design and Development Course on Udemy. It helps to learn Web design and development beginners to advanced level. You’ll learn

  • Coding a variety of websites with HTML, CSS, WordPress, and other tools 
  • Benefits of good UX and how to apply it to your website
  • How to design websites for increasing conversions

I highly recommend this course, if you want to learn web design and development.

Graphic Design Course

It’s also high demanded course for Complete Graphics Design. The course had created for beginners to advance. You’ll learn

  • Deep understanding of typography, color theory, photos, layout, blocking and other design theory and skills 
  • Complete Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesgin
  • Logo Design and Magazine Layout

I highly recommend this course, if you want to build career as a Graphic Designer.


E-Book is another best digital product for learning from home.

Many successful Entrepreneurs and professional have written huge types of eBooks to become other people success like them.

You can build perfect knowledge on your subject and get secret and proven techniques which will boost your skills after reading eBooks.

There’ve many valuable eBooks available in Digital Books selling sites or you can buy books from your industry top selling person directly.

You’ll be finding out high professional ebooks from Amazon with reasonable price.

Admit To A Local Institute Or An Online Institute

Many people prefer to learn something lively from a mentor in an institute, but the problem is that all places have no available good mentors.

If you get any good institute, you can admit there for your specific course. But there have many professional mentors who teach their students by live broadcasting online. You can admit their online course to build skills.

I’m personally recommended to learn everything from online resources if you want to become successful very quickly as a Professional

#Step 3. Spread Out And Make Self Branding

Branding is an essential thing for any online business. A business can’t be a success and long lives without it online.

We know why a business or website needs branding so that my business can be reliable for every customer and customers can buy our products or services without any confusion.

Not only a company business can be profitable from branding or SEO, but also you may become personally profitable with it if you’re able to represent yourself as a brand in popular Search Engines.

When you apply for any task in the freelance marketplace, there have many work providers or Client who wants to know more about freelancer.

As Google or Search Engines near of hands now a day. So it’s very easy to know about any person if He / She has already kept building his/her branding there.

It can open a big opportunity for you if the client knows good about you from an online search that can make you more unique than other freelancers.

If the client doesn’t get any content about you that means you’re not more active online and you try to hide anything.

To be honest, it’s actually very beautiful, if you see yourself in Google first pages.

We can follow some below steps to dominate search engines result in pages.

Some Important Tips For Self Branding

1. We’ll create some profiles in High Authority sites and optimize them for SEO.

2. We can make a personal website.

3. We can start blogging.

4. We can add Google markup

It must bear in mind that we should use our Full Name when creating profiles and try to use our Full Name in Profiles URL.

If we use different names, it can be hard to rank our Name.

You should create a Personal Website: It’s very important to remain a personal website for controlling Google. This way, you can get Google ranking for any keywords easily.

There have some High Authority sites which help you to create sites freely, Example:

Website Making Ultimate Easy Guide for Beginners

It must be bear in mind that, you’ve used your Full Name as Domain name, and you should post contents based on your work industry that can help you to rank very quickly in Search Engines.

#Step 4. Join Freelance Marketplaces And Get Jobs

Freelance Marketplace is one kind of online market where tasks are given and taken.

It’s called media of freelancer and client. There have some trusted freelance marketplaces where you can join and work.

The most popular marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, Behance, People Per Hour (PPH), Truelancer, and others.

There have mainly two kinds of jobs available in Freelance Marketplaces. One is hourly based and another is fixed price.

Hourly rate will depend on your work industry and skill level. The Normally hourly rate for SEO, Web Design and development, Graphics Design, Virtual Assistance of Expert level is about $15-$30 per hour.

You need to create a professional freelancer profile on any freelance marketplace to start freelancing.

Tips For Creating Freelancer Profile 

Some important tips for creating a winner profile to start freelancing for beginners  that helps you to get jobs very quickly.

For example, Upwork has basically two types of profile. One is for the client account and another is for freelancer account. You need to join as a freelancer to get work.

  • Complete your profile 100 % and make it unique.
  • Optimize your Profile Title with your main skill keywords so that it can rank High in the freelancer search result to get more jobs invitation from Clients.
  • Put your personal image with a laughing face that is able to engage more clients to you.
  • Write your Profile bio or description Unique and more engageable and describe clearly about your skills, work experience, and others.

After making an awesome professional Profile, you are ready to get jobs.

Search jobs by typing your skills keywords in work searching box.

For example, I’m searching for SEO jobs

Jobs Search on Upwork

Please read the full jobs description first, and then try to apply for jobs, if you are able to complete the job perfectly according to client requirements within work time deadline.

Write an awesome and call to action cover letter. I’m giving you a sample of a cover letter below for SEO project, But You need to write every time new cover letter.

An Example Of Freelance Jobs Cover Letter

Hi Jhon 

I'm very refuse to accept a job unless I'm positive and expert on the task. I'm ready to rank your website on Google top one with my Proven SEO strategies.

 Do your site new and what's the niche of the site ?

White Hat SEO Only
I only provide you  white hat SEO service for your website . Because it's only the legal way for ranking site on google . And your results will keep long time. I will implement my all my best techniques on On-Page and Off-Page. 

Why should you hire me ?
I'm professional SEO expert since over 5 years .I've completed tons of project successfully . You can check my portfolio and attached file. And I've good experience on Google ads, SMM, and Content Marketing.

I've good command on English and available 16 hours every business day.

If you've any question, Please feel free ask me.
Thank you.
Best regards,


Tips For Writing Cover Letter

Bear in mind, some essential tips for creating the cover letter which can engage any client to send an invitation for interviewing.

  • Write eye-catching anything within first two-three sentences
  • Describe how to complete the task in time
  • Describe your work experience on the exact task
  • Give confidence that you’re able to complete the task perfectly.

I hope you’ll get jobs as soon as possible if you do all things perfectly.

How To Become A Successful Freelancer?

Freelancing Success Pro Tips

I’ve been getting the same question frequently, what's the best way to become successful in freelancing for beginners?

If I normally reply about it, it’s a big challenge. But if you follow some incredible tips, I hope that you’ll be a success very soon. Freelancing success mainly depends on your work activities.

#Tip 1. Be Honest And Complete Your Task Perfectly

We know “Honest is the best policy “But I tell “Honesty is a most essential thing for success in any industry

For example, a client has given you a job, But You don’t complete the task perfectly or you’re trying to hide something.

Sometimes you’re able to do that and get paid for the task. But, anyhow if the client catches your dishonesty, you’ll lose both job and money at a time.

This way a huge number of freelancers has been ending their freelancing career.

Always try to complete your freelancing tasks as your own. So, to be honest, if you want to become a successful freelancer.

#Tip 2. Challenge Of Time Management

Time management is an important thing for success in freelancing for beginners.
Sometimes it can be a big challenge for you.

Because you need to complete your project in the deadline. You should make a work routine for every day and week. I think you shouldn’t take over tasks if you don’t complete those in your work time.

And if you have a skillful workers team you can take more and more tasks. Always try to submit your work report before the deadline.

#Tip 3. Make A Skillful Workers Team

If you are able to keep continuing your work successfully. Day by day your work will increase.

How will you complete your tasks, if you get tons of task every month?

If you want to make million dollars every year doing freelancing, you may need to complete huge projects. If you have a skillful workers team, then that will be a simple matter. You can divide tasks into them.

So make a skillful workers team for your freelance business.

Freelancing Business Work Team

For building a team, you need to train some talented people who are the most passionate about your industry or hire some freelancer of your industry who has been already worked with other company and give them updated materials training which is very essential for completing your client’s projects.

#Tip 4. Create An Agency

An agency is called a company which provides any special services to their clients. You can also create an agency for your freelance business.

If you create an agency; it’ll help you to get projects easily.

Because maximum companies owner looks for an agency who have no good knowledge about freelance marketplace to hire any freelancer.

For building an agency, you need to select a company name and create a website. Making skillful team members is a big challenge for a freelance agency. Neil Patel Digital is a great example of an online agency


Skills building and work with the patient are the main points to start freelancing for beginners.

You should become updated on your industry and try to make some permanent clients who give you tasks regular basis. Don’t forget to make self-branding and depend on only freelance marketplaces for getting jobs.

There have more tasks available out of freelance marketplaces than freelance marketplaces. So you should look at both places for getting jobs.

My last advice for freelancing success, focus one thing when will be a success on it, then you can look for other. If you’ve already been doing freelancing successfully, please share your personal success tips comment below. Or Have you any question? Please feel free share below via comment.

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