How to Promote YouTube Channel with Fiverr (Exclusive Tips)

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated February 20, 2024
How to promote YouTube Channel With Fiverr

Are you seeking to skyrocket the views, engagement, and ranking of your YouTube channel? Look no further! Discover the untapped potential of Fiverr for revolutionizing your YouTube presence.

YouTube channel promotion can seem daunting with myriad strategies available. Yet, the power of Fiverr's comprehensive solutions remains a hidden gem for many. Fiverr offers an extensive range of services tailored to boost your channel and videos, propelling them to new heights of visibility and success.

As a seasoned user who has successfully leveraged Fiverr to amplify my online businesses, I'm excited to share a detailed guide on harnessing Fiverr's transformative capabilities. From elevating your channel's branding to enhancing viewer engagement, this step-by-step guide will navigate you through the most effective strategies to promote your YouTube Channel using Fiverr's dynamic platform.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr home page

Fiverr stands as the premier freelance marketplace, distinguished by its unparalleled popularity among both buyers and freelancers seeking digital solutions. Whether you're aiming to elevate your online presence or kickstart a project, Fiverr offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet every digital need.

Dive into a world where creativity meets efficiency; from captivating YouTube video creation and strategic video promotion to advanced SEO tactics, social media marketing brilliance, and beyond. Fiverr is your gateway to digital marketing success, exceptional content writing, website design mastery, and innovative graphics design—all starting at the unbeatable base price of just $5.

Join Fiverr today and tap into the reasons behind its widespread acclaim: affordability, versatility, and the sheer breadth of services available at your fingertips. Whether you're a buyer seeking to transform your vision into reality or a freelancer ready to showcase your talents, Fiverr is the platform where opportunities abound.

fiverr gigs directory

In Fiverr, Freelancers are called “Sellers " who offer services, and Clients are called “Buyers” who are businesses.

Purchasing services on Fiverr offers you not just variety but also security. When you select a gig, your payment is safeguarded in escrow by Fiverr, ensuring your funds are only released when you're thoroughly satisfied with the work delivered.

Here’s how it works: Upon approving the delivery to your satisfaction, 80% of the payment is transferred to the freelancer’s account, while Fiverr retains a 20% service fee. This system underscores Fiverr’s commitment to fair play and quality assurance for both buyers and sellers.

Discovering the Perfect Match: Before committing to a gig, Fiverr empowers you with the tools to make an informed decision. Dive deep into sellers’ histories, scrutinizing client reviews and comments directly on their profiles. This transparency allows you to gauge the quality and reliability of potential collaborators.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Fiverr caters to your specific needs in two dynamic ways:

  • Ready-Made Gigs: For immediate solutions, browse gigs that align with your requirements and purchase directly.
  • Custom Offers: Need something more bespoke? Engage directly with sellers to communicate your unique needs, and they’ll tailor an offer just for you.

Engage the Community: Looking for broader options? Post your project request on Fiverr and watch as top-rated sellers submit customized proposals, crafted to meet your project's exact specifications.

With Fiverr, you're in control, from selecting the perfect gig to finalizing a custom offer that meets your precise requirements, all within a secure and transparent ecosystem.

fiverr custom request send

Fiverr is an easy and the best platform for everyone for buying digital services.

5 Best Ways to Promote YouTube Channel Using Fiverr

There are a lot of ways of promoting  YouTube channel using Fiverr. But I want to share some highly effective methods to promote YouTube channels and videos faster here. Let’s start.

#TIP 01: Create Custom Thumbnails which are Hot

Video thumbnail helps to increase more views than the title. 

Because maximum people click on the video after seeing the thumbnail. It has a scientific and physiological reason that the human brain process visual things like images within less than 13 milliseconds as MIT News researched

So, it is more important for increasing video views than a title.

When you upload videos on YouTube, it will automatically generate a thumbnail for each video. But they don’t look good.

If you want to boost views of your videos, you have to create an eye-catching custom thumbnail for each video.

Try to keep in mind some important things, when you make custom thumbnails for your YouTube channel’s videos.

  • The Thumbnail size will be 1280 PX- 720 PX
  • File format: JPGE, PNG, or GIF
  • Add special color and text for encouraging clicks.
  • Never use a duplicate photo, try to use a stock photo.

When you think custom thumbnail designer for your videos ,then Fiverr is number one recommended platform for hiring . 

YouTube thumbnail creation gigs on Fiverr

Here are some YouTube Thumbnails Design Experts:


He is my highly recommended YouTube thumbnail designer. His design more eye-catching which helps to make videos viral.


Rumesh is another great custom thumbnail designer. He provides 100% unique eye-catching design which helps to increase your videos click through rates (CTR).

#TIP 02: Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting YouTube channels for free and paid. You can promote YouTube channels and videos in multiple ways on Facebook especially Facebook pages, groups, and Facebook Ads. Don’t worry. I want to teach you step by step for promoting YouTube channels and videos on Facebook.

Promote YouTube Videos Through Facebook Page

It is very easier to market YouTube channels and videos as well as promoting business branding and personality if you have an established FB page. For increasing the popularity of your FB page, you have to increase more likes and be active regular basis.

Also, you should create an eye-catching page’s cover photo and set it up properly.

The best two ways, you can promote YouTube channels and videos on FB pages.

1. Add Your YT channel link on Call to Action button as “Watch Video.” So, when anyone visits your FB page, they will easily see your channel link and subscribe.

Facebook Page Watch Video Button

2. Share your YouTube channel’s videos on your FB page on a scheduled based. You should share posts specific time depending on your target audience’s location.

For example, if you make videos for USA people then you should post (Monday – Friday) USA office time. Also, you can use Facebook automation tools for auto-scheduling posts on Facebook pages.

If you’re not an expert to set up a professional page for your business or YouTube channel, then you can hire a FB business page creation expert freelancer from Fiverr.

Promote YouTube Videos through Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are another great way of promoting YouTube Channel Videos using the Facebook platform. Because they are a big source of targeted audiences. You can promote videos on your FB groups or other owners’ FB groups.

First, let me talk about how to promote YouTube channel videos on the niche relevant to other owners’ groups.  

For finding niche relevant Facebook groups, you have to search on the FB search bar typing your business keywords, and join most of the groups. For example, I'm searching "Digital Marketing" related groups. 

Facebook group search example

So, when you upload new videos on your channel, you can share all of the groups. It is my best free method for promoting YouTube channels or videos.

fb group posting example

On the other hand, you can build your group and promote YouTube channels on the group. Also, your FB group can be a free lead generation machine, if you use a FB groups management software. It will help you to collect leads from your group to list building software.

When you have an email list, you can easily mail your audiences about your YouTube Videos.  

You can build a great FB group using Fiverr. Because it has a lot of Facebook group management specialists, you can hire them for building an awesome FB group for your business.

Promote YouTube Videos through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the fastest way of promoting YouTube channels. Because you can reach your targeted amount audiences within your specific time through Facebook ads or boosting.

To start boosting on Facebook, you have to create custom audiences from Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads manager 01
Facebook ads manager 02

Bear in mind, you can’t boost posts under Facebook. You must boost under your any page. Bear in mind, you can’t boost posts under Facebook profile.

It is very easy to set up Facebook ads campaigns completely for increasing YouTube Subscribers and views if you’re an expert.

But if you’re not an expert, then you have to hire Facebook paid marketing specialist for maximum results. It is very easier and needs few minutes to hire a Facebook Ads specialist from Fiverr. 

Just type on Fiverr’s search bar “Facebook ads.” You’ll see a lot of offers, even $5 per campaign. But bear in mind, when you try more Pro-level experts, then you have to pay more.

Here are some Facebook Management and Advertising Experts On Fiverr

Facebook Page Creation and Management expert:


He is the best one for facebook business page creation and management on Fiverr. You can take helps from him for setting up FB page for YouTube promotion.

Facebook Group Management Expert


Kazi Musa is highly recommended for managing FB groups. You can use his services for promoting your YouTube  videos.

Facebook Ads Expert


Sumon is the best FB ads expert for reasonable prices. You can take his services.

#TIP 03: Promote YouTube through Blogging on Your Website

It is much easier to promote YouTube channels or videos if you do blogging at the same time. Because if you embed your YouTube Videos on relevant pages or posts of your site, then your channel must be engaged with your site’s visitors. And help your videos to get ranks on Search Engines Result pages (SERPs). See Neil Patel has embedded his YouTube channel video within his blog post.

Neilpatel blog post Video embeded

Also, you can add your YouTube channel link on your special pages and spaces like about us, Contact, Footer, and Social media following icons so that your site visitors can easily subscribe to your YouTube from your site. See that Neil Patel has added his YouTube channel link to most of the social media following places on his site.

YouTube Channel Link on Website Footer

To start blogging as well as vlogging, you have to create a website and write content for your site.

For setting up your blog, you have to buy a domain and hosting. The domain is the name of your site, and hosting is like the memory of your site. You can buy a domain and host from Bluehost.

Because Bluehost is cheaper and the best shared Word Press hosting. After buying a domain and hosting from Bluehost, you have to install WordPress and design your site.

When your site is ready, you should start writing and publishing content regular basis. Then try to get traffic through SEO or social media marketing. So, now you can grow up YouTube Channel with blogging.

If you can’t do those things specially Website setup, Design, content researching, and writing, then you can take the help of Fiverr. It has a lot of skillful freelance WordPress website design and developers who help you to build your blog site overnight. Also, you can hire a freelance content writer who will write high-quality content for your site regular basis.

Here they are:

Website  Design And Development Expert


He is a great website design and development expert for any creating any types of site like blog .

Blog Contents Writing Expert


He is the best one for blog contents writing .

#TIP 04: Promote YouTube Videos Through SEO

SEO is one of the best free techniques for promoting YouTube channels or videos. If you don’t still optimize your YouTube videos for Search Engines especially on Google, Bing search results pages, then you’re missing a lot of audiences.

Also, YouTube is the top search engine for videos. So, to get a higher ranking on SERPs, you have to do SEO for your YouTube channel and videos.  

YouTube SEO is something different than web SEO. But it will be easier if you know it properly. Search engines consider ranking any video depending on their SEO ranking algorithms. Which are called ranking factors.

I want to discuss some essential SEO ranking factors that you can implement in your videos.

1. Keywords Research

Keywords research is the fundamental of SEO. If you mistake choosing keywords for your videos SEO then it will be harder to rank for any search engine. So, you have to research keywords carefully.

YouTube keywords are a few differences from other search engine keywords. You will see maximum YouTube keywords started with “How to.“

Backlinko (Brain Dean) has recommended using Google searching with the different keywords of your niche. And try to find out which keywords show Videos results on Google search results.

For example, I’m searching “how to make apple juice” You’ll see a lot of videos on search results and at least a YouTube video of them.

how to keywords resutls example

Now you can use SEMrush, keyword Revealer, or Google keywords planner to see those keywords monthly search volume whose show video results.

For example, I’m searching the volume of the keywords”

keyword research example on Keyword Revealer
keywords research on revealer

You should especially check the keywords:

Monthly Search Volume: Search volume is an average number of specific query that have been searched by people per month on a search engine.

CPC (Cost Per Click): Cost Per Click bidding means that you have to pay for each click of ads.

SD (Search Difficulty): Search difficulty is the organic ranking difficulty.

PD (Paid Difficulty): Paid Difficulty is SEM difficulty.

My suggestion is that you should select those keywords for your channel niche that have low SD and high monthly search volume.
Also, you have to research keywords for YouTube search engines as well as other search engines like Google.

You’ll get more suggested keyword ideas when you type your main keyword on the YouTube search bar. For example, I’m typing “how to research keywords.”

YouTube suggested keywords

By the way, if you don’t keywords research for your YouTube channel niche, then you pick a YouTube keyword research expert from Fiverr.

2. Catchy Title Writing and Optimization

Titles are the first face of Your Video content. A catchy and optimized title can increase your video search ranking and CTR.

You should keep your video title between 55-65 characters in length and try to use the focus keyword beginning of the title. Also, you can use emoji within the title. You should make your video titles funnier and clear the topic.

3. Video Tags

Tags are a very important thing when you think about video SEO on YouTube. You should use high relevant keywords (LSI keywords) of your content.

But you should not use so many tags. I recommend using 10-15 maximums.

You can also steal your competitors’ videos high-performance tags or keywords and use them for you if you use the TubeBuddy tool.

tubebuddy results

Bear in mind; TubeBuddy is the best SEO tool for the YouTube Vlogging journey.

04. Video Description

The description is another great ranking factor of YouTube SEO. You should write a detailed description of your video at least 300+ words. Also, you should use the Main keyword beginning of the description and LSI keywords around the whole description text.

05. Video Subtitles and Captions

You must write subtitles and upload them on YouTube if you want to get a better ranking. I request you to write subtitles in multiple languages. Because if you upload them on multiple languages, then your video gets a higher ranking for other languages keywords searching and locations. You know that maximum English keywords are highly competitive. Also, you should add captions ending part of the video.

06. Edit Video File Name

You need to write the proper name of your video file name. If your video file name is like this 1656556985qet.mp4 then it will be very hard to understand what about your video by YouTube. So, you should optimize your video file name. Bear in mind; your file name should be around your focus keyword.

07. Comments , Likes ,and Subscriptions

Reaction to your video is very important for ranking on YouTube. Because they are ranking factors of YouTube.

When YouTube sees that your videos are getting more likes, comments, then it will seek your videos more popular that time. So, you should encourage viewing to make comments, likes, and channel subscriptions.

Pro Tip: You can end your video by asking the answer to a question?

08. Video Duration

Video Duration is an important part of YouTube ranking. In my research, I have seen the long video to get a better position than the short video. But I recommend you to keep your video duration medium (not more short, not longer).

09. Backlinks

Backlinks are a great ranking factor when you think about Google, and Bing search engines SEO ranking. The backlinks are actually like votes from other webs. You can build backlinks in multiple ways for your YouTube channel.

But you can build backlinks through sharing a link on your website, guest blogging on the niche relevant sites, Forum posting, Social bookmarking, Directory submission, Q and A submission (Quora), etc.

10. Social Media Shares

Social Media Marketing is a vital thing of your YouTube videos ranking. Because Social signal is an SEO ranking factor. Social shares help to get more views and audiences of the channel as well as SEO ranking. You can share especially on your FB pages, Niche Relevant FB groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, etc.

SEO Keywords Research Expert


She is the best keywords research expert for YouTube. 

YouTube SEO Expert


He is my top recommended YouTube SEO expert. on Fiverr. 


#TIP 05: Promote YouTube Videos on YouTube

Are you exciting to know how to promote YouTube videos YouTube? But it is a very simple matter. There are a lot of ways of promoting YouTube channels or videos on YouTube. But I want to share with you some awesome tactics that help to grow up YouTube channel overnight.

Paid Advertising:

Youtube Ads

Paid advertising is the fastest way of promoting YouTube channels YouTube. You can take YouTube Ads opportunity to increase your channel subscribers and branding.

Also, your videos will show an inside of other channels' videos. It is a good solution to promote YouTube channel on YouTube if you have enough advertising budgets for your channel.  

YouTube Ads Expert


Kamran is a pro verified YouTube ads expert on Fiverr. He has already helped to grow up a lot of premium YouTube channels. 


Manav is a Google and YouTube ads specialist over 5+ years. He is a Goolge ads certified .

Get Featured on Other YouTube Channels:

It is the best way to promote YouTube channel for paid which helps to grow up your YouTube channel overnight. You can get featured on your niche relevant to other people’s YouTube channels in two ways.

Become a Sponsor:

You can be a sponsor of other people’s channel videos. They will explain about your channel inside their new videos and request subscriptions. For this, you have to pay something amount to the channel owners. You can contact them through their contact email or social media profiles.

Attend Interviews:

YouTube has a lot of interview-taking experts who take other people’s interviews on their channels. You should contact those types of YouTube channel owners and tell them why they should interview you.

 If someone wants to depend on something, then you should think about that. Because if you get interviewed on a popular channel, your channel will grow up overnight. 

Why Should You Choose Fiverr?

There are many reasons to choose Fiverr for buying digital services than other freelance marketplaces. But I want to discuss with you some important reasons why you should move from other sites to Fiverr for growing up your online business.

01. Services Price reasonable for beginners to advance

Fiverr services’ prices are very reasonable and quality full than other marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc. It’s my main reason that I always choose Fiverr first when buying digital services or hire freelancers. 

Fiverr has all levels of sellers. So, you can choose the right one depending on your budget. It is a normal formula that if you want more quality works then you have to pay more. But you can hire a freelancer with $5-1000+ for a project.

See the simple comparison of YouTube thumbnail experts’ prices between Upwork and Fiverr.

YouTube thumbnail creation gigs on Fiverr


Youtube thumbnail price in Upwork

02. Cover all aspects for growing up YouTube channel

For growing up YouTube channels, all solutions have available on Fiverr. And of course, all other digital services' prices range is $5 to $1000+ as well as YouTube promotion.

fiverr grow up Youtube channel

03. 100% Buyers Protection  

Money security is the most common matter when you buy services online. Because a lot of frauds are available, who don’t work after taking money. 

But Fiverr is the best place for you where you can buy anything with 100% payment security. Bear in mind. The seller can only take your money when you become 100% satisfied with the seller’s delivery.

How to choose the right seller for YouTube Channel Promotion from Fiverr

It is very easy to buy services on Fiverr than on other marketplaces. But you have to find out right seller as your need.

 I want to teach you how to choose the best freelancer for Fiverr YouTube Promotion.

1. See Their Work

Most people don’t see the history of the work of sellers before hiring. They focus on nationality, prices, etc. It is a great mistake. You should check out the history of the work of the seller before hiring.

If you see properly profile details especially the seller’s average response time, last delivery, orders in the queue, and save to gigs I love then you can understand who are skillful on the specific task. Because you need top-notch services for the best output.

Check seller profile 01
Check seller profile 02

2. Identify sellers using Fiverr Badges

Also, you can identify the best seller after checking Fiverr Badges. Fiverr gives a badge to their sellers depending on work activities. Those badges are

Fiverr’s Choice: Seller who has loved by buyers for excellent and fast delivery.
Pro Verified: Fiverr’s pre-vetted professional for quality services and fastest delivery.
Top Rated Seller: Seller who has already delivered a minimum of 100 orders with 4.7 ratings
Rising Talent: Seller is recommended by Fiverr’s editors who high potential skills.

Ending Thoughts

Above all, YouTube promotion is very easy using Fiverr. Because Fiverr has a complete solution for promoting YouTube channels. But I request you to focus at least on SEO.

If your videos get ranked high then your channel will reach more audiences. So, you have no excuse now. If you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting below.

Ask Your Questions

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