How Do I Track a Click on a Website or Blog?

   By: Marketer Rakib
How Do I Tracka Click on a Website or Blog ?

People always have to track and analyze their customer’s behavior. That is to say, you need to make changes regularly according to the analysis report. As a result, consumers find an attraction to your business. Therefore, your sales increase and grow the business as well.

However, it is an old trade hack and also very easy to apply to manual businesses. Nowadays, every single business is going to be online-based.

In other words, buyers and sellers are dealing with their services & products on the website or online. Now, people track their audience’s behavior through clicks. But how do I track a click on a website or blog?

Every problem has a lot of solutions in this modern era. Similarly, there is some software to track a click on a website. The software is known as click tracking software. However, there is a few click-tracking software available from different brands. That is to say, each one can track a click on a blog but doesn’t provide you the best result. 

So, you must choose and use the best one. However, it’s quite a difficult task to choose the best click tracking software. 

Google Analytics monitors and analyses every click of audiences. Besides, it tracks links Clicks as well. After that, the software provides an analysis report. Therefore, you can manage or improve your website accordingly.

That is to say, Google Analytics is one of the most popular and effective free analysis tools. So, you can track every click on a website with Google Analytics.

Can Google Analytics track button clicks?

Google Analytics is the best free tool designed by Google. In other words, Google Analytics tracks and analyzes website traffic.

Besides, it is the most popular analytics tools worldwide. However, it couldn’t track button clicks. On the other hand, tracking button clicks are very important for every website. So, you have to use something else to track button clicks.

There is a lot of software to track button clicks. However, you should choose the best one and easy to use as well.

That is to say, ClickMagick is one of the best tools for tracking button clicks. Besides, you can have every advanced feature with the ClickMagick. 

Moreover, you can also use Hotjar to track button clicks to get the best analysis result. The Hotjar is another popular click tracking software.

How Can I track how many times a link is clicked on my site?

Google Analytics is the best free tool to track a click on a website. That is to say, you can track how many times a link is clicked with Google Analytics.

Besides, it provides an accurate link clicks tracking and analysis report. However, you must set up custom events to track links clicks.

The setup process can be done in many different ways, such as hard code event tracking scripts, Google Tag Manager, WordPress Plugin (Gravitate Event Tracking Plugin), etc. After that, Google Analytics can track every link click.

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