4 Steps To Build a Niche Website For CPA Affiliate Marketing

   By: Marketer Rakib

Do you want to build a niche website for CPA marketing? Have you a dream of making passive income? Do you want to be financially freedom? If the answer is “YES” Then this step by step guide is for you. I will show how to make a MICRO NICHE SITE AROUND CPA offers (For making $3000+ Per  Month ) and Get FREE TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE WITH SEO.

How to Build a Niche Website for CPA Affiliate Marketing

Why should you build A Niche Site For CPA Affiliate Marketing?

You may tried many ways to promote CPA offers, But you have failed right. Because traffic is the main asset for every online business. So, when you think CPA or Affiliate business, then traffic generation is the main challenge for success.

Content marketing is the best way of getting organic and quality traffic for any business or site. If you can build a micro niche website for CPA marketing with some great quality content and do SEO then you will get every day a lot of free high-quality traffic residually. Bear in mind, It’s one of the best methods for promoting CPA offers.

Is it Profitable to Build a Niche Website for CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. Definitely. It is a very easy calculation. For example, if you start getting traffic from Search Engines daily about 200-500 then the CPA offers conversation rate may be about 10% or more. And your offers prices are $5/ CPA/CPL or any. Results is: 20*$5 =$100+ per day. $100*30= $3000+ per month passively

On the other hand, you have to cost about $100 (buying domain, hosting, and theme) one time for building the site for CPA marketing.

I have just given you a simple example. But day by day, your site traffic will be increasing and daily earning will be more. Some professionals are making about $1000+ per day with only a Niche website for CPA marketing. 

Note: These processes are also the same for Building a Niche site for Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, etc.

4 Best Ways To Build a Niche Website For Promoting CPA Offers With SEO

If you want to become a success through your site, you should follow my step by step guide below. Here I will teach you SEO (Search Engines Optimization) for optimizing your site for Google ranking as well as setting up the site.

As a beginner, I highly suggest you join CPAgrip, CPALead, & Peerfly. Their offers conversation rate is better than (Maxbounty, AdworkMedia,etc.)

Some The Best Affiliate  Networks : ClickBank, JVzoo, Digistore24RakutenAdvertising, CJ, Amazon, Shareasale

After seeing offers of those CPA networks, you have to take a decision on which types of offers you are going to promote. Also, you have to make sure which location you are going to promote. Because every offer has a targeted location for collecting leads. Bear in mind, it’s very easier for ranking a site in one location than global. Because you don’t compete with the whole world’s sites. You’re going to compete with only one country sites.

  Come to the point: 

  • Niche/ Topic Selection
  • Target country/location
  • Language

Step:01. Niche Selection and Keywords Research

It’s the main part of the whole task. You need to select the right niche and keywords for your niche site. For example, you’ve decided to work for the Gaming niche and UK location. So, your keywords idea phase be like: Clash Of Clans + hacks, Clash Of clans+ cheat, COC+gems, etc. 

Now you have to research and find out some high search volume, low competitive keywords for writing content. It’s called keywords research. For finding high search volume and low competition keywords, we can use keywords research tools.

My highly recommended keywords research tools are SEMrush and KeywordRevealer for finding local keywords.

For example, I’m searching by this keyword phrase “Clash Of Clans hack”  for United Kingdom (UK) .

Keyword Research To Build a Niche Website For CPA Marketing

Try to find out at least about 20- 30+ long-tail keywords for your site contents writing. 

Some Niches Idea for CPA Affiliate Marketing

1. Health and Wellness

Weight Loss

How to quit smoking

Healthy eating

Fitness for men/women

Diet guides

2. Wealth and Money

Make Money Online

How to make money from blogging

Internet marketing guides

Forex trading tips



Affiliate Marketing


How to make money online from home

3. Gaming Niches

Top mobile games

Game walkthroughs and strategy guides

Top free Steam games

Gaming forums

4. Hobby Niches

Arts and crafts

Gun collecting

Survival guides


Home gardening

Step:02. Website Setup

The website setup is very easy if you follow my step by step guide. You don’t need any coding knowledge and experience. For making a website, you need domain and hosting. A domain is the name of the site and hosting is the server of the site.

 I’m highly recommended you take Domain and Hosting from Bluehost. Because Bluehost provides FREE Domain and also cheaper than another top hosting. Further, its number 01 recommended hosting by WordPress. It may cost you about (total $53 for one year).

Bluehost Price and Features

After buying a domain and hosting, you can install WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) by one click in the Bluehost Cpanel Dashboard.

How To Install WordPress On Bluehost

Then installing WordPress, you have to upload a WordPress blog or Magazine theme. There has a lot of free WordPress themes for blogging. You can find a good one and use it.

But I highly recommended using Premium themes like GeneratePress or ThriveThemes for your blogging or niche site. Because there are a lot of reasons of using a premium theme for your site. 

How to Upload theme on WordPress

After uploading the theme, you can do some simple customization of the theme from WordPress Dashboard if you want.

If you can't do the process properly, then you can hire a WordPress expert from Fiverr with the cheap rate (about $5-$10) for setting up your site.

Step : 03. Content Writing And  SEO Onpage Optimization

It’s a vital part of your niche site. You need to write informative content based on keywords. When you will start writing contents, you should search on Google by typing the keyword and see the top there results. Also, check the webpages and judge how much informative and user-friendly content you should write.

Keywords Search On Google

Bear in mind, if you want to get ranking top one search results you have to write more informative and SEO friendly than others.

 A micro-niche site should have about 10-15 contents. Make sure that every content is 100% unique and grammatical right.

Some important Tips for writing user-friendly and SEO friendly content

Hey, I'm using personally Yoast SEO plugin for optimizing my sites contents. It has both free and premium version. you can start with free version. You can easily setup SEO tags with it and also check your posts SEO score. After setting up your site, you should active this great SEO plugin. 

How to Active Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress

Important Onpage SEO Terms Of site for CPA Affiliate Marketing

Title: You should keep title length (45-60 characters) and Hot title. You can use some buzzwords (Best, How, Top, Review, What, etc.) for starting your title.

 Also, you should implement the targeted keyword beginning the title. You can read this guide for writing SEO friendly title :How to Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

Meta Description: It’s a summary of the whole content. Keep Meta description length (140-155 characters). Make sure that you’ve implemented the target keyword. You can read this guide for writing SEO friendly meta description : How to Write the Perfect Meta Description for SEO

SEO tag example

Post URL: The post URL should be short and clean. Also, you have to make sure that You've used the targeted keyword in the url. 

Body Content: You should keep words minimum 800+ words/ per content. Try to use more questionable subheadings in body text. Keyword density should keep 1%-3%, and not more.

You have to use more and more subheadings within the content. And also you should try to use LSI keywords within sub headings. 

Internal and external link: Try to build internal linking one post to another post on your site. Also, you should add other important site links in your post.

Images Creation and Optimization: Images are very important for every blog post. Try to use some images in your post. If you don’t have knowledge about Photoshop for making images. Then use Canva. You can easily design any image with it. You should use the targeted keyword in your images file name and Alt Text.

If you can't write content personally then you can hire someone from Fiverr for blog content writing.

Google Analytics Setup:

 You should add Google Analytics for tracking your website traffic and users. GA will provide you everyday traffic data-free.

Google Webmaster Tool Setup:

You need to submit your site on Google WebmasterTool. GW will help to index your site quickly on Google. Also, you need to make the target location with it.

Google Search Console Interernational Targeting
Target country and Language in Google search Console

Step: 04. Backlinks Building And Social Sharing

Backlinks/ link building is very important in the SEO ranking factors. So, you need to create some backlinks. There are a lot of ways of backlinks creation. But I’m going to discuss something here.

Profile backlinks

Profile creation is an easy and good way of building backlinks. You need to create just accounts on profiles creation sites and put your site URL. Try to fill up every criterion of every profile (like image, bio, location, etc.). My suggestion builds every link manually. Here is the list of 500+ profiles links building sites.

If you don’t build profile backlinks personally, you can hire an expert from Fiverr for that. Maximum 50 profiles are okay for CPA  affiliate micro niche site.

Social Bookmarking

It’s another easy way of link building. You just need to create accounts and submit your CPA website URL. My suggestion is to builds every links manually. You can check 100+ Social book marking sites here.

If you don’t build social bookmarking backlinks personally, you can hire an expert from Fiverr for that. Maximum 50 social bookmarking links are enough for the CPA site.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a good way of building links as well as increasing referral traffic. You need to find out niche relevant and local blog posts. Then write answerable, questionable, and informative comments and submit your website URL box.

For example,
Keyword+blog .co.uk
Weight loss + blog .co.uk

Keywords Blog Search

Forums Posting

Forum posting is a great way of building backlinks and increasing referral traffic. As blog commenting, you need to find out niche relevant forums sites and submit posts with a link. You can build 3 ways through forums sites (commenting, posting, profile signature).

 For example,
Keyword+ forums .co.uk
Weight loss+forums .co.uk

Keywords search Forums

And also you can try to build backlinks through Infographics sharing, guest blogging, blog outreach. Further, you can buy dofollow backlinks for faster SEO ranking.

From my experience, I have seen that Google takes about (15 days to 3 months) for indexing backlinks. But you can force Google to index backlinks quickly through link indexing tool like BacklinksIndexer

Social Sharing

Social signal is also an important site ranking. You should create Facebook, Twitter profile, Pinterest profile for sharing your site contents regular basis.

Website For CPA Marketing  (FAQs)

Which type of offers should I promote at the starting time?

You can promote all types of offers related to your site. But I highly recommend you to promote Lockers offers (contents locking offers). Because you will get more conversations.

Can I promote Affiliate Products as well as CPA Offers?

Yes. Definitely. It’s a good idea. Also, you can sell your products through the site.

How much time need to be success with CPA website?

It depends on your work speeding. Be patience. You need to create a plan for working.

The Final Word

Above all, you’ve understood to build a niche website for CPA Affiliate Marketing is a profitable, right investment of money, and time. I highly suggest you build an Email list of your site traffic using ConvertKit list building tool.

 Because if you have an email list, you can monetize your audiences for a long time with different kinds of offers, affiliate products, or your products. Now it is your time to take action.

If you have any questions, please feel to ask me to comment below. Also if this guide is helpful, then please share with your audiences and friends.

Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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