CPA Marketing For Beginners 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 1, 2023

Many people are looking for interesting and easy ways of making money online. But the maximum guys aren’t able to find out the right ways. So, they have to become a failure in the online profession. As a result, they give up online for earning money.
Today, I’m sharing a valuable way where you will not need to bid any jobs. It’s called CPA Marketing like affiliate marketing.

If I would make a video course with that information and sell it which I will share in this article, then I might be charging about $1000 + for it. But it’s your luck that you’ll get all the tips and tricks totally free here.

So, you should understand everything properly and take action. Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you everything steps-by-steps and practical about CPA Marketing for Beginners to advanced .

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is an online marketing strategy where advertisers pay for a special action taken by potential customers.

Payments are generally based on lead generation such as Pin submission, Phone number, Email submission or create accounts on specific site.

If you have a website it’s really easy for making money monetizing it using CPA offers.

CPA Marketing Guides

CPA Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing

CPA marketing is like affiliate marketing. But here has some difference.

CPA means Cost Per Action/ Acquisition. You need to reach a targeted action or convert into a lead for getting paid from the offer.

On the other hands, in affiliate marketing when someone buys the products or offer, you get paid.

So, CPA Marketing is considered easier than affiliate marketing.

CPA is more beneficial than affiliate marketing for beginners who want to make money quickly. Because it’s a very simple task when anyone clicks on your referral link and complete an action like

  • Email or zip submit
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Filling out a form
  • Downloading something
  • Getting a quote
  • Buying something

The offer of CPA doesn’t exist for a long time. If you think that you want to work on long time offer and make a micro niche site on any offer. Then you should choose affiliate marketing.

What Are CPA Marketing Networks?

CPA network means where you will get offers for promoting. It’s very similar to an affiliate network. Also, it’s a marketplace where works two people.

  • Advertiser
  • Publisher

The advertiser who needs leads for their business and Publisher who want to promote the offer. As you want to make money from CPA Marketing network. So you have to create an account as a publisher or an affiliate.
There have many CPA networks like

  • MyLead
  • MaxBounty
  • Peerfly
  • Cpalead
  • AdsenceMedia
  • AdworkMedia
  • Clickbooth
  • CPAfull
  • CPAgrip

But you can’t access all networks easily. You will need previous marketing proof, a website or a good YouTube channel and interview for accepting your account by network managers.
If you’re a beginner then you have no anything.

Don’t worry. I’m giving you some good CPA marketing networks where you don’t need anything for accepting your account.

List of CPA Networks Instant Approvals

Though MyLead or CPA Lead is the most popular and highly recommended CPA networks. But you’ll not able to get approved instantly here. Bellow, I’m giving you instant approvals CPA networks list. 

You will get to accept your account instantly and very quickly.

Note: I will not be responsible for promoting Dating, Gambling, Harmful Software Installs, and Religions and Societies' Forbidden types of CPA offers. So, always give up those types of offers. Thank You.

How to Get Accepted By Any CPA Network?

In affiliate marketing networks, you will get to accept your account easily. But mostly time you will not get any help from the affiliate networks manager.

On the other hand, you will need to interview or review for accepting your account for top CPA networks. But the network managers will help you with anything.

So, they want to filter out scammers and spammers, not the newbie. They are always looking for a legit marketer who can generate real leads.

I’m giving you pro tips for getting approvals from any CPA network. 

Tip 1#. Call Them Before They Call You

you should be filled up to signup form very carefully. After sending the application, they will contact you within 24-48 hours by a phone call or IM (Skype).

Example Of Publisher SignUp Form

You should not wait for their call, you can call them instantly by your phone or if you don’t have ability call from your phone, then buy some Skype credits and use it for calling to the network manager number.

It shows that you are excited to join their network and want to promote their offers carefully.

 Tip 2#. Check Your Whois Address

There have some networks which will check your website whois address. So that they can be confirmed your mailing address genuine.

I highly recommend you to use your personal business email (Example: [email protected]) when you fill up your application page if it’s possible.
 It’ll open a high chance to get accepted.

 Tip 3#. Be Honest When You Select Promotional Method

You need to be more honest when you select promotion method. Also, You should choose which will be used for promotion.

Promotion Methods Form

I recommend you use your website and PPC as the main promotional method and can describe details if option available. 

How To Find Right CPA Offer?

It’s very important to find out the right CPA Offer. There have many types of offer, you have to choose depending on your niche or category.

If you are a newbie, you have no website. So you should find out sample task as email submits, zip submits and download anything.

If you have websites, you want to monetize your site by CPA offer. I’m giving an excellent way of finding the right CPA offer for your niche site.

It’s very easy by using some sites.
Go to AffiOffer and They are the search engines for CPA offers and networks like Google.

You can search depending on category, keyword, price, and networks
For example, You have a site on “Diet or Health” niche.

You can search for” weight loss” or “Diet Control” keywords.
Then you will get details of many offers like this

Offer Vault Search

You shouldn’t join any network and promote any offer before checking any offer details.

Click on Landing Page for preview to take a look at, how to see the page when anyone clicks on your affiliate link. If it shows real or good and like professional, you can take it. But if it shows shady, there have no chance to convert any traffic to action.

CPA Offer Landing Page Example

Always take the CPA offer which has a professional landing page. Then see the language of the offer, it means which location, you must promote the offer.

The next attention to look at the payout rate, which is how much you get paid when you make conversation on the offer. Then you have to see type and category of the offer, what you should do for that offer for getting paid.

CPA Offer Details

If the offer looks good and you are able to promote this offer, the next step to check the network review of it.

Now just copy the network name. There has a good affiliate reviews checker site

Go to Affpaying and paste the name of the network which offer do you want to promote. There you will see many searches result.

Click on the search link and you will get huge information of the network including payment methods, payment frequency, and referral commission. You have to see the rating distribution. If it’s good, it means that’s a real network that you can join.

CPA Network Checker

Once you’re approved on the network, you can start promoting the offer on your site and by other techniques.

Simple this way, you can find out your right offer for promoting.

Some Common Terms And Concepts Of CPA Offer

Pay Per Call: You’ll be paid when someone calls after clicking the offer link.

Publisher: The person who will promote the offer (you).

Sale or Rev Share: You will get paid from one-time sale or recurring.

Lead: When anyone takes action like submission of Name, Email or address, .you’ll be paid.

Trial: When visitors sign up for a trial account, you will get paid.

Install / Download: You get paid when users download or install the software.

FR/UK/US/CA: The offer is only valid in the countries.

Display: It includes banner and text links ads.

Zip submit / Email submits: It’s a very simple offer of CPA. Traffic
needs to submit their Zip code and Email only.

Only: You can use specific traffic source for promoting the offer like Search, Email or Social Media.

Incent: Short form of incentivized. You can give bribe to any user with free products or download.

Locker: Something is that asks visitors to complete an offer for delivering specific content, Download or URL.

EPC: Earning Per Click

CTR/CR: It stands “Click Through Rate”. This is the number of people that make you money VS the number of people that have clicked an offer.

Best CPA Networks For Beginners 2024

All CPA Networks are not beginners friendly. My recommend and trusted best CPA Networks are below which will help you to start your CPA marketing journey very quickly. 

1. # MyLead 

MyLead is the best  CPA affiliate network for beginners and professionals that allows you to earn on more than 3000 partner programs.  They provide an introductory training course for each new user. Moreover, their corporate blog is full of useful information that will definitely help you with understanding how to earn on affiliate marketing. 

MyLead CPA Network's Inside

Models of monetization are CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI, COD, and IVR. Also, the big advantage of the network is additional tools such as Content Lockers, HideLink, Deeplink, and Landing with the comparison of campaigns.

They have a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, WebMoney, BitCoin, Capitalist, YooMoney, QIWI, and bank account. The minimum payment for withdrawal is only 20$. 

MyLead is one of the most convenient and reliable CPA networks, so if you want to work with leaders and develop your profit that is exactly the best place for you to earn.

2. # CPAgrip:

It’s one of the most popular CPA networks for beginners. It has much reason for increasing its popularity. The main thing is that has a lot of lockers type of offers beside others. Lockers are a very conversational and easy way of making money for beginners. 

Inside Of CPAgrip

Inside Of CPAgrip

The commission types are CPA, CPL, CPS, and Content Locking. CPAgrip has 1000+ active offers, so you can surely get great something monetizing your current sites or start up a new site. 

There have three payment methods for getting paid from CPAgrip and those are Payoneer, Paypal, and ACH Transfer ( Direct Deposit). The minimum payment $50 need to withdraw and payment frequency are Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, weekly. 

I highly recommend you to join in CPAgrip if you’re a beginner.

3. #CPALead:

It’s another the best CPA network for beginners. All types of offers are available here like lockers, mobile app install, lead generation, and others. CPAlead has 2000+ offers and commission type are CPA, CPL, and Content Locking. 

Inside Of CPALead

Inside Of CPALead

The minimum payment $50 need to withdraw and it has many payment methods like Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, and ACH Transfer (Direct Deposit). The payment frequency of CPAlead is Net-30, Net-15, Weekly, Early Payment (upon request).


It’s the best CPA Network for both beginners and advanced. AdworkMedia has 1836+offers available and commission type are CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway, and Product Locking. 

Inside Of AdworkMedia

Inside Of AdworkMedia

The minimum payment $35 need to withdraw and payment methods are Check, Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, ACH (Direct Deposit). The payment frequency of AdworkMedia is Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly.

Let's Start CPA Marketing Practically

As I promised you above that I was going to teach you everything practical like a live course. So, I’m giving you steps-by-steps guidelines.

There have many ways of making money with CPA Marketing. But Content Locking is the fastest way of making money from CPA Marketing. If you’re a beginner and want to start making money online, then carefully follow my techniques.

What is Content Locking and how is It Works?

Content Locking is a simple thing. For example, I would write a Pdf book “HOW TO GET WEIGHT LOSS: 10 Proven Methods”. And I lock the download option and ask my visitors to sign up a newsletter for unlocking download option (Check out an example here) .

Then I would be paid about ($1-$25 or more) for per download. But earning depends on the available offers in the network.

Step 1#. Find Profitable CPA Marketing Offers Niche

Niche selection is very important for starting CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. Basically, niche means specific topics. I’m sharing some CPA Marketing niches idea below.

  • Weight Loss/Fitness
  • Wealth and Money
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Jewelry
  • Mobile Apps
  • Technology
  • Forex and Binary Options
  • Business Investment
  • Pets
  • Gaming
  • Internet Marketing
  • Make Money Online

Pick up a niche which you’re most passionate, but there have the best two ways for finding profitable niches.

1. Find Trending Niches

If you want to make money very quickly through Content Lockers Offers, then you should pick up trending Niches.

For finding trending topics, you can keep eyes on TV or News Portal’s Headlines. But the best way is Google Trends, You can get easily trending topics here.

Google Trends Example

2. Research How Much Demands Have of Your Niches

Think, you’ve selected a niche, but it has not enough market demands. Then you’ll not get more consumers for converting to your CPA offers. So you need to check market demands of Niches. You can easily check it through Google Keywords Planner Tools.

Just go to the tool and type of your niche main keywords,
For example, I want to check “Weight Loss” niche market values. You’re seeing that has huge monthly search volumes.

Keyword Search On GKP

Step 2#. Make Website Around CPA Offers Niche

If you really want to start CPA Marketing, You should have your own niche website.

After selecting a perfect niche, your task is to make a website around the niche.

For making your website, you don’t need to hire any web developer. You can easily set up your niche website within a few minutes if you follow my steps-by-steps guidelines.

(1) Buy Domain And Hosting

Domain and Hosting are the fundamentals of a site. The domain is called the name of site and Hosting is as a memory card of a site where your all data will be stored.

You need to find out a great domain name which includes your niche keywords.

The domain name can be like,,, etc. or you can use your personal name as a domain name or website name.

For buying Domain and Hosting, you can go Bluehost and take it very easily. I highly recommend you to buy a domain and hosting from it.

Because it provides Free Domain Name and is very cheaper than other hosting companies. You will be able to configure your site within a few clicks with Bluehost. Also you can read details of Bluehost review.

(2) Install WordPress

After buying Domain and Hosting, you should install WordPress in Cpanel. WordPress is a CMS ( Content Management System) where you can able to control your site and contents of the site without knowing good technical knowledge. 

(3) Upload a WordPress Theme (If you want to start blogging) and Design Your site.

You need to upload a theme for designing your site.

There have many kinds of free and premium WordPress themes available.

But I highly recommend you to use  ThriveThemes theme, if you want to start blogging on your site seriously. Just keep your site simple and clean. 

If you need more help about making website, you can read my another post.

How To Make Website Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Step 3#. Join CPA Networks And Take Profitable Offers

After selecting niches to join CPA networks and take profitable offers. Above, I’ve already mentioned the best CPA Networks for beginners. All of them, CPAgrip is the best one for content locking offers and system. Also you can join other best CPA Networks.


So, join CPAgrip as a Publisher just filling up basic information and look at the dashboard.

Step 4#. Create Contents And Information Products

Great contents are the main thing of a site. It can be Text, Audio, Video, or others. But the informative product is the easiest thing for distributing to users.

Informative contents are:

  • Video Guides
  • eBooks
  • Audio Books

Information products are great things for content locking.

For example, if I would write an eBook and ask users to download freely, who will not interest to download it? People will collect it quickly because maximum users are like free products. In this time, if I lock the download of the eBook with CPA Content Locking Offers. It’s sure that someone will download it after completing the CPA offer.

Now, you may be probably thinking “How can I create information products, because I have no proper knowledge about? Don’t worry. It’s a very simple task. I’ll be teaching here about creating eBooks. But you’ll be able to apply the same things for creating other information products.

You need to write content on Microsoft word document or other word processing system, then convert it as .Pdf file. Now your eBook is ready and you can share it.

The majority of information is hugely available on the internet which helps you to create an eBook.

For example, if I want to create an eBook on “Weight Loss” then I will take information from those great sources:

Weight Loss & Diet Plans- WebMD
26 Experts Weight Loss & Tips -CoachMag
12 Tips To Helps You Lose Weight-NHS

All sources are incredible and reputable, it’s not hard for someone to take some points from them and rewriting it.

If you’re not able to write content, you can hire a writer from Fiverr for writing just paying $10-$25 for 1000-2000 words.

How to Make Your Information Product More Attractive?

I just think that you’ve created a website called “”. Now, you need to make an information product like eBook with an awesome name “How To Get Weight Loss: 10 Proven Methods”

Read Some Strategies For Creating Titles That Jump Of The Shelf

Next, I will search on Google “How To Get Weight Loss”, and I’ve got some great articles.

Google Search

After reading some articles, I can take a total of 10 methods from each article and rewrite them. Then put Copyright Disclaimer in the eBook, so that anyone can’t distribute it without your permission. 

Here are some copy and paste copyright disclaimers

Now, save the word document as a .pdf file and upload it to a file-host such as mega or zippyshare.

But don’t forget to make it “Private”, so that your link isn’t put on Google. 

Watch the video for learning about locking contents with CPAgrip

Step 5#. Generate Traffic And Promote CPA Offers

Traffic generation is the main part of CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t get any targeted traffic, you’ll not able to generate any conversation. It means that you’re not making money.

So, you’ve to give major of time on traffic sources for generating traffic on your offers. There have many free and paid methods to promote CPA offers. But I’m describing some important methods below.

1. Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines (ex: Google, Yahoo, Bing) are great sources for getting organic free traffic on your site. You can get regularly targeted traffic without any cost and help you to generate passive income.

For getting free traffic from Search Engines, you need to do SEO properly of your site. SEO stands “Search Engine Optimization” and you need to follow Search Engines ranking factors for gaining ranking on Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs).

Here, I’m just giving shortly basic important tips about SEO, but you’ll get great tips and tricks from my other SEO related posts and resources.

Tip 1#. Keyword Research

Keyword Research / Market research is very essential before starting an SEO campaign. If you’re just starting, you should find out “Long Tail Keywords” and target them for ranking. For keyword researching, just go to Ubersuggest and put the main keyword of your topic. You’ll get huge Long Tail Keywords whose have low competition.

Tips 2#. Title Optimization

Make your web page's title more attractive and try to put your targeted keyword beginning of the title. You should not make it long over 55-65 characters. 

Tip 3#. Meta Description

The meta description is the summary of the whole content of the page. So make it more interesting and put your targeted keyword. A meta description is good for 165 characters.

Tip 4#. Body Content Optimization

Write webpages contents more informative and anyone can read it easily. Search Engines prefer to rank those contents whose are helpful, long form, readable, unique and right with grammar.

Make sure to optimize images of the page and put the “alt” tag for every image.

Tip 5#. Submit Your Site On Search Engines

Now, you need to submit your site on Search Engines for indexing. Here are some submission links

Google Search Console

Bing Webmaster Tool

Yahoo Webmaster Tool

Yandex Webmaster Tool

Tip 6#. Get Links From Other Sites

Backlinks are a great ranking factor for SEO. You need to get support from other sites of your relevant niche. Never do spam backlinks, always try to get quality backlinks. And also you can buy backlinks from trusted platforms.

Link Building Strategies : The Complete List

Here are some SEO learning resources:

SEO in 2022: The Definitive Guide-Backlinko 

The Beginner's Guide To SEO-Moz
A Simple Step By Step Guide To SEO -NeilPatel

2. Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing)

Social media are great sources for promoting CPA offers. And Facebook is one of the best of them. Here I’m going to teach you shortly about Facebook Marketing for promoting CPA Offers.

1# Promote CPA on Relevant Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an ocean of targeted audiences. Find your niche relevant groups and join. After joining start sharing your Information Product page link where you’ve set up locker offers code. And write something about your eBook and tell that is totally free for download.

2# Boost On Facebook

Facebook Ads is the fastest way of promoting CPA Offers. For starting Facebook Ads campaign, you need to create a Facebook page. Here you can easily target your audiences and locations.

Inside Of Facebook Ads Managers

3. Youtube

YouTube is the second search engines.It’s only for videos sharing and bigger than AOL, Yahoo, and Bing. Videos are awesome marketing tools. You can easily influence your viewers to buy anything. You can describe dieting eBook and offer to free download just to sign up simple offer. A lot of viewers will download it because people love free stuff. Is it Right? Yes, Right.

If you don’t have good experience for making videos, then go to Fiverr for hiring freelance video maker just paying only $5.

It’s very important that you should optimize your videos for high ranking. If you don’t have knowledge about video boosting, you can hire Youtube videos booster paying about $1-$5 from SEOClerks.

4. Paid Media  Networks

5. Promote CPA Offers With Solo Ads:

Solo ads is fast and the best way of promoting CPA offers if you’ve enough money for paid advertising.  Solo ads is an online advertising way where will you get two types of person solo buyers and solo sellers.

Solo ads works as email marketing. But you don’t need to do anything, you’ve to give just your referral (offer link) or message text with a link to your selected seller.
You need to buy your niche and targeted location-based solo. The seller will charge you for every genuine click.

Solo ads price is calculated by the number of clicks. You can buy your desired clicks depending on your budget.

There have many secured Solo Ads buying platforms. But Udimi is the best and popular place for solo buying. You can Sign up Udimi free now. Read Udimi Review.

I’m going to give you some tips for success in CPA Marketing with solo ads.

Take those offers whose have good payout price ($15-$50) and most conversational eye-catching landing page.

Check out the seller reviews before buying and you can talk details in private message with the seller.

For tracking your clicks and traffic, you can use ClickMagick which will provide you a genuine details report.
Don’t fear about investment. You should see the ROI (Return On Investment). For example, if you spend $100 for solo advertising, then guess you’ve earned about $180.

So your ROI or profit is $80. I think it’s easy and best way if you don’t have good knowledge of promoting CPA offers or Affiliate products.

Learn details about promoting CPA Offers from other posts

12 Exclusive Tips To Promote CPA Offers-2024 (Updated)

 Best CPA Marketing Tools

Great tools are very important for every business. Because the tools can help you to reach your targeted goal quickly. There have many CPA marketing tools. But I’m going to talk about some essential CPA marketing tools whose help you to start your CPA marketing success journey like magicians. 

Bluehost - It’s the best one for domain and hosting for beginners. You can ready your niche sites within few clicks if you use Bluehost. When you’ll buy host from it, you’ll get a free domain, free SSL, and tools for site building. Read Bluehost full review.

Google Keyword Planner - It’s a free keyword research/market research tool. You can use it for checking market demand of your CPA offers niche. Also, it will help you to research keywords for ads campaign if you want to start Google ads.

Thrive Architect - It’s one of the best contents builder and landing pages builder tool. You can easily create landing pages for your CPA offers without knowing any coding. It’s also price cheaper than other landing pages builders. Read Thrive Architect Full Review

ClickMagick - It’s one of the best clicks tracking software. It’ll provide analytics report from where your offer links are getting traffic. You can also use it for covering your ugly offer links with a custom domain name and protect you to get blocked from marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Read ClickMagick details review.

Getresponse - It’s one kind of Email marketing and list building software. You can build email lists and send Unlimited Emails by it. Also, you can setup Auto-responder and Sales Funnels. I highly recommend you to use it as your SMTP (Email Marketing Software).

Survey Monkey -It’s an online surveying software. You can use it for taking the survey for your survey based CPA offers.

VPNcity - It’s one of the best VPN software which helps you to access all restricted webpages and IP locations. For example, you want to post on a website about your CPA offer in USA websites as a US person, generally, you can’t do that. If you use VPNcity, then it’s a simple matter for you.

Best CPA Marketing Course 2024

 If you follow my guidelines, I think you don’t need to buy any CPA marketing course. But there have many people are looking for premium video courses. If you want to learn watching videos, then I’ve some highly recommend CPA marketing courses for you.

Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts (Udemy)

It’s a great CPA Marketing Course. If you want to really become financial freedom through CPA Marketing, then this program helps to reach your target.

This innovative course is made thinking about beginners. For understanding it, you just need basic knowledge of email and Social Media using. It’s the top reviewed course about CPA marketing and has a large number of student.

You can access this CPA marketing course at any time from any places and it also helps you to prepare for getting a certification. Above all, it’s the best that you can learn CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing through this program.

Key Features

  •  You can learn from scratch
  •  A program but you’ll able to learn both CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing.
  •  Mostly Innovative methods that help you to start CPA marketing quickly.
  •  You’ll learn about setup landing pages and driving high-quality traffic on it.
  • More details clear to understand every video lectures.
  •  It has a lot of case studies whose help you to learn how CPA marketing works practically.

Course Rating : 4.5

Course Instructor : Fettah Ben


How Much Money Can I Earn From CPA Marketing in a Month?

It depends only on your strategies and skills, and how much money you can earn.

In my survey, I have found that many professional CPA marketers are making $3000+ every single day from this platform. Someone is making about $1,000/m to $10,000/m through CPA Marketing.

It’s easier than other ways of making money online. Gradually when your skills improve, you will make more.

Try to your best reach your top level. Sometimes, you may become a failure, but don’t give up your hope. Bear in mind that failure is the pillar of success.

What is Content Locking and how is It Works?

 Content Locking is a simple thing. For example, I want to write a Pdf Book on “HOW TO GET WEIGHT LOSS: 10 Proven Methods”. Then I lock the download option and ask my visitors to sign up a newsletter for unlocking download option (Check out an example here) .

For this, I may be paid about ($1-$25 or more) for per download. But earning depends on the available offers in the network.

Will this homepage work for me?

Only if you like awesome pages that are rapidly customizable to your needs.

What if my product isn't a digital product?

Does your product have a target audience? Does it have benefits? Then you can and should explain those benefits to your target audience on a page like this.

Earning Disclaimer: Here I’ve shared quality information about CPA Marketing. But I’m not giving you an income guarantee. Because everything doesn’t work for everyone. I can tell that. If you follow my guidelines properly, you’ll be a success soon.

Some Important Resources For Learning CPA Marketing


Honesty and good strategies will reach your right position. Become patience and learn something every day about online marketing which I do myself. Don’t be afraid, I’m beside with you. Just comment on the post or send me a private message on Twitter.If you learn anything from this post, Please share this.

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