What Is CPA Marketing?

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated May 8, 2024

Many people are looking for interesting and easy ways of making money online. But the maximum guys aren’t able to find out the right ways. So, they have to become a failure in the online profession. As a result, they give up online for earning money.
Today, I’m sharing a valuable way where you will not need to bid any jobs. It’s called CPA Marketing like affiliate marketing.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is an online marketing strategy where advertisers pay for a special action taken by potential customers.

Payments are generally based on lead generation such as Pin submission, Phone number, Email submission or create accounts on specific site.

If you have a website it’s really easy for making money monetizing it using CPA offers.

CPA Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing

CPA marketing is like affiliate marketing. But here has some difference.

CPA means Cost Per Action/ Acquisition. You need to reach a targeted action or convert into a lead for getting paid from the offer.

On the other hands, in affiliate marketing when someone buys the products or offer, you get paid.

So, CPA Marketing is considered easier than affiliate marketing.

CPA is more beneficial than affiliate marketing for beginners who want to make money quickly. Because it’s a very simple task when anyone clicks on your referral link and complete an action like

  • Email or zip submit
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Filling out a form
  • Downloading something
  • Getting a quote
  • Buying something

The offer of CPA doesn’t exist for a long time. If you think that you want to work on long time offer and make a micro niche site on any offer. Then you should choose affiliate marketing.

What Are CPA Marketing Networks?

CPA network means where you will get offers for promoting. It’s very similar to an affiliate network. Also, it’s a marketplace where works two people.

  • Advertiser
  • Publisher

The advertiser who needs leads for their business and Publisher who want to promote the offer. As you want to make money from CPA Marketing network. So you have to create an account as a publisher or an affiliate.
There have many CPA networks like

  • MyLead
  • MaxBounty
  • Peerfly
  • Cpalead
  • AdsenceMedia
  • AdworkMedia
  • Clickbooth
  • CPAfull
  • CPAgrip

But you can’t access all networks easily. You will need previous marketing proof, a website or a good YouTube channel and interview for accepting your account by network managers.
If you’re a beginner then you have no anything.

Some Common Terms And Concepts Of CPA Marketing Offers

Pay Per Call: You’ll be paid when someone calls after clicking the offer link.

Publisher: The person who will promote the offer (you).

Sale or Rev Share: You will get paid from one-time sale or recurring.

Lead: When anyone takes action like submission of Name, Email or address, .you’ll be paid.

Trial: When visitors sign up for a trial account, you will get paid.

Install / Download: You get paid when users download or install the software.

FR/UK/US/CA: The offer is only valid in the countries.

Display: It includes banner and text links ads.

Zip submit / Email submits: It’s a very simple offer of CPA. Traffic
needs to submit their Zip code and Email only.

Only: You can use specific traffic source for promoting the offer like Search, Email or Social Media.

Incent: Short form of incentivized. You can give bribe to any user with free products or download.

Locker: Something is that asks visitors to complete an offer for delivering specific content, Download or URL.

EPC: Earning Per Click

CTR/CR: It stands “Click Through Rate”. This is the number of people that make you money VS the number of people that have clicked an offer.


How Much Money Can I Earn From CPA Marketing in a Month?

It depends only on your strategies and skills, and how much money you can earn.

In my survey, I have found that many professional CPA marketers are making $3000+ every single day from this platform. Someone is making about $1,000/m to $10,000/m through CPA Marketing.

It’s easier than other ways of making money online. Gradually when your skills improve, you will make more.

Try to your best reach your top level. Sometimes, you may become a failure, but don’t give up your hope. Bear in mind that failure is the pillar of success.


Honesty and good strategies will reach your right position. Become patience and learn something every day about online marketing which I do myself. Don’t be afraid, I’m beside with you. Just comment on the post or send me a private message on Twitter.If you learn anything from this post, Please share this.

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