12 Exclusive Tips To Promote CPA Offers

   By: Marketer Rakib
How to Promote CPA Offers

Hey guys,

I’m going to share you some of my research out and proven techniques to promote CPA offers.

There have mainly two ways for promoting offers, one White Hat technique, and another black hat.

But I only use white hat methods and recommended you to use it, not black hat.

Because black hat is dishonesty. Bear in mind, dishonesty can’t long live.

I’ve researched out best 12 methods in legal ways which work 100% and help you to make huge money within few tasks.But you have to be patient. Read my full case study and try to apply those.

12 Exclusive Methods Of Promoting CPA Offers

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • Forum marketing
  •  Google AdWords
  • Article Marketing
  • Promote via blog commenting, Q and A  submission
  • Make a niche site for promoting CPA offer
  • Youtube
  • Email marketing
  • Promote via Classified ads sites
  • Instagram

  • Now, cover and short your CPA offer link or affiliate link by Clickmagick.

    Because maximum promotion link looks nasty and many visitors seem it spam or hesitated to click this type of links.

    So, you should cloak your offer referral link. And also if you post same offer link more time on Facebook directly, you may be banned as a spammer.

    So, I would highly recommend you to post all covered links so that anyone doesn’t guess, you’re promoting anything for money.

    Buy a domain name from Bluehost which you will use for covering your offer links.

    Then go to Click.org and create an account on it.

    And follow below video for how to use Clickmagick for making a custom link. It also helps you to analyze and track all traffic where come from.

    Note: Shortened URLs such as Bit.ly links get your account banned just as fast as linking directly to a CPA offer.

    Tip 1#. Promote CPA Offers On Facebook

    Facebook is an awesome place for promoting any types of business or anything.

    Because 1 billion+ unique visitors come on it every single day.

    So it’s a big platform for promoting your CPA offers. I’ve researched out 4 sources to promote CPA offers on Facebook. Those are

    * Promote On Facebook Page *

    Create an awesome Facebook page depending on your offer niche and increase likes by inviting your friends or get targeted audiences likes by boosting your page. 

    Good range of offers and niches you can find in the best CPA affiliate network MyLead. They have more than 3000 campaigns, more than 30 smartlinks and you can find all the top offers in e-commerce, health and beauty, investment, gambling and for adults.

    The big advantage of MyLead is a free tool that allows you to bypass bans and limits in social networks - HideLink.  

    It helps to leave bot-moderators on the safepage, and the real users are redirected to your offer landing page.

    Then publish contents regularly with images and make a big targeted follower.

    My suggestion is that don’t share your offers links instantly, wait for trust acquiring your page. After a few days, you can start contents posting with putting covered offers link.

    Never put any offer link directly without covered by Clickmagick.

    This way, you’ll get huge leads for your offers, If you work perfectly.


    * Comment Others People Posts On Facebook *

    Search on Facebook search bar by your offer niche keywords. You’ll see many posts related to your niche. For example, I want to find ” Make Money  Online ” niche relevant posts. So, I’ve searched this way.

    Facebook Search for promoting CPA offers

    Read those posts comments and find out who is asking for help or solution.

    Reply to him/ her with good information and after getting a good conversation with him/her, you can send to them your offer link by reply or private message.

    Don’t become a spammer. Make a good duration about 30 minutes sending links among others on Facebook.


    * Promote In Facebook Groups *

    Facebook groups are a wonderful ocean for targeted audiences. You need to join your niche relevant groups and don’t post with links because you’ll be banned from those groups by admin.

    Find Niche Relevant Facebook Group

    You can post about your offer profit on those groups. If someone engages in your posts, you’ll make a conversation with them and promote offer privately.

    On the other hand, you can create Facebook groups personally and add audiences to the targeted location. Then you can promote your offer very easily in the group.


    Facebook Paid Advertising :

    You can get your huge targeted audiences easily by costing something money.  You can make fixed how many clicks do you want to your offers links.

    If you want to make quick money from CPA Marketing, then it’s a better way of promoting your CPA offers.

    You need to create eye-catching posts and boost to your audiences with your covered offer links. You can learn more directly from Facebook.


    Tip 2#. Promote CPA Offers On Twitter

    Twitter is another free advertising source to promote CPA offers without a website.

    You need to create an account on twitter and start follows other users so that they also follow you.

    Then begin posting with covered CPA links. You should add relevant images for more engaging in your posting.

    Twitter Posting Example

    Every day you should do posts minimum 10-15 times using hashtags.

    You can find out good hashtags from hashtags.org. Search by your niche keywords on the site.

    Also, you can promote via other peoples relevant tweets commenting like Facebook.

    Tip 3#. Promote CPA Offers On Google Plus

    Google Plus is the another best source for promoting CPA offers. You need to create an account on it and start postings like twitter.

    But here has a good opportunity like Facebook groups. It’s called Community. Find your Offer Niche relevant communities list. For example, I want to search ” Make Money Online ” niche relevant communities.

    Google Plus Communities Search

    You need to join your offer niche relevant communities and start promoting offers like Facebook groups.


    Tip 4#. Promote CPA Offers On Forums 

    Forum marketing is another free marketing way of promoting CPA offers.

    Forums are one kind of good place where discuss many people on certain topics. You need to find out your offer niche relevant forums.

    Type just “keyword + forums “, on Google search bar. If your offers niche keyword is “make money online “, you should put on search bar “make money online + forums “.

    Niche Relevant Forums Search

    But You can find out relevant forums by different types of search queries. Below, I’m giving something

    “Powered by SMF” your keyword
    “Powered by Phbb” your keyword
    “powered by IPB” your keyword
    “Powered by MyBB” your keyword
    “powered by PunBB” your keyword
    “Powered by Phpbb” your keyword
    “Powered by vBulletin” your keyword

    You’ll get huge forums sites or pages. Here you’ll able to put your link  3 ways via forum profiles creation, forum posting and forum commenting.

    (1) Forum Profile creation ( Signature)

    Maximum forums have profile signature option. Here you can add your offer link very easily. When you do comments or posts on the forum, it’ll show under your contents.

    Forum Signature Option

    (2) Forum Posting

    when you post on your specific topic in your niche relevant forum, it’s called forum posting. You can get huge leads through forum posting. The maximum forum doesn’t allow you to post with links initially. So, submit some posts without links first and after few days start posting with links in informative posts.


    (3) Forum commenting

    Forum commenting is the best method for forum marketing If you’ll get existing posts by other forum members on your offers relevant topic. You can put easily your offer link on your comments.

    Forum Commenting Example

    Tip 5#. Promote CPA Offers With Google AdWords ( Google Ads)

    Google AdWords is one of the best-paid marketing systems for promoting CPA offers. I choose it first when I think paid advertising for my offers.

    You’ll get very easily your targeted audiences by it.  Here have 4 types of the advertising model, Search network, Display network, Search and Display network, video marketing.

    If you are a newbie, I only recommended you to start Search network first. After getting profit here, you should start with others.

    Google Ads Search Network Example

    Tip 6#. Promote Via Articles Marketing

    Starting for articles marketing, you have to become a content writer or hire a writer for writing contents.

    You can hire good writers from iwriter with a cheap budget. You need to write some eye-catching contents and post them on your website or  Niche relevant guest blogging sites.

    In this way, you’ll get huge numbers of traffic or leads on your CPA offer.

    Tip 7#. Promote CPA Offers With Blog Commenting, Q And A Submission

    You’ll get tons of your offer niche relevant blog posts for commenting.

    Just search by “keyword + blog “If your niche keyword is “make money online “, So You should put on web search bar “make money online + blog “.

    But there have some effective Search Queries for finding relevant blog posts links for blog commenting.I’m giving some search queries below.

    site:.com inurl:blog “post a comment” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

    site:.org inurl:blog “post a comment” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

    site:.gov inurl:blog “post a comment” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

    site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

    Ways of finding relevant blog posts

    Go to the comment box and write informative something and put your link.

    My suggestion put your content link where you’ve written about your offer. If you don’t create any content about your offer yet, then You should put your covered link.

    Blog Comment Example

    On the other hand, Q and A submission mean Questions and Answer Submission. There have many Question and Answer submission sites Question and Answer submission sites online.

    Go to those sites and search for your niche keywords.

    Quora Question Find Example

    You’ll find many questions relevant to your offers and your niche. You need just answer those questions and put your links.

    Quora Answer Example

    This way you’ll get huge leads for your offers.

    [Disclaimer: This tactic is more effective for a long time offers like affiliate offer ]

    Tip 8#. Promote CPA Offers On YouTube

    Youtube is one of the best platforms for promoting CPA offers.

    When I think to promote offers freely, I choose first youtube marketing.

    Because maximum people watch videos than reading a text. You need to create a youtube channel.

    Make a reviews video on your offers and publish on the channel. If you’re not able to make a review video, then you can hire a review video maker from Fiverr. You need to promote the video for more getting views. Do SEO for the video and Share on Social media like facebook, google+, twitter.

    And you can also promote your offer via commenting others relevant channel videos. Please don’t do spam.

    Tip 9#. Make A Niche Site For Promoting CPA Offer

    A niche site is the another best way for promoting the offer. If you are a CPA marketer or affiliate marketer, You should have a personal website.

    A personal website is the best method for promoting any types of products or service.

    Do you want to create a website for your offer niche?

    Don’t worry. I’m giving you step by step guidelines for creating a niche site.

    Contents outlines.

    • Niche Selection
    • Buy Domain and Hosting
    • Website Design
    • Content Writing and Publishing.
    • Website SEO

    Niche Selection :

    You know good what’s your offers industry like internet marketing, health, software, and others.

    You need to research your niche for an idea. You’ll get some information about your niche like demand, competition when you’ll research. I recommend you to research market for your niche before starting your niche site.

    You can research your niche freely by Google Adwords Keywords planner or you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr for market research/keywords research. After selecting a perfect niche for a website, you can start the next step.


    Buy Domain And Hosting :

    Find out a reliable domain name which includes your niche primary keyword.  I recommend selecting a short domain name.

    After selecting a good domain name, buy the domain and hosting from Bluehost.

    It is an incredible hosting service provider.It provides free domain  , means that you don't need to pay for domain name. I highly recommend using Bluehost for your websites. Because it’s 100% trusted that provides faster-loading speed and easy to use for beginners.

    Website Site Design :

    Site design is the main part of a website before contents publishing.

    You need website control platforms which are called CMS (Content Management System). There have many CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Wix. I recommend you to use WordPress.

    Because WordPress is very easy to use and have many good plugins which will help you to control your site with SEO friendly.

    After uploading or installing WordPress in your site, you need to design your site or theme development by a designer and you can also buy a paid theme.

    If you buy a paid theme, you don’t need a designer for a basic site. I recommend you to buy a paid theme from ThriveThemes .

    It provides a responsive and SEO friendly theme. Themes are very faster for loading of it which is important for Search engines rankings.

     Keep your site design simple and eye-catching.

    Contents Writing And Publishing

    Great Content is king for any websites. If your contents are very good, your CPA offers conversation will be increased.

    You’re not doing face to face marketing, you are an online marketer. So you have to represent your services or products by a content.

    Start to write some reviews contents on your offers minimum 400-500 words per content. You should include the important features of your offers which will be profitable if anyone takes this offer.

    You can try to write contents by yourself. And you’re not able to write, you can hire a good writer from iwriter by cheap budget.

    After writing contents, you need to check your contents for confirming grammatical mistakes and plagiarism issues.  Post your contents on your site with good relevant unique images and put your referral links.

    Website SEO :

    SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. You need more traffics on your website to get more leads to your offers. SEO is the best marketing way for driving targeted traffics on your site.

    You can rank your site organically on Google first page very easily if you do SEO for your site. 

    Organic SEO has two parts On page SEO and Off page SEO.

    I’m describing some important factors of SEO below.

    OnPage  SEO :

    On-page SEO is an internal thing on your website. You should optimize your posts.

    Title: Focus keyword need to be placed in your post title and length 55-65 character is good. Make it simple and readable.

    Meta description: Write your full content summary within 165 characters. You can add Meta description by Yoast SEO plugin very easily.

    Body Contents: Body content is the full content after the title. Make a small paragraph for your contents and decorate your content. Don’t do keywords stuffing. The keyword density is 1.5%-3% for better SEO.

    That is means you should use your keywords 2-3 times for 100 words. And also you should use subheading in your body content.

    Setup Yoast SEO plugin: Yoast SEO is an awesome WordPress plugin for your site SEO.  It helps you to fix on page SEO problem easily.

    Off-page SEO: You need to get support from other sites for ranking. This is a link building strategy which is called off page SEO.  There has some good link building strategy which I follow them

    Tip 10#. Promote CPA Offers With Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the best marketing ways of promoting CPA offers.

    But you must learn how to start successful email marketing. I’m giving you step by step guidelines.

    How to start email marketing for your offers. First, you have to collect emails from your targeted audience who are looking for these types of offers or interested in your offers niche.

    Every people have a common question, how can I collect my offers or products interested audience emails?

    It’s very easy, dude. You can collect your offer niche interested audience’s Emails in two ways.

    1. Take an AutoResponder and create a landing page, shared it niche relevant Facebook groups and Boost on Facebook.

    2. Hire freelancers for emails finding from the freelance marketplace like Fiverr at a cheap rate.

    Customers information collecting, it’s called list building.

    After building a list of your audience names and emails, you should write a letter on your offer which will be profit, if they take this offer. And put your offer link to any targeted words.

    Now you need an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending mail to your audiences.

    I personally use ConvertKit for sending emails to my audience. Here you will be able to send unlimited mail users just by one click. And you’ll be seen who have opened your mail.

    Tip 11#. Promote CPA Offers On Classified Ads Sites

    It’s one kind of free method for promoting CPA offers. You can post ads based on the target location. But many offers don’t accept Craigslist or classified advertising. You should advertise here only for that offer which accepts it.

    Also, you can use classified sites for traffic generation on your specific content of your website which contains your offer link.

    Tip 12#. Promote CPA Offers On Instagram

    Instagram is the another best way for promoting CPA offers. But this method is most effective for Mobile Phone related offers(e.g. apps download or other). I’m giving step-by-step formula in below.

    Step (1). Create 3-5 accounts on Instagram

    You can create some Instagram profiles. But you can’t able to create more than 5 accounts on it. If you want to use more accounts, then you can use proxies or buy accounts from other. Create the professional type of profiles and put your Covered offer link in Bio option.

    Step (2). Start to follow of your niche relevant profiles’ followers

    After making profiles start to follow your niche relevant profiles’ followers. Try to make a goal that you follow every day 400-500. When you’ll follow them, they will back to you.

    Step (3). Start posts contents with your offer link

    Start posts content with eye-catching images and put your covered CPA offer link in the initial of the text of the post.

    Above all, Only Instagram can help you to make so much money from your offer, If you’re able to promote it perfectly.

    Read: 30+The Best CPA Networks For Beginners


    If you can do marketing for your offers perfectly, You’ll able to make huge dollars every month.

    Above all, you need to make a niche website, if you want to do CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing professionally. So, don’t wait for anything. Take action and change your financial life. Please share this article with your friends.

    Marketer Rakib

    Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing. Read his story

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