How to Create Profile Backlinks For a New Website in 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated April 17, 2024


  • Profile backlinks are SEO tools created by setting up user profiles on other websites.
  • Benefits include faster search engine indexing, increased referral traffic, enhanced authority, and effective promotion.
  • To create profile backlinks, choose Domain Authority sites and include comprehensive personal details and a professional bio.
  • Fiverr can be used to hire experts to create profile backlinks with recommendations for top sellers like Sohel Rana.
  • Create no more than 20 profile backlinks per day to avoid penalties and ensure safety in purchasing manual backlink-building services.
  • Ensure each profile is professionally crafted to maximize effectiveness and avoid appearing robotic.

The backlink is an important ranking factor of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you have more quality and quantity backlinks of your site or pages, then you have a high chance of top one position ranking. There are some great ways of creating SEO links.

Those are profile backlinks, Directory links, Social bookmarking links, guest blogging links, Blog outreach links, broken links, Infographics Sharing links, PDF sharing links, forum links, blog commenting links, etc. But, I’m going to share step by step guide on how to create profile backlinks for a new website and hire profile backlinks creation experts from Fiverr. Let’s start…

What is Profile Backlinks?

How to Create Profile Backlinks for a new Website

When you get a backlink for your site after creating an account or profile on other sites. It is called a profile backlink. Profile backlinks are one kind of foundation backlink that should be created for a new site.

They are an easier way of building backlinks profiles. Profile backlinks help to leverage SEO ranking. It is an awesome way of building a business brand. Because you can put your business name, address, bio, phone, email as well as link building.

When you get dofollow backlinks from any site, the site passes link juice towards the linked site.

What are the benefits of a profile backlink?

Profile backlink is the way to link back to your website. It means adding your site URLs to the personal profile on various websites. However, there are many benefits of profile backlinks that beyond imagination. A good profile backlink can bring your website to the top of SERP. It is the main reason to create profile backlinks. Besides, your site gets a good position on Google Algorithm.

However, there are some other essential benefits of profile backlinks. Let’s check them.

Faster Indexing  

Profile backlinks helps your site for faster indexing. Because maximum profile creation sites are high traffic and authority sites. So, when you create a profile backlink on a high traffic site, the search engine’s bots will crawl the link faster. Also, crawl the linked site (your URL).

Referral Traffic

The main motto of every site is getting visitors more and more. That must say, profile backlink is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. To clarify, it means other websites refer their audiences to visit your site. Therefore, you can have more visitors on your site.

Building Authority

Building authority is essential for every website. When a reputed brand refers to your site, visitors can also trust your site. Therefore, you can build the authority of your site. 


Everyone wants traffic through the site. Only good content couldn’t bring visitors to your site. You have to promote your site and content. However, you can promote your site by creating a profile backlink. 


Branding is one of the best ways of marketing. However, creating a profile backlink from a brand can provide branding to your site.

Building Relationships

Profile backlink doesn’t only mean to link your site with another site. It also builds a good relationship between both of the owners.

How to create Profile backlinks for a new website

There are a lot of sites to create profile backlinks for a new website like social media, forums, directory, RSS feed sites, etc. You need just create an account properly on those sites and add your website URL on the link adding a section of the profile.

Some important things need to bear in mind when you start creating a profile.

  • Find out high DA and Brand Authority Sites for creating profiles like Quora, Linkedin, etc.
  • Create accounts by providing some details like your email address, name, and choose a username and password.
  • Write the profile description like a pro.
  • Make your profile description unique, and decorate your profile professionally.
  • Write a short bio
  • Use your real photo
  • Add all your social media profiles which option has available on the profile
  • Follow some people, if the site has this system.
  • Publish a welcome post
  • Add your target website URL on the website URL section
  • Try to link one site to another site for passing link juice.
  • Don’t make all links one day, make a link building plan.

For example, I’ve created a profile backlink on Quora and Twitter for the website.

Profile Creation backlink's Example on Quora
Create Profile backlinks for a new website on Twitter

Extra Tips: If you can’t create profile backlinks properly and have no enough time for creating them then you can hire an SEO link building expert from Fiverr. It has a lot of offer of 25+ profile backlinks only for $5. Also, you can buy full SEO services from it at a reasonable price.

Best Profile Backlinks Experts Reviews Of Fiverr

 Sohel Rana

He is Sohel Rana from Bangladesh. Sohel Rana is a profile backlink creation expert. He is a level two seller on Fiverr. He has worked at Fiverr since March 2019. That must say, Sohel Rana has three years of real-life experience in SEO backlinks. Besides, he knows YouTube SEO, high-quality forum posting. However, he is very expert at high quality social media profile backlink and link building.  So, if you need SEO link building with high-quality, he can be your best choice.

SEO Boss


He is known as the SEO boss.However, he is a level two seller on Fiverr. He has worked at Fiverr since February 2018. His package is very affordable. SEO boss is an expert and gives you quality SEO services like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO. Besides, he has worked in the SEO sector for the last four years. He can make do-follow backlinks and increase traffic with a high-quality backlink. So, he can be your best choice if you need Foundation backlink creation experts.



He is an SEO expert. However, he can claim your brand name with 100 different social media backlinks. On the other hand, he can boost your ranking with a high-quality backlink. Besides, he knows keyword research, URL Canonicals, forum posting, and so on. He has ten years of experience in the SEO sector. Virat is a level two seller on Fiverr. He has worked at Fiverr since May 2019. So you can hire him for foundation backlinks.



It is SEO24x7x365 agency from Bangladesh. They have worked on Fiverr since 2017. Also, they are level two sellers on Fiverr as well. However, this agency can do 200 safe and permanent manual SEO backlinks. And they can do 100 high domain authority SEO profile backlinks. Their backlink quality is very high. Besides, They satisfy their customers. Their communication skill is excellent. They know three different languages, English, Bangla and Urdu. So, they will be your best choice for an SEO profile backlink creation expert.

Zihadul Islam- Best Profile Backlinks Experts

 Zihadul Islam

He is Zihadul Islam from Bangladesh. Zihadul Islam is a new seller on Fiverr. He has worked at Fiverr since August 2020. However, he has four years of experience in the SEO sector.  Besides, Zihadul can provide 50 safe and high authority and foundation backlink. He also provides 90 plus domain authority web 2.0 backlink. Moreover, He is affordable, and his communication skills are excellent. You can hire him if you need a foundation backlink creation expert.

FAQs( Profile Backlinks Creation)

How to hire SEO Profile Backlinks Creation Expert from Fiverr?

First of all, you need to log in to Fiverr. After that, make your profile complete. Then search and find your SEO expert and knock him/her. When confirming your seller then pay money in Fiverr. This money will be funded on Fiverr. After completing the work, Fiverr will pay this money to the seller.

Is buying backlinks on Fiverr safe?

It is forbidden for buying and selling backlinks by Google. On the other hand, you’re not going to buy backlinks from Fiverr, you’re just going to buy backlinks building services from Fiverr sellers. So, it is 100% safe to buy backlink building services on Fiverr. But bear in mind, you should tell your selected seller to build links manually.

How many profile backlinks should I create per day?

If you create hundreds or thousands of backlinks one day then it may be Black Hat SEO technique or spamming. So, you should not build all backlinks one day. My suggestion is to create profile backlinks per day maximum of 20.

How can I index profile links faster?

Until your profile backlinks are indexed by Google, it will not impact your site ranking and increasing Authority. Though the backlinks will be indexed automatically by Search Engines, it needs time. On the other hand, you can index faster, if you share your backlink’s URLs on Social Media. Also, you can index your profile backlinks faster using the Backlinks Indexer tool.

Final Word

One thing, you should bear in mind that you create every profile like a professional member, not a robot. I hope you have already understood how to create profile backlinks for a new site. If you have any questions about it, you can ask me by commenting below.

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