Loganix Review: Pricing, Pros, And Cons For 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 2, 2023
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Loganix  Review Summary 


For link building, people want to take a service from trustable agencies. Because all the agencies are not best for link building. Besides, Loganix is the best agency for link building and all SEO services. 

Value of Money

In this article, I will discuss with you the Loganix Review. After reading this article, you will know if Loganix is best for you or not. But most people take this for the link-building process. So, let's get to know about Loganix:

What is Loganix?

Loganix is a digital marketing agency. But this is known as a complete SEO agency. However, Loganix offers various SEO services and mainly link-building services. Besides, this agency helps many businesses and brings clients for them. They have a dedicated and experienced team member for work. 

Most people come to Loganix for a link-building service. But Loganix has a link-building service and a lot of premium services. Some services of Loganix are local SEO, SEO-friendly content writing, Keyword research, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, PPC campaign, etc. 

Moreover, Loganix has a dedicated team member. Especially, their SEO team members are very experienced in this field. Their SEO team members have also worked for more than a decade. 

Furthermore, Loganix was started in 2010. This company's founder is Adam Steele. In the last 12 years, this company has tried to provide more quality service for their clients. And they succeed. Now, this agency is trustable for link building and other SEO services.

Why is  Loganix?

In the last 12 years, Loganix has provided a complete quality service for their client. And now customers believe them. Because they have a lot of repeat customers. That's why they can quickly gain trust issues.

Nowadays, people take a service from them without any hesitation. There are many reasons people take a service from Loganix. So, let's know some reasons why you take a service from Loganix: 

1. Quality Service

Loganix tries to provide a complete quality service for its clients. And this makes the Loganix brand. Because customers want quality service all the time.

If you provide a quality service, you can easily trust your customers. And Loganix is different here because Loganix does not compromise on quality. 

2. More Experienced Team Member

Experienced team members are a significant asset in any agency. Because they can easily cope with any good or bad situation. However, Loganix has experienced team members.

Besides, their popular service is SEO. And they have a dedicated and experienced SEO team member.

Every member has more than ten years of experience. So, you can expect better from them. 

3. Don't miss the deadline

Loganix is very aware of their deadline. They are very dedicated to not forgetting the client's deadline. However, a client's deadline is crucial for any agency. If you miss the deadline, you can earn a wrong impression from your customer. 

And Loganix is very serious about this matter. They push their team members to complete the client's work under the deadline period. So, you don't need to be tense about work deadlines.

4. Reasonable Price

As you know, Loganix is trying to provide a premium quality service. Most people want a premium service at a reasonable price. But it is challenging to get a premium service at a low price. But Loganix is different from others in this matter.

Because you will get premium service from Loganix at a reasonable price.

It is an ample opportunity for those who don't have a big budget. 

5. Quality link building service

Link building is significant for SEO. However, most people are very nervous about link building. Because this will play a vital role in website ranking. And Loganix's primary service is link building.

Nowadays, most people depend on Loganix for link building. Loganix tries to provide a quality full link building service.

The price is a little bit high for link building. But this is a value for money service. 

6. Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Loganix. However, their main intention is to provide a quality service for clients and make them happy. It must be said that Loganix is successful in this goal. 

Last 12 years, they have provided quality service and made clients satisfied. 

7. Better Customer Relation & Support

Loganix is trying to make a strong customer relationship. However, they give more priority to their current clients. Besides, their main goal is to satisfy clients with good support. In this way, they get the repeat customer. 

So, if you get a repeat customer, you can earn a lot of money. Many times customers come for tests for the first time. After getting a good service, they give a bulk order.


8. Affiliate Program

Loganix provides all the above services. All the packages of Loganix have several conditions. However, you must agree with every requirement of Loganix. Besides, these may not be your choice.

So, there will be an excellent choice for you. You can place the custom order with your desired option.

For this, you need to contact Loganix and set up your order and replace it. 

What does Loganix offer?

Loganix is a top-level marketing agency. However, they offer a lot of premium services. Every service of Loganix is valuable. Do you know the service of Loganix and what they offer?

If you don't know then here, I will give you all the services of Loganix.

So, let's get discuss Loganix service:

Link Building

Link building is one of the critical services of Loganix. However, this is their main service. Because they have become very popular with this link-building service, it is very demanding.

Besides, it is the core part of SEO. And you will get a quality link-building service from them. Loganix doesn't take a link from the low DA PA website.

 So, you can easily take a service from Loganix link building service. 

Local SEO

Local SEO has become very popular in the SEO sector. However, this is very effective for local businesses. If you have any local business, you can add your website and other information to GMB. After adding this, if anyone searches for the relevant keyword. So, Loganix can do local SEO for you.

SEO Friendly Content Writing

Content writing is a crucial part of SEO. Most of the people are getting tense in this part. Because content writing is not an easy thing. However, everyone cannot do content writing.

So, people are going to hire people for content writing. 

Besides, Loganix added an SEO-friendly content writing service for their client. They provide plagiarism-free content. And also provide top-notch content. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is called the first part of SEO. Because when anyone wants to do SEO, then at first do keyword research. However, people want to rank their websites. But the website never ranked. A specific website is ranked in a particular keyword.

So, this is very important to find a rankable keyword. Loganix has a keyword research service. They provide you with a rankable keyword.

So, you will get a quality keyword research service from Loganix. 

On-Page SEO

On-page is essential for website SEO. However, this on-page SEO means SEO within a specific page. Most people do on-page with Yoast SEO or rank math.

But there are a lot of standard methods of on-page SEO. 

Loganix has an on-page SEO service. Besides, they do this in the best way. You will get this service at a reasonable price. 

SEO Audit

After completing every work, auditing is crucial. However, most people are avoiding this. But this is not an avoidable topic. Because if you avoid this topic, it will hamper your website ranking. So, this is very important to SEO audit and find the error. After getting an error, solve everything. Loganix does the SEO audit in the most advanced way. So, it will be best to take an SEO audit service from Loganix.

PPC Campaign

PPC campaign is the advanced marketing in the digital marketing industry. Because Google Ads is the most stable advertising platform in the online marketing industry.

However, the PPC campaign is result-oriented. And Loganix gives PPC campaign service for their valuable clients.

Besides, you will get optimized advertising in the Loganix PPC campaign.

So, you can easily take their service. 

Custom Order

Loganix provides all the above services. All the packages of Loganix have several conditions. However, you must agree with every requirement of Loganix. Besides, these may not be your choice.

So, there will be an excellent choice for you. You can place the custom order with your desired option.

For this, you need to contact Loganix and set up your order and replace it. 

Loganix Pricing

At this point, I will discuss Loganix Pricing. Here you can measure the pricing of Loganix. Before purchasing the service from Loganix, you need to pay all the prices of Loganix. However, Logix provides a premium service at a reasonable price. 

Moreover, Loganix's popular service is link building. It is a premium service of Loganix. It is the premium service of Loganix and other marketing agencies. However, you will get this link building at a reasonable price. The guest posting service starts from $200. 

Furthermore, Loganix's other services' price depends on the order quantity. Because all the services are not the same price. Some are low-priced, and some are high-priced services. But all the service prices are affordable compared to other marketing agencies like Loganix. 

You can also make a custom package for yourself. For this purpose, the price is not fixed yet. Loganix will set the cost of your required order.

But when you make a custom package, try to find the single service price manually. Then measure and get order your service with discussion Loganix.


Loganix Affiliate Program

Loganix has an affiliate program. However, you can earn money from Loganix. They created this program to increase sales. You need to register as an affiliate partner to join this affiliate program. 

Moreover, Loganix gives you a 10% commission on each order. But here, you need to maintain other things. So, let’s know some benefits & features of Loganix affiliate program:

  • Get a 10% commission on each order
  • 60 days tracking cookies and IP
  • Quick commission approval ( 31 days )
  • Minimum payout amount is $100
  • Payment method is Paypal ( once a month )
  • Average two orders within 60 days

Loganix Pros & Cons

Everything has a good side and a bad side. However, you need to know both sides before purchasing. Because some people are confused before purchasing. If any people understand both the good and bad side of Loganix, it will help purchase decisions. So, here I will discuss the Pros and Cons of Loganix. Let's know about this:

  • Premium Quality Service
  • Never miss the deadline 
  • Good behavior with customers.
  • Reasonable price for every service
  • Quality Link building service
  • Recommendation received from SEO expert & large organization
  • E-mail automation autoresponder with a third party.  
  • Affiliate system available
  • Elegant Dashboard 
  • Link building prices are higher than other services
  • Sometimes, it takes a longer time to provide the services.
  • Low response rate

Loganix Review Summary

When it comes to link building, you need to think about Loganix. Because Loganix is very popular for link building. However, this is a quality marketing agency. You cannot compare Loganix with other agencies. Because they provide a premium service with dedicated and experienced team members. 

Moreover, in this article, I have given the Loganix Review. After reading this article attentively, you can make your decision. This agency provides all the services at an affordable price. So, it will be a good decision for you if you choose a Loganix. Now the choice is yours.

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