Fiverr Affiliate Program: 10 Best Ways Make Money

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated September 9, 2020

Do you want to make money online ($3000+ easily per month) as an Affiliate Marketer? If the answer is “YES” then this step by step guide is for you. In this part, I’m going to discuss the Fiverr Affiliates Program, and how to make money with Fiverr Affiliate Program. Let’s start..

What is Fiverr Affiliate Program ?

Fiverr is a gig based freelance marketplace for selling various kinds of IT related services. Also, it has an e-learning platform called LEARN.

In the "Learn" section, Courses creators publish high demanded video courses for selling.

On the other hand, Fiverr also is the owner of AND.CO software which is for generating invoices and collecting money from out of freelance marketplaces. 

For promoting all services and products, Fiverr has created an affiliates Program. You can join Fiverr Affiliates Program and generate commission up to 50%.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

What Is Fiverr Affiliate Commission Plans?

Fiverr affiliate program is not like general affiliate programs. It has three commission plans especially Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Action (CPA), and Cost Per Revenue (CPR).

Fiverr Affiliate Commission Plan

Types Of Fiverr Affiliates Commission Plans

CPA Commission: Affiliates will be qualified for commission for each user who has created a new account and purchased services as an FTB (First- Time-Buyer). First-Time-Buyers are users who have made their first order on Fiverr. You can make up to $150 for each First Time Buyer who was referred by your affiliate links.

 Fiverr Affiliates Offers Dynamic CPA Commission plans. They provide ($15- up to $150) depending on the category that your FTB purchases from. 

If you anyone buy Fiverr Pro services from Fiverr's Pro Sellers then you will get $150 for each FTB (First-Time-Buyer). But anyone buys other services then you will get commission depending on the services categories which I have been describing below.

Fiverr CPA pro Commission
Fiverr CPA Commission 01
Fiverr CPA Commission 02
Fiverr CPA Commission 03
Fiverr Affiliate Commission 05
Fiverr Affiliate Commission 07

Hybrid Commission: It is a combination commission of CPA and Revenue Shares. You will get $10 CPA (First-Time Purchases) + 10% RevShare for the next 12 months for every FTB (First-Time-Buyer). So, in the Hybrid Commission system, there is no border of limited earning. You will earn more if your referral customers buy more.

Fiverr Affiliate Heybrid Commission

Revenue Share Commission: Though Promoting Fiverr Learn and (freelance Software) platforms, you will get 30% commission for every course selling and 50% commission for each referral customer paying.

Fiverr Affiliates Revenue Share

Fiverr Affiliates Cookies Life For Eligible Commission:


If you promote Fiverr Services then the cookies will valid for one month (30 days). It means that if you send customers to Fiverr with your referral link and the customers create an account on Fiverr within 30 days after clicking your referral link then you will be credited under you after the customer’s first buying.

On the other hand, if you promote other products (Learn and then cookies will be live for the next 12 months after clicking your referral link.

What is fiverr affiliate payout Methods?

It’s very easy to the payout from Fiverr Affiliates. Fiverr Affiliates have commonly 3 payment methods for money withdrawal. Those are PayPal, Payoneer, And Bank Transfer. It has a minimum threshold amount of $100 for PayPal/ Payoneer. 

So, it means when you will reach a minimum of $100 on your account, you can withdraw. On the other hand, Bank Transfer needs a minimum $1000 amount for withdrawal.

Fiverr Affiliate pays the beginning of every month. For example, if you reached your minimum threshold amount in February then you will be able to withdrawal the fund beginning of March.

Fiverr affiliate program sign up Page

Fiverr Affiliate Sign up page

It’s a very simple matter to create an account on Fiverr Affiliates Program. You can join Free Fiverr Affiliates. They don’t ask for any charge. Go to the Fiverr Affiliate Program Sign up page and Fill up every criterion step by step.

Main Benefits & Fiverr Affiliates Program Review

  • Free to Join And Instant Approval
  • Promote Thousands of Quality Products
  • Easy to Promote
  • Maximum Earnings Without Any Limitation
  • Awesome Affiliates Dashboard and Great Tracking Systemt
  • Creative And Helpful Resources
  • Very Helpful Tutorials For Starting
  • Have Sub-Affiliates System ( Means that You will Earn When you refer other to become an Affiliate)t
  • Professional Support and Dedicated Affiliate Manager.

Make Money With Fiverr Affiliates Program

Do you know? You can  make money from Fiverr affiliate in multiple ways. I’ve already described three (Services, Courses, Freelance Software) especially products or offers. You can promote them in many ways and make a lot of money faster as an Affiliate Marketer / CPA Marketer. I’ve been making money from it. 

Also, you can make money like me, if you copy my . In this session, I’m going to show you some effective promotional ways to promote Fiverr Affiliate Program’s Offers. Are you ready? Let’s go to start step by step.

01. Promote Fiverr Affiliates With Website (Blogging )

Blogging is one of the best ways of promoting of Fiverr Affiliate Program. If you have a website, you can create content around Fiverr’s services, courses, and freelance software. Then you can drive traffic through SEO, and Social Media Marketing on your content. Blogging is one of the best ways of promoting of Fiverr Affiliates Program.

If you have a website, you can create content around Fiverr’s services, courses, and freelance software. Then you can drive traffic through SEO and Social Media Marketing on your content.

Some Promotional Ideas On Website

Create Review and Tutorial Contents on your site

You can create freelancer’s gigs and video courses review contents on your and put your affiliate links everywhere. One content example is “10 Animation Video Experts List in Australia” “Best Digital Marketing Courses” You can create content for every category in your local language.

On the other hand, You can write step by step different kinds of tutorial guides of “Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Animation & Video Games Development, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Design, etc." .

In your every content, you can put affiliate links of Fiverr for completing the work by hiring freelancers.

For example, see my one of posts: 4 Steps to Build CPA Affiliate Marketing Niche Site.

Put Fiverr on your Resources Page

You can also promote Fiverr on your Resources page. Try to write a short review about Fiverr . Just tell your audiences why Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace for hiring freelancers for outsourcing their projects.

Add Fiverr Affiliates’s Banner ads on your site

I have already told you why the Fiverr Affiliates program is great for starting affiliate marketing / CPA Marketing. In the assets page, you will get banners and other marketing tools. You can add those banners on widget, Header, relevant contents.

Fiverr affiliates Assets

For making a website for starting blogging, I highly recommend you to buy Domain and Hosting from Bluehost, and theme from Thrivethemes or GeneratePress.

02. Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Through Facebook

Facebook marketing is a great free method for promoting CPA affiliate products. You can promote many ways Fiverr Affiliate on Facebook. I want to share only two methods here.

Before starting Facebook marketing using my methods, you should make the best freelancers ‘gigs list like me on different categories.

Fiverr Gigs Categories Example

Try to make sure that you have covered every gig links as affiliate links from Fiverr Affiliates Dashboard.

Commenting others People Jobs Request

It is very easy to promote Fiverr Affiliates on Facebook by commenting on other people's posts.

You will see that a lot of people are searching for freelance services ( Digital marketing, SEO, Content Writing, Graphics Design, Website design & Development, Software Development, Etc.) on different kinds of FB groups.

You just need to comment on those posts with your suggested Fiverr gigs links who can do the job perfectly.

Fb Jobs Request Comment Example

To keep in touch on those types of job request posts, you have to join some targeted business-relevant FB groups.

For example, I want to join Website design and development business-relevant groups. So, I have searched by typing on Facebook “Web Design and Development“

FB Jobs Request Groups Search Example

On the other hand, you can directly search for job request posts. Just search on Facebook search bar by “need (job category) expert”. For example, I’m searching for SEO jobs related posts by typing “WordPress Developer Needed" etc.

FB Jobs Search

Sharing Niche Relevant Facebook Groups

Also, you can promote Fiverr Affiliates’s Courses through sharing on the niche relevant FB groups. For example, if you want to promote a Digital course, then you have to join Digital Marketing related groups and share the affiliate link of the course with writing something about the course.

On the other hand, you can promote AND.CO software on Freelancer’s groups.

03. Promote Fiverr Affiliate With  Twitter

Twitter is a great free method for promoting Fiverr Affiliates Program. You can promote Fiverr Affiliates through the best 2 ways on Twitter.

Commenting Others People Jobs

You need to find out just jobs posting tweets like Facebook.  If you want to look for SEO job posts, then you can search on a Twitter search bar like this “SEO expert Need" etc.  So, your task is now just commenting on every post with appropriated gigs links about writing something them.

Twitter Jobs Search

Tweeting on Twitter

On the other hand, you can promote Fiverr affiliate tweeting on Twitter. You can do a lot of tweets of freelancer’s gigs and Courses. When you will start tweeting, you should use relevantly and targeted # tags for every post. So that every post reaches your targeted audiences.

04. Promote Fiverr Affiliate Program On Linkedin

Linkedin is another great platform for promoting Fiverr Affiliates.  You can promote Fiverr Affiliates Program multiple ways on Linkedin. The best two ways of promoting Fiverr Affiliates on Linkedin.

Promote Fiverr Affiliates on Linkedin Through Commenting and Posting

You can easily promote Fiverr affiliates by commenting on other people's posts and posting on LinkedIn. For finding jobs request posts for commenting, you have to search on Linkedin search bar by typing like “SEO expert need “etc.

On the other hand, you can write content on Linkedin as a blogger on different topics related to Fiverr’s services and products. Then you can put your referral links on your recommendation. For example, you can write about “how to start blogging," etc., then you can recommend someone gigs for setting up the website.

Linkedin Groups Marketing

Group marketing is another great way of promoting Fiverr Affiliates on Linkedin.

You can join different kinds of business-relevant Linkedin groups (Especially: Website Design, Website Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Writing, Animation Video Creation, etc. ).

Linkedin Group Search


After joining. You can start sharing other people gigs on those groups. You can drive a lot of quality traffic and get referrals.

05. Promote Fiverr Affiliates On Classified sites

You have a great opportunity of promoting Fiverr Affiliates on Classified sites freely. There are a lot of classified ads sites available where you can post ads free. You can need just create profiles on those sites and start posting as a seller on jobs or service categories.

06. Promote Fiverr Affiliates On Forums

Forums are great platforms for promoting Fiverr Affiliates Program. You can promote in the best 3 ways on forums sites.

Posting on Forums

You can promote Fiverr Freelancer’s gigs or directly Fiverr through posting on forums. You need to join the niche relevant forums. For finding targeted forums, you can search at Google using these phase keywords.

For example, if you want to find SEO forums then you have to search on Google typing this “SEO Forums” or “Backlinks+forums, etc.

Fiverr Affiliate Relevant Forum

After joining those forums, you can start posting on forums about Fiverr Affiliates Program’s Services gigs, Courses, and freelance software.

 Don’t do any spam posts. Then forums moderators will not approve your posts.
For example, see my one forum post about Fiverr.

Forum Posting

Commenting on Forums

As forums posting, you can also promote Fiverr Affiliates through Forums commenting. You just need to find out relevant other people's posts and write a high relevant comment using your referral links.

For example, I’m commenting on other people's posts.

Forum Commenting

Putting Link On Forum Signature

Maximum forums have a profile signature option. You can put your Fiverr Affiliates links on the signature option. When you will, posts on forums or comment on other’s people posts, your signature show everywhere. See the example:

Forum Signature

07. Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way of promoting Fiverr Affiliates or any affiliate program. If you have companies's (Software Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Graphics Design Agencies, Web Design, and Development Agencies, Copy Writing Agencies et.) email list or affiliates marketers email list, you can send a message about Fiverr to outsource their tasks on it to every email subscriber.

Linkedin is a good place for searching companies or online businessmen profiles to extract emails.

You can easily find out targeted location-based companies profiles on Linkedin.

You have to go just a Linkedin search bar and type your target business words like “Digital Marketing.” Then you have to select profile type (companies), and targeted location.

Linkedin Company Search

Now your task is to visit every profile and hunt their emails. If you are not an expert on extracting emails, then you can hire a Linkedin Emails Extractor from Fiverr.

After building a proper email list, your time is to send a message about Fiverr with an affiliate link to every email subscriber.

For sending one message by one click to every email subscriber, you have to use Email Marketing Software. I’m highly recommended to use ConvertKit for sending unlimited emails and building free landing pages.

08.  Promote Fiverr Affiliate On Quora

Quora is a great Questions and Answers (QA) site. Here you can easily promote the Fiverr affiliates program free just writing answers. You have to find out just relevant questions and answer them with affiliate links.

For an example of a question, What is the best place to hire PHP Developers?

Fiverr Affiliate On Quora

You have to write a quality answer and solve people's actual problems.

09.  Promote Fiverr Affiliate On WebTalk

WebTalk is a social media like Linkedin and Facebook. You can promote the Fiverr affiliates program without a website here. There are a lot of ways of promoting affiliate products on WebTalk.

Especially, I suggest you to continue posting about Fiverr’s gigs, Courses, and the AND.Co freelance software on your timeline. Also, you can promote through direct messaging marketing to other members.

10. Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Through Increasing Sub-affiliates

You have a good opportunity to make money through promoting just Fiverr Affiliates Network. Fiverr affiliates provide a 10% Tier-2 commission.

When you will refer other affiliates to join the Fiverr affiliates program, you get 10% of their lifetime earnings. So, affiliates make more money. You make more.

You can share the joining link with your friends, students, audiences, blog contents. It really can help us to make passive income.

Fiverr Referral Program VS Affiliate Program

Fiverr have a referral program as well as an affiliate program. When you refer someone to join Fiverr, you get 20% commission of their first orders. Also, the buyers will get a 20% discount. But you can make up to $100 from every customer.

On the other hand, Fiverr Affiliate Program has made especially for bloggers, Website owners, YouTubers, Social Influencers, etc. You can make both ways through
CPA ($15-$150) or $10+ 10% revenue.

So, the Affiliate Program is surely better than the Fiverr referral program.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: FAQs

Does Fiverr Have Affiliate Program?

Yes, Fiverr has an affiliate program. It means that when someone buys something on Fiverr using your referral link, you will receive a commission.

If you are interested in earning money online through Fiverr ,then you should check out the Fiverr affiliate program. You can earn up to $150 per sale here.

How Much do Fiverr Affiliates Make?

If you decide to join the Fiverr Affiliate program, you will earn commissions by referring new customers to the site.

You can choose basically from two different commission rates: $15-$150 CPA (first-time buyer purchases) and $10 CPA + 10% RevShare (RevShare for 12 months). 

So, if you generate 10 sales within a month, then you can make up to $1500 a month. But there have no earning limitations.

How Fiverr affiliate works?

Fiverr affiliate works like an affiliate network for digital services. It is the biggest freelance marketplace for buying and selling services. Fiverr has millions of services available. You can promote any from this platform as an affiliate and make money.

Is Fiverr Affiliate Legit?

Yes. Fiverr affiliate is legit program. I’m personally making a good amount money on this platform as an affiliate every month. Fiverr pay your money to your bank within time.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are a lot of Fiverr Affiliate Program Alternatives. Here are some of them.

  1. 1
    Upwork Affiliate
  2. 2
    Freelancer Affiliate
  3. 3
    Zeerk Affiliate
  4. 4
    TopTal Affiliate


Above all, Fiverr affiliates is a great affiliate program for both CPA marketers and Affiliate marketers. You can make money online multiple ways through it. Now your task is to find out the right audiences for promoting it.

I have already given some awesome ways for promoting Fiverr affiliate. You should follow them and take action. If you have any questions regarding it, you can ask me to comment below. Go ahead!

Marketer Rakib is a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Follow Rakib to learn how to scale up your online business for more Make Money. Before starting this blog, Rakib managed world's top digital marketing agencies. Now, He has been helping people to make money online through affiliate marketing.  

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