Nimbleway Review

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated February 28, 2023

Nimbleway is a web scraping and proxies platform that offers a range of powerful tools for collecting and analyzing data from websites. Based in Israel, Nimbleway has quickly become a leading player in the industry due to its user-friendly interface, reliable IP rotation technology, and customizable workflows.

Introduction to Nimbleway

Founded in 2018, Nimbleway has gained a strong reputation for providing a straightforward and intuitive platform for web scraping. The service allows users to collect and analyze data from websites quickly and accurately.

Features of Nimble IP

Nimbleway's IP rotation technology is one of its standout features. This technology enables users to scrape data without being blocked by websites, which is crucial for those who need to collect data at scale.

Nimble Web Data Platform

Nimbleway's web data platform is another impressive feature. It enables users to design custom data extraction workflows using a visual editor, making it easy to collect specific data from any website.

The Nimble Way to Gather Data

Nimbleway's platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of use cases. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, while its powerful features make it a reliable choice for businesses of any size.

User Experience

Nimbleway sets itself apart from competitors by prioritizing user experience. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are new to web scraping.

Nimbleway vs Competitors

Compared to other web scraping platforms, Nimbleway's user-friendly interface, powerful IP rotation technology, and customizable workflows make it a standout choice. Nimbleway offers competitive pricing plans to make its service accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Add a Review Website


Users can read feedback from other users on Nimbleway's review website to get an idea of the platform's strengths and weaknesses.

Pricing of Nimbleway

Basic plan

The basic plan starts at $300 per month and includes 300 credits, with additional credits available for purchase. It includes access to Nimble APIs for WebAPI, SERP, and e-commerce requests, as well as Nimble Browser and Nimble IP. The plan also includes worldwide coverage, full API functionality, an enhanced dashboard and analytics, dedicated and rotated IP addresses, and 10 pipelines.

Advanced plan 

The advanced plan starts at $700 per month and includes 700 credits, with additional credits available for purchase. It includes everything in the Basic plan plus a technical account manager, personalized onboarding, and 40 pipelines.

Professional plan

The professional plan starts at $1,100 per month and includes 1,100 credits, with additional credits available for purchase. It includes everything in the Advanced plan plus real-time alerts, advanced session control, unlimited concurrent requests, and 80 pipelines.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan starts at $4,000 per month and includes 4,000 credits, with additional credits available for purchase. It includes everything in the Professional plan plus access to Treasure Labs, custom AI parser skills, and 150 pipelines.

The pricing for each plan also includes different rates for Nimble APIs, Nimble Browser, and Nimble IP usage, depending on the plan level.

Overall, the pricing appears to be competitive with similar services in the market, although it's important to carefully evaluate the features and functionality included in each plan to ensure that it meets your specific needs.

Products and Services

In addition to its web scraping platform, Nimbleway also offers a range of related services, such as data enrichment, lead generation.

These services are designed to help businesses make the most of the data they collect. Also  you can collect lead for eCommerce business from eCommerce Scraper.

Security and Privacy

Nimbleway takes security and privacy seriously, using the latest encryption and security protocols to protect user data. The service is GDPR compliant, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of data protection.

Find and Reach Nimbleway's Employees

Nimbleway's team is always available to address any questions or concerns. Users can reach out to them directly through their website or social media channels.

Nimbleway's Financial Review

Despite being a relatively new company, Nimbleway has already demonstrated a strong financial track record, with steady revenue growth and a solid balance sheet.

This is a positive indication of the company's future and its ability to continue improving its platform.

Nimbleway's Pros And Cons


  • Ease of set up and proficiency: Nimble is user-friendly and easy to set up, which makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to implement a CRM system.
  • Integration with social media: Nimble's widget application is intelligent and can pull information from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, saving users time and effort.
  • Integration with PieSync: Nimble has added PieSync as an add-on application that can handle two-way syncing with other cloud-based applications, which is a significant improvement.


  • Limited integrations: Although Nimble offers integrations with popular tools like Gmail and Office 365, it still lacks integrations with some essential cloud-based applications like Constant Contact and QuickBooks online.
  • Limited customization options: Nimble's customization options are limited, which might not be suitable for businesses with unique workflows and specific requirements.
  • Limited reporting and analytics: Nimble's reporting and analytics capabilities are not as robust as some other CRM systems, which could be a drawback for businesses that require more detailed insights into their customer data.

Managing Customer Journeys in a Nimble Way for Industry 4.0

Nimbleway's platform is well-equipped to help businesses navigate the challenges of Industry 4.0. Its powerful data extraction and analysis tools can help businesses optimize their customer journeys in an ever-changing landscape.

Summary of Nimbleway Review

Nimbleway is a user-friendly web scraping and proxies platform that offers a range of powerful tools for collecting and analyzing data from websites. Its reliable IP rotation technology and customizable workflows make it a standout choice in the industry. With its competitive pricing plans and related

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