Top 15 Best Doodle Video Examples for Business

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated April 13, 2024

Doodle videos are a great medium for letting people know what you want to tell them about your product value. In fact, Doodle videos are like a narrator that explains your story to the audience in a different unique style. 

These videos can hold up audiences for a long time to get your point across. Also, they provide valuable information as per your need.

There are a lot of companies that make such videos that are very flexible as well as versatile. Doodle videos are now widely used around the world and their popularity is rising rapidly. 

In this article, I am going to enlighten such Doodle videos that are very exclusive.

Top 15 Best Doodle Video Examples for Business

Let's get introducing with the 10 best Doodle Video Examples for business without any further delay.

1. Customer Green

Customer Green

Customer Green is a very unique and entertaining whiteboard video creator. It is basically a self-improvement software for business. It creates engaging scripts and brings potential customers to your business.

Besides, this type of video helps to give a simple but effective overview of how Green Customer works. Therefore, it enables us to guide audiences through the main aspects and features. Thus, they can easily realize how it works.

2. Biodiversity Explained

Biodiversity Explained

Biodiversity Explained is a very good option for educational purposes. WWF International has already described the power of these videos. So anyone can easily realize what biodiversity is.

3. Where Do Good Ideas Come From

Where Do Good Ideas Come From

These types of Whiteboard videos are a great way to show how creative you are. They help to find out where the great ideas come from.

Besides, these videos represent your product in a way that does not feel like self-promoting. These videos uphold the basic premises of your product to the customers.

4. Content 2020 Approach

Content 2020 Approach

It has been already stated that Doodle Videos are very flexible. This example is proof of that. These whiteboard videos do not take a long time to narrate a video. 

Therefore, doodle videos are the best option for the business as they share the extensive history of their company or current state.

5. Stress, Neanderthals, and the US

Stress, Neanderthals, and the US

This style is very beneficial for businesses as they can use it to promote their product. Also, these videos help to increase awareness about public event attendance. 

As doodle videos can present a relatable video in a few minutes that serves as a teaser for the exhibition.

6. Beat Generals FL Studio Tutorials

Beat Generals FL Studio Tutorials

Doodle Videos sometimes do not seem to be different from other types of videos. It is music that makes it more attractive.

Music is mixed up with other elements in order not to be intrusive. So, your choice of music is very important while making videos.

7. Reinvent Your Print Production Operations

Reinvent Your Print Production Operations

Sometimes, the process of how tech solutions work is not comprehensive. Moreover, it is boring to listen to long technical explanations. 

Thanks to Doodle videos for making such amazing drawings to illustrate complex content so easily with music. So people never get bored watching these videos.

8. The 1-2-3 Of Early COVID Testing

The 1-2-3 Of Early COVID Testing

Holding up viewers' attention to the point of important information is not easy. Whereas this style of doodle videos makes it simple. 

It ensures delivering your information to the audience so fast and straight to the point. Thus, it does not let people lose their attention to your information.

9. Demystifying Ocean Acidification

Demystifying Ocean Acidification

This style is the perfect suit for businesses that want to convert a complex topic into an animated series. Each series contains a different aspect of the said topic. 

Once The California Academy of Science shared information about biodiversity by using a series of 10+ Doodle videos. That was an amazing idea to give a lesson to their viewers.

10. Raising Her Voice

Raising Her Voice

This style of Doodle Videos enables you to raise awareness about any topic. Oxfams reminds us of the history of women’s rights that they are still facing. 

Moreover, they try to show what they are doing to help them. Also, they encourage people to support them when watching the videos. Surprisingly, they can accomplish it within 87 seconds.

11. Dropbox - The Power of Simplicity

Dropbox - The Power of Simplicity

This doodle video by Dropbox effectively demonstrates the power of simplicity in promoting their cloud storage and file sharing services. The animation uses simple characters, icons, and text to showcase how Dropbox can enhance productivity and collaboration. With a clear and concise message, this video effectively communicates the value proposition of their product.

12.MailChimp - Email Marketing Made Easy

mailChimp - "Email Marketing Made Easy"

MailChimp's doodle video exemplifies how they simplify email marketing for businesses. The animation takes viewers on a journey through creating professional emails and managing mailing lists with ease. The vibrant colors, hand-drawn illustrations, and playful music capture attention while conveying MailChimp's user-friendly features, making it an engaging and memorable video.

13. HubSpot - Inbound Marketing Explained

HubSpot - Inbound Marketing Explained

HubSpot utilizes doodle animation to explain the concept of inbound marketing in an engaging way. Through simple sketches and voiceover narration, this video breaks down complex marketing strategies into easily understandable concepts. The use of different characters and scenarios helps viewers relate to various stages of the customer journey, making it easier for businesses to grasp the benefits of inbound marketing.

14. Crazy Egg - Heat Mapping Simplified

Crazy Egg - Heat Mapping Simplified

Crazy Egg's doodle video simplifies the concept of heat mapping—an analytical tool used to optimize website design—for businesses unfamiliar with advanced analytics techniques. With colorful illustrations and step-by-step explanations, this video demonstrates how heat maps can provide valuable insights into user behavior on websites. By presenting complex data in an accessible format, Crazy Egg effectively positions itself as a useful tool for improving website performance.

15. Zendesk - Customer Support Delivered

Zendesk - Customer Support Delivered

Zendesk's doodle video showcases their customer support platform in a delightful manner. Using charming hand-drawn animations combined with a friendly voiceover, this video demonstrates how Zendesk enables businesses to provide exceptional customer service. The video highlights key features such as ticket management, live chat, and knowledge base integration in an intuitive and visually appealing way.

Frequently Ask & Questions

What are doodle videos?

Doodle videos, also known as whiteboard animations or sketch videos, are short animated videos that use hand-drawn illustrations to explain or demonstrate a concept. They are an effective way to engage and communicate with audiences in a visually appealing and memorable manner.

How can doodle videos benefit my business?

Doodle videos offer several benefits for businesses. They can simplify complex ideas or processes, making them easier to understand for customers or clients.

These videos can also increase engagement by capturing attention and conveying information in an entertaining and captivating way. Additionally, doodle videos have been proven to enhance memory retention, ensuring that your message sticks with viewers for longer periods.

Are there any specific industries where doodle videos work best?

Doodle videos can be used across various industries and sectors. They are particularly effective for businesses in the education sector, as they make learning more engaging for students of all ages.

Additionally, companies offering products or services that require explanation or demonstration, such as software companies or marketing agencies, can greatly benefit from using doodle videos. However, the versatility of doodle videos means they can be adapted to suit almost any industry.

Can I create a professional-looking doodle video on my own?

While it's possible to create simple doodle videos using free or low-cost software tools available online, creating a professional-looking video may require some expertise in animation and design. If you have the necessary skills and resources, creating your own video could be an option. Otherwise, it is recommended to hire a professional animation studio experienced in creating high-quality doodle videos for businesses.

Where can I find examples of best-in-class doodle videos for business?

There are several platforms where you can find exemplary doodle video examples created specifically for business purposes:

1) Video production agencies: Many video production agencies specialize in creating professional doodle videos tailored to the needs of businesses. Their portfolio will showcase their best work, providing you with examples to assess their quality and style.

2) Online marketplaces: Websites like VideoHive or Fiverr have a wide selection of pre-made doodle video templates created by skilled animators. This option allows you to customize the templates to include your own content, saving time and effort.

3) Social media platforms: Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are home to many talented animators who create and share their doodle videos. Searching for specific keywords related to your industry or business can lead you to ample examples that inspire your own video creation.


Doodle videos are a perfect fit for promoting products, educating new things to people, conveying complex messages, and so on. In fact, Doodle videos are a great complement to any kind of marketing campaign.

Undoubtedly, Doodle videos can lead your business to another level with their exclusive tactics of engaging audiences. Hopefully, these examples pave the way to making your own videos for your business. 

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