20+ Best Doodle Video Maker Software in 2024 (Free Trial)

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated October 31, 2023
Best Doodle Video Maker Software and App Review

Are you looking for the best Doodle Video Maker Software? If the answer is “YES” then this guide is for you. You know doodle video making is very easier in the video creation industry.

But if you don’t get the best Doodle Video creation software then it may be complex for you. So, I want to share the best whiteboard animation software or doodle video maker software review here. Let's choose the best one.

Highlights: The Best Doodle Maker Software for Marketing

What is a Doodle Video Maker Software?

A Doodle Video Maker Software is a powerful tool. It allows individuals and businesses to create engaging and captivating videos using hand-drawn animations.

It offers a unique approach to video creation, using doodle-style drawings and animations to convey information in an exciting and visually stimulating way.

You can use this software to create videos by combining images, text, audio, and pre-designed doodle animations.

These animations can be easily customized to match the content of the video, making it highly versatile. 

It also provides a range of features and tools that help users streamline the video creation process, such as drag-and-drop functionality, pre-made templates, and a library of assets like images, icons, and sound effects.

Top 5 Best Doodle Video Maker Software Comparison


Best For



Beginners & Non-designer

Marketers & Content Creators




Starts From $49

Starts from $12.5

$47 One-time Payment

Starts from $37


24-hour Except holidays

24-hour Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Support Ticket

Special Offer

30-day Money-back Guarantee

14-day Free Trial

50% discount on yearly subscription

30-day Money-back Guarantee

30-day Money-back Guarantee

20+ Best Doodle Video Maker Software and App List

Doodly is the best Doodle Video Maker Software

Can you give your videos a professional touch to make them more realistic? Doodly is the only solution to your problem. 

This simple animation software allows you to create videos without professional or technical skills.

Doodly is among the Best Doodle Video Maker Software to create a video in minutes. You do not need to hire professional designers and wait months to get videos delivered. 

It is worth mentioning that Doodly has developed a new tool named Voomly Cloud. This tool is a world-class video platform and a robust content creation tool.

You will be fascinated with other awesome tools such as Toonly, Talkia, etc. Doodly does everything needed to entertain, engage, and positively affect your visitors. 

Therefore, choose this Doodle video maker software to generate more leads and sales for your business. Hopefully the doodle video guideline easy to find the software.

Special Key Benefits

  • Can create pro-level doodle videos
  • Five board style
  • More than 100 hand styles
  • More than 1000 doodles
  • Can create custom draw paths
  • Can export high definition video

Plans And Pricing

How much does Doodle cost? Doodly offers two plans. Both are monthly and annual packages. In monthly packages, you cancel at any time. Besides, annual packages are cheaper than monthly packages.

However, Doodly doesn't give any free trial opportunities. Let’s check Doodly’s pricing in detail.

  • Standard 

    In the standard pack, you have to pay $490 per month in annual billing. And $49 per month in monthly billing. You can also get 1164 character images, 1620 pop images, 150 royalty-free music tracks, and many more.

  • Enterprise

    In the enterprise pack, you have to pay $790 per month in annual billing. And $79 per month in monthly billing. You can get 3959 character images, 3341 pop images, 250 royalty-free music tracks, and many more here.

    Doodly offers 17% off for annual billing. It provides plans both for small and big businesses.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Take a few minutes to make videos
  • Create unlimited whiteboard videos
  • Doodly can be installed on many computers


  • Internet connection is mandatory
Doodle Maker

Wanna achieve and exceed your business sales and marketing goal? Doodle Maker would be the best choice for your business.

Why? It plays a vital role in maximizing online traffic and sales. As it displays animated whiteboard videos to the audience.

You can also enhance your business’s success with this amazing Doodle Video Maker App. Because it can increase referrals to your offers by 32%. You can also share Doodle videos more than three times.

Worthy of mentioning, Doodle Video Maker is the fastest video maker software worldwide due to its first-to-maker AI technology. It is the best ai doodle video generator.

Making an awesome informational or promotional video takes just a few minutes. As a result, you can save your valuable time and invest it to get more productivity.

In other words, Doodle Video Maker is a Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Technology. You can transfer any text or content into colorful Doodle videos in any language using Next-Gen Artificial Intelligence Software.

I recommend choosing this Doodle Maker to ensure your organic traffic, sales, and ultimately business growth. Also you can use it as ai video generator software

Special Key Benefits

  • 300+ ready-made templates
  • AI Video Translation  
  • High-quality doodle images & icons
  • Image to sketch converter
  • Built-in professional transitions
  • Multiple languages
  • Uses of Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cloud-Based Tool

Plans And Pricing

Doodle Maker does not provide various packages. It offers a one-time payment plan. Let’s check it out.

The enterprise license plan asks for only $69, including unlimited videos, AI videos, 300+ video templates, unlimited video renders, etc. It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Limitless videos making
  • Video quality full HD 1080p
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Translate videos into 60+ languages. 


  • It is very time-consuming.
Animaker Doodle Video Software

Animaker is the best platform to make animation and live-action videos, whether you are a beginner, non-designer, or professional. It is the perfect Doodle Video Maker Software to create videos simply.

How do you make Doodle Videos in Animaker? Creating videos in Animakler is very simple. Animaker removes the monotony of making only whiteboard videos. 

With this software, you can make 5 different styles of videos, such as Blackboard, Notepad, Whiteboard, Stitchboard, and Glassboard.

Besides, Animaker is so simple that even a child can make videos with its Drag and Drop Mechanism. You can even create billions of rare characters using this powerful software. 

Furthermore, you can have unlimited photos and videos. About 100M+ stock of photos and videos are available.

Whether you are a beginner or a non-designer, Animaker Doodle Video Maker is highly recommended for you to create live-action videos for every moment of life.

Special Key Benefits

  • Professionally crafted templates
  • World's largest video asset library
  • Can create 15 facial features
  • With over 20 facial expressions
  • Auto lip-sync system
  • 80% smart move systems

Plans And Pricing

Animaker offers five different pricing plans. However, you can purchase both monthly and yearly packages.

You can also save up to 50% if you take annual packages. So, let’s talk about pricing and plans:

  • Free

    Is Animaker really free? Yes, in the free packages, you don't need to pay money. You will get everything free of cost. But you get limited features. 

  • Basic 

    In the basic plan, you have to pay $12.5 per month in monthly packages. And if you want to take a yearly package, you must pay $150 annually
  • Starter

    You have to pay $25 per month in monthly packages. And if you want to take a yearly package, you must pay $300 annually for the starter package.
  • Pro

    In the pro package, you have to pay $39 per month in monthly packages. And if you want to take a yearly package, you must pay $468 annually.
  • Enterprise

    Basically, the enterprise package is botany fixed. Here you need to create your custom packages. 


  • Powerful HTML5 engine
  • 20 facial expressions are available
  • Less time consuming
  • Provide 1000+ templates


  • Auto features are not available
(Animation Studio) WhiteBoard Animation Software

The Animation Studio is a top-rated Doodle video creation software. Animation Studio is the only option to create a pro-quality 2D animated explainer video. There is no binding about language or niche. 

However, Animation Studio is certified game-changer software for all business, marketing, and website owners. 

You can post your eye-catching content videos on social media to create brand awareness for your business.

With the help of this software, you can replace boring videos with captivating and fun animated explainer videos. 

Animation Studio is a fantastic Doodle Video Maker Software. It makes your website more productive to the customers and increases leads for your business. So, hurry up and grab this software.

Special Key Benefits

  • Get a vast library of animated characters and elements
  • It has an open canvas. Here you can create a video from scratch.
  • Multiple language support
  • Instant translation opportunity
  • Get a ready-made niche template
  • Professional voice recorder included
  • Get professional studio-grade videos
  • Get an unlimited commercial license for selling videos

Plans And Pricing

Animation Studio doesn't have a lot of price packages. It has just one package. However, you will get everything in one package. 

Animation studios offer everything for just $47 one time. Besides, you will get 30 days money-back guarantee offers. 

But creating a quality animated video is a costly undertaking. It costs around $500 to make 30 seconds video.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ready-made templates
  • Create brand awareness for free
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Huge collection of animated characters


  • Producing quality animated videos is costly.
ExplaindioVideo Creator for Blackboard Animation Video Maker

Explaindio is the best Doodle Video Maker for creating attractive videos and turning visitors into the ultimate buyers. 

Its Drag-n-Drop video creator system takes a few minutes to make 2D&3D Animation, Explainer, Doodle Sketch, and Motion videos. 

So, it will bring abundant buyers to your website and generates earnings for your business.

Worth mentioning, Explaido is the only software that has WARP technology. This technology makes such videos that no other apps can make.

Besides, Explaindio is known as the most reliable Doodle Video Maker on the market. The videos it makes are very easy to understand and very simple to make.

You can create the videos with three simple steps: create, customize, export & share.

So give it a try and see how dazzling and helpful Explaindo is. It compels people to see the videos when they scroll through social media. Also, turns them into regular buyers.

Special Key Benefits

  • 200+ ready-use animated scenes
  • 500+ doodle sketch images
  • Background audio tracks
  • More than 300+ fronts
  • Six animated characters
  • The easy video creation wizard

Plans And Pricing

Explaindio has three price packages. But it doesn’t give free trial opportunity. However, it gives you a 14-day money-back guarantee in each package. So, let’s learn its pricing plans:

  • Explaindio Video Creator Monthly

    In this package, you have to pay money monthly. Its regular pricing is $57 per month. But now it gives you an offer. Thus, you have to pay $37 per month.

  • Explaindio Video Creator Annual 

    Here, you need to pay money annually. Its regular pricing is $147 per year. But now it gives you an offer. So, you have to pay $67 per year.
  • Explaindio Video Creator One-Time

    This package is a lifetime deal. In this package, you need to pay money one time. Its regular pricing is $697 one time. But now it gives you an offer. So, you have to pay $497 one time.


  • Takes a few minutes to make professional videos
  • Needs only three steps to create videos
  • No experience required
  • Unlimited video making
  • 100% free traffic


  • Need an enterprise license to install this app on more than one computer.
(TTS Sketch Maker) is the best Doodle Video Creator

TTS Sketch Maker is one of the best Whiteboard Animation Software. You can quickly make text-to-speech animation videos within a minute. 

Besides, here are both male and female voices. You can get a high-quality voice, including Video+Music+Voiceover. This software also works on both PC and Macs. 

TTS Sketch is the best Doodle Video Maker tool for beginners. You can make high-quality whiteboard videos within a few minutes.

Buy this software and make your videos more attractive by adding a human voiceover to gather more product customers.

Special Key Benefits

  • 25 voice include
  • Add 14+ languages  
  • Six training videos
  • 12 fronts
  • 27 TTS Voices
  • 150 SVG Path animated images
  • Can add your background music and video 
  • 100% Copyright free music

Plans And Pricing

TTS Sketch maker has just one package. Basically, its price is very high. But now this gives you a special offer. With this special offer, you can buy less than two pizzas. 

However, the TTS Sketch maker pricing is $97. But now you can get a discount. So, you just need to pay a $37 one-off payment.

Then, you will get this for a lifetime. You will also get a 30 days money-back guarantee.

You will get one software license, one walk-through video, four video formats, five backgrounds, and many more at this price. So, this is a meager price with these features.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Save money and time
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited creative features
VideoScribe ( Best WhiteBoard Animation Software )

Videoscribe is the best Doodle Video maker for beginners to professionals. It is a very easy-to-use, drag-and-drop animated video maker.

So, it creates show-stopping videos and GIFs within minutes. You can make animated videos so easily with this software.

In Videoscribe, you will get plenty of GIF templates and high-quality animated videos for a particular topic. It takes only five minutes to complete and share the video with the public. 

Besides, this tool is fitted to every field, whether it is teaching or education. So, you can use this tool for any purpose related to your business.

Then see how Videoscribe brings the audience to your website and increases sales. 

Overall, Videoscribe is a tool with versatile characters. So, see how it conveys your message to everyone and bring them to your website.

Special Key Benefits

  • Give you more than 7300 images
  • Record voice-over opportunity.  
  • Get nine different background texture
  • 250+ royalty-free music
  • Get 13 different hand
  • Made three different charts
  • Get video with high quality 

Plans And Pricing

Videoscribe pricing plans made for two types of people. One for single users and one for team users. Both have three in different packages.

However, Videoscribe gives seven days of free trial opportunities. So, let's discuss the price plan for single and team users.

  • Monthly Plan 

    In the monthly plan, you have to pay $22.00 per month.

  • Yearly Plan 

    In the yearly plan, you have to pay $108 annually. And this amount is $9 monthly. Also, you can save 59%. 
  • Team Plan 

    You have to contact them for discounted team subscriptions. These simple pricing plans that Videoscribe offers at a very reasonable price. You will get 7 days free trial opportunity.


  • Versatile animation tool
  • Free trial opportunity
  • Less time consuming
  • Free video and GIF templates


  • It doesn't support 4k video quality.
Adobe For Doodle Video Making

Adobe is an American multinational software company. However, this software has a lot of tools. Tools are Photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, InDesign, aftereffects, spark, XD, and many more. 

But you can make it with Adobe's product when it comes to Doodle Video Maker. Adobe premiere pro is the best tool for making doodle videos and whiteboard animation. 

Moreover, Adobe Premiere gives you a lot of opportunities. You can make outstanding whiteboard designs in Adobe premiere pro. 

You can also get a recorded voice-over and get a fantastic sound effect. Besides, its price is affordable for everyone. Everyone can purchase this annually and monthly package.

Special Key Benefits

  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Get access in Adobe portfolio, font, spark  
  • Record voice-over and sound effect
  • Create an outline for a video
  • Create a storyboard with an animation style
  • Get royalty-free music

Plans And Pricing

There are three different packages of Adobe Premiere Pro. However, you can take a 30-day free trial of this software. After you need to purchase this. So, let’s learn about price packages:

  • Monthly

    In this plan, you have to pay $31.49 per month.

  • Annual Plan (Prepaid) 

    This plan is an annual plan. You must be paid one time a year. In this plan, you have to pay $31.49 per month. 
  • Annual Plan (Monthly Plan) 

    This plan is also an annual plan. But here you need to pay monthly. In this plan, you have to pay $31.49 per month.


  • Used by professionals
  • Quality and reliable
  • Always up-to-date with new features
  • Offers a wide range of products


  • It can be expensive

Powtoon is one of the best doodle video makers.  It helps to create Jaw-Dropping videos and presentations. However, this is all-in-one software. 

You can create, manage and distribute in one place through Powtoon. You can also make video infographics and presentation slides from here.

Moreover, it will be best for you if you are searching for any value-for-money doodle-making software.

Besides, you can use it for free. The premium version price is low, and you will get 24/7 customer support from Powtoon. 

Therefore, choose this software to make videos in any style with images, characters, or animation. Also, share them to the social platforms easily to gather more traffic to your website.

Special Key Benefits

  • Get royalty-free music and objects
  • Can create, manage and distribute in one platform  
  • Make video infographics and presentation GIFs
  • Get unlimited stock footage videos
  • Screen and webcam recorder
  • Social media publishing

Plans And Pricing

Is Powtoon free to use? No, it has a few premium plans. However, the packages are very attractive and value for money. There are also both monthly and yearly packages. So, let's know the price of Powtoon:

  • Lite 

    You must pay $50 monthly and $180 annually in this package. You will also get 5 premium experts per month, lengths up to 10 min, download as mp4, etc.

  • Lite 

    You must pay $50 monthly and $180 annually in this package. You will also get 5 premium experts per month, lengths up to 10 min, download as mp4, etc.

  • Professional

    The professional package is best for occasional use. However, you need to pay $190 monthly and $480 annually. Also, get unlimited premium exports, everything in the Lite plan, etc. 
  • Business 

    You have to pay $125 monthly and $1500 annually. Also, include everything in the Professional plan, create your custom plan, lengths up to 30 min, and so on. 

    You will also get Powtoon branding removed, download mp4, full HD video, etc.


  • Free trial
  • Customizable templates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full privacy control


  • Miscommunication can sometimes cost you.

Create Studio is a powerful doodle video creator. Do you want to make Pro videos? Then you are at the right place. 

With Create Studio, you can attract audiences with pro videos. Even you do not need to do any special editing to the videos or any freelancer.

Don’t have any technical skills to design or create a video? No need to worry.

Create StudioPro is a professional video creation and animation software. It makes high-quality video creation so easy for you in a very short time. 

If you want to make pro videos without having experience or hiring professionals, I highly recommend Create Studio Doodle Video Maker Software.

Special Key Benefits

  • Can create unlimited videos and get commercial use license
  • 8x Free 3D animation character and 20x free 2D animation character  
  • 30+ background and 100+ animated emojis
  • Text to speech creator
  • Get royalty-free music
  • Green Screen color removal

Plans And Pricing

Create Studio doesn’t have a lot of pricing packages. Here are just two packages. Let's check them out.

  • Creator Plan

You must pay $37 monthly and $199 annually for this plan. You will get all the characters' scenes and video resources for making amazing videos.

  • All Access Plan

You must pay $47 monthly and $349 annually for this plan. This plan is best for you if you want to make loads of videos in haste. It offers some additional features.

All the plans also included unlimited video export, commercial license, share projects, AI background remover, etc.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Very fast in design making
  • Flexible features
  • Wild video effects


  • Limited customization
Vyond ( WhiteBoard Animation Software)

Vyond is an amazing Doodle Video Maker For Education tool. It enables your customers and employees to get engaged, educated in professional animation videos. Thus, it helps to bring incredible profit to your business.

Moreover, Vyond is popular for its durable communication purposes. You can solve any business issues.

Vyond specializes in creating animation video content related to serious business issues. Such as L&D training courses, explainer videos, sales pitch videos, etc.

On top of that, Vyond fulfills every business animation needs. It helps to increase human engagement and productivity.

It impacts marketing by boosting ROI, brand awareness, and conversion. It also increases sales through animated sales videos.

You will benefit greatly from this software as it enables you to communicate better and bring huge ROI for your business.

Special Key Benefits

  • Get an entire library of customizable templates.
  • Training and e-learning opportunities
  • High-quality data and private security
  • Use static text
  • Use all types of video-exporting files
  • Use this with your team members

Plans And Pricing

Vyond has four different price packages. However, at first, you can take a 14-day free trial. Here, you can take both monthly and yearly packages.

But yearly packages are more profitable than monthly packages. So, let’s learn the price of each package:

  • Essential 

    In this package, you need to pay $25 per month. You have to be paid $299 per year in a yearly plan. It is a single-user plan.

  • Premium 

    You need to pay $54 per month for this plan. You have to be paid $649 per year in a yearly plan. It is a single-user-based plan.
  • Professional 

    In this package, you need to pay $92 per month. You have to be paid $1099 per year in a yearly plan. It is a team-based package. The package price is for each team member.
  • Enterprise 

    Enterprise is a custom plan. You have to be in contact with Vyond to know the enterprise pricing. 


  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Increase ROI
  • Huge asset library


  • The essential plan does not have live chat support.

Moovly is known as the best Doodle video maker software. In other words, it is popular for any kind of video-making. But you can make doodle videos and animation videos easily in Moovly. 

Besides, Moovly is beneficial in many ways for your organization. You can mix it up with your media, servers, and workflows. Then see how it improvises the sales, marketing, human resources, internal comms, etc.

Moreover, you will be fascinated with the massive collection of professionally made video templates.

Just pick a template and customize it as per your need. You can also make your style video by taking an empty canvas.

I highly recommend the Moovly Doodle Video Maker tool. You can make your brand-style videos with a professional touch.

Special Key Benefits

  • Create video in different types of style
  • Can make a video with a ready template or scratch  
  • Use a voice over with a 100 artificial voice
  • Can apply stunning effects and animation
  • Auto subtitle and translate language

Plans And Pricing

Moovly has three different price Plans. And both have a price package. Let’s learn the pricing plan:

  • Individual Subscription plan
    • Pro- $33.25 per month package and $399 in the yearly package.

    • Max- $49.92 per month package and $599 in the yearly package.

    • Enterprise- This is a custom package. You need to contact Moovly for a known price

  • Enterprise Plan
    The enterprise plan is available for a team of five users. The yearly subscription fee is $599 per user. Discount is applicable for six users. You need to contact the team of Moovly if the number of users exceeds 25 users.
  • Education Plan 

    • Free- This is for knowing the Moovly. You don't need to pay for this

    • Edu Free- This package is also free for creative education. 

    • Edu Pro- $8.25 per month package and $99 in the yearly package.

    • Edu Max- $20.75 per month package and $249 in the yearly package.


  • Video can be created in any style
  • Super easy to use
  • Built-in Chat GPT
  • 120 million media objects


  • Limited characters with animation option
Fiverr For Doodle Video Creation

Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. You will get all types of services here.

In other words, sellers sell their services, and buyers buy services from sellers. On Fiverr, you will also get all professional sellers, beginner, and mid-level sellers. 

Moreover, Fiverr is not software. Here, you have to hire a specialist. If you find any Doodle Video Maker or whiteboard animation maker on Fiverr, you will find it quickly. 

Because most specialists in this sector give services on Fiverr. Besides, you can take their services by seeing their previous work review and sample. 

Furthermore, there are lots of marketplaces in the world. But at present, Fiverr is on the top.

So, you can get the best Doodle video maker from Fiverr. If you have budget problems, Fiverr will be your best choice.

Special Key Benefits

  • Get all types of seller Beginner to professional
  • Take budget-friendly seller  
  • See the review of the seller
  • Take a sample of previous work
  • Get support from Fiverr if you face any problem

Plans And Pricing

The price of Fiverr is not set. Because Fiverr is not an agency, it is a marketplace. However, some sellers sell their services. But the price depends on the seller's knowledge and experience.

But the approx price of an experienced seller starts at a minimum of $50 and goes up to $200-$500. However, you can get a $5-$10 seller. But you won’t get quality from them.


  • Cheap rate
  • Communication and transaction system is good
  • Expose a buyer to the international audience


  • Sometimes getting payment is late
Renderforest- Best White Board Animation software

Render Forest is the place where you get all your design elements. This is a fantastic Doodle Video Maker Software for creating videos, animations, branding, mockups, presentations, etc.

Thus, it takes your business to another level with these marvelous videos.

You need to subscribe once and enjoy the advanced features of the Render Forest marketing tool.

It helps to boost your presence and brand awareness with advanced promotional videos, explainer animations, tutorials, intros, etc.

Moreover, you can make whiteboard animation and doodle videos easily. On the other hand, it greatly impacts website marketing by creating amazing websites for your business.

Its pricing is also more affordable than its services. Render Forest is a powerful explainer tool. It creates promotional videos.

Special Key Benefits

  • All in one branded platform
  • Get realistic product mockup  
  • Customizable web template
  • 3D animated character
  • Make different video size
  • Get 24/7 support

Plans And Pricing

Render Forest has five different price packages. Basically, there are two types of pricing options. One is subscription-based, and the other is pay-per-product. Here, I will tell you about subscription-based pricing plans.

  • Free

    It is a free plan. You can use this forever. However, you will get only 500 MB of storage. You can also create 360p videos, logos in PNC, etc.

  • Lite 

    In this package, the monthly price is $14.99, and you save up to 40% discount for the yearly package. However, you will get 10 GB of storage. Also, you can create unlimited HD720 videos and so on.
  • Pro  

    In this package, the monthly price is $29.99, and you save up to 40% for the yearly subscription. Here you will get 30 GB of storage. Also, create unlimited HD1080 videos and so on. Moreover, it is the most popular package.
  • Business

    You have to pay monthly $49.99 and save up to 40% for the yearly payment. Also, you will get all the Pro plan’s facilities, including 50 GB storage and so on.


  • Unlimited projects
  • Less time consuming
  • Enhance presence and boost awareness
  • Increase traffic and grow leads


  • The price for individual users is not very friendly

Are you interrupted by being unable to make videos as per your taste?

I am introducing Doodle Video Software which is an open platform for creativity. Filmora gives you full freedom to make videos from anywhere with creativity.

Nowadays, its users limit crosses over 100+ million from over 150+ countries and regions. You can use Filmora on Desktop, Pad, or Mobile. Anyone can make videos anywhere with Filmora on Mobile.

Besides, Filmora is an excellent video editing tool. It is proven to be the best for you if you are a content creator. You can be a pro in video editing.

Moreover, you can get lots of essential features here. You can use unlimited characters and animation. And also use video effects, video speed control, etc. So, it will be best for your doodle video. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Free use opportunity
  • Motion tracking and keyframing 
  • Auto ducking and Color match
  • Video effect, green screen, and split-screen.
  • Get unlimited characters and animation
  • Video speed control 

Plans And Pricing

Filmora offers plans and pricing for four different categories. Such as Individual, Team & Business, Education, and Bundles. Choose a plan that suits your need.

Let’s see the details of Individual pricing plans-

  • Monthly Plan

    In the monthly plan, you have to pay $19.99 per month. You can cancel at any time.

  • Cross-Platform Plan

    In this plan, you have to pay $69.99 per year. However, you can cancel at any time if you want. 
  • Perpetual plan 

    In this plan, you need to pay one time and get it forever. Its regular price plan is $79.99.

    All the plans offer discounted prices now. Discounted prices are mentioned above.


  • 100+ Advanced editing features
  • Audio, video, and color editing
  • Anyone can make videos from anywhere
  • Cut videos perfectly and add music easily


  • Provide only two video tracks.
Simpleshow Doodle Video Maker

Simpleshow is one the best Doodle Video Maker tools for making simple and engaging videos so easily in a few minutes. It allows you to make animated videos with AI tools.

It is crucial to convey your message to the public to make them your customer. Simpleshow simplifies your messages and creates strong communication bonding through its tactics and AI tools.

Besides, Simpleshow affects every sector of life, such as learning & development, sales & marketing, health & safety, classrooms,  and so on. It makes things easier for you and brings positive results for your business.

Therefore, I suggest you try Simpleshow Doodle video maker software and see how it grows your business positively.

Special Key Benefits

  • Suggest perfect storyline for message
  • Help to become a great storyteller 
  • Make your story with an image
  • Use thousand of images with illustration
  • Record your voice
  • Preview your video before publishing

Plans And Pricing

There are three different price packages for Simpleshow videomaker.  However, you can use it for free. You will get both a monthly and yearly package in the premium package.

So, let's discuss the pricing of the Simpleshow video maker:

  • Business

    In this package, you have to pay $129 per month. But in a yearly package, you have to pay $948 per year.

  • Pro 

    In this package, you have to pay $499 per month. But in a yearly package, you have to pay $4788 per year.  
  • Enterprise 

    Enterprise packages give you lots more features than business and pro packages. But its price is not fixed. It is a custom pricing package. So, you need to contact with Simpleshow video maker for a price


  • Transfer text into video
  • Use AI tools
  • Easy-to-follow process
  • Easily customizable


  • Visibly lack storylines.
Camtasia for Doodle Video Creation

Camtasia is an amazing Doodle Video Maker Software for creating high-quality videos in haste.

It makes video creation so simple with a screen recorder and video editing solution. You can attract the audience to your videos as it makes videos so realistic.

Besides, Camtasia leaves no stone unturned to amaze, inspire and educate the audience with its features. It enables you to edit audio and video and also generates captions automatically.

Moreover, Camtasia is known as the world’s most powerful screen recorder. It leaves options to edit the microphone, audio, camera, etc, as per your wish as it records them.

Also, it allows you to work 40% faster and brings marvelous results for your business.

So, try Camtasia Doodle Video Maker as it takes your videos to another level and makes the audiences understand what you want to say.

Special Key Benefits

  • Can record anything on your computer screen
  • Simple drag and drop video editor 
  • Customize video with royalty-free asset
  • Powerpoint Integration system
  • Reduce Background music
  • Get smooth motion cursor

Plans And Pricing

Camtasia provides a subscription license for solo creators and a perpetual license for individuals and teams. You will surely get the best screen recorder and video editor software, whatever you choose.

Let’s check the prices-

  • Individual Subscription 

    To start as a fresher, you need this subscription package. You have to pay $179.88 yearly. It is a non-transferable, easy, and annual renewal, and you can also access the new features.

  • Perpetual Subscription

    This license is suited for individuals and businesses. You have to pay $299.99 for a lifetime. It is fully transferable, team-friendly, and you get one year of maintenance.


  • Easy-to-creat videos
  • Unlimited options
  • Work very fast
  • Hundreds of templates, assets, and text effects


  • Constant crashes and consistent bugs
(EasySketchPro) the best Doodle Video Maker Tools

Easy sketch pro is a popular Doodle Maker Software. To clarify, you can make doodle videos quickly and shorten the time. However, easy sketch pro allows you to create amazing sketch videos.

Besides, you don't need to know any technical or design skills. You will also get 12000 premium images that you can use for commercial purposes.

Moreover, easy sketch pros have an excellent side, that is its price. Because its price is affordable for everyone. You can purchase this for a lifetime.

Besides, its price is very low as other Doodle video maker software. On the other hand, it will give you a 24/7 customer support service if you face any problem.

Special Key Benefits

  • The transition from sketch to live videos intro
  • Get the polished professional background 
  • More than 12000 premium image
  • Get royalty-free music
  • Add your logo to the video
  • Highly data security

Plans And Pricing

Easy sketch pro doesn't give any free trial or free use opportunity. However, they have three different price Plans. Both packages cost a one-time fee. So, let's discuss the pricing plan:

  • Starter

    The starter package price is just $37 only.

  • Business

    The business package price is just $67 only.

  • Business Pro 

    The business pro package price is just $97 only.


  • Very fast
  • Easy to use
  • Easy integration
  • Value for money


  • Sketch-style explainer videos are becoming less frequently used.

Rawshorts is another best Doodle video maker software. In other words, it is well-assembled video maker software. You can do a lot of work in one place. 

However, its text from animated technology is different from others. Besides, this software has a big library of royalty-free music.

Moreover, Rawshot has powerful AI technology. This technology makes this software unique from other applications.

Also, AI technology can save countless hours of video creation. Rawshorts collaborate with lots of popular companies. 

So, Buy Rawshorts and see how it converts your texts into animated videos and attracts the audience.

Special Key Benefits

  • Can create animated videos from text instantly
  • Royalty-free media library  
  • Scan & analyze your video
  • Assemble your video outline
  • Get many amazing characters
  • Well customize and Publishing tool

Plans And Pricing

Rawshorts has three price packages. You can get every package both monthly and yearly. So, let's discuss price and packages:

  • Starter

    Basically, the starter package is a free trial package. This package will give you five non-premium exports, 480p resolution, etc.

  • Essential

    The essential package's monthly price is $25; you save up to 20% for annual billing. It also includes 25 premium exports, 1080p resolution, 10 licensed video clips, etc.
  • Business 

    Business package monthly price $45 and save up to 33% for annual payment. This package includes 50 premium exports, 1080p resolution, etc. 


  • Free trial
  • Super strong AI technology
  • Less time consuming
  • Easy drag-and-drop video maker


  • Lack of features in Starter plans
VideoJeeves ( the best Black Board Animation Software )

Videojeeves is one of the best Whiteboard Animation Software. However, you can make perfect net and clean whiteboard animation with Videojeeves. 

The works that can be done in Videojeeves are 2D cartoons, 3D animation, typography, Digital whiteboard, and Whiteboard animation. 

Moreover, Videojeeves give you lots of opportunities. It gives free consultancy for their clients to know their service and solve customer problems.

Besides, Videojeeves give a free ebook. this amazing software price is very high. But if you purchase this software, then you will be more profitable.

Special Key Benefits

  • Research your business and make a script.
  • Can prepare a perfect storyboard 
  • Free consultancy opportunity
  • Make clean whiteboard animation
  • Effective 2D animation maker
  • Get a net and clean digital whiteboard

Plans And Pricing

There are three different price Plans for Videojeeves. It doesn't give you any free trial or free use opportunity.

But you can take their free consultancy service to know their service details. Besides, you can download their ebook for free.

So, let’s learn about Videojeeves pricing plan:

  • Basic Video

    In the basic video package, it is available with text and image compilation. This package price starts from $499.

  • Premium Video 

    In the Premium video package, it is available with whiteboard and motion graphic animation. This package price starts from $799.  
  • Ninja Video 

    In the Ninja video package, it is available with unlimited 2D animation. This package price starts from $999.


  • Maximize conversion rate
  • Live chat facility
  • Free consultancy
  • Guarantee of 100% creative and eye-catching video


  • A little bit expensive

Biteable is the perfect Doodle Video Maker Software for making an animation. It helps create jaw-dropping videos for social media, internal comms, marketing, business, etc.

You will get lots of premium features. Also, this software gives you tons of stock footage. 

Moreover, there is a 3D text video editor. This software can make video speed adjustments and merge videos. You can also resize videos and convert videos. Besides, its price is very affordable for everyone. 

So, choose Biteable Doodle Animation Video Maker for your business, as it makes any difficult task easy.

Special Key Benefits

  • Get tons of stock footage
  • Make 3D text video editor 
  • Get royalty-free stock music for your video
  • Video speed adjustment and split/merge video
  • Text overlay & support HD resolution
  • Custom upload & Custom watermark system
  • Video resizer & Image top video converter 
  • 24/7 easy customer support service 

Plans And Pricing

There are two different Plans. Both packages have monthly and yearly Plans. So, let's discuss pricing plans.

  • Pro

    You have to pay $99 per month for a monthly plan, and you have to pay $588 for the yearly package. It includes one publisher. Also, get unlimited HD exports, 24/7 live support, video analytics, etc.
  • Premium

    You must pay $199 monthly and $1188 for the yearly package. It includes three publishers, and also you get everything in the Pro plan, custom fonts, etc. 


  • 7-day free trial
  • Exclusive templates, scenes, etc.
  • Safe and secure
  • Affordable price


  • This website is too slow

What is the best Doodle Video Software?

There are numerous Doodle Video Software that provide excellent features at affordable prices. Such as Doodly, Animation Studio, Doodle Maker, Explaindio, etc. All these are best for different purposes. 

Nevertheless, if you are eager to know about a particular one, I would love to mention Doodle Maker Doodle Video Software.

It has first-to-maker AI technology that enables you to make videos faster. Besides, it allows you to transfer any text into colorful videos in a short time.

It increases traffic and sales for your business. Also, its price is very budget friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doodly Software Free?

Doodly is not free. It does not even offer a free trial opportunity. Nevertheless, Doodly offers two packages at affordable prices.

It is a very budget-friendly animation software tool. Packages are offered both on a monthly and yearly basis.

Is Doodle A Safe App?

Yes, Doodle is a safe app. According to WOT, Doodle's website security score is 89%. WOT scores according to the unique technology and the expert's reviews.

Can I Use Doodly Offline?

Undoubtedly, you can use Doodly offline. It is software that works offline to create animated videos. You just need to install it on your computer. It creates videos very fast without an internet connection.

Executive Summary

I hope now you got your answer, right?

Most people have a little bit of confusion about this topic. But it must be said that this doodle video maker will help you to boost your business quickly.

However, you can use this video for your commercial purpose. So, DoodleMaker is a perfect choice for you. You will also get everything here. 

Moreover, this article will help everyone. So, why would you benefit alone? Spread this article with everyone. If you enjoy this article, then share it with your relatives, friends and colleges. And also share it in your social media.

So, do you want to boost up your business? Do you want to make amazing doodle videos and get quality traffic? Then, don't waste your time and take DoodleMaker. com or which you like.

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