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Updated October 24, 2023

In this Digital marketing era, Doodle videos have been recognized as the most powerful tool for making professional videos. This tool attracts audiences with its remarkable creativity and unique features. 

I will introduce you to the world of Doodle videos. From defining precisely what they are to exploring the diverse types, mentioning the top Doodle video makers, and sharing crucial tips for utilizing them in your business strategy. You get it all from this article.

So stay tuned.

What are Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos are a fancy term for Whiteboard Animation Videos. These are basically hand-made drawings. Also, these drawings bear the tangible meaning of a particular content. 

It is stated that Doodle Videos can explain your brand’s personality more precisely with the help of audio and visual effects.

Doodle Video Makers have been proven as the most useful tool for their fastest work quality and how amazingly they communicate with the audiences.

Companies are now becoming highly competitive and holding up their position at the top using the best Doodle Video Maker tools.

Types of Doodle Videos

Types of Doodle Videos

There are a number of Doodle Videos available. Such as

  • WhiteBoard Animation

WhiteBoard Animation is the most popular type of Doodle video. It is used to make animated videos.

Most companies use this for educating their target market by making educational animated videos. All the sketches are drawn on a completely white background.

  • BlackBoard Animation

This style is very well-known to us as we have already experienced it on the school board.

A black background is used to create an explanatory Doodle video. As this style is familiar from childhood, it presents complicated things in a simple notion.

  • GlassBoard Animation

These types of Doodle Videos are made on glass. GlassBoard Animation shows all the characters and explanations on the glass surface.

These types of videos can easily attract the audience by bearing your messages to them. This style is best represented by Doodly, Animaker, or Doodle Maker.

  • Notepad Video

This style has already been mentioned in its title. Notepad video encompasses drawing as if it is in a notepad.

This type of doodle video represents a sense of originality and authenticity.  Animaker Doodle Video Software is one of the best software for creating Notepad videos.

  • StichBoard Animation

As we know, stitch means sewing. In the same way, the StichBoard Animation video has the effect of sewing clothes with different attitudes that make it more popular.

Anyone can make doodle videos with any character, object anything that contrasts with its background.

  • Social Media Video

These types of doodle videos are most common nowadays. As maximum people use social media, they simply create drawings sitting in their comfort zone and upload them in no time.

Why are Doodle Videos Popular?

Doodle Videos are the greatest medium for converting hand-drawn illustrations into an engaging message that attracts viewers. 

These videos are widely used by companies for their unique and visually appealing style. For making training and marketing videos, Doodle video Makers are the best.

Moreover, Doodle Videos highly instigate people to know something new about your product through their narrative skills.

They can also make any complicated concept so smooth that anyone can have a crystal-clear realization. 

Thus, Doodle videos make a strong bonding through their communication process with the audience.

How to Create Doodle Videos?

How to Create Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos can elevate business and marketing processes through their highly engaging power.

With their unique creativity skills, they can turn any complex content into a simple one. So, the audience can easily digest the information. 

There are several ways to create Doodle Videos. It takes a few minutes to create high-quality videos using Doodle Video Maker Software.

Let’s learn about how to make Doodle Videos-

  • Hiring An Expert Animated Video Production Company

These companies produce videos to order business. They have a team of experienced specialists.

You have to explain to them what types of videos you need and other requirements. After reconciling, they make videos and allow you to follow the process.

  • Hiring A Freelancer Animator

Freelancers are always available in the relevant field. Every freelancer is like a mini agency. They can make Doodle videos as per your requirement with hourly payment, or payment per each video creation.

  • Create A Doodle Video By Yourself

There are a huge number of Doodle Video Maker Software available in the industry. These softwares have different qualities and categories. 

Also, you get a ready-made set of objects and characters got creating your videos in a few minutes.

Essential Tools for Creating Doodle Videos

Making high-quality and super dazzling Doodle Videos is not complicated anymore. Anyone can now create Doodle Videos even without experience with some tools. 

Here are some of the essential tools for creating Doodle Videos-

  • DoodleMaker

DoodleMaker is a marvelous Doodle Video Maker Software to make eye-catching videos in minutes.

  • Doodly

Doodly is one of the best animation video-making software. It allows you to create videos without any professional skills.

  • Animaker

Animaker Doodle Video Maker tool lets you create videos with five different styles.  It takes less than half an hour to complete a video.

  • Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator is the most reliable Doodle Video Maker. It makes videos so simple and easy to understand.

  • CreateStudio

With CreateStudio, one can make dazzling Doodle Videos so easily and quickly.

These are some of the best Doodle Video Maker Software. There are more available in the market. You can choose one that suits your business.

Tips for Effective Doodle Videos

Tips for Effective Doodle Videos

Doodle Videos creation is a very easy process using some tools. Making these videos is not enough. Videos have to be effective if you want instant results.

So, follow some tips and tricks to make it more efficient.

  • Focus On Evoking Empathy

Doodle videos’ main aim is to explain and convey your information to the targeted audiences. They must care about your video content and the best way to do that is to evoke empathy.

  • Make Customizable Pictures

It is a good way to attract people to your content. If you improve your storyboard with personal graphics and add more colors, people will get more attached to it.

  • Simplicity & Transparent

The more doodle videos are simply made, the more it will get people engaged.

  • Include Brand Awareness Elements

For making eye-catching and memorable videos, you can use the brand’s logo, color, or other elements.

  • Use A Clear Voiceover

These are some of the tips to follow. There are a lot of tips that can make your Doodle videos more dazzling and also effective for your business.

Frequently Ask & Questions

Are Doodle Videos Effective?

Definitely, Doodle Videos are highly effective for the success of the business. Doodle Videos are also known as Whiteboard Animation Videos.

However, Doodle videos convey your message to the audience in a simple way. They can convert any complex content in a comprehensive manner.

Thus, Doodle videos increase the engagement of customers by creating explanatory videos.

Is Doodle Video free?

There are such Doodle Videos available in the market that give free services. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker is a tool that lets you create animation videos for free.

Even, It takes less time to make a video without any limitations. Apart from it, you can try Animaker and Doodly which are also very popular for their free services.

How can doodle videos benefit businesses or individuals?

Doodle videos offer several benefits for businesses and individuals. Firstly, they have high retention rates due to their eye-catching nature and storytelling approach, making them effective in conveying messages or instructions. Secondly, they help increase audience engagement and comprehension by simplifying complex topics through visual representations. Lastly, doodle videos have proven to be highly shareable on social media platforms, effectively increasing brand visibility and reach.


What software or tools do I need to create doodle videos?

There are various software tools available that can help you create doodle videos without requiring advanced drawing skills. Some popular options include VideoScribe, Explaindio, Doodly, and Toonly. These tools provide user-friendly interfaces, pre-designed elements, customizable templates, and easy-to-use animation features that make the creation process accessible to beginners.


Are there any copyright implications when using images or music in doodle videos?

Yes, it is important to consider copyright when creating doodle videos. If you plan to use images or music that are not your own original work, make sure you have the necessary permissions or licenses for their usage. Many stock image websites and music libraries offer licensed content specifically for video creation purposes at affordable prices or with royalty-free options.


Can I add voiceovers or subtitles in my doodle videos?

Yes! Voiceovers and subtitles can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your doodle videos by providing additional context or accommodating different language preferences of your target audience. Most doodle video creation tools allow you to easily add voiceover recordings or import audio files, as well as include subtitles or captions in different languages.


Exclusive Summary

In this competitive era, the importance of Doodle Videos is beyond description. It is how you can let people know about product value and other information.

Doodle videos are so convenient that anyone can make professional videos without proper knowledge.

Besides, Doodle Videos are simple and successfully have had a positive impact on business for many years. Most companies are now widely using Doodle Videos, especially for training and business purposes.

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